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    Ok you beautiful people, the October Breakfast Meet is confirmed Location: The Shuttleworth Collection, Old Warden, Bedfordshire Date: 21st October Time: 9am Entrance to the site, parking and restaurant will be free. Full cooked English breakfast is £7.95 - and I can confirm is very nice! Entrance to the collection is the usual price but is well worth seeing if you’ve not been before. They maintain and fly 2 Spitfires and plenty of other interesting aircraft. It’s a great location with an active airfield and museum and gardens etc. Look forward to seeing you there!
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    P.S. If you were not already aware of this website, then it's very useful calculating different dimensions of wheels. 👍 https://www.willtheyfit.com
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    When I spoke to RPM they said spacers are indeed required - I trust them with anything technical on the car Another EU shop (Twinspark Racing) I spoke too that race cars and sells the original Fuchs said spacers required, so one more for the spacers. RPM stated 42mm rear while twinspark 20mm rear...have not investigated further because the cost of it all would be north of 2900GBP and just don't have the budget right now...aside from questioning if is really worth it..hence the Allegerita idea, but I digress As far as I understand spacers are needed as the offset is quite different from the OEM setup/spec... The OEM specs for Cayman are Front 8Jx18 ET57 Rear 9Jx18 ET43 PCD 5x130 The original Fuchs are Front 8J x 18 ET52 Rear 10J x 18 ET65 The Allegerita are Front 8.5j 5x130 ET53 Rear 10j 5x130 ET40 This is a good guide about it all https://www.superforma.co.uk/wheel-spacers-explained and here https://www.performancealloys.com/alloy-wheels-offset and here https://www.moderntiredealer.com/article/312133/an-installer-s-guide-to-wheel-offset If a wheel has an offset of 'ET45' it means it has a positive 45mm distance from the centerline of the wheel. The ET is short for Einpresstiefe which is a German word that translates as 'press depth'. The particular offset {...} determines how the wheel will sit in the car’s wheel well, and how much of the barrel will extend toward the suspension. While most aftermarket wheels are made in multiple offsets, most OEM wheels only come in the offset that is correct for the specific car for which they are made. This is why that ideally, you don’t want the new offset to be more than 5 millimeters away from the old offset in either direction. However, this isn’t always possible. What you do need to keep in mind is that more negative offset, i.e., an offset that is less than the original, will push the wheel out farther from the wheel well. Usually, this will not cause a problem, although it might result in a pretty funky look. In contrast, too much positive offset is a danger, as it will push the wheel farther in toward the suspension. Here’s an extreme example: If you have to go from a 45 mm offset to a 20 mm, the wheels will protrude from the sides of the car. But going from a 20 mm to a 45 mm offset not only may destroy the tires, but also has the potential of affecting vehicle control and injuring the customer — not an optimal customer service outcome! Offset spacers are metal shims drilled with a bolt pattern designed to compensate for too much positive offset by fitting between the wheel and the rotor to push the wheel farther away from the suspension (it’s impossible to compensate for too much negative offset). It is better to install the correct size and offset wheel in the first place, but if you must use spacers, ensure that they are hub-centric, meaning that they fit precisely over the car’s axle hub and precisely inside the wheel hub, as it is this connection that actually holds the weight of the car. It’s also usually necessary to use longer lug bolts or lug studs to install the wheels. ------------- So if I read the above correctly, I might not need the spacers with the Alleggerita since with the ET being lower than OEM stock, the wheels should protrude out already...now getting it proper flush might be a different question...but would probably be better than now where they sit inward after the change in suspensions @Beanoir
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    I like these wheels on the Cayman, and many any cars too. Good choice. Spacers for cosmetic reasons then 7mm all round, if you want to reduce understeer then less at the rear.
  5. 2 points
    Not much but a lot of fun with the psm off 😀
  6. 2 points
    RPM have had that one for a while and I think I recall it was over £40k originally. Id love to ‘upgrade’ to an R but don’t have (and couldn’t justify) the ~£20k delta. I could probably upgrade my S with a ‘kit if equivalent parts’ for £10k and have as good/better performing car, but sadly with none of the cache and ‘future classic’ potential of the R.... Fortunately my S stills puts a smile on my face every time I think of, look at, or drive her - but I perpetually suffer from ‘but I’d be even happier if only I had....’ syndrome 🤔🤪 nevertheless - I do own a PORSCHE 😳🤩😃 🎉 (pinches self)
  7. 2 points
    Just getting some samples of these sorted out now and finalising designs, so watch this space!
  8. 2 points
    Hi RobDJ, this is a really good thread started by Bushman - several of us have gone for the LED nighteyes, they are ‘brilliant’ (awful pun intended 😉) 👍🏻 http://www.caymanoc.com/forums/topic/614-crap-headlights/
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    I have lots of routes on Powerpoint slides, along with gpx/itn files if any help. Have done our own trip planning the past four summers, including a group of four this year. I may try to get to Old Warden if I can as not been to any meets yet. Paul.
  10. 1 point
    Hi all A PCGB Cayman meet has been organised at The Departure Lounge cafe for the 28th Oct at 10:00am (details below) Andrew (organiser) has kindly extended an invitation to CoC members as well, so let me know if you're coming and I'll update him. Cheers Craig The Departure Lounge Basingstoke Road Alton Hampshire GU34 4BH
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    The next-gen GT4 has been spotted testing at Monza in CS guise. As we reported earlier in the year, the 2019 car will get a 4.0-litre borrowed from the 911 GT3 which is expected to deliver in excess of 400hp. The road going version's spec is still yet to be unveiled...PDK, Manual, PDK AND Manual....watch this space. For now, enjoy the video!
  12. 1 point
    Process of elimination. OP said “2006 Cayman” - the Cayman S was launched in 2005 and the 2.7 Base Cayman was not launched until 2007 It also says Cayman S in his profile but you won’t see that if you’re using a mobile browser.
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  14. 1 point
    Only ever Mobil for me also, but regular changes. I’d be wary of running a heavier oil though personally. Hartech have been testing and runnning cars with Millers for a while and have reported lower friction and wear rates, but only the oils with nanotechnology.
  15. 1 point
    Hi Buggyjam, I’ve only ever used Mobil Engine Oil (Super 3000 X1 Engine Oil) - 5W-40.
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  17. 1 point
    A pic in the rain from this morning 🌧️
  18. 1 point
    Good to meet you too. Shame about the weather. But at least Porsches have windscreen wipers 😊. Looking forward to the Shuttleworth meet.
  19. 1 point
    Well it's a bit wet out there, but it has for now stopped raining. ( I live about 8 miles away ) Looking forward to a nice big breakfast and a good chat, so hope to see you soon
  20. 1 point
    Umm...somewhere in the Alps...I can’t remember exact location. I can probably find out though. Its Nick by the way 😉
  21. 1 point
    Mid 80s 930 turbo ‘slantnose’ (in black of course) - the villians’ cars from the movie Condorman that started my desire for a Porsche 35 years ago....
  22. 1 point
    Well... My 1st time on the full GP circuit at Brands Hatch was a hoot! I know I'm no "racer" but managed a 1:55 odd lap despite the Clio Cup boys buzzing me on a testing day! (They're friggin crazy!) Have to say that the new Yokohama Advan AD08R's are muuuuucch better/grippier than the Michelin Pilot Super Sports that I replaced (even if they aren't N rated!! What a croc that is imo) I'm confident I could probably get down to 1:52's with a few more laps Doing 58's on the Indy but I need bigger nads lol however, it's all about the taking part (that's what I keep telling myself!) Shot on my Drift Ghost S cam with the external mic placed under the engine cover carpet - Telemetry using a QStarz 10hz logger paired to the RaceChronoPro App on my Android & merged using the DashWare PC program. I need to do the GP in my 350z GT HR313 now to compare!! 😎 Anyhow, here's a little clip of my best lap 😅 ...
  23. 1 point
    I've just bought these! I don't get any fade etc with my Kinetix dimpled & grooved discs paired with DS2500 & DOT 5.1 but for a few quid these seem like a no brainer!
  24. 1 point
    Anyone considering these routes in the future (which I would highly recommend) should also include the Nufenen and Susten Passes along with the Furka and Grimsell. I think they're the best of the Andermatt Loop.
  25. 1 point
    I’d definitely have one with the 718 on the front.


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