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    As the thread title says, new(ish) member, I registered six or so months ago but haven't posted, so hello! My car will be known on here though, it used to belong to Nis200K, who I managed to stalk/get in touch with when I saw the CaymanOC sticker in the window and found his for sale thread on here, albeit after I'd bought the car from the dealer he PX'd it to. We've exchanged a few messages and he's been very helpful, and the car is a credit to his ownership. It's a 2010 987.2 Cayman S PDK Sport Chrono Plus with 19" Carrera 2 alloys, Bi Xenons, Bose, Cruise Control, Rear Parking Sensors, Embossed Seats and Arm Rest. It's the first Porsche I've owned, and I love it! The poise and balance of the car are amazing, I love the noise from behind my head. It still feels special getting into it, and I still turn and look back as I walk away from it. It's booked in for it's MOT and fourth service next week, and I'm having the inspection done to put it back under warranty. Anyway, here's some pics from the day I picked it up, and just after I got it.
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    A couple of shots from Bedford on Monday.
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    We added a lightweight Odyssey battery last weekend, saving around 11kg! Quite a big weight saving given the battery is mounted up high. New policy: every time I add weight (wings, cage etc...) I must save some weight.
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    Hi All, I'm not connected at all with the attached company, but i just wanted to share my experience with buying my Cayman S from them. I had a look at 2 at other dealers before seeing mine on their website; https://www.renaissance-classics.co.uk/ Both i looked at were decent enough cars, but both needed work, and both needed a dam good detailing. When i turned up at Renaissance, i was greeted by Graham the general Manager and he took me to the detailing bay were my future Porsche was sat. Sat there, waxed, detailed, looking absolutely like the day it came out of the showroom, i made my mind up within 10 seconds i was having the car (obviously i didn't tell Graham this 😀). On the test drive, unfortunately it couldn't have gone any worse for Graham. Just 1 mile down the road the car slowly died.....everything electrical failing......battery = dead. We parked up the car, with Graham absolutely apologizing until we walked back to the dealership. On the way back i had in my mind my absolute limit budget wise, got back to the showroom (Graham still distraught that the test drive had failed), but it really didn't matter as i knew it would be sorted for me. We agreed a deal and i put a deposit on it there and then. After Christmas i picked it up, but before picking it up, James the Sales Manager called me to let me know they had checked the bores and everything was fine that way, put a service on it, did their own 130 point check, put new front tyres (matching the rears), new battery and new alternator (the culprit on the test drive). They also put a fresh MOT on it (despite it only 3 months prior it had a new MOT). On the day i picked it up, James and Dave (the service manager) were nothing short of superb. Went through the car in its entirety, had it under cover in the middle of the showroom, and unveiled it to me.....looking just as good as it did on the day i viewed it. Ready to go home, i was presented with a little goodie bag full of wine / luxury honey / some other bits and bobs from local producers in their area.....a really nice touch. 6 month warranty covered by themselves direct. Took it home and everything was well for the first 800 miles. Then i noticed a tapping sound once warm, and made a soundclip and sent it to James. Dave called me to say "we want to bring the car back to check it out" Arranged a day for them to come and collect it the following week with their professional car carrying trailer and off it went. Dave and the team had diagnosed the car within 24 hours of getting it back, and it turned out to be worn / marked tappets on bank 2. Not only did they replace ALL the tappets / lifters, they also replaced two slightly cracked coils (we they noticed when disconnecting to take the head off), also replaced the oil separator, new coils, new head gaskets, new and fresh mobil 1 oil.......and hurrah....problem fixed 😎 I decided to go down on the train to pick the car up (as fancied the drive back again from Surrey to Lincoln).....there it was, gleaming and detailed once again. James went through what had been done, and they also checked the pistons, bores, cams etc and all is well here too....so i'm in full confidence my engine is in perfect condition. All in all, having experienced the worst dealer where we bought my wife's Mini Cooper S from, i then experienced the best dealer I've ever bought a car from.....Renaissance Classic Cars. I cannot recommend them enough, friendly, professional, and superb aftercare....i would certainly have no issues buying another car from them. Cheers for reading. Dan
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    Hey no need to thank. We like anyone who’s interested in these little beasts. No snobbery in Cayman land, we’re a very broad church Congrats on the new mobile. I’m no expert but can tell you some little fixes I personally had. When you first get it is the time to put serious miles on whilst on warranty. Drive it loads. Real long drives plus some good exercise. I had to have new radiator pipes fitted. It’s the metal sections that corrode. Porsche opc told me stacks 7 series series cars, 987s and 997s are seeing this. They’re at that age and it’s due to dissimilar metals in the joints. So expect them to need swapping at some point in the future if not done. Not sure if you can see when it’s jacked up but you might see dry coolant residue staining around where the joint is, or in my case you could see them dripping Other than that, usual disc thickness and tyres. They like eating front discs and eating rear tyres. Check inside wear on the tyres. I hit a pothole and knocked my alignment out. Destroyed a new tyre very quickly, it was on the inside edge and surisingly hard to see. Other things. 987s tend to have corroded exhaust flange bolts. Mine needs doing at some point. I needed new front suspension top mounts. Not uncommon. Keep an eye on the oil when you first get it to see how it’s doing. If it starts dropping squares on the oil level and you’re topping up every few hundred miles then you can spot it’s using too much. Really really common to see smoke on start so don’t panic if you see smoke (as you know tends to get attached to the bore score thing). A tech told me there’s something like 3 different scenarios that are totally normal that cause smoke on start that has people panicking. One is when cold and a first start of the day type thing. One is when it’s warm, you’ve just driven. You stop for say an hour and start again. Mine does that. Leave it longer and it doesn’t smoke. Weird! Can’t remember the 3rd. Prob parking it on an incline. Basically they’re coal fired Obviously excessive smoking is if it’s still billowing going down the road etc or smoking for ages. If you were looking for peace of mind on the cyclinders you can have them scoped. Costs about £180 quid though and fairly useless unless the person knows what a scored bore looks like. They're cracking cars and not a lot of faults so enjoy! Don’t be worrying they’re not chocolate. Be sympathetic to the engine. They’re thoroughbreds so need a nice little warm up and cool down either side of the excitement to thermally stabilise all the bits and pieces. Warm it on time frame, not temp gauge before big beans. Say 20 mins summer, 30 mins winter is what I was told and try to use. I tend to cap the revs to 2500 - 3000 for the first 15 mins and then allow a bit more progressively until warmed then it’s open season and the serious fun starts
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    Hi Maxheadroom, The North Coast 500 is a fabulous drive in your Cayman. I've done the route 3 times and know it well. You asked about petrol stations, so here are a few tips on some other aspects as well. 1. Do the route anti-clockwise. That is from Inverness north on the A9 to John 'o Groats and Thurso. The reason for that, is you are leaving the best until last. A coffee stop at Poppy's on the high street at Golspie is an ideal half-way halt. 2. Take 3 overnight stops at least. Suggestions are, first night Forss House Hotel, Thurso. second night, Bettyhill Hotel, or Inverlodge Hotel, Lochinver. third night, Poolewe, Aultbea or Gairloch hotels. For a special treat if you budget allows, a fourth night at The Torridon, Annat. 3. Regarding fuel stops, only a few petrol stations have super unleaded fuel. Fill up at Tesco retail park, or Shell station Raigmore, Inverness before you start. Next fuel top- up Wick or Thurso. That'll take you to Ullapool where Gleaner super unleaded is available at the pump furthest away from the road. I always carry a 10 litre can of petrol with me on the NC500 just in case of emergencies. 4. Many POI's on the route. Duncansby Head east of John '0 Groats is spectacular. Particularly the walk across the hill to the Duncansby Stacks. Further west, the beach near Sangobeg and a visit to Smoo Cave are well worth a stop. Knockan Crag geology on the A 835 also well worth a stop. More information in The North Coast 500 Guide Book by Charles Tait. 5. Finally, do not attempt this route in the summer high season. It is mobbed with camper vans. Best time to enjoy this route is March/April (avoiding Easter), or late September early October avoiding the midges. Enjoy! Brian
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    Sweet Jesus I think you're right......I can't "Unsee" that......
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    Hope it's ok to post this here! I'm sure you are all familiar with Joe Toth composite parts (splitters, diffusers etc etc) and since shipping costs from US are high me and 2 other guys have agreed on sharing them by doing a group buy. Also, by buying multiple parts we all get 15% off the total! Feel free to join us, but please only committed people and ideally we would proceed very soon with placing the order. So far: - 1X 987.1 Single piece front splitter - 1X 987.2 Single piece front splitter - 2X 987.1 Side skirt kits PM me for any info. Thanks!
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    @GlosRich For Castle Combe I've got to agree with @Dougle_turbo it might not be the best track for a first track day, especially if its wet. I've done 9-10 track days at Castle Combe, 3 of them raining and because of the higher average speed it can get a bit hairy. The last corner catches most people out as there isn't much run off. - its bloody fun though and one of my favourite tracks. Castle Combe had good free tuition to teach you the safe lines, because unlike most circuits there are no sighting laps.
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    Combe as a first day is a good shout. Its easy to learn and has some examples of slow and fast corners and also a crest. My advice at CC is to be mindful of the crest before Quarry corner. Arrive too fast and the damage is done because the car goes light and you can't slow down. Aside from that just enjoy it and try not to feel pressured from more experienced or faster cars. You've paid your money so stuff them. Mechanically there are some sensible rules. 1. Come in before you need to. After 15 minutes the car will be ready to rest and you will too. Stay out too long and it's that last lap that fries the brakes or has the lapse in concentration. 2. When you park, don't put the handbrake on, it'll boil your fluid by travelling up the cable. Leave it in gear. 3. If you are comfortable turn the traction off. It will be grabbing the brakes to try and keep you under control and again the brakes will get hot very quickly. I murdered my mates Elise brakes inside of 2 laps at Magny Cours because I didn't realise it had traction and just thought it was badly set up haha. 4. Run a warm up lap to get the tyres and brakes up to temp. No F1 weaving lol just be mindful they work better once switched on. Similarly run a cool down lap and drive the track in a higher gear and try not to brake to cool it all down. The car will thank you for it trust me!
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    Hi all sorted, Coil pack on cylinder No3, car was collected and returned by Jasmine Porsche at Nelson today so all back to normal, they also did the by annual brake fluid change and checked rear whipper!! Dean
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    Inconel fasteners would be best suited to replace the exhaust bolts/nuts. The heat cycling will affect stainless steel just like mild steel.
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    After seeing Keith's DIY grills at Shuttleworth I thought I would have ago. Not 100% happy with them, but run out of time today. Got lots of grill mesh so will look to improve when I have some time. Bee hive Mesh cost £15 enough to make 6 grills and edge trim £4.
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    Not sure how to pick up link from an IOS app. Here are screen shots from eBay app
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    Update I picked up by 987.1 from the garage today after having my Carnewal GT exhaust fitted.............🤗 Oh my goodness to quote driver81 on YouTube is this the single best mod for a Cayman.....it just might be I’m sooooooooo impressed Scott
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    A bit late in posting my thanks, but thanks to Nick (Beanoir) and Steve (Bushman) for arranging the meet at shuttleworth again. Its a perfect venue with ample parking, decent grub and good road access 👍🏻
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    Welcome Wanderer - great to see Niks car back ‘in the fold’, and glad she’s found her way into the hands of someone whose clearly going to care for and cherish her. Ive had mine for 2 years now and I STILL do that cheeky little look back when I ‘put her to bed’ 😍😉 one of my my favourite views is of her rear quarter ‘hips’ as seen in the wing-mirrors when you’re driving. I’m not ashamed to say I find them quite ‘sensual’ to look at and run my hands over when washing/drying/polishing 😉😁 my wife complains that the car has my hands on it more than she gets 🤣🏎👍🏻 Enjoy, I don’t think there’s anything in the car-world quite as satisfying as owning and driving a Porsche 👍🏻 (and if there is, I dont care, because I own and a drive a Porsche 🤪)
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    Its great when you find a good dealer. i purchased my Cayman from Cavendish Porsche in November 2017 and found the entire experience very pleasant and easy I could not fault them. It gives you a much better level of confidence in the car even if there are a few niggles. Great looking cayman as well.
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    Quick short reply but if you have an AV (multimeter) you can test the resistance of the coil packs... if they are all within spec (see google etc) then chances are they are OK...
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    Well car went in for first service today. Needed front coolant hose. Fortunately only one and others are ok so not complete bundle. Gearbox oil change Exhaust clamp Front disc and pads. I knew these need doing. a job for me todo next weekend. After buying the disk and pads online and 4 tyres yesterday £2k lighter. Tyres and servicing all in the same week. I'll try not todo that again.
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    Nice one Pete. Could write a note back.. “pleasey weasey do a cutesy wootsy little fxxxx off so I can be safe from stalker adults pretending to be children who post me creepy ass horror film letters complete with sinister pictures of stick children” ”the Children of Balham” does actually sound like a horror film to be fair. Join mumsnet, stick your post on then retreat
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    Thanks for letting me in !! ex BMW and Merc forum member Collect my first Porsche Saturday 2007 Cayman 3.4s Manual. I’ve read endless reports and doom and gloom about the chocolate engines. Realistically what should I be checking as soon as I get it home and have a good look whilst it’s still under warranty. 100k miles with FSH. Thanks in advance
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    Hi mate, yep that’s the stuff nanodrive race oil 5w 40.
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    I'm insured with Classic Line. 6 track days included in the cover. After that it's £60 per track day. Adrian flux, Morris, and others all offer individual day cover.
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    Personally I wouldn't do Castle Combe for your first track day. If you come off your toast, there's hardly any run off. Silverstone GP circuit is fantastic but will take you all day to learn it. I would recommend the national circuit if you want to get to grips with track driving without getting overwhelmed. The best circuit for a first track day in terms of safety is Bedford, there's very little to hit and acres of run off. It is a long lap, but it's more easily learnt than Silverstone. I'd agree with all of the advice above about mechanically prepping the car and would add that if you haven't changed your brake fluid in the last 12 months it's worth changing it before you go. It's the biggest reason that people have brake problems on track. The standard textar pads will be absolutely fine. As someone has already mentioned, tyre pressures are also a big one. I run my fronts and rears at 30psi on the road, 4 laps of Bedford and mine gain 10psi (the amount they gain will depend how hard you are pushing). So after the first stint and while they're still hot get the psi back down to around 30, and check them every time you finish a stint. Don't check them before you head back out as they will be low and give the car a lap to warm up before nailing it. The least busy days are week days, and whilst it might mean a day off, these days are much quieter than a weekend day. This gives you much more space on track, and I find there are much fewer idiots around. Insurance. Get the car insured for the track day, it's just not worth taking the risk. There are plenty of companies out there who will insure you for very little money, and you may even find your existing policy covers track-days. Having rolled a car on track without insurance, (thankfully not a Porsche) it's a real bummer. Lastly, be careful. Track days are seriously addictive, probably the most fun you can have with your clothes on! Edited to say: I'd also highly recommend a session of tuition early in the day, it makes a huge difference to how quickly you'll learn the circuit.
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    If you want a novice day try Llandow just west of Cardiff. They do a car day once a month, mix of stuff but they start you in 15minute ability groups, so once all the idiots have gone out pretending to be Juha Kankkunen you'll get to go out. they normally run groups until mid morning and if all are happy they just go open pit. It's a 10 car limit so you can find space if you need it. Its a short lap, busy circuit, you're always thinking with no mega long straights to worry about it's kinder on the car but a challenge nonetheless.
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    Anyone doing Castle Combe this year? It would be my first track day, so need some advice.
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    Put me down for this please. Meeting for breakfast, sounds good to me....
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    Finally got something from Reading and an email to confirm the mistake was made. WP0ZZZ98Z8U770681.docx
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    I agree with Phil, get yourself a decent 3.4, have it checked out and look after it. It's on another level compared to the Zed! I've only seen two Porsches with scored bores and they were both tiptronic 3.6 cars. Never seen it on a Cayman myself yet, so it's still a very rare occurrence.
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    Thanks for the Great advice !! looks like my petrol station will be seeing a lot of me this weekend 😂😂
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    Are you referring to the pedal travel or the amount of force required to engage the brakes when pressing the pedal? You can reduce the pedal travel, but decreasing the amount of force required is not a possible modification I'm aware of. Increasing the required pressure using the GT3 MC is a solution (if that is indeed the issue).
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    GT3 master cylinder will solve that, it is a popular upgrade on a Cayman firms up the pedal nicely.
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    So I have now test driven a 2.7 and a 350z i am quite torn tbh honest. The 350 felt much pokier, but I am sure the cayman would be more agile on a circuit. However; the 350 is £10k cheaper 😂
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    is a 275/35/19 available? the 10mm extra width should be fine. 30 profiles are going to give a really hard ride. A 265/40/19 tyre is about 14mm larger in diameter overall than a 265/35 so will very slightly raise the gearing. hope this helps. Steve.
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    Seems like the ps4s is now available for 18s according to tire rack USA.
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    Tell him he's dreamin'....kick the tyres....then offer him £16K and take it from there! 😁
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    Morning All Great news to have a full team 🙂 Please will each of you complete the attached form and once saved, upload it via our secure area on our website, found here: https://catdrivertraining.co.uk/secure-uploads/ We need a £200 deposit by either bank transfer, debit or credit card with the balance paid by 19th June, or you can make full payment now. Invoices and joining letters will be sent once the minimum deposit has been paid by everyone. FYI I can't take payment over the phone till Monday when I'm back in the office. Look forward to hearing from you all and have a great weekend. KR Jo Secure Booking Form.docx
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    If you're talking about the manifold to head bolts from personal experience I can tell you, they are a nightmare and I don't like using that word but it best describes what your up against if they break. I still have my 986 Boxster and 2yrs ago I decided to tackle a leaky RMS. While in there I thought I would change the IMS bearing / clutch /flywheel / slave cylinder/ etc etc etc... So to get the gearbox out you have to remove the exhaust but there was no way I could drill out those heavily corroded pressed in bolts This is a link to the thread on the 986forum http://986forum.com/forums/performance-technical-chat/70662-anyone-got-cam-locking-tools.html So I decided to remove the whole lot from the heads. 8 out of 12 bolts broke off! I hope you can see the photos of the exhaust bolts, the broken studs , the tool I had made to drill out the 8 broken manifold bolts. It took me about 4 weeks as doing 1 stud was physically and mentally draining but I got there and replaced all with Stainless Studs and nuts...oh forgot to mention I have a 4poster lift , I wouldn't want to attempt this on the garage floor. So if you're thinking of fitting a complete new exhaust system , bear in mind what might happen when you or your mechanic go to remove those factory bolts.
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    Hope this is the right place to post?! Yeah, just spoken to Nick and I’m up for this. Let me know what you need and I’ll put the 19th of July in my diary. Best, Nick
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    My original only has 26000 on it it was a bit awkward getting the 02 seniors out apparently so yes it was in good condition
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    I'm still up for the CAT day, so how many of us have confirmed? And Nick, I'm near Poole, not far at all from New Forest...if you moved, I've a few enthusiast friends in the area up for the odd cheeky drive out.
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    When I got mine fitted by Gert back in January I had a brief conversation with him about this, and I came away with the knowledge that he has spent a significant amount of time and money to perfect the work he carries out on the exhaust so it meets all the requirements for noise, emissions, reliability etc. I don't think it's something that can be easily replicated tbh.
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    Yes he does, two left I believe, I'm car number 18....... that would be mad if we both go again mate 😀 Arran is booked in the R500 😲
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    Pete That looks like a epic tour. Darren
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    Well, something happened because it's started working again. There was a little flicker and it sprung back to life. I think it's a bad solder joint. I've decided to wait for it to totally fail or flicker beyond my patience before I do something about it. Problem solved (until it reappears).
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    I should be at Brands that evening too 👍
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    Hey Trickle - as per Mavricks comment, and based on some other articles I’ve read, drilled look nice and are fine for road, but can incur stress cracks from heat cycling on track. A number of articles ive read (not just forum opinion) suggest grooved (or even solid!) are better for track.
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    Hi, and welcome! You've opened Pandora's Box here , so belt in and hang on for the ride! I'll give my 2 bobs worth based on going through a similar process myself about 18 mths ago (note I'm less familiar with the gen 2 line up). In no particular order: - Purpose: think long and hard about what you're planning to used the car primarily for (and how long you might want to keep it)....e.g. a track day focus will delivery a different purchase to a Daily Driver requirement - Investment; personally, I'd say park that concept, and go for the best car you can afford (condition, history, PPI etc) that puts a smile on your face and you enjoy driving....if you want an investment, buy a 959 :-). IAnecdotally, 've had my gen 1 CS for 18 mths now, and it's worth roughly the same as what I paid for it. There are opinions aplenty re which model will have future growth potential....I personally think it's way too early to tell, but a 3.4 in theory might have an edge. - Budget; yours is healthy and as you say puts you into either a fine , late edition gen 1 CS with under 50K miles, or a fine early gen 2 Cayman (2.9l) , both with a nice smattering of options (circa 2007-2009 bandwidth). Go out and drive both models and lots of them (I test drove 13 or 14 cars , mix of Caymans and Boxters, before buying....gives you perspective on what a "good car" looks and feels like, as well as "bad" examples). You'll probably have cash left over if you purchase privately, conversely you might like the idea of paying more to a dealer and bagging a warranty or similar. - Horror Stories: you'll have read reams of blurb about IMS and bore scoring....to put it in perspective, combining both issues together, it affected something like 4-6% of cars I believe from 05-07 ish ( IMS was sorted in cars from 07/57 reg or thereabouts I believe). A pre purchase inspection (PPI) should include a bore scope to reduces the risk as any early signs should be detectable....but as with most things in life, nothing is 100% guaranteed. And rumour has is a very small % of the gen 2 DFI engines have suffered some issues too. - 2.7 V 3.4l: I've only test driven 2.7l Boxsters; they put a smile on my face, lovely sound, and in some ways you'll use more of the performance, more of the time compared to the 3.4. The smaller lump seems to be much less prone to scoring too (bearing in mind it's a small % to start with), but not necessarily less fun. Go and drive some, make your own comparison. Small hp difference b/w the 2.9 and 3.4 obviously, I've not compared the 2 myself. - Auto box Gen 1; personally , I wasn't not a fan (unless you plan to spend most of your time pootling in traffic), 6 speed is a a fangreat box. Gen 2 PDK is lightyears ahead of the 5 speeder. - Mileage: good question....higher mileage can mean good value for money IF miles racked up were via longer trips (not short stop start efforts ...the rev history/engine time logs can shed some light on this), maintenance has been regular (ie not just once every 2yrs/20K miles), consumables you'd expect to be replaced, have been replaced (clutch, brakes etc). If you're buying for investment (refer my earlier opinion). you'd be looking at the lowest mileage possible. Problem is. cars that are not used regularly, exercised properly, are only driven to church on Sundays (you get the ideal here....)....these garage queens can prove as problematic as a high miler that's been abused/not looked after. Trust the above hasn't put you to sleep! Seriously, don't lose too much sleep over this; test drive a lot of cars (in itself quite a nice way to spend time), be clear about what you're after and why, don't get hung up on a specific colour/options etc (unless you are happy to wait around for that Unicorn to arrive)...buy based on the condition, history, and of course have the car checked out professionally. Then do like the rest of us do, and enjoy our cars as regularly as possible...the cars are made to be driven. Good luck with the test drives.
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    Every time I see a white CR with silver wheels, I find myself thinking I prefer it to the balck with silver lip which I have at the moment, maybe one for refurb time...

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