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The Cayman Breakfast Meet - Shuttleworth 17th March 2019
So, the first official breakfast meet of the new year!!! 
Sunday the 17th of March - hoping for some reasonable weather by then!  
The Shuttleworth Collection
Old Warden Aerodrome
SG18 9EP
9:30am until Midday 
The restaurant will be open and serving breakfast, a full English with tea/coffee is £7.95 
Entry to the venue is free however there is an admission fee for members wishing to visit the Collection or the Swiss Gardens.  
We will have a large reserved area as per last time and we'll be joined by our friends from the local TIPEC region also.  
Look forward to seeing you there! 👍
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Cayman OC 2019 Desktop Wallpaper 4K
Download the official Cayman OC desktop wallpaper in 4k!

front tyre scrub
Can someone tell me if front wheels making disconcerting chattering noise when on lock is normal, I’ve owned my 981Cayman S for a month now, have not spoken to dealer about it yet, don’t want a biased answer coming from them ( maybe).
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CAR Magazine Article
CAR magazine has used the piece we assisted with a few months back in 2018 and used one of our member's cars for the shoot.  
Always good to see exposure for the club - it's in the Feb 2019 issue if anybody is interested  👍
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Carnewal is now a sponsor of the club !
Happy Holidays !
I am happy to announce that we are now an official sponsor of the Cayman Owners Club. 
No, I will not start spamming the discussions but I will however use the “Carnewal” section to list some stuff that we have for sale. 
Best regards,

Mail : gert@carnewal.com
Instagram : gert.carnewal
Tel : 0032 55 499.300
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Cayman T - hardcore or less for more?
Porsche have officially converted rumour into fact with the announcement of the 718 Cayman T. 
In the same vein that the Carrera T does, the new 718 Cayman T sits between the base and S versions of it's Cayman siblings and boasts a similar level of specification amendments designed to appeal to those seeking a more driver focused offering.  
In terms of high level spec, the T is offered with the 296bhp 2.0 litre engine from the base car, which some will be disappointed with, albeit the performance from this unit is arguably still very much enough for a road car.  What you do get though over the base car is PVT which includes a limited slip diff, again appealing to those with a penchant for anything over an 8 tenths driving style. 20mm lower suspension and sports chrono are also standard on the T.  

Performance figures suggest a top speed of 171mph, with 0-60mph taking just 4.5secs (if you spec PDK) and 0-100mph around 11 seconds.
The 718 T’s attributes are shared with the 911 Carrera T, in that the sat nav and media systemhave been removed to save some weight and give the Cayman a more hardcore feeling.  But you can add it all back in for nothing (in the same way as you could with the 987 Cayman R), and most owners likely will.  

In terms of pricing. The 718 Cayman T starts at £51,145, gaining £5,071 over the base car, which sits uncomfortably shy of £700 cheaper than the 718 S.
The expectation however is that this will be a more focused and appealing car in the same way as the Carrera T is and many will be asking "is this finally Porsche's replacement for the iconic and sublime Cayman R?" 
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Headlamp help
Hey all. I am in real need of advice, best way to split headlamp units??

#porschecayman #caymanowners #caymanoc #718Owners #718cayman #981owners #CaymanR #Cayman GT4
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Club Membership
I thought i'd give an update on a few changes we're introducing to the OC and how things have progressed over the last 12 months or so.  
We're really proud of how the OC has grown, we started out in November 2015 as some of you will remember, and today marks our 3 year anniversary (Happy birthday to us!!).  The team have worked hard to grow the club and with valued member support we now have over 1,500 members which is fantastic.  The OC meets and events are steadily growing in popularity, the forums are an active source of information and a great social experience and something to be really proud of.  So thank you to all who contribute to this experience.  
With success comes challenges, how we manage the forum and keep content and user experience ahead off the game is important to the team, and with increased activity on the forums requires better infrastructure, more bandwidth and storage space.  It will be no surprise that these all come at a cost to the OC.  We discussed increasing advertising on the website, member subscriptions and other ways to help the running of the OC, but at the same time very conscious that we do not want a website full of adverts ruining members experience.  We also decided that forcing members to pay to join was not where we wanted to be either.  So, as of today we are introducing membership options which will provide 3 tiers of membership each with their own benefits and ensure we do not limit the experience to anybody. 
Standard Membership will be free, it will allow use of the forum in much the same way as now, albeit with limited functions which generally are those that require using storage space on the servers such as gallery uploads, forum signatures etc.  
Premium Membership, will be an enhanced package that will include among other things, access all areas, free classified adverts, newsletter and some goodies!  
Platinum Membership will be the top tier and will provide members with exclusive benefits and goodies and less visible adverts when using the website and forum.  
We will no longer be offering advert free subscriptions to the site, those that have paid for a year will continue with advert free until their subscription expires.  
If you are currently a Club Contributor, you will be moved to Premium Member with a complimentary first year membership for free.  
More details of the membership options are available here
Any questions, feel free to get in touch with myself, or any of the team.  
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Cayman Breakfast Meet - Caffeine & Machine
So, next Breakfast Meet is set!  
25th of November, from 9:30am although i'll probably aim for 9am.  
Location is a cracker one that @Andy suggested and by pure coincidence Nick from TIPEC (some of you may have met him at Shuttleworth, and previously at the Sausage) also mentioned to me today they also have a crowd going the same day and suggested a double date.  
The location is Caffeine & Machine, Ettington CV37 7NS.  


I'm quite excited about the venue, and would recommend checking out their website:  
Who's up for it?? Could do with an idea of numbers, we need to book space.  
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Oulton Park Porsche RS day - 08/03/19
A Porsche only day arranged every year for the past 18/19 years by a couple of guys on the PCGB RS register. 
I went this year and it was a brilliant event - a really good atmosphere and sense of camaraderie. Was great to watch 6 Cayman Rs all playing together (every time they overtook me - I was captain slow as it was my first track event in the CS). 
Its not just for ‘classic’ RS cars, all Porsche models welcomed - there was even a 911 cup car doing shakedowns on the day with a full race support team. 
Will be advertised openly on MSVTs website in the next few weeks. 
Pre-sale places available now to previous years participants. 
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Cayman T on the Cards
Well the rumours are becoming more beefed up in regard to the possibility of the Cayman T following it's the footsteps of it's larger brother, the Carrera T.  It could also go someway towards bringing back some of what Porsche gave us with the 987 Cayman R and have never really delivered on again either with the 981 or 718, the GTS being a bit soft and the GT4 being a bit, well GT.   
Our favorite mid-engined coupe from Stuttgart will be going under the knife and and our sources suggest that the Cayman T will be losing c. 30kg over the standard 718 and gaining 10-20hp more making for a slightly keener drive, but falling a bit short of the GTS in the power stakes.  

The Cayman T will be introduced as a 2019 model year car, although deliveries falling quite late into the year with the first likely to hit the UK roads in early summer.   
Sitting just above the 718 S but below the GTS, the Cayman T will come with a sports exhaust system, and 20-inch alloy wheels. It will also get 20 mm closer to the ground. The Sport Chrono Package is expected to be offered as standard which includes Porsche Active Driveline Mounts and launch control.  The manual gearbox optioned models will come equipped with a rev-matching function.
The Cayman T is expected to include the following specification 
- 20 inch wheels
- 20 mm lower ride height 
- Sports Chrono Pack with Porsche Active Driveline Mounts 
- Launch Control 
- Rev Matching function (Manual)
- Infotainment Delete 
- Lightweight Glass 
- Fabric Door Pulls 
- Lightweight Seats


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CaymanOC T-shirts - Order Now!
We are now taking pre-orders for OC t-shirts.  All products are available to view in the store, but orders must be confirmed here:  
Designs available will include 987, Cayman R, 981, GT4 and 718.  
Order now to avoid disappointment 👍  
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2019 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4
The next-gen GT4 has been spotted testing at Monza in CS guise.  As we reported earlier in the year, the 2019 car will get a 4.0-litre borrowed from the 911 GT3 which is expected to deliver in excess of 400hp.  
The road going version's spec is still yet to be unveiled...PDK, Manual, PDK AND Manual....watch this space.  For now, enjoy the video! 
View full record
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Testing the water for Club T-shirts
Latest draft designs for the T-shirts!

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Millers oil - which grade?
Annual oil change. Reading/has advice that worth switching to something thicker. It’s on 70k and has used Mobil One 0W40. 
these millers oils seem to get talked about. . Are they worth it?  Not cheap. Which grade should I use? I’ve read 5W40 and also 10w50. But which product?  Seems a little complex. The Millers CFS 5W40 says it’s for competition use and short duration. That doesn’t sound suitable. Or is that the one people use?
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Cayman Gen2 Headlight Bulbs
Best headlight bulbs for 987 Gen 2 Cayman?
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Cayman Breakfast Meet Shuttleworth - 21st October
Ok you beautiful people, the October Breakfast  Meet is confirmed 
Location: The Shuttleworth Collection, Old Warden, Bedfordshire  
Date: 21st October 
Time: 9am
Entrance to the site, parking and restaurant will be free.  
Full cooked English breakfast is £7.95 - and I can confirm is very nice! 
Entrance to the collection is the usual price and worth seeing if you’ve not been before.  
It’s a great location with an active airfield and museum and gardens etc.  Look forward to seeing you there!
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Show us a pic then
Right guys, post a pic of your Cayman please, as it will help put cars to owners 
Cheers dunc
My 2 favourite pics I took lately 
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Cayman Double-Din Fitment
Has anybody fitted an aftermarket double-din head unit to their 987? I’m so fed up with my original item now and would like more connectivity options etc.  Best adapters and harnesses to use etc? 
Im thinking the Pioneer look pretty good.  
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981 owner & car needed for magazine feature
I’ve been asked by a well known UK car magazine if I can muster up a willing owner to offer up their 981 (2.7 or 3.4) for a photo shoot for a magazine feature.
Would have to be available for this Friday near Peterborough. 
Great opportunity to have your car in a magazine! 
Many takers?  
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Broken  / Snapped Exhaust Manifold Bolts
Hi all,
I know there have been a number of posts before and 987's are known for breaking the manifold bolts. I had heard of  Stomski Racing jig, but at $342 isn't cheap for a tool used hopefully only once.
However, I have seen a company in the UK that you can rent the tool at £50 inc VAT +  £150 deposit
Don't know if you guys have rented or used this before?
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Regular OC Cayman & Coffee Meet
We're looking to arrange a regular weekend meet probably at the Super Sausage for now but location can be flexible going forward.  
I thought i'd put out the feelers for people's preference on 2 things; 
1. Frequency (i.e. monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly) 
2. Preference on day, so Saturday or Sunday basically. 
Once i've got a decent amount of feedback then we'll go live and it'll be in the diary for ever more   
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Where has Beanoir been...
Gunning it round the alps that’s where! 😎
So I have absolutely decided that the M5 is not anywhere near as fun as my Cayman (s) have been up in the mountain roads.  The long journey down however was definitely best done in the M5 - horses for courses.  Speaking of horses, I saw Donkey sausages in a supermarket in Lake Como today...yes Donkey! 

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Horn and Steering wheel controls not working
Hi my horn and steering  wheel controls have stopped working. I have checked fuses but can't find anything that is out. Has anyone got any idea's what it could be?
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Noise at crawling speed from front
Morning Chaps,
This is really starting to do my head in and any suggestions as to potential diagnosis would be gratefully received. I have a 2007 2.7 manual Cayman. At crawling speed in gear and out of gear I get a tinny clunking (as if a rod or something similar was tapping the sub-frame) from under the front of the car and its intermittent but more often than not, depending on the road surface I guess. Anyway, in order to rectify the problem which I thought was correctly diagnosed but evidently not, the anti-roll bushes, lower suspension arms(Coffin arms) and tuning forks have been changed (as an aside the steering since has improved greatly) but I've still got that frustrating sound at low speed and its driving me nuts.
Any ideas guys please?
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