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  1. Just tried the link Nick, no joy, I went in via the "Store" page to pay, cheers
  2. Well done and congrats, you won't look back!
  3. PCGB membership is circa £80 PA or similar....must be honest, you get a few discounts for bits and bobs that might be worth something to you, but socially, places like COC, TIPEC are on a similar level. As for Anglesey (and other tracks), this crew seem to offer a good range and prices, I ran on Silverstone GP track last Nov with them, seemed an organised lot and my insurer was happy with them https://www.trackdays.co.uk/calendar/cars/
  4. Quite reasonable (I can't remember exactly, touch base with them, something like mid £30's plus some postage (plus cost of you sending the belts and related gubbins to them)
  5. Interesting string here gents....just bought new wheels for the CS (18" still), and am thinking about lowering a little (but not a lot...I like the handling/ride on the road as is, only do a couple of track days each year). Numpty question; if new springs are fitted, what else needs doing (I have PASM)? Cheers
  6. Likewise Nick, and thanks for all you efforts this year in making the Club a success. Just need to get you back into a Cayman so you're slightly credible........
  7. Likely yes...the pull of The Evo Triangle is strong
  8. Looks great (of course), and I'm sure it will have epic handling, go like the clappers riding that torque curve, and sell well....but those perf stats for the non PDK are near as dammit identical to a Gen 1 CS manual.
  9. There's another event (non PCGB on Sunday 6th Jan, Piston Heads are offering tix for a fiver (I'd already paid the slightly higher price off BH website...hoping weather is better than today!)
  10. Another for SS's...I' have them on the rear....interestingly I have PS4 's on the front (18" rims so no PS4S for me, I did go for XL though)....have found them to be great on road and more than competent on the track as well
  11. Nice rides all! Mine is a 57 reg CS, Carnewal GT exhaust, K&N air filter and remap by DMS, and recently upgraded the wheels (will have to market the originals sometime soon, sitting in the garage).And it looks black, but is actually Dark Olive Metallic.
  12. Agreed with woodhouse...condensation in particular, and a small puff of smoke at start up (partic if not driven for a week or 2) is atypical
  13. Some good advice given above , i can also vouch for PS4 on 18" rims pon my CS

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