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    Well the rumours are becoming more beefed up in regard to the possibility of the Cayman T arriving and following in the footsteps of it's larger brother, the Carrera T. It could also go someway towards bringing back some of what Porsche gave us with the 987 Cayman R and have never really delivered on again either with the 981 or 718, the GTS being a bit soft and the GT4 being a bit, well GT. Our favorite mid-engined coupe from Stuttgart will be going under the knife and and our sources suggest that the Cayman T will be losing c. 30kg over the standard 718 and gaining 10-20hp more making for a slightly keener drive, but falling a bit short of the GTS in the power stakes. The Cayman T will be introduced as a 2019 model year car, although deliveries falling quite late into the year with the first likely to hit the UK roads in early summer. Sitting just above the 718 S but below the GTS, the Cayman T will come with a sports exhaust system, and 20-inch alloy wheels. It will also get 20 mm closer to the ground. The Sport Chrono Package is expected to be offered as standard which includes Porsche Active Driveline Mounts and launch control. The manual gearbox optioned models will come equipped with a rev-matching function. The Cayman T is expected to include the following specification - PSE - 20 inch wheels - 20 mm lower ride height - Sports Chrono Pack with Porsche Active Driveline Mounts - Launch Control - Rev Matching function (Manual) - Infotainment Delete - Lightweight Glass - Fabric Door Pulls - Lightweight Seats View full record
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    1. Daz (987 XL) 2. garytipping (987 Med) 3. Malcolm E Cay (718 L) 4. graham.reeds (987 XL) 5. PollCay (Cayman R Med) 6. 987Monkey (987 Med) 7. windymiller (987 med) 8. PMGPete (987 XL) 9. dougle_Turbo (987R L) 10. Cerec1 (981 medium) 11. Craiglm68 (987 Med) 12. Andy Fagan (987R L) 13. TonyC 14. Graham Hunter 15. Bilko We’ve hit 15! So I shall get the order sorted over the next couple of days, if anybody else was thinking of ordering then let me know ASAP please ??
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    We are now taking pre-orders for OC t-shirts. All products are available to view in the store, but orders must be confirmed here: https://www.caymanoc.com/forums/topic/1533-caymanoc-t-shirts/?tab=comments#comment-13677 Designs available will include 987, Cayman R, 981, GT4 and 718. Order now to avoid disappointment ? View full record
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    Hi Maxheadroom, The North Coast 500 is a fabulous drive in your Cayman. I've done the route 3 times and know it well. You asked about petrol stations, so here are a few tips on some other aspects as well. 1. Do the route anti-clockwise. That is from Inverness north on the A9 to John 'o Groats and Thurso. The reason for that, is you are leaving the best until last. A coffee stop at Poppy's on the high street at Golspie is an ideal half-way halt. 2. Take 3 overnight stops at least. Suggestions are, first night Forss House Hotel, Thurso. second night, Bettyhill Hotel, or Inverlodge Hotel, Lochinver. third night, Poolewe, Aultbea or Gairloch hotels. For a special treat if you budget allows, a fourth night at The Torridon, Annat. 3. Regarding fuel stops, only a few petrol stations have super unleaded fuel. Fill up at Tesco retail park, or Shell station Raigmore, Inverness before you start. Next fuel top- up Wick or Thurso. That'll take you to Ullapool where Gleaner super unleaded is available at the pump furthest away from the road. I always carry a 10 litre can of petrol with me on the NC500 just in case of emergencies. 4. Many POI's on the route. Duncansby Head east of John '0 Groats is spectacular. Particularly the walk across the hill to the Duncansby Stacks. Further west, the beach near Sangobeg and a visit to Smoo Cave are well worth a stop. Knockan Crag geology on the A 835 also well worth a stop. More information in The North Coast 500 Guide Book by Charles Tait. 5. Finally, do not attempt this route in the summer high season. It is mobbed with camper vans. Best time to enjoy this route is March/April (avoiding Easter), or late September early October avoiding the midges. Enjoy! Brian

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