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  1. Are you planning to refinish your wheels yourself? What do you want to achieve? I recently refinished my 18" RS 3.6 alloys & calipers
  2. @briggy ... Think he's looking for longer thread locking bolts, not standard ones...
  3. No cutting of the alloy engine cover required! I used a universal riser gasket & removed a portion of the insulator material on the carpet cover to create an "acoustic reflex" space... I bought a spare engine carpet cover so I can revert to standard if needs be.
  4. The days of coming out to find your car on bricks has long past imo... Was more of an 80's issue... Removing a locking wheel bolt with a special tool (anybody can buy them) is easy!! These days you'll be more likely to find the whole car gone & in a shipping container (probably stripped & in in its component parts within 4 hrs of being stolen!!) I didn't have lockers on my SLK AMG wheels & don't on my RS 3.6 alloys on my CS 😉
  5. @Lennym1984 You have a 987.1 ? The original 4" speakers are way too small imo... I originally fitted decent 4" Pioneer 2 way co-axial speakers into the suspension turret positions & at reasonably high volume they distorted compared to my front Infinity components! That's why I decided to (controversially) fit decent Infinity Reference 6x9's into the engine cover carpet cover thingy (still have the original to revert back if I want to) ... Not to everyone's "purist" taste, I recognise, but the sound staging is vastly improved 😃 If you decide t
  6. Looks good but tbh I have no idea why people pay to have this done? I did mine a couple months back (I used Brembo decals as the calipers are in fact Brembo, instead of the usual Porsche) Key is in the prep. The other issue is that on some forums the Porsche purists will lose their mofo minds spouting that painting yellow is an attempt to portray PCCB calipers etc etc 😄 I got ripped to shreds re my post about spraying my red S calipers yellow lol but imo the yellow goes well with the dark coachwork (mine is Lapis Blue)
  7. @SarlechS As I mentioned in my previous reply, the flare nuts on the caliper to flexi-hose hardlines will most probably be seized & the time quoted will be if they require to use heat etc etc... Mine were totally seized & even using my pro Snap-On flare nut spanner they ended up mullered! ... New Porsche hardlines are ridiculous price!! ... If the flare nuts aren't seized then it takes only 15 mins a corner to replace the stock rubber flexi-hoses for SS braided 😉 I bought a metre length of Kunifer brake pipe & a flaring kit & made my own hardlines... As I said
  8. @SarlechS Just checked & the price has dropped again!!!! Strike whilst the irons hot!! https://www.autodoc.co.uk/trw/2209927?gadw=1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-bDDjafN6wIVCbd3Ch2haQmwEAAYASAAEgKnCPD_BwE
  9. @SarlechS Yeah, the prices of the GT3 MC have jumped again! ... I & another member on here @sevenfourate managed to bag one from Autodoc for around £90... The usual price is anywhere from £180-£350 😳
  10. @SarlechS Do a search on google for the GT3 master part # PMN166 TRW I got mine shipped from a German Auto Parts Factor https://www.autodoc.co.uk/ They seem to be going like hot cakes so the prices are all over the show!!
  11. My MK Indy was a BEC with a Fireblade engine... Was a hoot... Regretted selling it as soon as it went off into the sunset :-/
  12. I had the Mintex track compound pads on my MK Indyblade kit... Decent pads 👌
  13. Hmm... I may be interested in a set of your Ti shims fella (fronts) ... You could prob sell a few here I reckon?
  14. I had pad squeal with my original Brembo pads but zero squeal with the DS2500 😉 No squeal on my Zed either! Was the MOT advisory for the hardlines from caliper to flexi-hose?? ... Chances are you'll struggle to remove the flare nuts as they suffer from galvanic corrosion. I ended up having to make my own hardlines as my flare nuts were fuked!! Then fitted Goodridge SS braided to replace the stock rubber flexi-hoses... Top Tip: When fitting the flare nuts use silicone grease on the threads to help inhibit galvanic corrosion 😉 No such thing as 4.1 fluid... Thi
  15. I always run Ferodo DS2500 compound pads F&R (have them on my 350z GT HR too) I have Kinetix dimpled & slotted front discs with standard Brembo cross drilled rears. (Kinetix discs F&R on my Zed) I don't see the point in upgrading just the discs & pads though? I also have Goodridge SS braided lines & a GT3 master cylinder & top spec SRF React fluid & GT3 brake cooling fins/ducts...
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