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    Got the first paid track day of the season under the belt yesterday. I did an evening session at Brands. Great weather and well organised, although unsurprisingly very busy. Only got 1 flying lap in but it was good for a low 56s on the Indy circuit. There was more time to find but kept hitting traffic. With all the changes the car feels awesome.
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    Manning Insurance policies include 10UK trackdays per year, so long as the event is organised and managed by a member of the ATDO (eg MSV, Javelin, etc). http://www.atdo.co.uk/atdo.php?pg=members&ls=all With Manning your excess increases to 10% of vehicle value on a trackday. https://manninguk.com/automotive-insurance/automotive-porsche-car-insurance.php
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    My first time at Thruxton as well, but I have Brands Hatch this Thursday and Castle Combe the following Friday. So assuming the car survives, I might have to take it easy at Thruxton. My Dad used to race at Thruxton and had a big off, so I'm sure his advice will be take It easy and don't lift off mid corner.

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