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  1. I bought an average mile (44k) 981 S from Maundrells for £37K with an allowance of £26k for my 2010 Aqua Blue 987.2 with PDK, 19inch wheels and sports exhaust. The 981 has Sports Plus, 19" wheels, PASM, dual climate and some other minor bits and is in agate grey. It's a world apart from a 987.2 S which is pretty much a 2006 design. You can really feel the chassis stiffness and control over the 987.2. The Sports chrono pack transforms the car into the sports car it should have been as standard, phenomonal. Usual let down is the PCM system, pinched from Noah's Ark. Ordered a new Sony headunit with DAB and Apple car play. I had the same setup in my 987.2 and it was brilliant. I'm a happy chappie at the moment!
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  2. I just think our 10 to 15 year old cars really have no place at an OPC service centre. Those places want the 6 years and younger stuff. You know, the ones where they can charge a shed load for just changing the fluids. The mechanics there don't see many 987.1 anyway whereas a good indie does so how up the speed of them is your grunt at the OPC anyway.
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  3. https://jmgporsche.co.uk/ are nearby yep? if so, I'd go with these as they are well established as Porsche gurus in that area.
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  4. Ummm...cancel that as just looked at sellers facebook profile banner image...
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  5. Porsche charged me around £53 to replace my out of date sealant earlier this year when they picked it up on their free health check. I wouldn't normally buy that sort of thing from them but they have done me a couple of favours recently so it was a case of grin and bear it!
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