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  1. My Cayman S originally had the bog standard CDR-24 without amp or Bose or rear speakers & just the pony paper ASK door mids & dash tweeters. When I fitted a Pioneer head unit I also upgraded the door/dash speakers to Infinity components & I fitted Pioneer 4" 3 way speakers in the rear suspension turret positions... I had to run new O2 free speaker cabling from the HU. TBH, the 4" rear speakers aren't big enough (really need to be 6 1/2" imo) as they distort at reasonably high volume compared to the front speakers! I have considered fettling the engine cover to fit 6 1/2" I also added a Kenwood 150w active sub behind the pass seat. ... Julian
  2. @ FLAT STICK ... To create a poll go to the main forum page https://www.caymanoc.com/forums/ & there is a "create" tab... Click that & then Topic then choose the forum you want to post in then Continue then on the Create New Topic page click on Poll... Simples 😄 My CS has 63k miles on it & has had shocks inc top mounts, clutch & Fly, Water Pump & the usual brakes etc but touch wood, no other major issues (although my starter motor bearing is on its way out as it squarks a tad intermittently) Mine does use quite a bit of oil (around 3/4 litre every 1000miles) & puffs a fair amount of smoke on start up for the first 10 secs or so but I'm not concerned as it runs sweet. Zero smoke once warmed up. I'm considering doing the "bore scope" myself in the Summer with the widely available Endoscopes that one can buy for attaching to a Smartphone(around £30 iirc) The IMS on the my2006 onwards had a revised bearing & I believe their failure rate is much lower than the earlier version... All marques of vehicle have their own "achilles heel" but it does seem that the anecdotal reports you hear are a little over dramatised?
  3. Defo the cable in the window winder regulator mechanism! .... Is a relatively common failure especially on the drivers side ... Is a DIY job if you're fairly confident with tinkering/spannering? Genuine Porsche part is blinkin expensive but the quality aftermarket one that Design911.com supply is plenty good enough imo & much cheaper!... I fitted mine last year without issue... Plenty of YouTube guides online... Top tip is to mark the original alignment of fasteners/window for easier installation/re-alignment & make sure you reseal the door card membrane properly or you'll end up with a damp bottom door carpet trim! A spare set of door card securing tabs is a good idea too as they are prone to breaking if you're not really careful! You'll be looking at a bill of around £250-£300 for an Indy to supply & fit aftermarket & nearer £500+ at a dealer with oem parts!!
  4. Is it the active 800w peak (400 RMS) 10in one? Bit dearer than my Kenwood lol 😄
  5. Cool... Have you the Sound Plus setup? What active sub did you have under the seat? What's the peak output of the Audison? I've got an active 150w Kenwood under/behind my pass seat but I'd like it a tad louder tbh 😆
  6. There are "adjusters" on the bottom of the door... When replacing a window winder mechanism for instance, you use them to adjust the glass run etc... Common issue is that people shut the door by pushing on the upper portion of the door glass hence affecting how the glass seats on the rubber surround 😉
  7. Starter motor is on its way out I'd say. Worn brushes & armature/windings can cause lazy starting when hot...
  8. ------------------------------------------------------- Interested to know how much they charged for fitting the springs? I had planned to fit mine over the last few days but the weather put me off lol... I'll prob do it in Spring now
  9. @sevenfourate I'm fitting my H&R -35mm springs tomorrow 😉 Got them from Design911 I fitted Vogtland springs on my 350z GT HR & took me 2 days all told. On my driveway but in summer lol There's a couple of decent guides on Youtube. As long as you are fairly confident with spannering & have a decent trolley jack, ball joint splitter & spring compressors (I find 3 are easier than the usual 2) then its a doable DIY job... as long as you don't get a couple of seized bolts!! 😣 Gotta be around £500 labour for fitting at an Indi I would wager?
  10. ^ I agree... @Tinners1983 are you certain there is no air in the system? ... Was the ABS pump purged after the replacement of the servo? As I understand it, the only surefire way to purge air pockets in the system is by using Durametric/PIWIS ... Might be a good time to fit a GT3 MC 😄
  11. Quite a common issue I believe... Due to galvanic corrosion of dissimilar metals & road salt acting as an electrolyte? Mine are also starting to corrode so I've coated the bolts in Lithium grease...
  12. @Dougle_turbo... Think this is his link 😉 https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/porsche/cayman/awesome-improved-porsche-cayman-24v-s-2007/10058339
  13. No dip or main beam? Do rear lights work? If you have access to an AVO tester see if there is power at the bulb connectors 🤔
  14. GLWS, however I doubt you will get the price asked... My opinion but worth around 16k imo ... The sale of "modified" cars is a niche market so fairly small window of opportunity
  15. ---------------------------------- @Bushman ... Same is still so, in the biking world tbh... You still get die-hard K&N supporters on the bike forums I'm on but generally the majority agree that they're not what they used to be since they out-sourced their manufacturing base to China! ... There have been several reports of their oil filters shatting themselves due to poor seem welding... The BMC air filter is more popular now (along with the Pipercross)... Can never have too much induction roar lol 🙌
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