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    I’m alive!!!! 🤗 Sorry for radio silence everybody - new job is mega demanding. I’m definitely attending, will call Jo and sort out the loose ends tomorrow.
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    Had to bail early , but ended up being given by a sympathetic Marshall the spot we had last time year .....we should definitely reserve it for next year and name it the COCC....COC Corner! Was good to chat with those members I met today, some parked up together (4 in the end) , some further afield. The Corner was great with quite a few passers by stopping to check out the cars. Seemed to go smoothly this year with 2 entry points in use, very little waiting around before entering the grounds. I started at Rownhams and convoyed in with a 911 group, so a good start to the day.
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    Buy a car based on condition and servicing, not a number on the dash. Mismatching tyres usually means a skimpy owner; so do things like servicing weeks/months later than the specified intervals. Then there's the impression from the seller - are they knowledgeable about the vehicle, etc. Buying from an enthusiast is better than any main dealer or specialist. The enthusiast is never in it to make money. Mileage is just a number. There are far more important factors to consider and review in your decision.
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    Also remember its not just about affording to buy it, you need to have funds to be able to maintain it. Servicing is every 2 years, but as always on older cars problems occur and need fixing every year, after MoTs etc. Tyres and brakes are fairly pricey. Suspension components wear out, exhausts brackets rust, Coolant pipes can leak also, which is a front subframe out job. Clutch and flywheel generally dont last much more than 60k miles, and the clutch gets very heavy when its on its way out. So when you buy, have a long test drive, check the clutch isn't heavy, tracks nice and straight, brakes in a straight line, no rattles or clattering over bumps. A stamped service book doesn't mean that much, you also want to see a big pile of bills detailing whats been replaced, as that means less for you to spend!
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    Hi Steve, plenty of gen 1 Caymans out there (2.7 and 3.4) with 150K + miles on the clock and rising. Mileage is not necessarily a major concern if there's a healthy maintenance regime in place (e.g. ideally serviced more often than once every 2 yrs/20K miles), with normal consumables replaced alongside others you'd expect to be replaced depending on the mileage in question (e.g. pads/disc, clutch, water pump etc). These cars generally survive better and for longer with regular use, rather than being used as a shopping trolley regulary for short duration trips. The mantra is along the lines of buy for condition and history.....don't get hung up on particular options or similar. I'm pretty sure the non-S Cayman had the upgraded IMS, and the dreaded, over hyped bore score issue that supposedly plagued the 3.4 lump (but in reality, affected only a few %), seems be be all but non existent in the 2.7. Test drive a LOT of cars, get the feel of them, learn what a good one feels sounds and drives like etc....great way to spend time, and allows you to make a better informed choice too when purchasing what is a great car. Good luck!
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    I have the kit from Freaky Parts; https://freakyparts.co.uk/collections/porsche-boxster-987-brakes With Carbone Lorraine CL5+ pads, good all round setup with braided lines and ATE 200 fluid. Gives better bite on track and still ok from cold/for road use. I appreciate you can go more extreme, but a good balance.
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    Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition, good to see you're back online Nick. We assumed you went to ground/were a no show at Beaulieu in case we referred to your current family wagon 4wd steed as the "COC Lunch Truck"
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    Likewise Craig, was good to meet you and a few other members today! Always amazes how many 911s are out there in the world, the caymans seem to be rather rare in compassion!
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    Fixed! Took whole seat out (surprisingly easy job - 4 bolts). Probably didn’t need to do this really, but it made me feel manly and like I was doing some proper car engineering 😉😄 Sprayed copious amounts of electrical contact cleaner in seat belt buckle and exercised mechanism vigourously. Checked resistance across seat belt sensor contacts in grey plug (see Dougles photo up above) and they read 400ohm unclipped, 100ohm clipped. Refitted seat, sat in it, started her up, seat belt warning light came on, clipped belt into buckle, seat belt light went out. Happy days 😁👍🏻 Now just need to cancel the airbag warning light that came on whilst I had the ignition on with the seat belt buckle cable unplugged. Maybe a cheeky visit to Dougle in Twickers at the wknd then for a durametric fault code removal? 😉👍🏻
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    Hi Scott, I've had both a remap and run a Sprint throttle booster. Link to my thread below: My car is running a few modifications though, so the outcome won't not be the same. I went to DMS Automotive near Southhampton for the remap. The car is mapped on the rolling road and I highly recommend them. The throttle booster certainly makes the car feel more urgent, but this is done by changing how quickly the throttle responds and effectively changing the throttle position. I run mine in the middle setting most of the time, it definitely helps when heel and toeing on track (and I NEED help!). So I get used to the throttle response in all conditions I keep the car in the middle setting on the road as well. Bang for buck I think the sprint booster is the way to go. At £100 odd quid they aren't expensive, easy to install and you will feel a difference. (I'm assuming you don't have sport chrono?)
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    Guys, insane idea... I was thinking to see if the bike box is going to fit inside the cabin (without ruin it, hopefully). In case, do you think it is possible/legal to run without the passenger seat? Cheers, Andrea
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    Yep mine has had most of those issues, except the coolant leaks....dont temp fate!
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    I’m hoping that it was just the guy I took it to booked into a place with a rolling road now fingers crossed 🤞🏻
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    Many thanks to all of those who got in touch with me – this has now been sorted. Hope you all have a great week!
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    I was thinking a south based COC meeting. Anyone interested?
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    Praise be - our founder lives still! 😁👍🏻 A few few of us were getting a bit worried Nick, we were thinking of mustering a search party for ya 😲😉 glad youre ok - looking forward to catching up with you on the new job at Millbrook in July. Keep well fella
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    I bought the OEM 981 tips from Carnewal for my 987 - they are a bit expensive but the quality is excellent and they sound great when partnered with the GT exhaust. As Gert explained, some of the cheaper versions can restrict air flow, and you may have issues with fitment.
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    Okay now in the ruins area next to a black Cayman.
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    Just had my control arms replaced and the car feels so much better. Definitely go with those first. I’m replacing the dampers, but that’s another story
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    I'm waiting on a new fuel pump to be delivered to and fitted by Brookspeed - they have been really helpful in trying to get my Cayman back on the road for Sunday - fingers crossed
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    Ha ha ha 😉👍🏻 Airbag warning light reset too - it had only come on because I’d turned the ignition on with the seat belt buckle wiring loom disconnected. Used a local indy that I stumbled on purely by chance - doesn’t advertise anywhere. DS Automtives Aylesbury. http://www.dsautomotives.co.uk/ So, everything’s back to fully operational 👍🏻
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    It might be a bit late but I’d like to park with you if possible. Keith
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    I had mine done recently at Regal in Southampton and am very happy with the results. Remember that without a turbo the gains won’t be massive and it always helps to have done the intake and exhaust mods first. The key is how the car drives and the increase “below the curve” are what you really feel - more than absolute power at max revs. I’d recommend Regal but as long as it’s a “bespoke” tune (not a chip in a box) you should be happy. Another bonus is you can write in extra noise on the over run if you like that sort of thing 😁 good luck ! Kai
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    It was my first time last year & I was glad I started off early. We live in Southampton & will probably leave about 8.00 to get in without too much queuing. You won’t be able to leave until they stop coming in but I would have thought that 11:00 would be ok. Only a guess though. Cheers.
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    Do we need to display some kind of CaymanOC badge to get to our designated area? Kai
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    dyno before and after to guarantee you get what they advertise
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    I had mine mapped and I was genuinely surprised how much of a difference it made. I'm running exhaust, intakes and the map on my 2.7 and it happily sits beside my friends S all day.
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    Thanks all for the replies, Update is as follows: -Topgear have finally made contact when I emailed them to question the fitment of the manifolds. Said that if they wanted to fit and adjust them then I'm happy to do that. Or just get another set that does fit sent out / exchanged. I'm dealing with Alexander one of the directors. - Emails have been sporadic but latest was that I've sent pictures to them as requested of the manifolds so they can investigate on their end. So as of yet they are still in the box. 🤣 - New hardware is fairing up well. We'll be properly checking it this bank holiday to make sure nothing has come loose or leaking - Drilling jig is to be rented out so any interest do let me know. Its pencil booked for a couple of weeks starting next weekend. But let me know dates and I can organise how it will get to you.
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    Cheers Dougle. I found a 996 wiring diagram (obviously different to 997/987, but have some similarities...) and it shows he seat belt warning system being linked with airbags via the SRS control unit - so that makes sense that the airbag light is now on. It it also shows the belt buckle has 400ohm resistance in it, which corroborates with the measurement I took. I do now think it’s the buckle microswtich that’s at fault. A new buckle is £140 from design 911, but I bet the switch is pence 🤨 doesn’t look like the buckle comes apart (without breaking it). So so think I’ll need to order one, fit it, and then have an excuse to drive out (like I ever need an excuse to drive her) to you for an airbag light reset. Can also have a good look round your mods then too 👍🏻
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    Hi maczi, my independent diagnosed them as worn, so I just changed them. But I guess they would just pop a pry bar under then and wiggle it about to see how lose it was. Its obscured by the wheel arch liner and the brake duct. Not hard to change if you have the tools, and definately cheapest place to start before changing dampers. £89+VAT from design911. Rich
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    So...i've got a developing issue with the clutch pedal, that if i document it here, might help people int he future in case they get a similar experience. All has been well since getting my Cayman S Gen 1 (small issue having to go back to the dealer i bought it from which was rectified immediately - have a search for Renaissance Classic Cars). 07 with 90k on the clock. Clutch pedal feel has always been heavier than something you would drive daily (my 320i company car for example), but earlier this week, i noticed a distinct level of feel which happened pretty much overnight. The clutch went really light, from first engagement to about 3/4 of the travel as you pressed down - but with a slight "notchy" feel to it (even though light, it didn't go down clean in its movement), but it will spring back up no problem. Setting off in 1st was a guessing game for where the bite point is, but once moving, changing gear wasn't an issue, but the clutch bite point was at the very bottom of the travel through the rest of the gear changes(weird!). The clutch doesn't slip in any gear under any load.....good news i thought....so maybe there's something smaller issue wrong with it. Renaissance gave the go ahead for me to go to an independent garage (as we are travelling down to Italy on 22nd May), and we have a good German car specialist in Lincoln called Forrest Motors. They pressure bled the system a few times, and there was no air at all in the system. They checked the master cylinder, and then the slave cylinder - no leaks at either part......all operations for clutch intact / not leaking .....means, gearbox off for full diagnostic. All this developed today, but both Renaissance and Forrest think theres an issue with the pressure plate on the back of the clutch itself....either way, it looks like new clutch time. Will update tomorrow once fully updated. Dan
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    If it's the original clutch I would think it's probably done motorway miles or been driven very sparingly. I'm just doing a full brake/clutch bleed on my S ...brakes feel poor...but the clutch feels heavy too for 19K miles. I did the RMS . IMS and clutch on my 986 last year and the difference with new clutch /flywheel was incredible...so light now
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    Hey PE, aye it was grand, brilliant range of ~70-80 cars, well run, only 1 pleb out though the day driving like he stole it. I did around 200 track miles, car was faultless, just wish I was a better driver, perhaps I wouldn’t have melted my tyres then.. 😱😁👍🏻
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    That looks great, I can imagine it being addictive. Wheel, then shifter, next thing your sending your sun visors or roof lining to them
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    Added names to the list according to affirmative posts
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    Perhaps the tone of my post was that of just a grumpy old man, (my excuse is that I am 77). I acknowledged that the 981 had some excellent features. As to the tyres, when I bought the car from a Porsche dealer, all the part worn Pirelli N0 tyres had inter-tread cracking. I insisted on a new set. Somewhat reluctantly, they agreed and fitted a new set of Pirelli N1s. Perfectly adequate on the road, but I felt limited by the small choice, knowing that trading in to a Porsche dealer with non 'n' tyres would be seen to be a disadvantage. In the event, I did a swap with Sytner in Tamworth, the blue auto 240i having done about 100 miles. A reduced period warranty (9 months of the 3 years effectively lost since it was registered) seemed more than offset by the £14k discount off the list price. (I will pay for that in the rapid depreciation compared withe the 981). Thank you for the good wishes with the new car. Interesting that whereas the 981 felt underpowered for its abilities, the 240i feels relatively overpowered, (no LSD, needs more front negative camber). But as you said, an M2 better on track than public roads. Better resist modifications, (warranty), so maybe only the occasional track day.
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    Actually you're correct. It's lighter than when I first got it...but absolutely bang on smooth in its operation. There is absolutely nothing my car needs now....New tyres , brakes , clutch, tappets, oil seporator , coils.....it's bang on the money.
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    The wheel is thicker and feels really nice to drive with..really pleased. Cayman R stickers along the door bottoms next.
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    Had the same problem as you with my 986 a couple of years ago. I had 8 of 12 snap off , left side was 5/6 so no way of fixing a jig on. I had some mini jigs made that screwed onto the stub of thread left sticking up and allowed me to drill a 3mm centre hole, then I worked up in 0.5mm increments and tapped the remainder out. Took about 3 weeks on and off, nasty job and I have a lift. Terrible design by Porsche, should be SS from the factory. I've got loads of photos I could upload but they're all too big (2MB) and I have no idea how to make them smaller.
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    Well, at the risk of this going off-topic, but just for info...I've recently fitted Topgear 200cel manifolds to my 987 Gen2, no issues with the quality, fitment or the awesome sound track that accompany them. These fitted perfectly, and thankfully were a cinch to remove, to the Remus cat-back I'd previously installed. Although I did need a single lambda sensor, a sod to remove and to route!
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    We had this exact same issue on my Son's gen 1 987S a couple of years ago, at 95K miles on the original clutch. It was a cracked pressure plate.
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    Morning All - Hope you are well. Just chasing Junky and Beanoir for payment from both and booking form x Junky. Be great to hear from you asap to get the day finalised please Thanks Jo
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    Whaaaaat! You used a gen 1 at speed and survived? Brave man. I have a suspicion that if I keep the car standard it will be fine at any circuit, I just wondered if any one had any horror stories. The Cayman seems fit for purpose in so many ways compared to other cars I've owned. In my experience, you only get problems when you start fitting big brakes/slicks/ARB's as thick as a draft excluders etc etc. I've seen the likes of Tiff Needell push a Cayman hard around various circuits without any sump mods, he hasn't been killed to death as far as I know.
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    Not necessarily limited to 987 only so Mods please feel free to move to correct forum if needed. Today I received my wheels back from a company called Excel Wheels Ltd ( think some of you guys will already be aware of them). I can’t thank Chris enough as the standard of work and service is absolutely remarkable. I also used his wheel loan service while mine were being refurbed. Wheels picked up last bank holiday Monday and delivered today. You could say I’m rather pleased with results. The only problem is they seem far to good to use on the road.
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    Changed the 2 arms today. Took plenty of penetrating oil and a pole over the wrench to lever them un-done, after 10 years of use. Used the Meyle ones, £89 each +VAT from Design911 - https://www.design911.co.uk/fu/prod132856/Control-Arm-Lower-Front-Porsche-987---987C---997_2_2/ The coffin arms looked in good shape and the anti-roll bar bushes also. If anyone wants the tools here goes: The anti roll bar bolts are 15mm with 15mm nuts, I torqued these to 50 Nm. The control arm to subframe bolt is 18mm and I torqued this to 130Nm with Loctite threadlock also. The control arm to coffin arm bolt is 18mm, and the nut is 21mm, a socket or ring spanner will not fit as the bottom of the shock is too close. Also torqued to 130Nm with Loctite threadlock also. I slightly loosened the front subframe bolt to allow the new arms to slip in easier, this was a 16mm bolt. Also torqued to 130Nm with Loctite threadlock also. I just had to unclip and move the plastic brake duct over to the new arm. Looking at the old arm, the bushing on the front was shot, you could move it easily by hand, so this was obviously knocking under load. All put back together and torqued up, I'm pleased to report after a test drive its lovely and quiet, no knocking or rattling!
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    Update time: A lot of parts got tested at Brands Hatch yesterday in perfect sunny weather. The long list: New wing & splitter (bigger is better) Race battery (little beast - no issues in stop start traffic on the way or on track) Headers, Miltek Exhaust (Finally track day friendly) Suspension geo (nice) Stickers (Vanity) Add it all up and.... 0.2 sec faster. This sounds like nothing, but we weren't trying to go fast, just play around with settings to see what felt best. There is a lot of potential to go faster and the 987 continues to impress. Hopefully many action shots to follow.
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    Hi All, I'm not connected at all with the attached company, but i just wanted to share my experience with buying my Cayman S from them. I had a look at 2 at other dealers before seeing mine on their website; https://www.renaissance-classics.co.uk/ Both i looked at were decent enough cars, but both needed work, and both needed a dam good detailing. When i turned up at Renaissance, i was greeted by Graham the general Manager and he took me to the detailing bay were my future Porsche was sat. Sat there, waxed, detailed, looking absolutely like the day it came out of the showroom, i made my mind up within 10 seconds i was having the car (obviously i didn't tell Graham this 😀). On the test drive, unfortunately it couldn't have gone any worse for Graham. Just 1 mile down the road the car slowly died.....everything electrical failing......battery = dead. We parked up the car, with Graham absolutely apologizing until we walked back to the dealership. On the way back i had in my mind my absolute limit budget wise, got back to the showroom (Graham still distraught that the test drive had failed), but it really didn't matter as i knew it would be sorted for me. We agreed a deal and i put a deposit on it there and then. After Christmas i picked it up, but before picking it up, James the Sales Manager called me to let me know they had checked the bores and everything was fine that way, put a service on it, did their own 130 point check, put new front tyres (matching the rears), new battery and new alternator (the culprit on the test drive). They also put a fresh MOT on it (despite it only 3 months prior it had a new MOT). On the day i picked it up, James and Dave (the service manager) were nothing short of superb. Went through the car in its entirety, had it under cover in the middle of the showroom, and unveiled it to me.....looking just as good as it did on the day i viewed it. Ready to go home, i was presented with a little goodie bag full of wine / luxury honey / some other bits and bobs from local producers in their area.....a really nice touch. 6 month warranty covered by themselves direct. Took it home and everything was well for the first 800 miles. Then i noticed a tapping sound once warm, and made a soundclip and sent it to James. Dave called me to say "we want to bring the car back to check it out" Arranged a day for them to come and collect it the following week with their professional car carrying trailer and off it went. Dave and the team had diagnosed the car within 24 hours of getting it back, and it turned out to be worn / marked tappets on bank 2. Not only did they replace ALL the tappets / lifters, they also replaced two slightly cracked coils (we they noticed when disconnecting to take the head off), also replaced the oil separator, new coils, new head gaskets, new and fresh mobil 1 oil.......and hurrah....problem fixed 😎 I decided to go down on the train to pick the car up (as fancied the drive back again from Surrey to Lincoln).....there it was, gleaming and detailed once again. James went through what had been done, and they also checked the pistons, bores, cams etc and all is well here too....so i'm in full confidence my engine is in perfect condition. All in all, having experienced the worst dealer where we bought my wife's Mini Cooper S from, i then experienced the best dealer I've ever bought a car from.....Renaissance Classic Cars. I cannot recommend them enough, friendly, professional, and superb aftercare....i would certainly have no issues buying another car from them. Cheers for reading. Dan

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