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  1. --------------------------------------------------------------- I only JUST pass the drive-by db limit at Brands (been black flagged a couple times) so I would have no chance at Bedford! 😨
  2. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Didn't realise it was an R 🙌 ... Good luck!
  3. He's referring to the "Vehicle Features" tab listed on Lutterworth web page! Just generic spec info I assume but doubt that is hindering a sale? As said above it's at the high price point for a 2.7 despite its low mileage & niche colour. I'm sure it'll sell eventually?
  4. __________________________________ Come say Hi then fella... I'll be in my Lapis Blue CS (prob the only one in that colour lol) I've also put a post in the Track Day Chat sub section about this "No Race Car Evening" Be great to have a few of us there?
  5. Booked on for the open pit lane evening sessions. Anyone else going to be there? Julian... https://www.msvtrackdays.com/car/?&page=4
  6. I did a "Porsche Only" day at Brands with 911.UK in August... There were still plenty of spaces on the day too... I was in awe of quite a few GT3 RS's 😵 My CS held its own however ( was quite surprised that a few drivers there seemingly forgot they were at a race circuit & were taking the corners at Paddock, Druids & Clearways like they were off to do their shopping!! 😳) I did get a tad over zealous in the 1st session & lost the rear going into Druids (too much trail braking) 😄
  7. @Steven Elliott As @Ben says the Zed is a brilliant value performance motor... Imo its better looking than the newer 370z too... Mine is the 313 bhp later HR model with the twin intakes & 7500 rpm redline (& with a few reasonably priced mods will hit 350 brake with no fuss)... It is more of a "brute" & as Ben says "a blunt instrument" compared to the Porker but on track it is evenly matched despite its 1550kg kerb weight... The Zed in full GT form has all the goodies inc a viscous limited slip too... Half the price of a base Cayman... Mine is de-badged Nissan & a few people have unwittingly commented "is that an Aston" lolo
  8. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'll be there from about 2.30pm so I'll keep my eyes peeled & come say Hi 😄
  9. @Windymiller Which date in May are you at Brands? I'm planning for the evening sessions with MSV on 23rd May (no race car evening)
  10. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The DS1.11 are really a "track only" pad that work optimally with heat generated from fast lap times/heavy braking... The DS2500 however is more of a cross-over fast road/track compound...
  11. @Windymiller You could always ping them a message & ask if they would just sell the discs on their own? I bought my discs from these guys & the quality of the Kinetix imo is up there with the other brands... I fitted DS2500 pads all round however... I only ever run DOT 5.1 full synthetic fluid & am just about to fit my GT3 master cylinder 😄
  12. Might be easier to replace the clocks with one from a breakers?
  13. @Windymiller Have you thought about Kinetix discs instead? I have them on the front of my S1 & front/rear of my 350z GT HR & they are decent on track... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/dd94-For-Porsche-Cayman-3-4-08-12-Rear-Drilled-Grooved-Brake-Discs-Pads/372407097681?fits=Car+Make%3APorsche|Model%3ACayman&hash=item56b5315951:g:VqQAAOSw9mBbeVZS
  14. I've heard the grooved or dimpled & grooved discs perform better than the full cross drilled style Apparently stress cracks can develop around the drill holes on cross drilled discs... I have dimpled & grooved Kinetix on my 350z GT HR...
  15. ---------------------------------------------------------- Indeed... The DE with a few mods was an epic motor! My 308 BHP HR roadster convertible is fully loaded & half the price of a base Cayman... Yet it is 200kg heavier & still gives the Cayman a bloody nose on track
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