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  1. So we're aligned; buy a decent S, mod it up to your hearts/budget's content, and have a hoot!
  2. Lego rocks, for kids of all ages (ie 50+!)
  3. it's an epic track, so much run off space, only problem is that being a longer track it takes a while to remember all the corners and braking zones etc (1st world problem admittedly).
  4. In a word "Yes" if you're looking for the best version of the generation. The Black is very similar to an S, some cosmetic upgrades (that some do to their own cars anyway), and a smidge more power if I recall. The Black Editions carry a price premium over the S but in the real world are more or less the same to drive etc. The R is a cut above (hence costs a LOT more), much more focused piece of machinery.
  5. Latest email; anyone interested in a convoy/meet up beforehand? I am emailing with regards to Simply Porsche, originally scheduled for Sunday 7th June 2020, to confirm that this will be going ahead with a new date on Sunday 27th September. The format of Simply Porsche will change to ensure the safety and welfare of participants, visitors and staff and in line with Government guidance to prevent the risk of infection from Covid-19. As such, we will be not be able to accept club stand bookings for any of our Simply rallies in order for us to feasibly park in a socially distanced manner, and to avoid any large gatherings of people. Ticket numbers will also be limited to 500 per Simply, and available on a first-come first-served basis for all new purchases. All participants will need to pre-book and print their tickets to allow us to manage capacity and avoid any payment transactions with staff on arrival. This will hopefully make for a swifter entry on the day. Participant tickets already purchased will be valid for the new date and are factored into the maximum capacity. A communication will go out to these ticket holders shortly. New tickets will go on sale today, please see the Simply Porsche webpage for further details.
  6. Update from Beaulieu; Hi Craig, Thank you for your email. Simply Porsche is rearranged and we are announcing all of the dates tomorrow.If you check back on our website in the morning the dates will be up there as well as tickets for sale and details on the new format. For example we will only be allowing 500 participants for now due to maximum capacity on the Simply rallies and all participant vehicles will be parked in the parkland. Unfortunately under the new format we will not be accepting club stand bookings for the Simply rallies now as all cars will be parked as and when they arrive in order for us to park cars in a socially distanced manner. All clubs that have pre-booked are due to be told this tomorrow once we announce the new dates. Kind regards, Charlotte
  7. ##I hadn't heard about a new date, I'll chase up the chap who confirmed our attendance last time
  8. Look forward to your updates....might try this fix myself (my mechanical skills are VERY limited re anything more involved...)
  9. ##I did a bit of research re Eibach V H&R, reviews on both typically positive, main differences seem possibly to be around post install ride height and maybe feel (the 2 brands are a bit "different" to each other)...my mechanic asked around and recommended the Eibachs. New bump stops, top mounts, seals and one or 2 other inexpensive gubbins, and she's riding lower, and I think more comfortably on the road, as well as sharper on the track (I've PASM). As for colour, unless the sun is shining, she looks black, otherwise it's "Dark Olive Metallic"
  10. After sitting on the Eibach's for a few months, finally took the plunge and had them done. Tested out at Goodwood yesterday for a morning session and they performed well, ride seems a bit more compliant on the road as well, and I love the look, so all in all a good investment (and not silly ££). Just have to remember that the front splitter does catch on things now....one small chip so far ! 🙂 . And with the sun out you can finally see her true colour!
  11. I had a great morning at Goodwood today, they run a tight ship and despite keeping the numbers down in each group, I must have managed 6 or seven sessions from 9am - midday. Met some fascinating characters there too.
  12. The lowest possible offer you make that gets accepted 😀
  13. Good luck Andreas, love the look of the concepts, and look forward to seeing them develop and come onto market!
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