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    Santa’s come early for me - just found and bought a sports design wheel on eBay for £375! 🎅🏻😁 The seller took it off his 2013 991 yesterday to fit an Alcantara wheel. I can’t believe I’ve found one at <1/3 of a brand new one 😮👍🏻 Am so chuffed I’ve finally got a sports design wheel, but oddly also kinda sad at the prospect of now smashing my Porsche Fund penny-pot 🤔😱😢 🤪
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    I would like ot be able to comment but, fitting both would take me over the track noise limits at most UK tracks. I have Gerts GT exhaust, which I drove over to Belgium for hgim to fit. Top bloke and well worth the trip.
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    The ECU's normal mode has dampened throttle response. For simplicity's sake, imagine the throttle can move 100mm and every mm should be considered as 1% of TPS input without said dampening. 1mm of movement (commanded throttle) is 1% TPS (actual throttle) 50mm is 50% TPS and so on... When you are in normal mode, the commanded throttle is not equal to the actual throttle. For example: 40mm of movement results in 30% TPS The product discussed fools the normal mode by commanding more throttle at the same amount of movement, but the ECU is still using the same logic: 40mm of movement is presented as 60mm of movement which results in 40% TPS. A remap removes the dampening of the throttle by the ECU and can, if mapped, command more throttle than movement by the pedal (same as Sprint Booster). 40mm of movement results in 40% TPS (with dampening removal) 40mm of movement is presented as 60mm of movement which results in 60% TPS (with extra presentation over commanded) The initial response is sharpened but at the loss of finer throttle control. This is what a lot of people will glaze over when talking about this. Remapping the ECU is the only true way to improve throttle response without sacrificing control. This same illusion that can be achieved using a larger throttle body - a larger bore means more air at less throttle, thus gives the impression that throttle response improves. But it, again, sacrifices control. I want to point out that I'm not knocking the product by any means - if you're happy with this as a middle ground and lower cost, then it's perfect for that.
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    Got you, I feel you on the noisy pad thing. When people stare at me because of the brake squeal, I just mouth 'because race car' at them.
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    We've put some detailing kits together but they're limited to only a few, so I thought i'd offer them to you guys as they represent great value and aren't your usual 'one make' kits that you see elsewhere. These have been put together with the best of each brand for specific tasks. The interior kit: https://www.thepistonworks.com/collections/detailing-kits-and-bundles/products/interior-detailing-kit
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    Just to change it up a bit, I daily one of these:
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    Slightly ropy pic of the car in the rain, will try and get some better before and after pics over the weekend
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    So I picked the car up from Regal Autosport in Southampton in the dark and rain yesterday so not had much chance to experience the new setup but here are a few initial thoughts: - the stance of the car is massively improved. I totally agree with those that say it should have come out of the factory looking like this. A huge visual improvement which on its own makes the springs/spacers worth it IMO. - the car straight away feels more 'planted' - but I need to take it on a proper run to test out the handling properly - the ride is maybe a little firmer before, but not to any great detriment - I haven't scraped over any speed bumps (yet!) On the slightly less positive side.... - it cost me a lot more than I initially thought to get fitted (actually nearly double) which was primarily due to the number of knackered/rusted/seized parts that needed removing/replacing (control arms, top mounts/bearings etc). Took over 8 hours in labour. - my newly refurbed calipers came back from the garage in a 'sub optimal' state, to put it mildly! Whoever had removed them did not seem to have taken any care whatsoever to prevent damage to the paintwork. I was very disappointed by this, particularly as Regal work on some very top end cars (Lambos, McLarens etc). But to be fair I have sent them pictures and they have indicated they will sort it. Will update on this when I hear back from them. More to follow....!
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    Update on my daily endeavours: I now have a Civic Type R in championship white. Needed something with more doors and practicality yet still fun to drive - this fitted the job description perfectly. Yes, it's also ludicrously outrageous and that's why I like it.
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    So I’ve wanted the fancy-pants (shiny metal 3-spoke) sports design steering wheel for my manual 987 since buying the car in 2017, but always thought it was a nice to have rather than ‘need to have’, and therefore set about some good old fashioned saving for it via a rather nice personalised ‘piggy bank’ pot my kids got me one Xmas, into which £2 & £1 coins go. I reckon it might hold £800-£1000 once full. When I started saving the sports design wheel from design911 was £650 + 20% VAT. 2018 it was on at ~£750 +VAT. Earlier this year it was up around £900 +VAT. Now my pots almost full I go online to buy it and it’s at £1065 +VAT!!!!! 😮 Holy fushizzle 😱 i really want the wheel, but nearly £1300 for a steering wheel (not including the airbag module) is ridiculous. Especially when I believe it was just a £150 option box ‘back in the day’ (why oh why didn’t everyone just tick it....?). As id also like a suspension upgrade next year I’m suddenly thinking - would it be ‘cheaper’ to buy a 987 R that already has the sports design wheel and the sportier suspension especially as autotrader had a stunning grey manual one with 36k miles on this week for ‘only’ £38k (queue blokenomics man-maths moment to justify such an upgrade to myself and SWMBO) 🤔 Discuss.... 😉😁
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    Agree with the above two posts. Caymans will generally be more of a toy car and lets be honest. People get bored of toys. Only a few cayman owners (and likely to be on here) are really into their car for the long term. When they get out of warranty they can start to get pricey for bits (the same as any car things do wear out eventually) and like dating a gorgeous girl who starts causing hassle, the novelty can firmly wear off for some at that point. Its a perfect car for what you describe, albeit 5000 miles a year is waaaay too low in my opinion haha. They’re reliable all weather sports cars. They’re just a car. Only thing they’re not great at is going up and down kerbs or lumpy bits. I’ve taken mine everywhere. They don’t break more than other cars it’s just when you need new bits, you’re fixing a Porsche not a Ford so the cost will be different.
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    Agree with Craig - I also think that if you're unlucky the bills can stack up quite quickly which may encourage some people to move a car on - or changes in lifestyle, as its only a 2 seater. I've had mine for a year and a half and it still feels new to me, and have every intention to keep it for quite some time yet!
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    I've always felt that the throttle response in the Cayman had some built in latency so am willing to give the SprintBooster a go - not expecting any kind of power gains but just a more immediate response to pressure on the loud peddle. More the kind of response you would get from a mechanical throttle control rather than drive by wire.
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    Dan; the short answer is that Caymans are great at what you're looking to use a car for....and many other things! Yes, many people turn them over...often they brand swap as well (eg from from a Cayman to an M3 to a TT RS to an AMG Merc etc)....let's face it, most purchasers of a new Porsche these days are buying the brand rather than the experience ....driving fun, joy of ownership etc aren't of appeal compared to having a certain badge on the drive way. It's a much smaller proportion of us that choose a car that we really like and want to keep, invest in, and use as it was intended. Sad indication of the way things are going; more people see cars as "transport", rather than anything more
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    Just back from a trip to Spa and the Ring. I'll put a more detailed post up about the trip, but Spa is EPIC. Enjoy!
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    Without wishing to be a Debbie downer, the following article is worth a read... https://outbackjoe.com/macho-divertissement/macho-articles/sprint-booster-is-it-worth-it/ My dad is an electronics engineer and has designed stuff for Bentley (amongst others) and he also confirmed what was said. I think the key part is the paragraph towards the end though, if you like it and it makes the car more fun then it's worth the outlay
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    Mega ! More pics needed..... 🙂
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    eBay Ben. £188 from Germany inc postage. Which is where they are made.......(My Dads took 3 days to arrive a few weeks ago for reference). My Dads just had a 330bhp E400 Merc AMG mapped to just over 400bhp and 600nm of torque. And still thinks the Sprint Booster he fitted just before the remap has made as much real World difference / given him as much pleasure as the remap. The more in depth info you read about them - the better it gets imo. He leaves his in Sport 5 mode generally - which he says sharpens response no end - but isn’t ‘lethal’ like any Race mode settings can be. Especially at low speeds / around town etc. He is convinced it will now be the Coup de Grace for my car. And had been nudging me to purchase for a while. Im back in the U.K. on Sun the 8th. Will be fitting / testing right away and will of course report back honestly then !
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    They're yellow - zinc yellow to be exact!
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    Also the car is booked in to have the caliper paintwork sorted next week, and Regal have told me they will pick up the cost, so I'm happy with that! I can't fault the work they did on the suspension of the car, they obviously know what they're doing!
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    Anyone else had one fail ? I gather they don't really falter - they just work or not as the case may be ! How would i find out if mine has lived its useful life ? Porsche dealer diagnostics the only way - or indy with VagCom etc do the job ?? Cheers.
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    Sorry can't help. However an 'engineers feel' by a good mechanic will be perfect. Me thinks hand tight then about half a turn, so I would say 15lbs/ft is not a million miles away...
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    Hi, Thinking about next upgrades on my Cayman S, does anybody have any experience with Carnewal 2x200 CEL CATs along with their GT Exhaust. Particularly interested to hear if you have both fitted. Cheers Steve
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    Folks, quick question. I’ve finally got round to getting a new trickle charger. I’ve decided to fit directly to the battery, as I have done lots of time for motorcycle’s. Is there anything I need to know before I disconnect the battery or just crack on (neg first etc) cheers
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    HI All, Appreciate that their might be some who wince at this prospect but here is where I am. I have standard PASM on my car that is admittedly over the 100k mark now, I have a choice of 4 new shocks plus H&R springs (not quite enough of a drop), or to go for BC Coilovers and get the PASM coded out. I have BC's on my M3 and love them. Has anyone done this to their 987 and if so can share some experiences? Thanks, all.
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    Good luck 😁 I would personally be a bit peeved if I paid for a chip/tune and it produced less power 🤔 Surely they would have the equipment and know how to correctly diagnose and remedy any issues! ps just read your other thread, not had it chipped yet 😔
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    So I assume you have just had the car "chipped"? If so maybe the parameters of the new tune are being pegged by the knock sensor?
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    If you're heading toward Twickenham, I have Durametric Pro and happy to scan the car.
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    Have a read of this Sam, written last year. Agree with Dougle - there’s plenty you could do with the 987 brakes to improve them (braided hoses, fresh high quality racing brake fluid, slotted / bigger / floating discs, GT3 master cylinder). But its horses for courses - you gotta drive whichever makes you happiest 🏎👍🏻😁 or why not wait for the rumoured / alleged GTS-6 and a return to a glorious flat-6 world in which one can seemingly have their cake 🎂, and indeed eat it 🍰... 😉
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    I drove a 718 S before my R and got the R. A turbocharged Porsche just isn't the same, even if it's faster. These cars aren't about speed - it's about engagement, the melding of man and machine. The GTS may be a better contender but you can never hide that an engine is using forced induction rather than being naturally aspirated.
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    Hi Sam, I don't have any experience of a GTS, but the brakes can certainly be improved with not much effort. I'm still working on a proper PSM kill switch (I will not defeat me!). No clever suggestions on the infotainment front.
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    Hey Peter. You’ve a gen 2 like mine, I use a CTEK battery conditioner with a 12v cig plug through the hot cig socket under the armrest. No need to disconnect anything or fuss with spades, covers etc. I’ve not tried charging a totally flat battery this way (might not be advisable in that scenario? Not sure) but I have no probs when I lay it up for a few weeks at a time in winter doing this.
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    Not literally of course. One of my winter jobs was to strip and clean the handbrake mechanism, it wasn't strictly necessary but thought it would be a good idea. I started with the NS. OMFG what a frigging hideous task, the tricky thing is getting the lower spring onto both shoes, took me 3.5 hours and I'm not being funny it was the most shitiest job to end shitty jobs. It was bloody impossible get that lower spring on.My advice do not DIY this, leave it to the professionals. ******* car
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    I'm booked in, but at the same Silverstone bash as Windymiller. Hoping to make it though. cheers Gary
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    I'm not on VW commission either! 😅 The owner that we bought the Golf off had simply bought a newer one... As a previous muppet with two 2 seater cars, I know exactly what you mean. my missus is much happier. Me? Sort of. Gonna miss that S2000 for sure.
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    Looks ace Ben !!! There’s no denying a standard 987 - despite however flat it corners as standard and however well it handles - does have a slight tinge of ‘tractor’ to its appearance. And your arch gap is pretty much perfect IMO. Enough to close that gap, not enough to scrape, not low enough to scream “stance” / lowered / OTT modified - and for a clean freak like me: just enough room to get a low profile sponge in there 😉 Looking forward to your thoughts once you’ve gotten a few dry miles in together and under your belt 👌
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    CRZ is quite an interesting car. Does it have a go kart-like feel? The missus was recently looking for a new car and we settled on a Golf GTi. The A3 equivalent was worse on fuel, slower, had more slushie suspension and the interior wasn't all that much better. It would depend how much more you prefer the exterior of the car, I suppose.
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    Just bought a set of 4 from these guys: https://www.qualitycarcovers.co.uk/ currently on sale with 15% off - so cost was £170 incl P&P. theyre made from a composite of rubber chippings with a grippy backing on the underside so they don’t slip on the garage floor as you drive on to them. They’re much better than the cheap plastic fiamma caravan tyre ones that just slide along the floor. I think theyre expensive for what they are (recycled rubber bits bonded together in a moulded shape) , but if it saves £800 worth of tyres from flat-spotting over ~4 months of relatively little use through the winter I think they’re worth it. Also got my amazon special cosmos car cover on (thanks again @sevenfourate for the recommendation) 👍🏻
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    Springs and spacers being fitted on Tuesday chaps, along with a full geo setup, will update when complete!
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    Yep, booked in. Am also at Silverstone the night before for a PCGB R10 Xmas knees up and grub 🍾🥂🎉👍🏻 (So might be a little jaded at Bicester🥴)
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    Once you've seen one ring lap, you've pretty much seen them all. But chasing this GT4 was great fun, shame there was so much traffic and no one wanted to get out of the way. Still sub 9 though. 😎
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    Yes, thanks Steve for the comprehensive info! 👍
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    Thanks again Steve - so much knowledge on this stuff 👍🏻
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    Exactly that, preparing the paint properly is the tricky bit. The thread quoted for example, that process is just incorrect and timescale incorrect also for a paint correction and coating application. I'm a full time professional and couldn't been a complete a brand new untouched car in that timeframe lol Over the counter ceramics don't hold a candle to professional only products either. It really is something to pay a professional if you really want to see the benefits. Also I'm not touting for work here, I'm based in NI, so this is just my honest professional advice.
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    First post As above ive had my gen 1 Carman for 3weeks now and I’ve tried every combination of switch positions and I can switch all the interior lights on an off but the only ones that light when I open the doors are the ones in the door panel anyonr got any advice before I book it in with Porsche ? Scott
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    Hi, does anyone know if there's a workshop manual for the 987 S ?
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    Got stock CD player in my Cayman Gen 1 and wondered about what system or devices anyone has to connect phone to the stereo? Music is priority but if there's a dual system at reasonable price I'd go that route! Thanks in Advance.
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    Hi Crafty 1 Finally a result Last Thursday 28th June decided enough was enough with this "Specialist" who was still convinced the ABS pump required replacing(£2200 from Porsche main dealer) Sent him the previous Saturday your kind instructions on bleeding the brakes but to no avail and still no contact from him regarding progress. I was now in the third week and getting well P"££$D off with his total lack of communication and commitment. Decided to bite the bullet and got my car transported from Burnley to Lytham St Annes to a garage (Granville Autos) who I have used previously and are excellent common sense technicians, after telling the owner a few home truths in a professional manner of my customer experience with his business.. The car was serviceable on Tuesday this week after 3 hours worth of bleeding and strip down of the system NO ABS PUMP and a repair bill of less than £200, so very disillusioned and total lack of respect for this Porsche specialist in Burnley who cannot bleed Porsche Cayman brakes?? and very well impressed by my local garage who came up trumps. Regards Wrathers
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    Does anybody know how I can connect my iPod to my car CD player? There isn't a little plug socket like I used to have in my last car, seems a bit old fashioned...
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    Hi guys, We were at Bedford last Monday in the wet - great fun! Please check out my mates youtube video of the day, plenty of slides and spins!

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