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    Some sound advice above! I have to admit that the (however small) potential for bore score (or IMS failure) was enough of risk for me at the time of buying my Cayman to rule out an S in favour of the 2.7, however the higher running costs (tax, insurance etc) were also a consideration! The scare stories are of course not just about the Cayman but all the models with the larger capacity M96/97 engines, which creates a lot of over inflated noise on the internet - as ever, you only ever hear about the ones that go wrong, not all those that are working perfectly! If I was in the market for an S today, I would carry out due diligence (borescope, professional inspection, history etc), but I would also make sure that if the worst happened I had a plan (and enough money) to resolve it to my advantage, i.e. a Hartech rebuild (oversized 3.9 perhaps?!), or maybe drop in one of those LS3 V8 engines!! 😁 https://www.hartech.org/oversized-engines
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    Hi all, and a happy new year. Off the back of a recent post, I emailed Beaulieu to see if COC was already booked in. We weren't..... but we are now! I've asked for the church ruins corner that we've used in recent years, space for circa 10 cars, so one to lock into the diary! We can sort out banners and other logistical gubbins closer to the time I assume,. Cheers Craig
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    An update on this issue, i'm aware that some members were still experiencing this. The Update didn't fix it, but i've narrowed it down to some dodgy coding. I've tested in the affected user accounts i'm aware of and it now appears to be fixed. If anybody continues to experience issues of this nature please let us know. I'm hoping though that my incredible forum-building wizardry skills have developed to such a level that my foe has been beaten once and for all! @Ben La @987Monkey
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    https://www.pistonheads.com/news/general/porsche-718-4-0-gts--the-flat-six-is-back/41659 the sound..... music to my ears 😍😍😍
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    About to order some. Its nice to support a British company
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    People like to share bad news, or give warnings - even when they have no direct evidence. People are thick.
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    Couldn’t agree more Craig. And if these low % rates of failure were referring to a part where replacement costs were; or a solution was ‘just a couple hundred pounds’ and a few hours at your favourite garage; it would pretty much be a non issue of consideration when buying. But although the risk of suffering bore-score is low; the consequences (and costs) are extremely high. And with seemingly no cast-iron common denominator of oil used, mileage etc - that’s understandably enough to put many off. With these cars (Especially early Gen1 3.4’s ?) getting older and sold with more mikes on as time passes; I don’t see the (rightful) amount of times the question gets asked lessening....
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    Gen 2 cars might help you sleep at night but the gen 1 is still a great car and much cheaper. The bore scoring risk is just an additional consideration on top of the other potential issues that all ageing cars (not just Porsche) will be prone to. The gen 2 suffers from most of the issues affecting gen 1 which have already been mentioned in this thread. And bear in mind the newest gen 2 is now around 8 years old. Like all cars, these have their weak points and cost money to keep in good shape. I did all the maintenance on mine except geometry alignment myself, including clutch/flywheel/rear main seal replacement; suspension overhaul; discs and pads; coolant pipes; a/c condensers; window regulator; as well as scheduled maintenance. I bought it with 47k miles and sold it with 78k and spent around £3.5K, mostly on parts. If buying a gen 2, there's every likelihood that these items will need doing, whereas a slightly older gen 1 may well have already had them. By coincidence, just today I acted as go between in the purchase of my old gen 1 S by a good friend of mine. It's a fantastic very high spec car and has been really well looked after by the chap who bought it from me about 18 months ago. Had my friend not bought it, I would have been really tempted to buy it back myself. In many ways, I prefer it to my 981S. So I am not saying do not buy a gen 1, just do your homework, keep a slush fund aside (a couple of £K is often mentioned on Porsche owner forums) and you should be fine.
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    😉🏎😁👍🏻 Xmas pressie ‘built’ - full resto.....
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    I deliberately refer to the car as "The Cayman" rather than mentioning the word "Porsche" when talking about it. When it comes up, then I'm generally talking with like minded people anyway, so it doesn't attract attention from those who don't know what a Cayman is. I really can't be bothered justifying why I have it. Totally agree with the maths above. It's about cost of ownership, not simply purchase price or running costs. A lack of depreciation means I've previously been able to run an Audi RS4 (B7) with a 4.2 V8 engine for less overall cost than a 3 year PCP deal for my wife's BMW 1 Series. I'm very fortunate to a Cayman and it's not about showing off or making people jealous. Happy to chat with anyone about what it's like, but I don't advertise that I have one. Cheers, Bryan
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    That hairpin before the hill looks so awesome to drive at 5:45
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    Cheers Syer, I got the gaiter from this guy on Ebay, he does other colours and stitching also: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Porsche-997-manual-Retrimming-service-gear-gaiter-genuine-alcantara/272679961298?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Then you just carefully unclip the existing gaiter at the front, rotate the locking collar on the gear knob, pull the gear knob off, and then you can remove the collar and the plastic trim ring. I just stuck the new gaiter to the trim ring with EvoStick contact adhesive. £4 for a massive tin from Wickes. You can do it, have a go! Rich
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    Some pictures of the finished article: (One Drive link) https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtOhjivSNBrOthdGz7ALS8SoMlkf
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    Hey 748, it was damp and greasy in places in the morning but a good line dried out throughout the day. with the length of lap, and the long straights (longest is 1km and was hitting 125-135mph on that one) the tyres warmed up quickly. Dropped them by 5-6psi (back down to book pressures) after my first session out and they seemed to stay at F:32 & R:34 all day and maintained grip pretty well 👍🏻
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    A perfect weather day, and really enjoyed the ~4mile lap length GT circuit, some great fast straights and plenty of bends / curves variety 👍🏻 And unusually runs anti-clockwise.... Some great carnography - Maclaren (not sure which one, they all look the same to me 😳), R8 spyder, Litchfield GTR, elises and exiges etc, handfull of 911s, and only 1 Cayman 😉 car was faultless, handling 200 track miles and returning me home without so much as a murmur 👍🏻
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    Small write-up and some pictures on my "Members cars" topic here: https://www.caymanoc.com/forums/topic/1893-sevenfourates-9871-meteor-grey-cayman/?page=6&tab=comments#comment-18793 Fantastic turnout ! 100+ cars easily.....
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    I have some stuff in the diary, but if I can clear it I'll join you. I have booked Donny national for Monday. I'm itching to get out on track!
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    In case you wondered what a Cayman looks like without a gearbox. Quaife diff arrives next week and then the daunting task of putting it all back together begins. Reading other build threads I've noticed all the US Caymans seem to be spotless and clean underneath! Maybe it's the weather, but seeing as this car is kept in a garage, the dirt, salt and grime collected is unreal. Probably spent hours simply cleaning, probably 2kg lighter now.
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    Hi Guys, we'll take a look and make sure all things are running smoothly in the background. @Beanoir
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    From another angle, I'm a member of 5 different Cayman related FB groups, some UK only, others international in nature...there are 3K+ members spread across them. As for how many members of these have directly posted about their own Cayman experiencing terminal bore score or IMS failure, or that of someone they know personally.......I would guestimate no morel than 20 posts over the space of about 18 months.....the % is pretty damn small, but seems to get an inordinate amount of press.
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    @ FLAT STICK ... To create a poll go to the main forum page https://www.caymanoc.com/forums/ & there is a "create" tab... Click that & then Topic then choose the forum you want to post in then Continue then on the Create New Topic page click on Poll... Simples 😄 My CS has 63k miles on it & has had shocks inc top mounts, clutch & Fly, Water Pump & the usual brakes etc but touch wood, no other major issues (although my starter motor bearing is on its way out as it squarks a tad intermittently) Mine does use quite a bit of oil (around 3/4 litre every 1000miles) & puffs a fair amount of smoke on start up for the first 10 secs or so but I'm not concerned as it runs sweet. Zero smoke once warmed up. I'm considering doing the "bore scope" myself in the Summer with the widely available Endoscopes that one can buy for attaching to a Smartphone(around £30 iirc) The IMS on the my2006 onwards had a revised bearing & I believe their failure rate is much lower than the earlier version... All marques of vehicle have their own "achilles heel" but it does seem that the anecdotal reports you hear are a little over dramatised?
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    ****Brazenly taken from another Porsche forum. And I find the topic fascinating.... Me ? I’m fast approaching 50 and figured it was now or never perhaps (Youngest about to go to Uni - and after financing that; i’m looking to retire ASAP and put money away for that accordingly). Mostly I keep ownership to myself. My car guy friends love it; and both see and share my enthusiasm. The haters - who most likely can’t tell my 12 year old base Cayman apart from a £200k 911 - will make their own opinions whatever ‘explaining’ i might try. So mostly I don’t bother to attempt to justify the what, why or how’s. **Despite the fact that although my running costs may be higher than theirs - the initial purchase of their 2 year old run of the mill family-mobile would likely have been higher than mine. Others ’opinions’ (Mainly work colleagues) did bother me pre-purchase if I’m honest. But I figured I can’t control anyone else’s thoughts - so went ahead and bought one anyway. It’s a shame you have to reign in your excitement and passion because of the negativity Porsche ownership can incite. But overall for me it’s a tiny taint on the joy of owning my own small piece of automotive porn......
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    Near the Morrison’s roundabout - we flashed, we waved, it was fleeting, yet thrilling none the less.... 😉🏎👍🏻🤪
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    I’m gonna buy em all to corner the market, put em all in my ‘private collection’, then drip feed one out for sale every 3-5 years for a 6-figure+ sum..... just like the real ones 😉
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    I would have thought the drive would only make attending all the more appealing.....😁
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    Great work Craig, will be good to meet up again, Beaulieu is always a good day out
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    Well done Craig! My favourite car meet of the year.
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    Marvellous news Craig, thanks for sorting it out so early. think I’ll come and play at this this year. 👍🏻🏎🏎🏎😁
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    So pleased to hear you love it @Ben Thats great news. Brilliant aren’t they ! I ended up in Race 1 setting. About the Max I felt I could push it without getting all jerky - lol. Maybe I just don’t get on the gas as early as you 😂 Ha ! On getting the pedal out. Been there ! And to quote from my ‘Members cars’ thread: ”....then completely unbolted my throttle pedal (One single large phillips set-screw). Not sure you'd even be able to get to the wiring connector otherwise. And it pulls upward to remove it from the car......” Do all us men never read instructions..... 😉
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    I'm looking at getting mine hydro-dipped with a carbon fibre effect the lacquered. Looks to be around £120. Painting looks good but it will still get scratched and chipped, especially if someone hits it with a seat belt buckle!
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    OK. so Sprint Booster successfully installed and tested over the Xmas period.... and I have to say I am massively impressed. To me, as with the lowered suspension, I think this is the way the car should have been setup straight out of the factory. I'm running it on the standard middle setting - Sport 5 - and it seems to be just the right balance between immediacy of throttle response without being so sensitive that it's difficult to drive smoothly, and most importantly, the annoying 'lag' of the fly by wire is gone. It feels like the car has an extra 50bhp off the line - which of course it doesn't - but the way the power is delivered so quickly now is amazing. I've installed the little remote on the dash as I wanted to be able to change the settings back to normal so I could remind myself what a difference it makes! Its a relatively easy install, which took about 45 mins for me, mostly due to trying to figure out how to remove the throttle cable connector. This is a great guide to give a general overview of the process: https://www.6speedonline.com/forums/997/196447-installed-sprint-booster-my-997-c2-instructions-w-pics.html Only a couple of issues I found which may be of help to others, to add to Syers advice: when removing the throttle pedal assembly, after removing the single screw, you have to pull the whole unit up and back, towards the bulkhead - I was trying to pull straight up and wondering why it was so difficult to shift (I was being a bit dim!) as others have mentioned, releasing the electrical connector is the biggest PIA - I found a suggestion else where to use adjustable pliers to prise the grey clip down, which worked perfectly for me - see here: https://www.planet-9.com/threads/accelerator-pedal-electronics-connector.231162/ as previously mentioned, the included cable tie is far too small, so have a bigger one available to tie the unit out of the way behind the throttle pedal the wire for the remote can be easily threaded under the steering column to enable the controller to be installed next to the steering wheel, if you so desire! For £150ish and less than an hour to fit I think this is an excellent mod!
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    These ones bud - SUMOZO Festoon C5W Led Bulbs 42mm Canbus Error Free 6000K White Light 6-SMD 5730 for Car Interior Dome License Plate Door Lights Pack of 4 (42mm) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07N5832BJ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_YCZcEbK1ZDC5T
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    Ok so where am I up too...! I have a 2010 987.2, I have managed to do the following today, Low Beam, Fog Lights, Side Indicator. I had issues with the high beam due to space issues. Low Beam - H7 Nighteye - Fitted nice and easily Buy - Nighteye 72W 9000LM H7 LED Canbus error free Car Headlight KIT 6500K Bulbs White (https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F153595605481) High Beam - H8 Nighteye - Too long, existing bulb is 60mm yet nighteye bulb is close to 80mm Not enough room to fit or squeeze in. I won’t link for now. This is the same fitting type as fog light which is H11 but this bulb also was too long to fit in. Fog Lights - H11 Nighteye - Fitted easily and was fast. Ebay - NIGHTEYE H11/H8/H9 LED Fog Light Daytime Bulbs Lamp Replace Halogen HID 160W (https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F183237161195) Side Indicators - W5W (T10) - Striaght swap and no errors. Amazon - LncBoc T10 Canbus LED Bulbs 501... https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07QFV9KF3?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share Front Main Indiciators - I took these out and took pictures, not sure on fitment type so will check with local independent on how to swap out.
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    Thanks guys. Some useful info on there, especially to see exactly where those notorious pipes are. Took another 800ml or so of distilled water to get back to the right level. Plan is to start the car later and hope there's no horrific noises such as a failing water pump. If that's ok, I'll take it out locally to get the coolant up to temp and put it back in the garage. System will then be under pressure. I'll then press and pull the filler cap (without unscrewing it) and listen for the tell tale hissing sound of a leak there. Fingers crossed it is. If not, I'll keep checking the floor for wet patches. If the floor is wet, I'll look at the pipes shown in the video. I'll order a new cap anyway as I suspect that it's been leaking gradually for ages, a bit like a slow puncture. Cheers, Bryan
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    So… the 718 GT4, like the 981 GT4 before it, is the ECOTY 2019 winner......
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    Nice 'infomercial' Nick 🙂 Good to see: and some great coverage right there for you in conjunction with DW.... I've been there with a hobby that turned into a job. I hope it doesn't in any way spoil the root of your enjoyment of all things automotive. *I'm guessing you're even more 'time-poor' than the rest of us right now ! ? Continued success - and looking forward to my next / first order with you.
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    Full agree on travel front. Mrs and I like you travel every couple of months and nobody ever comments negatively on that front. Got back from Northern Finland last night and off skiing in 7 weeks. I have come to the conclusion the people who are negative are genuinely ill informed and quite a lot of the time are jealous and do not realise it’s as cheap as running a normal car taking into overall costs. Also I think the colour of mine guards red doesn’t help.
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    Interesting !! I find the different psychologies for and against ownership fascinating as stated. And your financial logic about costs is both correct imo; sane and typical ! Peoples logic and what they choose to single out and abject / object to is 'incredible' isn't it Daz ! Me and the wife are Travel freaks currently. And are trying to cross off some bucket-list places while we are still young enough and mobile enough to enjoy them. We both work ridiculously long hours to fund this passion; and spent about the same this year on 5 Holidays as i did on my Cayman purchase. And have pretty much done that for certainly the past 3 years. And no-one but no-one has said a single thing about that - and furthermore i think for the most part my friends and family either know we hugely enjoy that, and kind of agree its enlightening, mind broadening and 'educational' to see other parts of the World. But spend anything like that on an 'exotic' car and you are suddenly a financially irresponsible / over-paid individual. And to quantify that on our part; We both don't drink, smoke or gamble and are careful with our monies somewhat - choosing to save for perhaps some of the finer things in life over meals out, the latest fashions etc on a month-to-month basis. To be honest our house is a little on the tatty side and many 'keep up with the Jones' types would perhaps be horrified. But on a finite income we choose whats important to us and vote with our feet accordingly.... None of that convinces the elitist attitude many non Porsche owning onlookers choose to bare though does it !
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    Really agree with your comments. I was quite shocked by peoples reactions. From people making negative comments to neigbours who use to come over for a chat when I was cleaning a car who now ignore. Then there are people who are car people and go out of the way to compliment. Really strange. Also people seem to think you are wasting your money. I can remember my mum making a comment your wasting your money. My comment back which really demonstrated to her that Porsche ownership is cheaper than her new car every 3-4 years. i bought Cayman 2 years ago for £25k 15000 MLS and have spent £2k on tyres and servicing and repairs and have done 15000 MLS. Car now worth £23k ish. So total cost £4K. My mum bought a new car for £25k a month before. No service cost part of package. Car now worth £14k. Total cost across 8000 MLS £11k. Glad to say my Mrs never questions and loves cars.
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    I’ve just purchased the following and will let everyone know how I get on when they turn up. Side lights - 2x H6W 434 Bax9s Canbus LED Parking Side Indicator Light Bulb Bayonet Bulb White https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F273324069557 Fog lights - NIGHTEYE H11/H8/H9 LED Fog Light Daytime Bulbs Lamp Replace Halogen HID 160W https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F183237161195 Dipped beam - Nighteye 72W 9000LM H7 LED Canbus error free Car Headlight KIT 6500K Bulbs White https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/303073813123?ul_noapp=true High beam - Nighteye H11 9000LM 6500K LED Headlight Driving Fog Light Replacement Bulbs Kit https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F152835370507
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    So one of my hobbies is collecting Vintage golf balls from the Ping Golf Company in Arizona with my Father. We've done so together for many-many years. Two sets of eyes and ears, two sets of contacts etc has given us the opportunity to build what is probably about the 2nd most diverse collection in the World. We have just over 500 uniquely different balls on display; and these balls were produced from 1976 until 1997. Some of the rare ones have turned out to great investments. As well as the thrill of the chase finding them and getting them over to us in the UK; and of course sharing time with my Father doing something we have both enjoyed. So: TRUE BI-COLOURS: (Colour with a colour): BI-COLOURS: (Colour with White): Metallics (Colours with Gold,Silver or Black): SOLIDS (Solid Coloured variants): VINTAGE (Some old early examples, Prototypes etc): HAND PAINTED PROTOTYPES (How the whole coloured golf ball scene came around after its Founding Father had an idea after seeing a rainbow and running to the Auto Store for some paint): LOGO's (95% are solely Golf, Arizona or Ping related): General Shot:
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    All fitted - happy as Larry am I 😃
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    Anyone done their CV joints in before? Parr alerted me to a small leak and I noticed some green oil weeping slowly out of the CV boots covering my KW Clubsport suspension bump stiffness adjuster and breaking it! This is about to get very expensive as I can't adjust the bump stiffness of the suspension anymore. Surely this is a common issue after 76K miles? I have already replaced the right side driveshaft with a used one when changing the suspension last year, so it is strange that both have gone at the same time isn't it? Any advice would be great...cheers

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