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    Pretty happy with these!
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    Hi, As I design cars for living I thought would be nice to design a proper ducktail for my 987. I don't really like what's on the market right now so here is my proposal. If someone is interested or has skills and wants to make one out of fibreglass/carbonfibre for himself/herself then get in touch please. What's your thoughts about it? Do you like it? Andrea
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    Shipping this weekend! 😎
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    Greetings from Australia - I noticed the reference to CaymanOC in the “Icon Buyer” article in the Feb issue of Car magazine. Have had my 2014 build Cayman S for almost 2-years and still as enthusiastic as when I purchased it - mine is not a daily driver so always a sense of anticipation when I start the engine for a run on the weekend. Other than a couple of (relatively minor) warranty claims and a set of new tyres at 30,000km, it has required only routine maintenance so likely a long-term ownership prospect. My sons gave me a set of personalised “981” registration plates about 3 years before I found the right car after a long search so not an impulse purchase! Porsches, and Caymans in particular, are a rare sight here so attract lots of attention on the road, particularly when there are several cars travelling together. I don’t have numbers for base or GT4 981 models but there are only 197 “S” models (181 PDK /manual) and 90-95 “GTS” cars (incl.10 manual) for all of Australia between 2013 & 2016 - worth noting Australian cars are highly specified compared to many other global markets so new prices were high - a well optioned “S” (PASM, Chrono, PASM, PSE & metallic) cost circa A$190k from new which largely explains the lower numbers. Looking forward to exploring this site.
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    Hi all, I have owned a 2005 Cayman S for the last year, 60,000 miles when purchased with Porsche and Specialist history, I researched all the usual problems known with this engine, enough rubbish on the net to choke up my front rads, but some good information about the very few problems that do occur. My deductions from research, Oil should be changed every 5000 miles, the oil filter element should be opened up and inspected for metal particles, potential sign of IMS failure. High oil consumption or smoking signs of scoring or ovality. Car should be revved past variocam actuation regularly to help lube IMS if seals on the bearing have failed. 10,000 miles this year, 1/2 litre of oil between changes, no bits in the filter, fantastic car to drive, great fun, it's what Porsches should be about. My tuppence worth.
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    I'm sure I've already replied to this, but my post seems to have gone. Anyway.... When you turn a corner, the inside of the tyre is travelling a different radius to the outside. Say you're turning left, the inside of the right hand wheel has less distance to travel that the outside of the wheel. As the width of the tyre is fixed, something has to give. The noise you hear and the effect you feel is (in the example above) the inner edge of the tyre skipping along to keep up with the outside edge of the tyre. The wider the tyre and the tighter the turn, the greater the effect. I think it's called the Ackermann effect. I would imagine that newer tyres have more flex and the blocks can stretch or compress, minimising the effect. Cheers, Bryan
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    Quick update on project 'T-Shirt' Our custom neck labels required a redesign as the logo wasn't very clear, these will be sewn in next week. Packaging and labels have been made up now, such that they will fit through your letterboxes. Inside your t-shirt box you'll also have a copy of your invoice and an OC sticker! Sample box made up (yes Jason, you're the guinea pig!) All being well, we're hoping to send out in the first week of February. Nearly there, I know it's been a long wait but we wanted to get the product right.
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    Great work Nick and the COC ‘founding fathers’ 👍🏻 Cant wait to receive mine and proudly wear it at the Oulton Park RS day in a few weeks time 🏎😁
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    I would hope people will start to see their t-shirts in the post this week! Haven't been able to get them all out this weekend, and I'm away on business (the real day job!) tomorrow and Tuesday. But I'll be working evenings for the rest of the week to get the rest out. For info, the boxes are designed to be letterbox friendly (large letter size) so you shouldn't find the postman can't deliver if you're not in unless you have odd sized letterboxes of course!
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    You can dissable the driver's and passenger's seat airbag via the Piwis or Durametric .
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    You just want to take over the world one PC at a time with a photo of your ‘ex’ on every desktop don’t you Nick... 🤔🤪
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    The car covers that we sell are made in Italy by the manufacturer of the OEM covers of Porsche, Ferrari, Lambo, F1 teams and so on. These car covers are tailor made, have a crest on the hood, mirror pockets and come in a storage bag. The price for an indoor cover is 235 euro vat included regardless if it is for a 981 Cayman, a Mini or for an Audi RS6. We always have a lot of covers in stock for Porsche and BMW. More info and pictures are on our FB page https://www.facebook.com/carcovers.Carnewal/
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    Imo you will hear a noticeable increase in sound quality by fitting decent component speakers (can't go wrong with either Hertz/Infinity/Polk/Focal) However, don't compromise the installation of quality speakers by using the stock cabling! ... OFC/02 free is a must imo
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    Spent the weekend fitting head unit and after having a quick play with the head unit I can say that the sound quality is better than the original sound system plus unit but not by far, so the answer to the original title of this post is YES, the original Porsche speakers definitely need to be changed. So for the short term and easiest fix I’ll probably go down @Mavrik route to fit sub under seat ( thanks or info Mavrik ). Later on in the year I’ll look into changing out speakers and possibly cables as well. Thanks guys for all your input, cheers.
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    Agree with Aaron. They all smoke. Sometimes cold, sometimes if starting within an hour of warm. Hartech explained to me the different scenarios that caused it. Depends how much coal you put on
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    Total freaking awesomeness Nick and the OC Founding Fathers 👍🏻 That is my actual T shirt 🤪🏎🏎🏎😁
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    Sounds good, if you are looking for a place to eat on the way up and you go through snowdonia I heartily recommend the cross foxes in Dolgellau - stunning food!
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    Drop Gert a line (he's a COC sponsor after all), he's great with his communication and discussing options, the state of your current system etc
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    Absolutely love it. I really looked into a ducktail last year but shelved it as didn’t like what was on offer. The current ones look like a beaver’s tail which is redilcuous. Nothing like an RS tail. i like your design. The 987 always looked to me sort of like a baby retro 911 when debadged. Even more so with that.
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    I think it's a case of horses for courses but my 2p is bear in mind a non Porsche exhaust will stop you putting an OPC warranty on the car so if that's important to you there is only one choice. Also I have the Porsche exhaust and it's best at town speeds to be honest, and it's hardly night and day. I think the aftermarket carnewal type options will definitely give you a bigger hike in noise. On the plus side the Porsche system is never annoying and doesn't drone.
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    Nick Very professional. Nice job.
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    The advice I was given was to go with the most mechanically sound car you can find, not to get too hung up on the spec. Also that the IMS problem was on very early models (2005-). I was looking at a Gen 2 non S originally and would not have ruled it out. If you have looked at the Gen 1 S special edition then already you are open to buying one. If you are really interested in the car then see if you can have it bore scoped, I believe mine was done when purchased by the previous owner. I'm relatively new to the Cayman scene, so can't give too much more advice, but there are some really knowledgable guys on here that would be more than happy to share some insights. The only other thing I'd say, regardless of Gen 1 or 2, just have a contingency fund, just incase of anything, I know its easier said than done, but suggest factoring that into your budget. Happy Hunting.
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    CAR magazine has used the piece we assisted with a few months back in 2018 and used one of our member's cars for the shoot. Always good to see exposure for the club - it's in the Feb 2019 issue if anybody is interested Thanks to @Junky for turning up with his yellow beast!! 👍
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    Hi RobDJ, this is a really good thread started by Bushman - several of us have gone for the LED nighteyes, they are ‘brilliant’ (awful pun intended ?) ?? http://www.caymanoc.com/forums/topic/614-crap-headlights/


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