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    Porsche have officially converted rumour into fact with the announcement of the 718 Cayman T. In the same vein that the Carrera T does, the new 718 Cayman T sits between the base and S versions of it's Cayman siblings and boasts a similar level of specification amendments designed to appeal to those seeking a more driver focused offering. In terms of high level spec, the T is offered with the 296bhp 2.0 litre engine from the base car, which some will be disappointed with, albeit the performance from this unit is arguably still very much enough for a road car. What you do get though over the base car is PVT which includes a limited slip diff, again appealing to those with a penchant for anything over an 8 tenths driving style. 20mm lower suspension and sports chrono are also standard on the T. Performance figures suggest a top speed of 171mph, with 0-60mph taking just 4.5secs (if you spec PDK) and 0-100mph around 11 seconds. The 718 T’s attributes are shared with the 911 Carrera T, in that the sat nav and media systemhave been removed to save some weight and give the Cayman a more hardcore feeling. But you can add it all back in for nothing (in the same way as you could with the 987 Cayman R), and most owners likely will. In terms of pricing. The 718 Cayman T starts at £51,145, gaining £5,071 over the base car, which sits an uncomfortably £700 shy of the 718 S. The expectation however is that this will be a more focused and appealing car in the same way as the Carrera T is and many will be asking "is this finally Porsche's replacement for the iconic and sublime Cayman R?" View full record
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    Evening ladies and gents, I was going to wait until it was installed and painted etc... But here is my Christmas, New Years, Birthday and any other celebration day present (to myself). Winging its way over from the US. This is the race wing from a GT3 Cup Car, adjustable uprights and inter series ducktail base. Basically the wing that started my Cayman obsession. I will upload pictures when finished, but this will be paired with a new front splitter (currently in the workshop) for some real aero. Any suggestions on the Martini stripes, do they keep going over the wing or just the ducktail?

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