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  1. -------------------------------------------------------- @anon_uk Did you get to the bottom of this issue? I would look at replacing the coil packs for Beru units & new plugs. I use Denso Iridium in my 350z HR & they are just as good as NGK Iridiums imo... The only issue using Iridium tipped plugs is that they are prone to fouling (especially in a "boxer" engine that is prone to ring blow-by) ... I use Bosch Super 4 plugs in my S.
  2. Possibly spark plugs are fouled/ failing or indeed coil packs? Did the starting issue occur immediately after fitting the amp?
  3. I was toying with the idea of fitting one! I gather they are only available in the US however? The retail cost, plus import duty is steep too... The engine bay/detailing isn't the best looking standard but with a little thought can be personalised/detailed... Try taking the engine cover insulated carpet off & taking for a spin... It's LOUD lol... Lovely roar from the induction though!! ... I've even driven mine with the engine cover off & it's deafening!!
  4. Quick short reply but if you have an AV (multimeter) you can test the resistance of the coil packs... if they are all within spec (see google etc) then chances are they are OK...
  5. On track I run 26 psi cold on the front & 28psi on the rear... I generally see a 5-6psi ^ coming into the pit garage... Also psi is dependant somewhat on the tyre type/manfacturer... Soft carcass tyres run higher pressure but vice versa... Similar discussion on the the race bike forums tbh...
  6. Good lad! ... Just make sure you keep all your receipts etc so if you sell, its evident you've been taking care of things!
  7. Did you get the PDK filter changed?
  8. ------------------------------------------------- I run a 35 profile on the rear of my 350z with a 40 on the front... No issues for me...
  9. ---------------------------------------- I would suggest the filter is changed too... Its relatively common for gearbox issues to be sorted just by changing the fluid/oil & the filter... Common on Mercs too...
  10. Some info on PDK... https://autoweek.com/article/technology/what-pdk-autoweek-explains
  11. I've no real experience with the PDK system but it may be due a gearbox fluid & filter change? How many miles on the car? It would seem logical the stop/start traffic situation has contributed...
  12. I agree with 👆 If it is direct fuel injection then it's defo an engine swap imo. Plenty of info on direct vs indirect injection on google etc. DFI is always a more expensive fuel delivery system... Fitted to Gen2 cars only, from 2009. Indeed, some other marques use what is called MPFI (multi-point fuel injection but the Gen1 S only had basic port (rail) injectors whereas the DFI system has the injectors directly mounted on the heads injecting the fuel straight into the combustion chamber...
  13. ------------------------------------------ Fingers crossed fella 🙉
  14. @FLAT STICK The ticking noise you mentioned could also be the VarioCam solenoid actuator ... Think you will defo need to get a diagnostic test using an OBD2/PIWIS or Durametric
  15. I'm selling my TRW/Lucas 911 GT3 RS brake master cylinder in the "For Sale" section 😁
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