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  1. @futureechos Near side intake is air induction for air filter & offside intake is for cooling of the engine bay. "De-Snorking" the nearside intake by removing the restriction plate allows for supposedly better induction flow... I've got my CS desnorked & it does increase the intake roar at higher rpm but I don't notice any improvement in power. Some folk remove the restriction plate and then fit a 3D printed type of plate (pointless imo)... I've never had any issue with debris/water ingress...
  2. I'm still lol-ing 10mins after seeing this. Some folk!! 🙄
  3. I find they last just as long as the standard Brembo pads tbh... The Ferodo DS2500 compound is a crossover fast road/track compound but their DS3000 is more of a track biased compound... Give 'em a go as they're good value at around £125 ish per axle...
  4. I use Ferodo DS2500 compound pads front & rear on my CS and on my 350z GT HR. I get zero squeal too...
  5. I doubt very much an insurance loss adjuster would value it anywhere near what they are asking 😁 🤔
  6. Sorry but £5 off of £26k for a gen1 S is ridiculous imo... It would need to be absolutely mint mint mint with a FULL Porsche History & best spec... Even if they "guaranteed" zero borescore it would still be wayyyy over priced... https://www.brookspeed.com/used/cars/porsche/cayman/24v-s-213
  7. @Lennym1984 The original Yokohama Advan Neova AD08R are as good in the wet (imo) as the Mich PS4 or PSS but their dry grip ability far far out-performs them... Unfortunately Yoko released the supposed updated AD08RS which anecdotally I've heard aren't as good as the original iteration... I know a guy who tried them on his Elise and said the older version was better! I initially tracked my CS on 5mm Mich Pilot Super Sports and found them woeful on track, getting greasy and virtually falling apart after say 6 hard laps at Brands Indy despite playing with pressures etc... I sold them on and bought the AD08R and was amazed how better they performed! I'm down to 2.5mm on my CS Yoko's now but I'm most probably gonna go the NS2R route to give them a go 🤪
  8. I run Yokohama Advan Neova AD08R on my CS and on my 350z GT HR... They are imo a great crossover fast road/track tyre... The Bridgy Potenza's aren't a track day tyre imo anyways neither are PS4s I've also ran Toyo R88R on my MK Indyblade kit but their damp/wet condition grip is poor! Unfortunately Yoko brought a supposed upgrade to the market in the AD08RS but I've heard its not as good as the 1st iteration? I've heard good things about the Nangkangs however & I'm considering trying them next...
  9. Chances are your original starter could've been serviced and reused... Common for the solenoid throwout bearing and mechanism to gum up causing the characteristic whine/screech on start up... Easy job to clean & relube tbh... Just saying
  10. Sounds very much like your 3rd gear syncromesh is on its way out! Not unheard of for a tranny oil change to highlight it. Syncro's would usually fail on the downshift side of gear dogs however ime. Does it crunch at ALL rpm?... Does double declutching lessen it?... What oil/spec did they use?... I always put a tube of Molyslip in when I change gear oil in tranny/diff... https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/holts-molyslip-gearbox-protection-550774644?type=shopping&gclid=CjwKCAjwmeiIBhA6EiwA-uaeFfDTSdzgP9arAh7kb2d2pbjb_nnq-_v3kdggYvkrxuSrKSXYSwOoSxoCjcsQAvD_BwE
  11. Kdh

    Hi Mavrick,


    I hope you've moved in ok and are settled. I decided not to do the lowering Springs on my car as I'm worried about the comfort aspect.

    However, I have a slight knocking noise from the rear suspension when going over bumps or uneven surfaces and I think I remember it happened on my  987 boxster and it was coffin arms (?). Is this something you could help me out with please? Car has 75,000 miles and is a manual 2.7.


    Thanks a lot, Kim

  12. I was thinking maybe the owner payed the twat to smash it then claim criminal damage etc hoping it'll be written off as probably bore scored lol 😆 ... Some very strange people out there 🤪
  13. There are repair kits that are sold on eBay etc... Eg: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Porsche-987-Cayman-Heater-Air-Con-Climate-Control-Panel-Replacement-Switches-/333948094551?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  14. Donnington will be ok but Bedford or Brands won't!!
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