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    Added names to the list according to affirmative posts
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    Perhaps the tone of my post was that of just a grumpy old man, (my excuse is that I am 77). I acknowledged that the 981 had some excellent features. As to the tyres, when I bought the car from a Porsche dealer, all the part worn Pirelli N0 tyres had inter-tread cracking. I insisted on a new set. Somewhat reluctantly, they agreed and fitted a new set of Pirelli N1s. Perfectly adequate on the road, but I felt limited by the small choice, knowing that trading in to a Porsche dealer with non 'n' tyres would be seen to be a disadvantage. In the event, I did a swap with Sytner in Tamworth, the blue auto 240i having done about 100 miles. A reduced period warranty (9 months of the 3 years effectively lost since it was registered) seemed more than offset by the £14k discount off the list price. (I will pay for that in the rapid depreciation compared withe the 981). Thank you for the good wishes with the new car. Interesting that whereas the 981 felt underpowered for its abilities, the 240i feels relatively overpowered, (no LSD, needs more front negative camber). But as you said, an M2 better on track than public roads. Better resist modifications, (warranty), so maybe only the occasional track day.

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