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  1. Those error messages are standard/common when the battery supply has been interrupted... Starting & driving a few yards resets the system... No issue here...
  2. @Mikey Welcome! No need to worry about the IMS as the failure rate on later 05^ is negligible imo as they had the upgraded bearing. However, borescoring is more of an issue to be concerned about imo. 1st rule when buying a Cayman & more specifically an S, is to demand that you start the car from stone cold! Any signs of blue smoke on start up that doesn't clear after a few seconds is a sure sign of bore score! Walk away... Get the registration beforehand and go online to the .gov MOT check site to check its history recorded m
  3. My late '06 CS had its clutch & DMF replaced by the previous owner at 53k miles & also new shocks & top hats & water pump. I've seen some owners manage to get the general average i.e 70k before needing sorting but I've also heard some do over a 100k ???
  4. I still have no idea why most Porsche owners insist on running Mich tyres (PSS or PS4) Imo, they are average at best on road & woeful if you decide to use them on track & over priced. Imo, if you go to the trouble to swap to Winter tyres then fitting Summer tyres that stick makes sense to me? The N rating is a complete red herring imo & purely a marketing ploy (cue the purists!) I'm running Yokohama AD08R Advan Neova 245/40 & 265/40 & they are miles better in the dry & equally as good in the wet than the Mich PSS or PS4 th
  5. I'm no expert either but they are quoting for a proper pro job... Not necessary imo to blend in with the bumper as its a relatively small part & its low down. Also depends if they are quoting for 2k paint or water based crap! I have an S but on the pre '07 the front splitters were not colour coded (mine are silver on a Lapis Blue) I'll be colour coding mine myself with 2k activator rattle cans... Prep is the key to a decent finish imo. What colour is your coachwork i.e paint code?
  6. Ok Kim... No worries... I'll pm you nearer the end of April to arrange a time/day etc Cheers, Julian...
  7. Sorry to hear about your particular woes... However, as you commented you failed to do even the most basic checks... Theres no need to bring a "specialist" with you when viewing any vehicle but obviously if one is a complete novice in terms of what to look for then bringing a friend who is clued up is invaluable. What history, owners & mileage did your CS have? 🤔
  8. What toe are you running front & rear? ... I've always been under the impression that more -ve is needed in the front vs the rear to account for the mid engined layout? I guess you'll hear different opinions from different geo techs though? ... I've never heard/read any anecdotal stuff to indicate that a square camber setup is "better" Interesting...
  9. OFC, widening the rear track with 15mm spacers & 7mm up front will exacerbate understeer... It's just plain Physics lol... You seem to be saying that if you fit lowering springs then you MUST fit adjustable LCA's or top mounts, which I can't agree with... We're not all loaded because we chose to drive a Porsche 😉 https://www.design911.co.uk/fu/prod136142/Adjustable-Lower-Control-Arm-Kit-for-Porsche---EIBACH/
  10. I agree (to an extent) ... Lowering defo affects the geo & setting up after lowering is always a compromise as tweaking the camber will always throw the toe... OFC, adjustable LCA's with adjustable top mounts (Tarett etc) IS the way to go but most folk are put off by the cost. I also agree with what you said re the spacers... Invariably front spacers WILL induce an out of balance effect at speed no matter how "hub-centric" they claim to be! Or at best highlight wear in the suspension components. For most folk just wanting to enhance the aesthetics of their ride by l
  11. M8... You've been driving without geo being setup to either standard spec or custom!?! ... Your tyres won't like you! Lowering WILL throw out the geo in regards to Camber & Toe no matter how diligent you are in marking everything b4 removing stuff. Very surprised that your "garage" didn't suggest you get your geo set (not ALL garages have proper Hunter 4 wheel laser geo machines)
  12. No geo done!?! Will be wayyy out then fella... I agree its a standard spanner job (Porsche's aint no Space Shuttle) that any competent garage or DIYer can do with reasonably mid tier tools...
  13. @Kdh I'm moving to Eastbourne Harbour at the end of the month but I'd be happy to do it for you if you can wait till the weather is better lol (end April?)... TBH I'd be charging £100 a corner to do & the geo setup will be roughly another £125. If you can get it done for £360 as @Red7 suggest then that's a bargain!!!
  14. At roughly £75hr labour? & 5hrs that's amazing tbh... OFC, if you just whip off the springs & just bung on the new ones without going to the trouble of lubing & greasing & cleaning stuff b4 replacing then I guess it is feasible? Difference between a Mechanic & Fitter, I guess Also is that price including laser geo setup?? ... I've heard horror stories though of seized fasteners etc which will obviously take longer to sort...
  15. Ah! ... Prob needs new pump then?
  16. Not working at all? ... No power assistance at all? Have you checked the serpentine drive belt firstly?
  17. £360 Labour is dirt cheap imo...
  18. Try Elite garage on Lottbridge Drove, opposite Tesco... I know the manager & one of the Mechs. .. Tell them Julian with the Blue Cayman S & 350z referred you... They'll be happy to quote for labour... As Lennym1984 says the fronts aren't hard work but the rears are more involved also requiring some of the rear trim to be removed to get to the turrets... I haven't noticed any real harshness in ride quality on H&R's tbf but lowering will inherently tend to add a degree of firmness imo... You'd need to get them to check the condition of the shocks/
  19. I'm in Eastbourne too fella 😁 Which garage? ... I'd suggest that's a fair price for labour tbf. Have they suggested also changing out the top hats/bump stops? ... How many miles on your shocks? I recently changed my own springs on my CS to H&R (and also changed to Vogtland springs on my 350z GT HR 313) and it took me roughly all day (9hrs) outside my house with reasonably standard tools etc.... The previous owner luckily had already recently had new B4's with new top hats fitted so I only had to sort the springs.... I then got fairly aggress
  20. Any sport spring will be firmer than standard! H&R is the generally best respected... I have Vogtland springs on my 350z GT HR 313 and had Eibach b4 on on a BMW... Meh, H&R ftw...
  21. Mines a daily lol... Long way round for essential shopping!
  22. No need for cycling the ABS pump with a PIWIS but its easier. A braking system with an ABS pump is essentially the same on most cars (just because its a Porsche doesn't make it special) I DIY'd mine in around 2hrs and just jumped on the brakes half a dozen times to activate the ABS then rebled... I'd guess its not been bled correctly 🤔
  23. Possibly due to previous owners rings etc? 🤔 I gather Royal Steering Wheels do lever sleeves? That eBay item looks ok though... Worth a punt I'd say & just request a return/refund if its naff or doesn't fit properly 😉
  24. Firstly... Soul Performance headers are actually made in Taiwan by Liang Fei... They (Soul) just tart them up and rebrand them (exactly the same as Topgear & Designtek etc headers!!) Depends on the tuner tbh but generally start with a standard map and tweek to suit? Does Tesco in NI not supply 99 Momentum or no Shell garages? What's your plan for passing emissions on the MOT? ... Reverting back to standard or 200cel sport catted manifolds sounds like a ball ache lol
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