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  1. Love this!! Tell us more!
  2. 1. Beanoir (Nick) 2. Windymiller (Jason) 3. Trickle  4. Bushman 5. Andy 6. Peopleandcars 7. Steelback
  3. Process of elimination. OP said “2006 Cayman” - the Cayman S was launched in 2005 and the 2.7 Base Cayman was not launched until 2007 It also says Cayman S in his profile but you won’t see that if you’re using a mobile browser.
  4. Don't be shy, lets see it 👍
  5. @Andy I reckon we should bring back the photo comp - each week's winner is the banner! What do you reckon?
  6. The 981 OC Buyers Guide is currently in draft form, will be published in the Autumn. Needless to say though, there is already plenty of knowledge from the members here. An independent inspection would be a good idea if it's your first Porsche or, worth speaking to the OPC that serviced it.
  7. Certainly give the guys at RPM Technik a call and tell them we recommended you, they are really very good. They are also quite local to you too. Speak to Greig in the first instance, but he'll refer you to the workshop guys I imagine. https://rpmtechnik.co.uk
  8. As the summer is coming... Just testing the water to see if there is any interest for OC t-shirts....something like this If there is then stick your names down and we can go from there.
  9. Just a quick survey, we’re keen to know how many 718 owners we have here in the OC Don't be shy 😀
  10. 1. Beanoir (Nick) 2. Simonl (Simon) 3. Windymiller (Jason) 4. DJMC (David) 5. AndrewL 6. graham.reeds (+ 1 Supra owner) 7. Keith W 8. Magic8080 9. Jonnyb
  11. You may have noticed that the website is looking a bit sick today. This is because we had to upgrade the version of the software we were running, but unfortunately it has meant that the front end interface that normally looks fairly respectable is currently not. We are working on the bits required to return the normal look and I’m hoping this will be completed by Sunday evening or latest early next week. That said, there should already be some noticeable upgrades for users as part of the back end upgrade although I’ve not yet worked them out yet myself - if you spot them then do let us know!! 😊 (edit: turns out there are more Emoji) T.
  12. 1. Beanoir (Nick) 2. Simonl (Simon) 3. Windymiller (Jason) 4. DJMC (David) 5. AndrewL 6. graham.reeds 7. Keith W 8. Magic8080

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