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  1. Is that a golf ball dent circled in yellow? If so, what's your approach to remedial work? I'e got the same problem in a very similar spot!
  2. In the name of "Essential" travel, I plan a food run via a couple of larger 24 hr supermarkets (which haven't had all the shelves cleared by Covidiot panic shoppers....won't they ever get tired of hoarding loo paper?!), heading out later in the evening.....and making sure a couple of good A roads are close by... ("I didn't want the ice cream to melt, Officer). Two birds, one stone approach.
  3. Nice work, always good to see a craftsman at play
  4. ##Cheers Windy, good to know! Just been out to the shop for some essentials, the roads are sooooo quiet and dry.....v tempting!
  5. Hi all Sitting at home courtesy of CO19 Work From Home edicts.....I should just pop out for a sneaky drive in the CS instead 😁 Off the back of a few strings on the topic, I've done for the Eibach Pro Kit, and will have it installed when the car is in for its annual service. Question; What other gubbins should I do at the same time re general maintenance? Any particular brands to watch out for/avoid re said widgets? And while I'm typing, might as well relay my experiences at PEC Silverstone last weekend...I always grab one of their "60 mins in your car, 30 mins in one of theirs" deals on the various handling tracks etc out there. The CS always acquits itself well, though mid engine can be a bit harder to induce oversteer in compare to a 911....said 911 being a 992 Carrera with PDK. Now, I love my Gen 1, but the Carrera was EPIC....PDK is an absolute giggle blasting around the small PEC circuit (you might hit low 70's in the CS on the small straight...in the Carrera it's low 80's), auto blip and it sounded great. As with all 911s you can feel the rear "doing stuff" in each corner, whereas the CS just lasers in and out. Upside of the Carrera was how any waggle was easily controlled, and the weight in the read meant you could launch out of a turn with gusto. For the road, I'm glad I've a manual box, but I can see why people who track a lot swear by their PDK. Anyway a good day out (though did get an email from them 2 days later saying one of the staff has CO19 symptoms, they didn't think there was any risk of trf to those attending on the day, but just wanted to let us know!) Cheers Craig
  6. So where are we buying it from re Best Price delivered? I'm due a service next month, so will jump on said bandwagon also!
  7. Hi Graham, Most of us who have gone the "Tune"/remap route, have done it for performance gains in the torque/power arena, and typically have improved the "breathing" of our Crocs beforehand, particularly for NA cars (Turbo cars can see material increased just with a remap alone). Personally I didn't note the economy performance of my CS before then after the remap etc. Remaps can be created to address different parameters in theory (economy, torque and power), as I understand many remaps will produce a more efficient engine which in turn can be more economical at non-warp speeds.....but the Porsche lumps are designed for torque/power rather than excellent MPG (whereas my daily commuter turbo diesel remap produced a little more power, a truckload more torque, and materially better economy). So best be realistic about what you can expect on that front from your Cayman. More importantly, in theory any remap would void your warranty if detected! There are remap offerings which are supposedly either a) undetectable by the dealer (this is debated hotly!), and/or b) allow you to reset back to factor settings when you'er about to have a service etc, and go back to your "tuned" setting thereafter. I suspect a lot of people wait until they're out of warranty
  8. ##Thanks Jo, that was the Cornering class? Can you remind me of the details again?
  9. Everything they said! You're well equipped with intel now, my only suggestion is get out there and test drive as many as you can get your hands on, different engines, models, option specs etc, help calibrate what works for you and what doesn't.
  10. Mid week is nigh on impossible I'd imagine unless people want to take a day off work. If there are any cornering masterclass slots coming up Jo, I'd be interested in hearing about them.Cheers!
  11. Jo from CAT was looking into some options for Spring/early Summer, main challenge is getting enough of us to run a session. There was talk of lobbing us in with some of the PCGB events too (Cayman chapter was looking at a CAT session at one stage)
  12. Hmmm...tricky; most of the value was in the watch, and the rest of it is likely "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" re how much it's worth to others. I doubt it's every going to appreciate as an asset, so if you really want it, go in with a low offer and take it from there ( PD sunglasses you can pick up for under £100 brand new as an example, Porsche Key Rings (standard), can be found for circa £15-18 etc)
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