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  1. Thanks for that. I'll be sure to get the seat protector. My little one is only 8 months. I think ill end up getting a Graco slim fit and wait a couple of months so he can fit in it properly. For anyone else OPC Sheffield did mine for £430
  2. Hey GlosRich, my local OPC just did mine. Been waiting for them to do the amp at the same time! What baby seat have you gone for?
  3. All, Any suggestions where to get laser wheel alignment around South Yorkshire, I'm near Rotherham myself. Thanks
  4. Can you see the mute icon on the screen? With my radio, I have a little speaker with a line through it to show it's muted. I think the amps are a common problem with 987s. It could be this. Mine is on its way out, it's a bit of pot luck whether I get into the car and there is sound out of the speakers or not.
  5. Ah brilliant. Glad it worked out. I need to get around to booking a day off so I can sort mine out too!
  6. Hey Rich, Porsche Revolution sent me a quote of £252+VAT, that's with the isofix fitted. I'm just confirming whether it is genuine Porsche parts and whether they have carried the work before. I'll keep you informed.
  7. Hi Rich, I had a similar thought process to you. Please do keep me informed! Many thanks
  8. All, Limited previous discussion hence my post here. We have a 6 week old but starting next year I will need to pick/drop him from nursery 2/3 times a week. I really don't want to let the Cayman go. Anyone currently using the car with a baby/child seat. How are you finding it? Anyone had the airbag deactivation switch retrofitted to their Cayman? Where did you get it done? I'm in the South Yorkshire area. My local Porsche dealer wants to fit the isofix points + airbag deactivation for £800ish...
  9. Saw you leave Asda and we headed the same direction through Dalton. I was smiling just at the thought of two Caymans going in convoy!
  10. I ended up having mine done at Costco, they did a good job for £10. Can't complain at all.
  11. My tyres are Y rated bushman. Spoke with OPC, basically said that it's okay to patch repair but they will want it replaced before the warranty is renewed, however they can not repair it. So on the hunt for a good tyre shop.
  12. Any trusted tyre shops near Rotherham/ Sheffield? Sorry I'm new to the area.
  13. Hi all, So, one of my rear tyres has a screw in it and subsequently a slow puncture. On any average road car I would have this repaired, but logic to me is saying the tyre should be replaced, what would you do? Both rears have 5.5mm tread. I don't track the car. The car is under OPC warranty Thanks
  14. I suppose it's reassuring to hear that I'm not the only one having issues with first. I find it easier to put it into third or fourth and then trying first when I initially get into the car on a cold day. @Bushman could you please recommend a fog light bulb. Your LED headlight bulbs were spot on! Thanks all
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