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  1. Thanks for all your hard work on this, I really appreciate it. You’ve invested a lot of time to make this successful. My my order is placed (no 176) regards Tony
  2. Great news, I’m happy also to pay so please let me know how Tony
  3. Mines plugged directly to the battery and the connector pops out over the battery cover and out of the frunk by the wiper blades. I’ve then purchased the CTEK extension cable which I then use to connect up to the unit. That’s how it sits for a month at a time and longer in the winter and never have a problem
  4. Can I request to be added to the list please? If so can I have a XL GT4 thanks tony
  5. Hi, new here and a very old boxa.net member. I’d love to pop along if that’s ok, subject to weather of course. Hope thats ok
  6. Thanks, I did buy a white 2016 with a great spec
  7. Hi all, my first post as I’m considering buying a GT4. I currently own a 981s and as my commuting circumstances have changed I’ve got the opportunity to own something more track focused, which will be its primary use. Id welcome any guidance around specs, options to go for or not to go for and so on. thanks in advance

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