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    Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition, good to see you're back online Nick. We assumed you went to ground/were a no show at Beaulieu in case we referred to your current family wagon 4wd steed as the "COC Lunch Truck"
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    Praise be - our founder lives still! 😁👍🏻 A few few of us were getting a bit worried Nick, we were thinking of mustering a search party for ya 😲😉 glad youre ok - looking forward to catching up with you on the new job at Millbrook in July. Keep well fella
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    I’m alive!!!! 🤗 Sorry for radio silence everybody - new job is mega demanding. I’m definitely attending, will call Jo and sort out the loose ends tomorrow.
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    Just to close this one off - it was indeed the fuel pump - according to Brookspeed the 987.1 has the low pressure pump, and mine seemed to have failed for some reason. New pump fitted and the car is back on the road again, seemingly performing better than ever. Thanks for everyone's advice, and to Brookspeed who pulled out the stops to have me back on the road in time for Beaulieu yesterday. 👍

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