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    All posted gents, see photo for your Royal Mail track and trace Code highlighted to your Respective post codes. use this link: https://www.royalmail.com/business/track-your-item#/ hope they arrive safely for you all before the wknd. Jason
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    They’ve landed in the U.K. already 😮👍🏻😁🇬🇧
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    Hi Guys, Thought I'd let you see my amateur YouTubing, started off with a couple of Cayman videos: Hoping to do some more DIYs in the future, would value some constructive feedback, but its a bit of fun not a full time job. I dont narrate them as I have a rubbish voice for it, would need a voiceover artist.. Cheers Rich
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    Thanks all. A few snaps,
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    package on the way guys!!! Thanks to all.. Jason check your email for tracking info.
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    After some recent chat here (On a 'Members car' topic) - i thought i'd start something separate to keep that members thread clean. Myself, @Lennym1984 and @Craiglm68 have already expressed an interest in these. Unfortunately our first point of contact @ $30 a set in the USA is currently not working (Presumably due to COVID-19). The guys in the Youtube video below (KI Studio's) are $65 a set in the USA 🙄........and price aside i think they look really good fitted ! They also state that 987.1's require different trims to 987.2's - which may or may not cause problems: ***I will do some research, speak to some people / send a few emails out and do whatever i can this afternoon and tomorrow to see what i can come up with. But if we can find the right product at the right price......is anyone else interested in a Group Buy ? https://kistudios.com/product/porsche-cayman-987-headlight-trim/
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    Eibach Pro kit fitted to my mates "S" model. Says they are a more road based spring; has lowered it and stiffened it up a treat (without being "crashy") and he's ecstatic with them:
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    Hi Scott, Plenty of people have gone this route using H&R springs yes. The "worth" bit it's personal....what are you trying to achieve? Forget about handling because if you want to make a difference then you need to start looking at sway bars, adjustable drop links and adjustable LCA. And here we are talking £££. Look wise it's well worth it....no doubt about it....sitting well on the wheels and having the right stance improves the whole look of the car. Keep in mind it's not just the springs, you'll need installing and then a good geometry again! Let me find a photo of my old car yo give you an idea......you tell me if it's worth or not!
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    Hiya Craig: Appreciate the nomination ! No need for me to become a stumbling, incoherent wreck though - especially when you’d likely need a translator / subtitles with my deep Suffolk drawl 🤣 - when there’s plenty of de-snork vids on YouTube already 😎 ***Basically you only need remove the outermost plastic baffle plate that will be right in front of you - once you’ve had a fight with and removed the grille.. Then also remove the inner shaped frame that the de-snork mesh clearly clips onto to install that. And refit in reverse order. **Do not / no need to go any further and remove the oval shaped plastic tube you can see. Leave that in place !!
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    Perfect - 10 all in 👍🏻 The group buy price (assuming no import duties), will be: £15 each. calculated thus: 10no. Grilles printed and shipped to U.K. $140.99 => £114.40 £114.40 / 10 £11.44 U.K. Packaging: Padded ‘large letter size’ envelope @ £1 U.K. Postage: Large letter first class recorded delivery @ £2.45 Sub total: £14.89 Total (I’ve rounded up by 11p each to cover my £1 parking in town to get to the post office and because I hate odd numbers!) = £15. I will PM each of you my PayPal account details - please respond to my message with your name and address details. Once I’ve received all payments I will send the money to Marcos and he will be able to despatch the grilles 👍🏻 If we do incur any kind of import duties then I will come back to the group buyers to ask us each to split that cost pro-rata between the 10 of us before I send out the grilles in the U.K. Hope that’s acceptable to everyone. Jason
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    Jason, you may want to place this on your first post for color reference, thanks again for doing this...
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    Whilst in London having a drive around to checks out the sites whilst no traffic is about i stumbled upon Porsche Centre Mayfair and could not resist taking this shot. The polite employees even waited for me to finish a couple of shots before coming out of the doors and complementing the car - Top guys! So happy I upgraded to these wheels!
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    Got the car back on Tuesday with a new OE Porsche supplied pump fitted - no leaks / drips, problem solved 👍🏻 Supplied and fitted by DS Automotive in Aylesbury, Bucks (used previously for my clutch replacement last year), a former privateer Porsche race team mechanic, always has unique cars up on his ramps and lots of porkers. http://www.dsautomotives.co.uk/ £560 (incl VAT) comprised of: pump £320 coolant £60 2.2hrs labour £180
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    The issue is (as Andrea has said) that suspension geometry is not a binary thing (ie. there is no "right" setting for any given car). Any change you make will likely have pros and cons to it and so unless you know what you like or what you are comfortable with,you may end up with something that doesn't suit you. Personally, I would start with zero toe on front, max front camber, and stock rear (Porsche spec) alignment. The compromises here will be limited and if you find the front too lively for the type of driving you do, you could easily then add in a bit more toe (more toe in). You can then use this setup as your baseline and see how it performs on road/track and what you may like to change in the future.
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    I've just fitted my H&R's with 7mm/15mm spacers - non pasm & running on 18" replica 911 (964 "Bad Boys") Veloce RS alloys. Took me best part of 2 days to fit (don't ask!!) No idea how much an indi etc would charge to fit them for you but even with a lift & ALL the proper workshop tools you'll be looking at 4-6hrs work? ... I did it using a trolley & scissor jack & stands - reasonably basic tools (you'll also need an 18mm & 21mm socket & ring spanner which isn't a common size in most sets!! ... You'll need a decent Torx set too I really wanted to fit adjustable BC Coilovers (£850) but the H&R's I got for £230 & I'm a humble Nurse so not loaded! ... Tbh even with the -35mm springs there's still a "two finger" arch gap but looks/sits a million times better than stock. Don't forget to factor in the cost of proper 4 wheel geo computer alignment (min £140)
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    Cheers. I have not a single thing in there; and have checked its firmly shut 3 or 4 times...... Same with bonnet, boot and centre console lid. I even held all the interior stuff firmly closed while i sat inside and activated the alarm. No difference. Hoping my local German Indy in town have the tech to diagnose which micro-switch it is 😎
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    Hi All, Happy everything arrived well at UK....🙂. Thanks to all...
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    Welcome ! I had the same "dilemma" 10 or 11 months ago regarding 987's. While still deciding the pro's and cons in my head - the right 2.7 with great history, low miles and 1 owner appeared for sale near me: and that was that. Previous to that i'd test driven 2 x 3.4 S's. Through the gears theres not silly amounts in it. The extra torque in the 3.4 is what's more noticeable imo. For me - it was never about speed. It was about sensations, the handling - and let's be honest; The Brand. I don't feel i've lost out on anything that i wanted. And am still glad i did what i did. Would i do the same again if the clocks were turned back ? More than likely. *And interestingly although i think official figures record something like 5-7% of 3.4's suffering from Bore-score / IMS at some point - a conversation with my local independant who's sold upwards of 300 x 987's over the years - says that in his experience it's more like 20%. Take that as you see fit; but he had no reason to inflate figures to me. He also said he's never had a single 2.7 pass through his hands suffer from either issue.... Bottom line is: if going for a 3.4 have an independent inspection done by a Porsche specialist, and pay serious attention to the potential bore score / IMS issues. Its all you can do. And the route i'd have gone if the right 3.4 had of appeared reasonably near to me when i was looking to purchase. Good luck.
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    They’re currently in Miami 😮🏝🏖🗽
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    Available as downloadable .pdf files on Design911 website here: https://www.design911.co.uk/blog/resources/porsche-cayman-2006-today/
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    I've used Meyle front control arms (tuning fork shape) and they seem to be good, 2 year guarantee on then also. Got them from Design911. Those companies usually make the OEM ones, and then sell the same part for less in their own packaging, so then are ok.
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    It does sound pretty mega now..As mentioned. BMC filter, De-snorkel, TopGear stainless headers, Carnewal GT back boxes, AWE X pipe tips.... ( and windows down )
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    Thanks Jason for organising this, and Syer / Marcos for the info, much appreciated!
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    Great guys... 8 Black, 1 Red, 1 Silver. Package is ready. I will use the value of $2.oo per piece for a total of $20.00 for import tax purposes.
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    Jason, 25cm x 14cm x 2cm weight 32 grams (that includes a cardboard for each grill I use to keep them straight during shipping). Working on the latest silver request from Syer's friend... all others done...
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    I replaced my rear control ‘coffin’ arms with MEYLE brand ones in 2017, bought from frazerparts.com - no issues with them at all, and half the price of OE Porsche parts. A good quality European manufactured part, the centre bushing has a slightly harder shore rating (flexibility measure) than the standard Porsche part. https://www.frazerpart.com/cgi-bin/sh000005.pl?WD=arm porsche cayman control rear&PN=987-Boxster-Cayman-997-Carrera-Rear-Control-Arm-900159.html#SID=137
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    Hi Everyone - hope all is good with you and you're all keeping safe and well. As you'd expect, we joined the UK wide stay at home instruction on the evening of 23rd March. I'm still here working - the diary was full so there's many reschedules and pendings, waiting for the news when we can get back to training activities. Hope you are keeping positive, safe and healthy. KR Jo
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    (Ages ago) I had my wheels powder-coated. Tyres looked a bit sad - so i had new rubber on all 4 corners at the same time. Centre caps were not going to be up to scratch at this point - and in the Silver with all Black logo i wanted; all i could see were genuine ones at £160 (?) then..........or replica's at £40 for the set. So far they've done me very well. Look great, are unmarked with no lacquer peel etc, fit perfectly, have no rattles etc etc. BUT: i'm pretty sure i've just found the source for the exact same ones from China at £6.86 for a set of 4 including shipping to your door ! Yup - you read that correctly 👍 So of course i bought a set out of interest. ***Once they arrive and appear to be of the same quality and fit: i'll share the seller if anyone else wants some. Give me a shout if i forget. Seller has Grey, Black, Anthracite etc versions too....
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    Fellow Caymanites, Thanks to Syers @sevenfourate early-adopter purchasing of a custom 3D printed replacement grille for desnorked 987s I’ve contacted the producer in Puerto Rico (Marcos) for some group buy prices: 1no. - $29.99 5no. $99.99 10no. $140.99 I’ve asked the following clarifying Qs, and await his response: 1) Is the $ price USD? 2) Are the prices inclusive of packaging and shipping? 3) How long are manufacture times? 4) Is the shipping insured? 5) How long did shipping take for Syers? 6) If others in the group-buy wanted different colours would that affect pricing? 7) Is there any difference between ‘gen 1 / gen 2’ grille fitment? 😎 I’m bound to be asked on the forum - could you do 981 grilles too? Here’s a link to Marcos’ video of his desnorking and printing of his own grille - it’s actually one of the best ‘how to’ desnork guides I’ve seen too. If you’re interested then please add your name to the next message down by quoting it (don’t quote this one please as it’s quite long). I would propose they are shipped to a single U.K. address (mine) and I’ll despatch out to buyers at an additional ‘@cost‘ price for U.K. P&P. (paid to me). EDIT: And we might need to add U.K. import customs tax as well @ £TBC 🤔 I’ll handle all the comms and purchasing with Marcos. We’ll use PayPal for all payments, and I’d want full payment up front if you commit, before I place an order with Marcos. Examples of the grilles: Jason
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    I think my inbox must be full, I’ll empty it now. All grilles will be in the post tomorrow. Jason
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    Okay just FYI the print out you have is in degrees and minutes. So 1 degree 30 minutes = 1.5 degrees.
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    With all of that in mind... To the OP, if you are not sure what settings you want, why don't you take it to a decent alignment centre (Centre Gravity or similar) and get them to recommend one for you? The settings that work best on track will be different from those that work on a cratered b-road. A specialist will take this into account and find you the best set of compromises (compromise being the key word here). As an example, toe out on a twisty track may allow quicker turn in but on a cratered/cambered/rough b-road will lead to a very "lively" ride. The Porsche recommended settings are a compromise between tyre wear, handling, safety and stability. What you need to find, is the compromise which works for your driving - A specialist will be able to help you here.
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    I am not an expert but It all depends how you want the car to handle. From the factory they are setup to understeer. The rear has much wider tyres and so even if they roll a bit in the corner, you are still going to have more contact patch. On track, the fronts of my old Boxster would wear the outside edge whereas the rears were much more even (which would suggest that I wasn't rolling the rear tyres unduly) On the rear you want toe in. The stock setting is something like 5' +/- 5'
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    Yes...ish but you probably want them to be equal side to side. Due to worn components, manufacturing tolerances etc you may have one side with bigger camber than the other.Unless the difference is huge (which would indicate another problem) you probably won't notice it but given that you are paying for a geo, you may as well get it equal. On mine (with 100K dampers/springs/top mounts), maxxing out the top mount slots meant that the o/s would go to ~1.5 whilst the nearside would only go to ~1.2.
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    Good news Gents, the grilles have arrived with me today and all in perfect order. They were incredibly well wrapped and protected from Marcos @cadporsche 👍🏻 I will try to get them posted Thursday or Friday so you hopefully Receive them for the wknd. can you please each PM me with your address (I think I have 2 already via PayPal, but easier if you just all message me via here), please include: COC ‘name’ real name full address grille colour saves me having to trawl through this message thread thanks. Jason
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    So I've been trawling the interwebs for what options are currently available for front discs. I've made a list in price order and some comments. The search is focused on discs that should be able to handle track work without the micro cracking that seems to plague the drilled discs. I'd be interested to hear anyones thoughts or comments. Rotor disc drilled and grooved: £120 inc delivery! These are a total unknown, but for the money they might just be worth a try. I had a quick look on the web for the company but can't find anyting. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FRONT-DRILLED-GROOVED-318mm-BRAKE-DISCS-FOR-PORSCHE-911-996-997-BOXSTER-3-4-3-6/362440616000 Textar 318mm: Drilled £156.00 free delivery https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fits-Porsche-Cayman-987-3-4-S-Textar-Coated-HC-Front-Drilled-Brake-Discs/362639218465?fits=Car+Make%3APorsche|Model%3ACayman|Cars+Type%3AS+3.4|Plat_Gen%3A987|Cars+Year%3A2010|Variant%3A987+[2005-2013]+Coupe&hash=item546efb5721:g:mJsAAOSwqaNczQ4r These seem well priced for a high carbon disc. Textar are an OEM porsche manufacturer so I trust them as a brand (Their OEM pads actually hold up very well on track). Sebro slotted 318mm: £237.00 inc delivery https://type911shop.co.uk/epages/de867ca1-377e-432e-84fd-bdccf2206766.sf/sec7404920821/?ObjectPath=/Shops/de867ca1-377e-432e-84fd-bdccf2206766/Products/8356 These are a known quantity for me, I have got around 20 track days and 15K miles out of my current ones. All the 987 Tarox products are listed here: https://www.tarox.co.uk/?s=987&post_type=product Below are some of the options. Tarox 1 piece drilled: £354 inc delivery https://www.tarox.co.uk/product/front-tarox-brake-discs-porsche-boxster-s-987-3-4-d95/ These will be a good quality disc, for a one piece disc they aren't cheap. Countersunk holes to help prevent cracking - not sure if that will work for the heat cycles on track. Tarox 1 piece grooved: £405 inc delivery https://www.lkperformance.co.uk/car-parts/product/tarox/f2000-brake-discs-front?vehicle_model_id=1684 These will be a good quality disc, for a one piece disc they aren't cheap. I couldn't find them on the Tarox website - so not sure if they are still available. Tarox two piece grooved 318mm: £852.00 inc delivery https://www.tarox.co.uk/product/front-tarox-brake-discs-porsche-boxster-987-318mm-bespoke/ I'm sure these are great disc, two piece construction with all the benefits that comes with. I imagine these offer a decent weight saving over the standard size 1 piece disc. These are the cheapest two piece I can find. Girodisk 340mm two piece - £1096 inc delivery Again, these will be great discs - and they offer a size upgrade to 340mm. They will still probably weigh less than the standard 1 piece item. The spacers and bolts for the calipers are included. Replacement costs for the discs are £697 so you are buying into an expensive system. PB brakes 356mm Big Brake kit + 8 pot pistons, pads and S/S lines: £1680 inc delivery I've been flirting with the idea of these for a while. They have loads of options to choose from and the kit sizes they have available are: 6-Pot 345x32mm, Big 6-Pot 356x32mm, 8-Pot 356x32mm and 8-Pot 380x32mm. I choose the 356mm kit so it's a more comparable size to the giro disc upgrade. Obviously the big difference here is that you get ungraded 8 pot calipers for your money. I have been in touch with them via email - i believe the company is owned by an English guy and the factory is in Hong Kong. AP Racing 390mm Big brake kit with 6 pot calipers: £2549 inc delivery Not too much to say about these, other than they are almost certainly the dogs bollox.
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    hi fitting H and R springs to my 987 when i owned it transformed the handling and well worth the effort to fit.
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    Well done and good for you Rich ! All looks very professional and is easy to follow. I watched your other review vid too 😎 And please take this as constructive criticism and in the spirit it's meant; because you're braver than i already - i just can't help feeling as brilliant as what you've done so far: your vids would be even nicer if we got to hear a real voice doing the talk along, with birds in the background, feet on the gravel and everything else that goes with it. I think that would make it much more natural, personal and informal. Whereas at the moment it's kind of like an infomerclal; and i didn't feel truly engaged or involved as-such and that the content was aimed at me and not with me if that makes sense...... Looking forward to the next one.
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    Have black 19" on my CS and make it look more up to date IMO Dean
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    Love that ! "Wolf in sheep's clothing" being pretty stock looking on the outside........ We'd just all love a sound-clip now 😎
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    Awesome experience with the club... thanks to Syer for contacting me in the first place and Jason fantastic work!!... To keep you guys informed. I shipped a package on April 29 and it arrived @ UK yesterday May 10... just to give the team an idea of lead time..
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    There is another option similar to the Girodisc but cheaper which is to create spacers and longer bolts for the calliper to accommodate 997 turbo discs. A guy in america (Freddy Lewis) is working on the kit. I think the price was $125 then you source yourself OEM discs. Worth speaking to him Doug!
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    Ok so a reply from Marcos to my questions already 👍🏻 A few clarifying questions: Q1) Is the $ price USD? A1) Yes Q2) Are the prices inclusive of packaging and shipping? A2) Yes this includes shipping charges for all. Q3) How long are manufacture times? A3) Is quick each part takes about 3 hours, but I already have inventory Q4) Is the shipping insured? A4) Yes, and I will provide replacement if something happens during shipping. Q5) How long did shipping take for Syers? A5) This is an important question, With the current issue postal service around the world is chaos!! so it will probably take like 2 weeks to reach you guys. Q6) If others in the group-buy wanted different colours would that affect pricing? A6) no price change, you can ask for different colours on the same order, price is for quantities. Q7) is there any difference between ‘gen 1 / gen 2’ grille fitment? A7) This is something that I would like to answer myself and understand. If you look at the video Syer post where I place the part there is a plastic where the part fits. If the model has this part we are good to go. The model I have is a Boxster from 2007, so I made the design to fit my car. I would love to replicate the design for all cars, but currently i don't have access to these models. My plan is to have a table to understand the fitment by model. Currently I only have one design. Q8) I’m bound to be asked on the forum - could you do 981 grilles too? A8) I would love too, but I need access to look inside and see what porsche did on those inlet.. I'm almost sure they change the part. Design wise it would be nice to design one with the group input, I would love to do that. If someone on the forum can remove the grill and provide some photos that would be a start...
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    Anyone got their P-cars humble abode decked out with some Porsche-related or other Motorsport Artwork ? My Cayman-owning buddy has just built himself a nice garage; and has set himself up with some nice Porsche related wall-hangers: Mine is is bit less inspiring (And expensive !); however i'm currently finishing (Literally) some engine / suspension / hardware parts that i'm going to hang from the rafters / mount on the wall inc a piston from a Championship winning Drag car, some valves from an F1 car, a Cam-shaft from a Porsche and a piece of Valentino Rossi's fairing. Oh; and i may or may not have utilised the printer and A3 laminator at work today while the Boss was out......🤣 What about YOU ?
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    @Dougle_turbo I would personally change those rear disks before the next track day. Just from experience my stock rear discs looked like that for a while, not technically finished or too bad for road use or standard pads. But as soon as I put race pads on, they cracked through immediately. Also I run AP Racing brake temp sensor strips and get nerdy with the infra red temp gun and those rear discs get really hot. Often hotter than the front due to reduced cooling and PSM/PASM occasionally applying some pressure.
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    it will error if the wattage isn’t the same but can’t remember what the main beam wattage is.
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    Kinda related. Watch this ref de-snorking.......the air intake, its position / airflow around it etc etc https://www.facebook.com/stewart.settles/videos/10213698116960883/?q=stewart%20settles&epa=SEARCH_BOX

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