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  1. Agreed....you'll need one helluva spacer most likely....my rear Fuch's are 18*10 (cant remember the offset, but similar to those mentioned), and needed 16mm rear spacers
  2. I've got PS4 on the front of my CS (18" rims hence no PS4S option), I went overwidth 245/40's , XL, previously had old N rated Pilot Sport which the car came with. Personally, I've found the PS4 a step up from the original fronts, and they do a couple of track days each year too. Not as good as PS4S I'm sure, but still a very good tyre. I have overwidth rears too (275/40 on Super Sports....long story...), which has also worked well.
  3. 19th eminently doable , haven't experienced Millbrook for a few years (and then was in my daily driver....Volvo V50!)
  4. ##In the interests of sharing and full disclosure, I've attached the 2 maps...1st is DMS's (they applied a mutiplier when printing it out so I never got to see the "At Wheel" numbers, but they suggested my engine was "very healthy" re its outputs before the map, no doubt in part due to the filter/Carnewal combo). The 3 maps on the next photo are for the 3 runs on Regal's Dynos and are "at wheel" numbers. I was sceptical of DMS's outputs initially (though the Backside Dyno definitely felt a difference), the later dyno run at Regal was for peace of mind (and came up with almost identical numbers)
  5. Dial back traction control....hit the PSM button? 😁 My remap was via DMS in Southampton, after a Carnewal GT and a minor air filter change (to K&N)....car has been run on DMS and Regal Motorsport's dyno's thereafter, turned out 310 and 312hp at the wheels respectively, which adding 15% is reasonably healthy
  6. Er.....you would think the tyre fitting community would understand the reality of what legal requirements are for tyre fitment these days.....size, profile, load rating etc. Perhaps the tyre manufacturers are bullsh@ting them on some front? I have non N's (and oversize.....245's front, 275's rear) on my CS, and they were fitted by a well know Porsche Specialist garage.
  7. Put me down for a "Yes Please", assume you'll need a handful of us to get this off the ground.
  8. That's actually rather hot.
  9. PCGB days will nearly always cost materially more ....like most things Porsche related?! :-0
  10. Hi Andrea, re the PCM piece, are you looking to stick to the Porsche original unit, or are you open to an aftermarket unit? If the latter, it will probably cost a lot less, and potentially do more.
  11. Nicely said. Incidentally, I was mooching the PCGB forums and saw a string on IMS failure and recommendations for an engine rebuild for a 2005 Boxster S....I'm pretty sure that's the 1st post I've seen on PCGB of an actual event happening (IMS or Bore Score) to someone on one of these forums since I joined them (rather than an anecdotal "I know a bloke who knows a bloke who had it happen to him twice" etc etc)
  12. Welcome onboard, you'll find the Club a great place for advice and bouncing ideas around. And then there's the T-shirt!
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