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    Well the recent weather really has tested the issue, and the wet carpet returned - so I re-checked the door cards as suggested by Dean and they were indeed soaking at the very bottom. As mentioned by Mavrik I decided to take the door card and metal access panel off at the weekend and check the seal. I used a combination of the following 2 guides to help me which made the process fairly straightforward: https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=48&t=1569378 There was no obvious damage to the rubber seal but it was apparent by the broken clips that the door panel had been removed previously, so as suggested I re-sealed the metal access plate with a PU sealant - Puraflex 40 High Modulus PU sealant and adhesive to be exact, which I picked up from my local ToolStation for under a fiver: https://www.toolstation.com/shop/p85566 Very sticky stuff - I made the mistake of not wearing gloves and I've still got the evidence on my hands 3 days later! But so far so good - no evidence of any further water ingress, and I have plenty of sealant left over if I need to do it again. Hope this helps anyone else in the same situation and thanks to Dean and Mavrik for their advice.
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    Like many owners out there, i recently purchased a porsche cayman in immaculate condition apart from the damn air con buttons wearing away. Took them off, sanded and re-sprayed in black. 1st attempt. Thoughts?? In comparison i love them, they match the rest of the buttons and bring the inside back to life.
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    Depends on size and whether you want the Porsche recommended N rating ? Regards where to purchase, I go with those that I know will fit the tyres without damaging them / the rims. A few online suppliers ... Oponeo / Mytyres / Blackcircles / Tyreleader From experience of Michelin PS2, Pirelli PZero and Michelin PS4S ... I would recommend the PS4S, available in a minimum of 19" though ... https://www.michelin.co.uk/tyres/michelin-pilot-sport-4-s If 18" ... consider the Micheln PS4, I run them on a non Porsche and find them excellent https://www.michelin.co.uk/tyres/michelin-pilot-sport-4
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    If you don’t already have a ticket I don’t think you can get in I’m afraid... ☹️ If youre a PCGB member you could always contact Mandy Sutch who manages the events and enquiry about any last minute cancellations perhaps 🤔
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    So, just got my renewal quote from Adrian Flux for my Cayman S with 2 years NCB for 564.48 and thought I would try Compare the Market which brought up Admiral for 406.56 and whilst talking to Maddie at Admiral I enquired to find out how much more it would cost to add my Girlfriend to the policy. To my amazement it brought the fully comp cover down even more to 365.12 Just thought I would share this with you as you might save a few quid by adding a second driver.
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    As discussed above the DS1.11 (an endurance pad I believe), first needs to be bedded in, in accordance to Ferrodo procedures and will "key" the disc as a result. Having run them on my R26.R I know that they provide a very even performance and drag coefficient (.46) providing they stay within their temperature range (200°-700°C). The pad pickup, as it sounds like you experienced (warping of a disc is actually rare on large discs) is usually from "shocking" the pad by providing heat too quickly to a non bedded pad and disc combination. It can also happen by "dragging" the brake when the pads are cold creating unnecessary heat entering a braking zone rather than the more race like approach of threshold braking. Not being worked hard enough in normal conditions is unlikely to leave deposits. It's being worked too hard too quickly that does this. The new textar pad (and most likely a different compound will of course cut the old compound off the disc as it tries to key itself. This would have created the perceived remedy. Pads should be bedded in in all situations and ideally to a new disc surface free of previous compounds. DS1.11 is a race pad and the expectation of the manufacturer is that this is happening with their products as it is usual in their typical environment. Therefore judgment is being made on the product in an environment where it is not intended to be used (track days for example, where few will actually get a pad and disc combination up to the ideal working temperatures consistently). As for asking a race pad not to squeal? Well, thats out of the scope of design for a pad intended to be used where noise and vehicle harmonics are the least of the designers worries. All good practice nonetheless and its easy for me to pass comment having learned these lessons years ago (I am old) Hopefully this will help you in the future. Learn the characteristics of pad and how your driving might affect it. Then understand the specific process for bedding that type of pad in (they tend to vary a little from manufacturer to manufacturer and compound to compound. Some instruction on threshold braking and circuit driving characteristics also helps And (as one famous driver was once told when he complained about his brake fade at Lemans) brake less!!!!
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    I will echo this to some degree. What's the goal? Just doing the plenum and throttle body won't net you too much unless your exhaust is free flowing enough (I'm rather uninitiated on 987.1 mods, unfortunately). Isn't removing the secondary cats considered the best bang for buck on a .1?
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    We all know the Cayman is the superior car in their lineup... Enjoy it!
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    Cheers Saturday is the plan. This week can't go quickly enough. My first Cayman but it'll be my third Porsche
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    Yes it is, but not as tasty
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    Pretty common tbh... especially if the door cards have been removed i.e to replace a knackered window regulator! As FLAT STICK suggests, check the bottom of the door card carpet... If it's wet you'll need to remove the door card & window mechanism access plate & reseal with something like "Tiger Seal" ... Worked on mine...
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    Hi all. I has the door liners leak on mine with the same result, so check the bottom of your door cards and check there not wet also. Dean


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