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  1. Definitely created some sort of tent in my pants.....
  2. Thanks for posting gents, Silverstone GP is a wonderful drive (though amazing how some of the supercars can flash by as if I'm barely moving....)
  3. Craiglm68

    Lowered 1 inch

    Looks good, 25-30mm drop seems to make a nice change. Not sure about going 100mm plus.....very much a slammed look, but how would it drive?
  4. From another angle, I'm a member of 5 different Cayman related FB groups, some UK only, others international in nature...there are 3K+ members spread across them. As for how many members of these have directly posted about their own Cayman experiencing terminal bore score or IMS failure, or that of someone they know personally.......I would guestimate no morel than 20 posts over the space of about 18 months.....the % is pretty damn small, but seems to get an inordinate amount of press.
  5. You've a cracking selection of items there Nick, and some competitive prices too.
  6. I would have thought the drive would only make attending all the more appealing.....😁
  7. Hi all, and a happy new year. Off the back of a recent post, I emailed Beaulieu to see if COC was already booked in. We weren't..... but we are now! I've asked for the church ruins corner that we've used in recent years, space for circa 10 cars, so one to lock into the diary! We can sort out banners and other logistical gubbins closer to the time I assume,. Cheers Craig
  8. Just seen this string, so doubling up on another comment made elsewhere. Defo up for Simply Porsche (I've this am dropped Beaulieu an email inquiring as to whether the old church ruins site is available), and CAT trained as mentioned was terrific....maybe PEC Silverstone would do us a deal for once of their experiences? Happy to help out with any events I'm able to make too!
  9. That jumper made my eyes bleed. Merry Xmas to all, happy NYE etc etc....and here's to more activities/catch ups in 2020. As a starter, we should do Beaulieu Simply Porsche (7th June....the old Church ruins have become our adopted location, we should grab it again), and something with CAT driver training (or similar...perhaps a group deal at PEC Silverstone?). Thoughts/suggestions/
  10. Dan; the short answer is that Caymans are great at what you're looking to use a car for....and many other things! Yes, many people turn them over...often they brand swap as well (eg from from a Cayman to an M3 to a TT RS to an AMG Merc etc)....let's face it, most purchasers of a new Porsche these days are buying the brand rather than the experience ....driving fun, joy of ownership etc aren't of appeal compared to having a certain badge on the drive way. It's a much smaller proportion of us that choose a car that we really like and want to keep, invest in, and use as it was intended. Sad indication of the way things are going; more people see cars as "transport", rather than anything more
  11. I'm knocking on 100db or a smidge over with the GT alone (which I rate highly) at track days, so depending on if you're tracking her (and at which tracks), it's worth considering
  12. How did you get along in the end with the fitment, ride quality change etc Ben?
  13. That's barely run in 🙂 ....I've seen pics of 150K miles + on gen 1 CS's, some had been rebuilt, some were original. I'm with Ben; the concept of keeping mileage low to reduce the depreciation (and they ALL depreciate) is not on my radar....I bought it to drive and enjoy, investing in her and keeping her ship shape is part of the joy 🙂
  14. Great video again, and that GT4 would have been thinking "Syhzer; I am being hunted by ze 987 CS!" until the traffic got in the way (apologies for the Dad's Army German accent)
  15. ##Agreed....my right ankle isn't that flexible (old football injury, strained all the ligaments), so I was taught to "toe n toe" it, rolling from brake to accelerator...as you say, takes practice, but immensely satisfying when you get it right!
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