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  1. @Dougle_turbo I've still got the 4 Mich Pilot SS tyres but I'm keeping them as spares 😃 There are a few part worns on eBay though...
  2. @Dougle_turbo It's all to do with engine placement imo... Like I said I found the 245 fronts created too much lift off oversteer for the mid engined set up... Conversely I have 245/265 on my 350z GT 313HR but as it's a FR set up i.e front engine/rear drive it's more balanced with that stagger. In this clip its clear (to me, anyway) that the 245 fronts created too much lift off oversteer... I've not had the same issue with the 235 fronts!
  3. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I had 245 Mich Pilot SS on the front of my Cayman S.1 (265 rears) but I found they gave too much lift off oversteer... I went back to 235 front (swapped to Yoko AD08R all round) giving much more balanced stagger imo...
  4. That's a baffled sump... Best "cheap"option to go for if doing a fair few track days imo (fit an Accusump if you have deeper pockets) I had a baffled wet sump in my Fireblade engined MK Indy kit car which is a must if taking to the track... Don't really think an extended pick-up is needed as the baffled sump is more about keeping the oil from "surging" which increases the chance of oil starvation due to cornering/braking G's...
  5. Niiiice.... Did you sell your other rear wing though?? 😃
  6. Not removed mine but have seen this on Youtube...
  7. @L33BGS Wow! I absolutely love the Guards Red! They seem to be like rocking horse shite though?!?
  8. @L33BGS I gather you bought this? Seems like a kosher S.1 ... Enjoy 😁
  9. Amazes me that a Porsche main dealer doesn't know about this "fix" ... Well, tbh, it really doesn't surprise me... ime the so called "technicians" are just glorified spanner monkey's! ... Same in the biking world with main dealers!
  10. The noisy "tappets" are more of a warning than smoke on cold starting imo. My S has 63k on it & uses around 1/2L of oil every 1k miles (no bore scoring) When not driven for a few days the design of the flat 6 means that oil can sit/seep past the rings hence the nasty/dreaded smoke on start-up... Defo a problem if it doesn't clear after say 2-3mins of idling & light throttle blips... Even more of a problem if you get black/blue smoke once its fully up to operational temp! The tappety motor would defo have me off on my toes!
  11. -------------------------------------------------------------- Well, I never!! I thought you'd taken it to Porsche Teeside? Did they not think to reset by disconnecting the battery
  12. Just about to pull the trigger on a 57mm HSS Erbauer hole saw...
  13. @Bushman ... Cheers for the heads up re drilling the access hole... That'll be my plan when I also put my GT3 master on... Alas, I'll be doing it all on stands/jacks on the blinkin road!! I'll be using Gulf Syngear 75w/90
  14. @jcm987... I'd defo be interested in your old rear wing... If the price is right, of course 😁

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