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  1. Yes i ask for a photo of the service book if they don't offer it up and always ask for the vin. Car-analytics was my most valuable tool in the whole process and saved me buying 2 dubious cars. Its like £7.99 for your first car and 4.99 for everyone after that iirc. You just put the vin number in and it tells you pretty much everything you want to know. Gives you all the dvla history like plate changes, tax, mot, owners, written off or damage, and a mileage. Also you get all the build sheet, where it was built and when, what colour etc. Also all the mot, finance and a whole host of other things. Also the mot mileage stamps which are pretty much as reliable as you can get without a piwis to pull the engine hours from the actual car. It will also red flag 🚩 any issues it doesn't like. For example it flagged the fact the mileage on a car had actually reduced 3000 miles from one mot to another.
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