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  1. Dan; the short answer is that Caymans are great at what you're looking to use a car for....and many other things! Yes, many people turn them over...often they brand swap as well (eg from from a Cayman to an M3 to a TT RS to an AMG Merc etc)....let's face it, most purchasers of a new Porsche these days are buying the brand rather than the experience ....driving fun, joy of ownership etc aren't of appeal compared to having a certain badge on the drive way. It's a much smaller proportion of us that choose a car that we really like and want to keep, invest in, and use as it was intended. Sad indication of the way things are going; more people see cars as "transport", rather than anything more
  2. I'm knocking on 100db or a smidge over with the GT alone (which I rate highly) at track days, so depending on if you're tracking her (and at which tracks), it's worth considering
  3. How did you get along in the end with the fitment, ride quality change etc Ben?
  4. That's barely run in 🙂 ....I've seen pics of 150K miles + on gen 1 CS's, some had been rebuilt, some were original. I'm with Ben; the concept of keeping mileage low to reduce the depreciation (and they ALL depreciate) is not on my radar....I bought it to drive and enjoy, investing in her and keeping her ship shape is part of the joy 🙂
  5. Great video again, and that GT4 would have been thinking "Syhzer; I am being hunted by ze 987 CS!" until the traffic got in the way (apologies for the Dad's Army German accent)
  6. ##Agreed....my right ankle isn't that flexible (old football injury, strained all the ligaments), so I was taught to "toe n toe" it, rolling from brake to accelerator...as you say, takes practice, but immensely satisfying when you get it right!
  7. That's the best in car video track day I've seen....clear view of the track, the cabin, instruments, your hairy arms and gauntlets etc....great work. And that track looks epic! Nicely driven of course. Was there any "heel n toeing" going on?
  8. How much was your own "top up"? I thought each oil gauge "block" represented circa 250-300ml?
  9. Fellow Caymanista's My front control arms have been flagged as items needing replacement in the not too distant future so I've procured a pair from Meyle. Anything else worth replacing/doing at the same time? Everything is standard and original as best I'm aware, circa 56K miles now Cheers Craig
  10. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! The Legend that is Nick has surfaced, and in style. Have sighed up to the newsletter, assume some sort of social media presence will follow?
  11. ##Indeed it is, but the advice you received sounds on point. Air filters (BMC and K&N pop up frequently) add a bit of induction noise, in theory allow a lower restriction flow of air, so might contribute 1 or 2 ponies worth only....a cheap mod at any rate. The breathing piece is key...I went for the standard Carnewal cat back set up (cost effective when you send your old system back and very popular amongst Caymanista's), others go the whole hog with headers, full exhausts upgrade if they have ££ to burn. As for re-maps, there's a few reputable suppliers out there. I've had my car on 2 dyno's since my map ; at DMS (where the map was done) then later on at Regal Motorsport (both down here on the coast), both returned near as dammit identical numbers (310-313hp at the wheels)....bear in mind that stock engines are rated officially at 295 at the flywheel for the gen 1, but as with many things Porsche, the "official" numbers can be slightly conservative (anecdotally I heard that actual outputs can vary by up to 3 or 4%...normally up rather than down).
  12. You have a problem/have too much spare time on your hands (still) and require professional help/another hobby/both. But seeing as we're on a topic and I have some spare time..... The Sprint Booster as I understand does the same jobbie as the "Sport" button on sports chrono...basically makes the throttle more responsive to smaller inputs from your foot ...so great for when learning to heel/toe etc....but no change to engine outputs etc. I honestly only use it when on track (same with PASM), so you shouldn't don't feel like you're missing out on anything tremendous. Remap....hotly debated. There's a few past strings on this if you search (I've shared my own experience with my CS and DMS, which was positive). Short answer is, take care of engine breathing 1st (exhaust/air filter etc) before considering a remap, and even then, don't expect anything more than 10-15% increase in bhp / torque .....typically you'll only notice the gains when giving it some beans (which I tend to do, hence happy!), mid-upper rev range. Your 2.7 engine is a lovely piece of machinery, sounds great as standard, and is I'm sure already entertaining the panites off of you as is. If so, leave her as she is and enjoy.
  13. Email Gert at Carnewal, he's brilliant with his responses to any questions you have. He's a COC affiliate or something like that I believe.
  14. I've been on the dyno at Regal in the past, they seemed a pretty on the ball crew, had some nice machinery in the workshop too
  15. Let me know how you get along Ben re both titment and the ride thereafter....I'm putting a Maxton splitter on the front soon, and I suspect it will be closer to the ground than the current flexible affair I have installed, let along if i drop things a few more cm's!
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