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  1. I did hear that the Eibach's weren't a particularly good match with standard Bilstein struts? I went with H&R (only because everyone else does lol) It does sit well & looks great with the Fuchs style rims... Is the colour BRG?
  2. ----------------------------------------------- A bit harsher but not really a lot tbf...
  3. You may have debris/leaves etc in the fan cowling? ... Check your pollen filter 1st... May have to remove the fan blower to investigate... Hopefully not a rumbling fan motor bearing!
  4. He's on my subscribed list. Big help with changing my AOS...
  5. Really would've liked the front camber to be a bit more as the rear automatically kicks in with more -ve when lowering... The tech said it's always a compromise too when adjusting camber vs toe as one invariably alters the other 😵. Porsche engineer a fair bit of understeer to their road cars (for safety I guess?) which is why a lot of folk like to run more front camber...
  6. -------------------------------- Several ways to do it (plenty of discussions etc on other forums) however I scribed a line that was equal (used my verniers to measure) & used an engineers file up to the scribed line... Not as ghetto as it sounds Well... yes... is rather ghetto but has worked a treat (much of the reason the install took me best part of 2 days instead of 1)... Castor was well within tolerance ... Still not enough -ve though... Seems max you can get on the front is roughly around -1*50' unless you shell out for motorsport camber plates or LCA's. Just need to keep an eye now for tyre wear 😳
  7. I have a set of the £40 quid ones in this colour but took them off as fitted the £40 gold/red/black ones. It is ridiculous what some people can charge for supplying these but equally that some folk do actually buy the massively "marked up" ones 😅
  8. Well... Got my CS geo aligned... The place I use now has a recent Hunter set up. As expected my alignment was all over the show 😆 I had decided to elongate the factory top mount slots 😉 to allow as much -ve camber as possible. Ended up with: FRONT... Camber = -1*45' L & -1*42' R ... Toe In = 0*02' L & 0*01' R REAR:... Camber = -2*00' L & -2*10' R Toe In = 0*07' L & 0*08' R Went for a quick one up the bypass (150) & felt ok but on the way home I picked up a mahoosive screw/nail in my rear Yoko... 😳😈 ... Fookin sods law ffs!! Anyways... Stance is much improved 😃
  9. I've been quoted £140 from my indi for geo done on a supertracker STR410 computer 4 wheel gizmo
  10. This is a printout of the standard settings that were on the car
  11. @Lennym1984 Yeah but I'm not very trusting of "standard technicians" who maybe just throw a baseline set of manufacturer numbers into the computer from a database & follow it like its gospel... There are no "specialist" geo centres near me but one of my local indis does have a proper geo station...
  12. @Andrea Throw some recommended numbers at me? i.e toe in or out & camber 😉 Need a compromise between road manners & track flickability (if that's possible lol)
  13. @Lennym1984 I did hear that + .5 difference in F/R camber should be the goal?? What about toe though?
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