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718 cat upgrade
Here is the result of upgrading the cat to Carnewal's 200cell on a base 718 with PSE.

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West Coast Custom's Cayman based Porsche 356
Take a closer look at this 356, nothing odd? Look again.  
Its looks like a 356, but just a bit wider, and much bigger wheels and a then there's that hump right behind the passenger seat...
It's a 356 body that's been lengthened and widened to fit over a 987 Cayman chassis. Created by the world renowned West Coast Customs, and it's featured on this week's episode of Jay Leno's Garage.
Ryan Friedlinghaus, the CEO of West Coast Customs, told Leno it took around eight months to build, and no expense was spared. All the glass had to be custom-made for this car and the bodywork is all steel.  A great job by the looks and all without any fibreglass, to top it off (pun intended) it has a removable hard roof! 
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Merry Christmas!
Well it's that time of year again, another year drawing to a close.  What a year it's been!  
The Cayman world has been graced by a new GT4 model, a few sighs of relief from the manual flat6 fan club there. A new 718.2 in the pipeline, and even talk from the sidelines of a possible comeback of the flat6 motors more widely.  Whatever happens, we're certainly looking forward to seeing one or two of the new cars at a future meet.  The Taycan is another interesting arrival and whilst not a Cayman, it was initially thought the car would be a 2 seat coupe/sports car and might be a sister of the Cayman, only with duracell power.  It didn't turn out that way, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a follow up model of thank ilk soon.  
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10% off Car Detailing Products for Members
The Piston Works is offering 10% off of all car detailing and cleaning products for all Cayman OC members.  Brands we stock include Nanolex, Bilt Hamber, ValetPRO, Angelwax, Stjarnagloss, Chemical Guys and others.  
We stock all sorts of great products from quality ceramic coatings through to wash buckets and mitts etc.  
Discount code to use at the checkout is CAYMANOC19 

If you need any help or advice then get in touch 👍
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Post in The Piston Works Auto Collective
I thought I would bring this to life for my fellow OC members, as an early 'heads up' if you will.    
As many of you know I started the Cayman OC back in November 2015 after realising that being a Cayman owner in a Boxster club just wasn't cricket (as much as the Boxster guys were a great bunch).  Its been a labour of love and i've really enjoyed creating a community and making many friends, although at times keeping on top of organising events and the like is tricky.  More so lately as i've moved on from full-time employment to start a new venture, one that will hopefully be rewarding in other ways than just a pay check.  
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718 Cayman now available on your games console!
Well finally it’s arrived, you can now drive your favourite car whilst your P&J is tucked up in the garage.  Yes that’s right folks, on your games console (probably Xbox only).  
Forza Horizon 4 has released screen shots of the latest edition to the game in the shape of a 718 GTS, looking pretty true to real life.  

We look forward to hearing how it compares to the real thing and whether it’s been a faithful reproduction of the real thing.  
Let us know if you’re lucky enough to be the owner of the real car and the game version!! 
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718 GT4 Track Review
Nice video from Carfection on the 718 GT4 on the track, worth a watch over your afternoon coffee (or whatever your poison).  
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The Slow Decay of Porsche Prices
I suppose it's no surprise that like many a petrolhead, spending time cruising the classifieds is not a strange habit.  It could be likened in fact to a lady window shopping in her local designer outlet village and coming home with nothing but a receipt from Pret a Manger.  When you spend that much time hang out in the classifieds and coupled with a bit of talk among those in the trade you start to gauge a picture.  So understanding the dynamics of used Porsche prices at the current time is not hard, but it does require some clear thinking and a bit of honesty if you are to judge the right price for a potential purchase.  
Just like me you will probably also see a variety of posts on social media from folk wondering why their pride and joy hasn't sold even when advertised at 'below market price' and acting quite bewildered by this situation.  Often this belief is supported and upheld by their fraternity, reaction is often a cocktail of denial and head scratching.  But were somebody to suggest that said advertised car might be keenly priced, you will literally be marched to Tyburn for suggesting such an outrageous idea. 
There is truth though, and it's cold and it's hard.  

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Bedford Festival of Motoring - 1st/2nd June
This year Bedford is hosting its inaugural Festival of Motoring event on the weekend of the 1st & 2nd of June.  Steve (Bushman) has been doing a grand job of representing the OC in discussions with the organisers to secure a club dedicated area for up to 15 cars, on both days of the festival.  It would be great if we could get a good turnout for this.
The plan will be a proper club stand with a gazebo, club banners up etc.  
The event promises to be fairly impressive and would be great for the OC to be part of the event's premier.  More info is below and on the official event website here:  https://www.bedfordfestivalofmotoring.com
Bedford Festival of Motoring
Located on the beautiful Embankment in the heart of Bedford, this festival to be held on 1st and 2nd of June this year embraces all things motoring.
Staged in partnership with Bedford Borough Council, this exciting new Festival will sit alongside the ever-popular Bedford International Kite Festival taking place on Russell Park.
Offering something for everyone, whether you're a motoring enthusiast or simply looking for a fun-filled family day out, this site will keep you up to date with all the attractions that will be on offer and details of how you can get involved. 
If you are interested in attending with the club and would like to secure a space on the stand, then please register your interest below stating which days (Sat, Sun or Both).  First come first served given the limited spaces for this guys!  
Any questions on the event, then feel free to contact Steve( @Bushman) or me directly or post below.  
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The Cayman Owners Club - Insurance Scheme with Adrian Flux – Tel: 0800 089 0035.
The Cayman Owners Club - Insurance Scheme with Adrian Flux
Adrian Flux Insurance Services are pleased to have the opportunity to serve the Cayman Owners Club and provide its members’ with competitive, bespoke and of course club-discounted policies for their Porsche Cayman’s and any other vehicle they may own – including Commercial vehicles, standard daily drivers and motorcycles.
As one of the UK’s most respected specialist insurance intermediaries we have a panel of insurers who we will use to find members the most appropriate policy – with a club discount. This will be up to 15% for The Cayman Owners Club members.’
All this is possible, because we know that members’ are Porsche enthusiasts who have the experience of handling these performance vehicles and are much less likely to make a claim than the average driver, and so we've been able to create special schemes that reward safe drivers like you.
Get cheaper Porsche Cayman Insurance from Adrian Flux.
TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS....................
We have a panel of insurers who are able to provide Porsche Cayman Owners Club members’ the following benefits:
Instant quotations and cover
Non-standard risks accepted, including:-
High risk areas
Unusual occupations
Track day cover (please specify if required – not available with every policy)
Laid up/Transit/In construction cover available
Maximum introductory no claims bonus
Full Breakdown and Recovery from £56.00 (optional)
Protected NCB available
Driving of other cars cover available (differs from insurer-to-insurer, our staff will advise)
European Green Card Cover
Agreed value cover available for all classic and many recent cars. (Please ask if the policy provides this at quotation).
Discounts are available for:
Security Precautions
Experience of driving your Porsche Cayman
Low mileage
Advanced Driving qualifications
Discounts for other cars owned and Household Insurance.
To take advantage of the club insurance scheme call the dedicated Club Freephone quotation line at Adrian Flux on 0800 089 0035 for your quotation. Lines are open 9.00 am to 7.00 pm Monday to Friday. 9.00am – 4.00pm Saturday.    
Please mention ‘Cayman Owners Owners Club’ when Calling........
Please follow the link and complete the quotation form and we will return to you as soon as possible with a quotation:-
There is a specific area on the discussion forum for general questions about insuring Porsche Caymans. Adrian Flux Insurance Services will be on hand to answer any questions posted.  We have a member of staff – Dan@AdrianFlux who will monitor the forum and offer general advice where requested.
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Porsche Cayman S 987 Gen 1 (2005-2008)
Porsche unveiled the Cayman to the world in 2005 and went on sale to the public later in that year.  The Cayman was initially only available in 'S' guise with the 3.4-litre engine carried across from it's then a more junior sibling, the Boxster.  The following year, in 2006 Porsche released the base model Cayman with a 2.7-litre engine and 5-speed manual gearbox.  
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Porsche Cayman and Cayman S 981 (2014-2016)
BUYERS GUIDES: Porsche Cayman 981 (2014-2016)

2014 was a big year in Cayman history as it marked the introduction of an all-new platform, the new 981 Cayman. The differences between the 981 and 987 were significant, but not unexpected as many of the new technologies were already introduced in the new 991 and 981 Boxster.  One of the most notable changes with the 981 was the introduction of electromechanical steering.  This replaces the old hydraulic pump, lines and fluid of a conventional system.  The trade-off for a more efficient system is a loss in steering feel when compared to the 987.
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Porsche Cayman 987 Gen 2 (2009-2012)
BUYERS GUIDES: Porsche Cayman S 987 Gen2 (2009-2012)
·     PDK transmission introduced
·     Bluetooth connectivity introduced
·     Universal Audio Interface introduced
·     Active pop-up rear spoiler
·     New light design with LEDs
·     18" wheels
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CAT Driver Training Day at Millbrook
Hi all
I just recently done a Perfomance Driver Club day at Millbrook with CAT Driver Training and had an absolute blast.
I am looking for anyone interested in a Cornering Masterclass day -- will get prices and dates availability, meanwhile here some info
Cornering Masterclass Day
Enjoyed the Performance Driver 'Track' Day and would like to progress to the next stage advancing your skills further? Or perhaps you're not getting the most from your track days, and would like to hone your performance driving skills in a safe and challenging environment? Through presentations and demonstrations in our cars, and nurtured training sessions in your car our instructors will guide you through a structured, fun and exciting training experience, dissecting the cornering process to a professional level. Polarised training designed to galvanise the relationship between minimised driver input and vehicle stability, with presentations in advanced vehicle dynamics and motor industry exercises designed to challenge both you and your car.
A full day experience for you and your car:
Professional in car tuition
Access to your favourite circuits
Professional motor industry training exercises
Lunch and refreshments throughout the day
Full emergency services on hand all day
Exclusive facilities
1 hours 40 mins driving time with your personal instructor
Member Prices
CAT Driver Training info
CAT Driver Training is run by Colin and Jo Hoad. Colin used to work for a leading motor manufacturer in the UK as a Vehicle Evaluator and Driver Trainer and has gained extensive experience and qualifications in driver instruction. Colin is also certificated to instruct at Millbrook, his life has been spent working with his passion; motor cars - from racing Minis to the race preparation of performance cars. He has much experience of vehicles on both road and track and brings a very different approach to driver enjoyment.

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The Cayman Breakfast Meet - Shuttleworth 17th March 2019
So, the first official breakfast meet of the new year!!! 
Sunday the 17th of March - hoping for some reasonable weather by then!  
The Shuttleworth Collection
Old Warden Aerodrome
SG18 9EP
9:30am until Midday 
The restaurant will be open and serving breakfast, a full English with tea/coffee is £7.95 
Entry to the venue is free however there is an admission fee for members wishing to visit the Collection or the Swiss Gardens.  
We will have a large reserved area as per last time and we'll be joined by our friends from the local TIPEC region also.  
Look forward to seeing you there! 👍
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Cayman OC 2019 Desktop Wallpaper 4K
Download the official Cayman OC desktop wallpaper in 4k!

front tyre scrub
Can someone tell me if front wheels making disconcerting chattering noise when on lock is normal, I’ve owned my 981Cayman S for a month now, have not spoken to dealer about it yet, don’t want a biased answer coming from them ( maybe).
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CAR Magazine Article
CAR magazine has used the piece we assisted with a few months back in 2018 and used one of our member's cars for the shoot.  
Always good to see exposure for the club - it's in the Feb 2019 issue if anybody is interested  👍
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Carnewal is now a sponsor of the club !
Happy Holidays !
I am happy to announce that we are now an official sponsor of the Cayman Owners Club. 
No, I will not start spamming the discussions but I will however use the “Carnewal” section to list some stuff that we have for sale. 
Best regards,

Mail : gert@carnewal.com
Instagram : gert.carnewal
Tel : 0032 55 499.300
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Cayman T - hardcore or less for more?
Porsche have officially converted rumour into fact with the announcement of the 718 Cayman T. 
In the same vein that the Carrera T does, the new 718 Cayman T sits between the base and S versions of it's Cayman siblings and boasts a similar level of specification amendments designed to appeal to those seeking a more driver focused offering.  
In terms of high level spec, the T is offered with the 296bhp 2.0 litre engine from the base car, which some will be disappointed with, albeit the performance from this unit is arguably still very much enough for a road car.  What you do get though over the base car is PVT which includes a limited slip diff, again appealing to those with a penchant for anything over an 8 tenths driving style. 20mm lower suspension and sports chrono are also standard on the T.  

Performance figures suggest a top speed of 171mph, with 0-60mph taking just 4.5secs (if you spec PDK) and 0-100mph around 11 seconds.
The 718 T’s attributes are shared with the 911 Carrera T, in that the sat nav and media systemhave been removed to save some weight and give the Cayman a more hardcore feeling.  But you can add it all back in for nothing (in the same way as you could with the 987 Cayman R), and most owners likely will.  

In terms of pricing. The 718 Cayman T starts at £51,145, gaining £5,071 over the base car, which sits uncomfortably shy of £700 cheaper than the 718 S.
The expectation however is that this will be a more focused and appealing car in the same way as the Carrera T is and many will be asking "is this finally Porsche's replacement for the iconic and sublime Cayman R?" 
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Headlamp help
Hey all. I am in real need of advice, best way to split headlamp units??

#porschecayman #caymanowners #caymanoc #718Owners #718cayman #981owners #CaymanR #Cayman GT4
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Club Membership
I thought i'd give an update on a few changes we're introducing to the OC and how things have progressed over the last 12 months or so.  
We're really proud of how the OC has grown, we started out in November 2015 as some of you will remember, and today marks our 3 year anniversary (Happy birthday to us!!).  The team have worked hard to grow the club and with valued member support we now have over 1,500 members which is fantastic.  The OC meets and events are steadily growing in popularity, the forums are an active source of information and a great social experience and something to be really proud of.  So thank you to all who contribute to this experience.  
With success comes challenges, how we manage the forum and keep content and user experience ahead off the game is important to the team, and with increased activity on the forums requires better infrastructure, more bandwidth and storage space.  It will be no surprise that these all come at a cost to the OC.  We discussed increasing advertising on the website, member subscriptions and other ways to help the running of the OC, but at the same time very conscious that we do not want a website full of adverts ruining members experience.  We also decided that forcing members to pay to join was not where we wanted to be either.  So, as of today we are introducing membership options which will provide 3 tiers of membership each with their own benefits and ensure we do not limit the experience to anybody. 
Standard Membership will be free, it will allow use of the forum in much the same way as now, albeit with limited functions which generally are those that require using storage space on the servers such as gallery uploads, forum signatures etc.  
Premium Membership, will be an enhanced package that will include among other things, access all areas, free classified adverts, newsletter and some goodies!  
Platinum Membership will be the top tier and will provide members with exclusive benefits and goodies and less visible adverts when using the website and forum.  
We will no longer be offering advert free subscriptions to the site, those that have paid for a year will continue with advert free until their subscription expires.  
If you are currently a Club Contributor, you will be moved to Premium Member with a complimentary first year membership for free.  
More details of the membership options are available here
Any questions, feel free to get in touch with myself, or any of the team.  
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Cayman Breakfast Meet - Caffeine & Machine
So, next Breakfast Meet is set!  
25th of November, from 9:30am although i'll probably aim for 9am.  
Location is a cracker one that @Andy suggested and by pure coincidence Nick from TIPEC (some of you may have met him at Shuttleworth, and previously at the Sausage) also mentioned to me today they also have a crowd going the same day and suggested a double date.  
The location is Caffeine & Machine, Ettington CV37 7NS.  


I'm quite excited about the venue, and would recommend checking out their website:  
Who's up for it?? Could do with an idea of numbers, we need to book space.  
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Oulton Park Porsche RS day - 08/03/19
A Porsche only day arranged every year for the past 18/19 years by a couple of guys on the PCGB RS register. 
I went this year and it was a brilliant event - a really good atmosphere and sense of camaraderie. Was great to watch 6 Cayman Rs all playing together (every time they overtook me - I was captain slow as it was my first track event in the CS). 
Its not just for ‘classic’ RS cars, all Porsche models welcomed - there was even a 911 cup car doing shakedowns on the day with a full race support team. 
Will be advertised openly on MSVTs website in the next few weeks. 
Pre-sale places available now to previous years participants. 
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Cayman T on the Cards
Well the rumours are becoming more beefed up in regard to the possibility of the Cayman T following it's the footsteps of it's larger brother, the Carrera T.  It could also go someway towards bringing back some of what Porsche gave us with the 987 Cayman R and have never really delivered on again either with the 981 or 718, the GTS being a bit soft and the GT4 being a bit, well GT.   
Our favorite mid-engined coupe from Stuttgart will be going under the knife and and our sources suggest that the Cayman T will be losing c. 30kg over the standard 718 and gaining 10-20hp more making for a slightly keener drive, but falling a bit short of the GTS in the power stakes.  

The Cayman T will be introduced as a 2019 model year car, although deliveries falling quite late into the year with the first likely to hit the UK roads in early summer.   
Sitting just above the 718 S but below the GTS, the Cayman T will come with a sports exhaust system, and 20-inch alloy wheels. It will also get 20 mm closer to the ground. The Sport Chrono Package is expected to be offered as standard which includes Porsche Active Driveline Mounts and launch control.  The manual gearbox optioned models will come equipped with a rev-matching function.
The Cayman T is expected to include the following specification 
- 20 inch wheels
- 20 mm lower ride height 
- Sports Chrono Pack with Porsche Active Driveline Mounts 
- Launch Control 
- Rev Matching function (Manual)
- Infotainment Delete 
- Lightweight Glass 
- Fabric Door Pulls 
- Lightweight Seats


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