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  1. I think you all need to get put more...........😄
  2. Hi gang, thought I’d pop in my 2 pence worth as an Eibach Pro Kit user. I had also heard about E’s not being quite as low as H&R’s, so went that route....having being parked next to a 987 Cayman S recently with H&R’s, I would confidently say my CS was no lower (full disclosure; I didn’t pull out a measuring tape !). I have Cayman R type splitters on the front as you can see, so definitely have to take more care re drive ways etc, otherwise I found the ride generally improved on good roads, great on track, and definitely more jiggly on rough surfaces. All in all my experience has been
  3. Big Man, sorry for the delay, been AWOL (and at Goodwood yesterday....a little slippery in places!). I will have to check the packing they came in
  4. Agreed, well worth a closer look. Bear in mind, depending on driving style etc, clutch life seems to vary materially across cars
  5. Just refreshing this string, Sunday is P Day, myself and a few mates are meeting at Rownham Services (M3/27 Junction) circa 8am to grab a coffee and see what Pork is on display, before convoying in. As I understand all 1000 tix for the "parking inside" bizzo are sold, but spectators can still go (and park in the normal public car parks). Any takers? My mobile is 07764 960 202 if anyone lobs in and wants to meet up/
  6. Brilliant expose there Windy and photos etc...I drove some of this back in 2010 (in the Volvo Estate...), and remember epic roads and scenery....one on my list for "Local" holidays in the CS!
  7. A few of us going at present, looks like they’re upping the car limits re attendees
  8. ##Indeed, interested to hear if they've worth splashing out on!
  9. Hi Tom, great idea for a 50th! By the sounds you've not driven many; might I suggest you make that a priority, that's how you'll work out which models engines etc you like, what a nice tight car feels like against a not so fine example etc. And of course it's good fun! My gen 1 CS has been 3 + yrs of faultless fun on the road and track, nearly 100K km and still puts a smile on my face. The 2.9 isnt far behind, and the 2.7 is a fine lump too. PDK and manual are 2 different beasts as well. Budget for some work on whatever you buy, whether straight away or a bit down the track (you may get bitten
  10. As the others have said...when I 1st picked up my CS, it had old ish PS2's on the front, and Bridgestone RE050's on the rear (both N rated)....due to a blow out at an inopportune time, I've ended up with split Michelin's; PS4 on the front , SuperSport on the rear (neither are N rated). Improvement in ride and handling was material. And they manage 2-3 track days a year without issue as well.
  11. Autodoc seem pretty efficient too re supplying bits and bobs (not sure about these particular items though)
  12. More than happy with my Eibach pro kit springs that went straight on with the existing PASM set up. Am sure not in the same league as a full fat coil overs revamp, but still a material improvement all around
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