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    White 987 S Sport silver 987 black 987 we all waved and smiled at each other in passing variously. Great day, great crowd, great mix of cars 🏎😁👍🏻
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    I did this route (see pic) last year with 9 other other cars. We started and ended in Edinburgh, staying in Durness and Loch Ness on the way. I hired a base 718 which is what hooked me on the Cayman. It was an awesome machine, very fast once rolling and kept up with M2s, M3s a GTR, and several RS4s. We are going again this year in September, highly recommended.
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    I did it anti-clockwise last summer in an Elise and caterham. Was awesome. flew to Inverness, and went to John o groats, Thurso, Ullapool and Skye before heading back via Cairngorms
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    I think it will. Its a great size too, the later caymans and boxsters just get fatter and heavier and more dumbed down with the electronic steering etc. To me the Cayman is what the modern 911 should have been, a natural evolution over the old nimble air-cooled cars, not the fat ass GT tourer that the 991 is nowadays. The only thing going against it getting a bit more cult status is the sheer numbers made, unless you have a special like a 'Black', or GTS or R. I've been in a modern gt4 on track and still prefer the analogue visceral vibe of my Cayman R
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    Every time I see a white CR with silver wheels, I find myself thinking I prefer it to the balck with silver lip which I have at the moment, maybe one for refurb time...

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