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  1. It's one of their regular Sunday Scrambles. Always a large Porsche presence plus a lot of other clubs and classic cars. Well worth a visit. I think their next one is in June. Cheers Gary
  2. Hello Andrea, Thanks for your reply, I'll give them a try. Are you going to Bicester Heritage on the 28th, We're heading over from Buckingham. Cheers Gary
  3. Hi, My front fogs have a nasty dose of gravel rash. Has anyone tried any of the headlamp polishing kits. Also thought of possibly trying to replace them with some LED driving lamps. Any thoughts. Gary
  4. Tee shirt arrived this morning. great quality and very professional packaging. Great work. thanks Gary
  5. New switch fitted and all working fine. Cheers Gary
  6. Hi, I'm looking to order an alloy wheel touch up kit. I have the 5 spoke 18" S wheels. They are the standard silver colour, but when I'm looking at the kits they come in Sterling Silver and GT Silver. Does anyone know which colour they might be. Regards Gary
  7. I've purchased a new switch, may have chance to fit it tomorrow, hope it works. Prices for the switch varied greatly. Design911 were most expensive at £96! I ordered it from 9apart yesterday and it arrived this morning for £67. Thanks for the replies. Gary
  8. Thanks for the replies. Does anyone know how the trunk release switch is removed? Gary
  9. Yes it works fine from the key. The switch feels 'broken' Cheers Gary
  10. Hi, I need to replace my trunk release switch, only the rear hatch releases from inside at the moment. Can anyone run me through the process please. Cheers Gary
  11. Hi, Please put me down for a 987 medium. Good Work! Cheers Gary
  12. Hi, Great to meet up this morning, hope to catch up at Shuttleworth. Gary
  13. Thanks Phil, luckily I have a mate with a two post lift! I'll post some pics when it's done Cheers Gary
  14. Looks great. I think they look much better than the external ones. I've seen U Tube clips of bumper removal, some say you need to lift the head lights, is that really required? Must get stuck in and do mine now. Cheers Gary
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