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  1. Also of note is the fact that the N rating is a compound rating. The PS2s are actually on their 3rd revision N2. In some respects this is more than a "standard" non N rated tyre might be reviewed. Usually manufacturers will not revisit a compound with out a relaunch of the product.
  2. Apologies if I did seem condescending. It was NOT my intention.
  3. As discussed above the DS1.11 (an endurance pad I believe), first needs to be bedded in, in accordance to Ferrodo procedures and will "key" the disc as a result. Having run them on my R26.R I know that they provide a very even performance and drag coefficient (.46) providing they stay within their temperature range (200°-700°C). The pad pickup, as it sounds like you experienced (warping of a disc is actually rare on large discs) is usually from "shocking" the pad by providing heat too quickly to a non bedded pad and disc combination. It can also happen by "dragging" the brake when the pads are cold creating unnecessary heat entering a braking zone rather than the more race like approach of threshold braking. Not being worked hard enough in normal conditions is unlikely to leave deposits. It's being worked too hard too quickly that does this. The new textar pad (and most likely a different compound will of course cut the old compound off the disc as it tries to key itself. This would have created the perceived remedy. Pads should be bedded in in all situations and ideally to a new disc surface free of previous compounds. DS1.11 is a race pad and the expectation of the manufacturer is that this is happening with their products as it is usual in their typical environment. Therefore judgment is being made on the product in an environment where it is not intended to be used (track days for example, where few will actually get a pad and disc combination up to the ideal working temperatures consistently). As for asking a race pad not to squeal? Well, thats out of the scope of design for a pad intended to be used where noise and vehicle harmonics are the least of the designers worries. All good practice nonetheless and its easy for me to pass comment having learned these lessons years ago (I am old) Hopefully this will help you in the future. Learn the characteristics of pad and how your driving might affect it. Then understand the specific process for bedding that type of pad in (they tend to vary a little from manufacturer to manufacturer and compound to compound. Some instruction on threshold braking and circuit driving characteristics also helps And (as one famous driver was once told when he complained about his brake fade at Lemans) brake less!!!!
  4. From what I am to understand from the Motorsports division of PAGID, Eurocarparts have license to sell items under the "PAGID" name. Now some speculators have accused them of using third party outsourced product under the PAGID brand name and claims have been made that they are not to the standard one would expect from Pagid. I have no evidence of this and it bears no relevance to me as my personal preference is RSL29s from the motorsport division and Brembo brakes. But as said earlier - Brembo is no related to TMD.
  5. Interested in this. Is the car under warranty? Do the LCAs void it?
  6. My apologies for not making this. Double booked with a 49 mile bike ride. Then overslept for both!
  7. Sitting in the dealer now! Just heard my bolts are "corroding" but not gone yet. Will need to keep an eye on this. I cant understand why they're so expensive to replace? Can anyone enlighten me?
  8. My advice is dont. A poor one will flatten the paint. Car would need to be clean to be covered too.
  9. really? OEM on cayman was textar..... For track PF are great but will eat the bottom of your car. I have first hand experience of this on my track car. I run RS29s on my Cayman
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