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    Welcome to the OC! A 987.2 is a good choice, the 981 will feel more refined in the cabin but gains things like E-PAS which some say dilutes the experience. Horses for courses and so best you go and drive both. All Cayman up to the 718 have 6cyl engines whether it's an S or not. Don't forget the buyers guides, you'll find them here: https://www.caymanoc.com/buyers-guides/ Happy hunting! 😎
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    Think I’ve fixed it 👍🏻 Having spent the day dismantlig the car I now discover it’s not the cables at all (relief at not more money going out this month), butbis actually some poxy piece of plastic linkage over the top of the gear box that connects between both gear shift cables. See photo (if it attaches) of an eg image - it’s the small black plastic ‘scrinson-doofer’ above all the casing. It had popped off the ball joint on the passenger side. Just clipped it back on now. I suspect it might now be a ‘weak link’ though, so a new one might need to be ordered. Must be all of about 50-pence worth of plastic 🙄. Time to rebuild interior and then test drive.
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    https://www.wiperblades.co.uk/porsche-cayman-years-2005-to-2012-wiper-blades Bosch Cayman specific fit (ie curved passenger side blade) twin pack £24.50 👍🏻
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    Nice video this, worth a watch over your afternoon coffee (or whatever your poison).
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    Evening all, Ever since I accidentally took a CS for a test drive about ten years ago (long story!) I've been a bit obsessed with buying one. I've been looking for the right car for a while and am collecting an artic silver, 2006 S this Friday. It's admittedly a bit leggy (106k on the clock) but has a full main dealer serve history, recent clutch, new tyres and a host of other things that made me decide to go for it. It's having a major service at Porsche Hatfield ahead of me collecting, who incidentally plugged it in at my request and reported back that the car registered no over revs. I've already bought a few bits to swap out (my girlfriend is far from amused). It has a silver and leather steering wheel that's not to my taste, so I've gone for a GT3 Alcantara one instead. The seats are standard but I'm swapping them out for a set of sports seats. In the not to distant future, the stereo will be being dragged in to the modern day for a pioneer airplay unit. It has PCM1 or whatever it's called... I'm not sure my brain can cope with that many buttons. Can't lie.... I'm very excited! Here's a pic:
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    Thanks Craig. I've decided as they're close by to go with safety belt services. They quoted me £60 per belt and can match the OEM material so they'll look identical to factory fit. I'll post some pictures up once I've got them fitted.
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    So, finally fitted the OEM SSK yesterday, and thought I'd share a few observations/tips! Purchased it from OPC Portsmouth for £250 (with PCGB discount), the cheapest I could find. There are lots of guides/videos on how to install the SSK but a good place to start as others have mentioned is here: https://www.planet-9.com/987-cayman-and-boxster-service-and-tech/59444-porsche-short-shift-kit-diy-guide.html Although there is another guide which I also used which isn't as picture rich, but is much easier in some areas as it shows you how to remove the gear knob and gaiter as a single piece and how to disconnect a single wiring connector to remove the centre console rather than all the individual connectors. I'l try and find the link to it and post on here later. I would recommend using proper trim remove tools as I really struggled trying to remove some bits of the trim without them (such as the gaiter). The gear knob itself, which can be removed by unlocking the collar under the gaiter and pulling upwards, was a real PITA, but finally shifted when I stood up in the car (as best I could) and pulled directly upwards with as much force as possible. Easier in a Boxster I imagine! The rest of the dismantling was pretty straightforward. I marked the position of the gear link cables in neutral before I removed them, which I don't think is necessarily required if you have the OEM kit, but came in useful when I tested the new SSK in situ and they popped out! I don't know if it was just me but I found reconnecting the cables a real pain, as one wouldn't fit properly, and it took a lot of fiddling and effort before it finally went in correctly. Can't say I'm massively impressed with the mechanism, doesn't look all that robust! Anyhow, after that reassembly was no problem, other than ensuring that you push the gear knob fully down when reinstalling (I couldn't initially work out why it wasn't locking in place). All in it took me a full afternoon of labour, but I am fairly risk averse so was taking things pretty easy, and I don't count myself as particularly mechanically minded, so others may find they get through it a lot quicker. I also gave all the parts a good clean whilst removed. The end result was well worth it though! The shift is massively improved IMO. The throw feels stiffer all round (in a good way), and I would say is 30% shorter than stock, and much more positive and engaging. Very happy!
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    Funnily enough I finally got round to installing my OEM SSK yesterday. Fitting was a bit of PITA for me (I don't count myself as particularly handy with the spanners) but the end result was well worth it. I sourced mine from Porsche Portsmouth, and with the PCGB discount it was £250ish delivered, which I thought was a pretty decent price!
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    Me being one of those. And i don’t even apologise for my recent ‘deluge’ of posts. Genuinely excited by everything Cayman right now. And great to see the forum flowing with new owner posts......😉
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    Hi and welcome, I bought mine from Autotrader, it was a trade in at an Audi dealer, so they do pop up all over the place. Also try the Porsche specialists: Ashgoods - https://www.ashgood.co.uk/ Cridfords - https://www.cridfords.co.uk/ Portiacraft - https://www.portiacraft.com/ 911 virgin - http://www.911virgin.com/ Maundrells - https://www.maundrells.co.uk/ You want to be seeing a fully stamped service book (every 2 years), plus extra receipts for parts replaced, Good quality tyres all round, preferably Michelin Pilot, check the clutch, listen for suspension knocks, and check the aircon condensors are not damaged and leaking. These cars are usually only owned for a year or so, then changed, so they have a lot of owners. Sometimes that's good (they get money spent on them) sometimes bad (they get sold before repairs are done). Prices vary considerably depending on spec, the options hold there value well, especially sports chrono, PASM, PSE, Sat Nav, leather dash trim etc. Also check prices as a low mileage 987.2 S will probably be near to a 981 in price, the 981 maybe a better bet. Good luck
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    I’d agree on the wheels too - worth selling them separately? Price is about right, but if you ask around most indies will tell you the market has gone a bit slow recently. Seeing offer prices on the more expensive models coming down a bit, but I think for early cars the prices won’t move much.
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    I'd agree with a couple of others and say it's probably the wheels. They don't look OEM. Other than that, lovely car.
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    As requested.... I just don’t know why the original buyer didn’t spec my centre console in white too, when he did all the other bits. And yes, the rear parcel shelf surround trim does look good in body colour (AND adds 10BHP.... 😉👍🏻)
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    Hi all, This is Paul, co-host of Everyday Driver on Amazon Prime and the Motor Trend cable channel. Do you own, or know of any owner willing to let us drive and include their 718 Cayman S in an upcoming TV episode? We are planning to shoot a multi-car TV episode featuring and comparing it to the 2020 Toyota Supra and BMW M2 Competition, and are in need of the 718 Cayman S. Our shoot is being planned for September, in and around the Salt Lake City/Park City, UT areas. Please let me know if you’re able to join us with your car! Thanks very much, Paul Co Host, Everyday Driver everydaydrivertv@gmail.com everydaydriver.com
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    Sadly I don’t have a 718 S, nor do I live in the USA, but I’ll shamelessly fawn over the fact that one of the co-hosts of one of the best online car ‘video-mags’ is now a member of the COC 😍😁 i love your cayman generations episode from season 2 - very objectively presented, and I like that you and Todd actually drew some (differing 😉) conclusions as to the ‘best’ (obviously a 987R 🤪), where many car-shows would ‘cop-out’ and say ‘they’re all equally great, in their own ways....’. Nice reporting gents, keep the episodes coming and I hope you find a 718S owner stateside soon 👍🏻
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    Really surprised to hear this. I always buy my parts from ECP and never have any problems. You'll only need 1l of Type200 for a bleed by the way
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    Ray its a dead easy DIY. I used this thread on Planet 9 to do it Seat Belt Replacement DIY Just don't do what I did and strip the thread of the belt mount bolt on the passenger side. Due to the wiring loom and carpet covering the front of the engine I didn't notice I put the bolt in at an angle, rushing it between heavy rain showers...3hrs later I had cut the head off the bolt and ground it out, replacing the sleeve for it and the bolt itself! 🙄 It's a 10 min job each side in reality.
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    Both places couldnt do the OEM webbing in the end so I went with Quickfit SBS and am really pleased with the results. Stuart was really good with being in touch on Facebook too. I stupidly left the seats leaning forward so have dimples in the bolsters now...I hope they re-shape! Love the overall look though, makes a nice difference to lift the interior.
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    That looks good, unfortunately I think they've now sold out (of online tickets anyway!) :(
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    Back into the garage she goes for some work, after doing 2,000 miles and 5 track days in a couple of months, she's faster than ever, but needs a rest. Also I forgot I started this thread. Prior to track season we replaced the rear engine mount, added side sills, fresh oil, enlarged brake cooling ducts and added the H&R rear anti-roll bar again. Oh and new R888R tyres, 245 front and 275 rear. Finally tried new suspension settings, softer and lower at the front, and stiffer at the rear. This took some adjusting to, but much better. Craner curbs at Donington is now comfortably 100+mph The winter job list: RSS engine mounts Gearbox mounts More oil De-gunk and clean radiators Cylinder compression check Front splitter build (will take some time) Paint the rear deck properly with the correct paint and wrap Make the handbrake work New PFC brake pads (£££££££££) Future jobs: Limited Slip Diff. Wavetrac or Quafe? I hear pros and cons of both.
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    Yeah I'm thinking the same, and get my centre console and heater control surround etc painted and replace the climate and fan speed switches at the same time. Seeing as it'll all be out, may as well do it all in one go! This write up will help a lot.
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    Well after 9-10 months my 987.2 S is being collected tomorrow by the specialist I bought it from. Its been a mixed bag of experiences and I have to say as I write this I've no second thoughts at all. The car hasnt put a foot wrong but I've just not bonded with it. It's the third car alongside a Kia Rio needed for supermarket and train station duties, and a VX220 for sunny days and track days. In its defence Ive not had much time to use the cayman but honestly this being my third porsche I keep coming back to the conclusion that I prefer the idea of one than the reality. The car has always been good to drive, the howl on the motor is addictive and the steering feel excellent. The cabin on the 987 is great and the car always felt younger than its years inside and out. It was a good mile away muncher too with decent economy and ride, thought round town it's a bit jiggly (non PASM). The VX220 though has a level of feel and excitement which is several steps above. It's raw compared but as the car is only used for fun and track I'm always in the mood, so whenever the choice came of which car to take for a blast the porsche almost always lost out, to the point I ended up using the car just to make sure the battery didn't go flat! Now im at the point where if I keep it I'll need to service, mot and tax it etc so I figure sell it now or wait until next summer, but I can do better things with the money. If it were the only fun car or only car at all I'd probably be loving it more, it's just got into competition with something more focused. i can't sell on here and obviously won't be subscribing but I'll be putting a Brodit phone holder and rear parcel shelf on eBay soon so keep 'em peeled. I'ill check in from time to time but wish you all the best.
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    Hi guys, new to the club. I just bought a Cayman 987.1 2.7L and I'm looking into some simple mods. One thing that springs to mind is a remap and I came across this on design911: https://www.design911.com/Porsche-GAN-GAand-Tuning-Module/prod141925/ According to the GAN website, it's good for an additional 32bhp (https://www.gantuning.com/chiptuning/porsche/boxster-987-2004-11/2-7i-265hp/). I'm a little skeptical as it's an NA car and it seems far too good to be true. Would be great to see if anyone had any experience with this product. Thanks and looking forward to contributing more to the club.
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    Not a Porsche owner long here. Saw a Cayman "identical" to mine recently when i was actually in the Porka and not the daily (Seen at least 3 local when in the daily). And the driver was looking right at me as he headed my way. Waved or thumbs up - and nothing back. Won't stop me doing the same again though......
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    I'll always wave and flash my lights whenever I see another Porsche, hit and miss whether it is returned though.
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    A word of caution too. When you remove a wiper blade from the arm, VERY carefully lower the arm back down to the screen until you are ready to put the replacement blade on. AND place some thick (old) towels on the screen under the wiper arm area. ‘Why?’ you might ask... 🤔 Week 1 of my cayman ownership and I wanted to ‘swap round’ the passenger side curved blade (it was on with the curve facing the wrong way - they come with the aero-foil fitted handed for LHD cars), and I knocked the arm after removing the blade, which caused it to slam down under its sprung force onto the screen and put a massive crack right up the screen. To to say I was a little upset at the time is a mild understatement 🤬🤬🤬🤬 So week 2 of ownership involved a replacement windscreen 🙄
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    Bosche are always a good safe bet IMO. Good to hear it's the same on Caymans too.....
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    Give them a run over with a wire brush if you want, but the new fronts will quickly get rusty/tarnished to match.
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    You were spot on Woodhouse. Some of the The sprung ‘fingers’ on the pressure plate had cracked so the plate was not applying it’s full pressure to the clutch disc, hence the very light feel to the clutch and ‘binary’ engagement, and judder/slip when pulling away from a standing start. The clutch disc itself was not too bad. But as the whole thing was opened up he’s replaced the entire clutch assembly (disc, plate, thrust bearing). And the DMF was close to its limits of ‘wear’ (I believe you can gauge its life by assessing the degree of ‘twist’/deflection available between the inner and outer parts of it 🤔), so that been replaced too. All for the princely sum of £1847 - eeep 😯 its the DFM that’s the rudely expensive item, and I’ve not found anywhere selling it <£900. Its a LUK part, and you can find LUK flywheels for any other car for between £200-£400 online, but no Cayman ones. 🤨🙁 Oh well - ‘perks’ of Porsche / sports car ownership. It’s never going to be cheap... 😳😏 She should be good for a wee while now at least (though winter hibernation job is already looking like replacing front coolant pipes and hoses as theyre beginning to weep more now - it’s never ending... 🙄😉🤪)
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    Single use my arse. Bit of loctite and you'll be fine.
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    Hi Alex, I fitted the factory short shift kit, it's a pretty easy job and a great upgrade. There are some photos on my build thread.
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    Welcome also, good to see a few new members popping up in recent times
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    I certainly agree on the DS2500 brakes, they work well for me on track (I have them front and rear). I also have the Sebro slotted disks which have lasted well so fair, especially as they have had a set of DS1.11 (great ((eventually)) but noisy) and DS2500 through them. I don't think the drilled disks would have taken that! I'd always recommend changing the fluid on a car you've just purchased. It's amazing how often pad fad is diagnosed when actually it's just old shitty fluid. I run RBF600, again it works for me with zero fad (20 min stints on track).
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    Hi guys, I'm doing so many track days at the moment I thought I'd make some YouTube videos. My aim is to catch a bit of the action and atmosphere from the day, along with some of the random stuff that goes on. I'd welcome any of your thoughts and if I'm not too boring the odd subscription! Cheers guys and girls.
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    Ouch 🤔😲 ’single-use’ brembos - not good. I know im not the quickest, nor hardest braking, on track, but my textars have done about 20k Miles front and rear incl 5 tracks days (rear) and 7 days (front), and I think I might get one more track day outta the fronts before changing. Im really happy with the textars for my speed / level of driving on track and they’re perfect on road (i.e., initial bite, no squeal). Though i am ‘umming n ahhing’ over Sebro slotted discs with ds2500 pads up front come replacement time... 🤔
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    Great video Dougle. Donny looks a lovely wide open circuit with some interesting elevation changes. Wish I’d had the time and money to go there this year. Defo 2020 (and Silverstone 🤔😁). Im planning my final track play at Oulton Park (again) with the PCGB aim september. Your driving looked very relaxed and smooth, and although you totally trashed the GY SS, there was little / no tyre squeal that I could hear on your video - so clearly not cornering ‘too hard’. I’d be really interested in experiencing your tweaked S compared to my stock one - I’d love to copy a number of your mods next year (imitation being the sincerest form of flattery 😉). That Atom was epic! 🤪🤪🤪 keep the videos coming. 👍🏻 Jason
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    Evening i am thinking that my 2011 Cayman needs so more bass so i am looking at putting a sub box in the sides of the rear boot but don't want to lose all the boot and have seen some on the web but they are all of them are in USA, so is their anywhere in the uk that selling the boxes if so please where???????
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    I believe they were standard on rears for the Gen 1. This is where I got my information : https://www.porscheclubgb.com/forum/tm.aspx?m=882748
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    Original disks are Sebro (drilled, not slotted) and original pads are Textar. OPC would just fit those, but stamped with the Porsche logo. ECP often have sales on and last week I bought Sebro front disks for £135.99 for a pair (i.e. not each), including delivery. I've ordered the shims, wear sensors and caliper bolts (single use stretch bolts) from Design 911 for about £90 as they have a 10% sale on (ends today). People say you can order the same parts from OPC for less, but ordering from Design 911 saves me having to collect them from OPC. Also means you can order pattern parts, rather than Porsche original, should you want to. Cheers, Bryan
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    They were a satin black on the light coloured cars, on the dark cars they were silver I believe, or least they were on the Cayman R. I had some made up to match the existing ones on my Cayman R when I had the bumper resprayed and the guy knew the colour code of the originals. definitely satin though, not gloss or matt.
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    This is the email: jj33low@hotmail.com Let me find his name on Facebook but if not just send him an email really.
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    @Andrea Frasky is right, thats a nice spec car. Although starnge seeing the Cayman R door pulls on it, not seen that on an S before. If the ceramic brakes have been replaced recently then you are on to a winner, the disks last a very long time. Working out how worn they are is a little more tricky, they usually have a wear indicator which is more of a guide than anything else. To be sure of how much life they have left they need to be weighed. They will have a minimum weight stamped on them. If you haven't experienced ceramic brakes before they really are very impressive. Especially on the under braked 987.
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    This car was for sale privately just few days ago at a lower price of course. You want a clean car where this one has few mods like a lightweight flywheel and an aftermarket exhaust. Also consider it has ceramic brakes tho...something to keep in mind as future expense. P.S. I may have what you looking for.....get in touch!
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    Maybe also worth checking the pollen filter duct isn't blocked up with leaves, its under the plastic cover at the base of the passenger side of the windscreen, easy to access.
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    The bearing on the blower on these is weak, you'd get a whirring when it finally goes, and the weaker air coming out adds up too. It's not too difficult to DIY, and there are always some of them on ebay (normally advertised as HVAC units - same as the 997 part) for about £15.
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    Cayman OC Platinum Membership...https://www.caymanoc.com/subscriptions/ 'Exclusive discounts at PorscheShop, Design911, Adrian Flux, Zunsport and on Cayman OC merchandise. As well as the partner discounts don't forget you also receive the following as a platinum member Your exclusive Platinum Member box containing Platinum Member welcome card with your unique membership number A Platinum Member CaymanOC t-shirt which cannot be purchased separately in the store A CaymanOC sticker pack containing 2 window stickers 2 standard stickers 2 round club stickers 6 mini club stickers As a Platinum Member you will also benefit from enhanced forum access rights and benefits: Access to All Areas Free Classified Ads Access to all Club Events Annual Newsletter by email No image upload limit Total image storage of 0.5Gb Forum signature Can create polls Private browsing Create Gallery Albums Create Public and Private Groups No advertising apart from site sponsor banners (e.g. Carnewal)'
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    Thanks Chateauneuf ... if this works, here is the overview contained in this post, it was on page 3 of the thread:
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    I hear only praise for the numeric shifter kits https://numericracing.com/store/shifter100/ Mind is not cheap! I have installed cables only for now and picking up the car tomorrow

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