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  1. Hi Steve, plenty of gen 1 Caymans out there (2.7 and 3.4) with 150K + miles on the clock and rising. Mileage is not necessarily a major concern if there's a healthy maintenance regime in place (e.g. ideally serviced more often than once every 2 yrs/20K miles), with normal consumables replaced alongside others you'd expect to be replaced depending on the mileage in question (e.g. pads/disc, clutch, water pump etc). These cars generally survive better and for longer with regular use, rather than being used as a shopping trolley regulary for short duration trips. The mantra is along the lines of buy for condition and history.....don't get hung up on particular options or similar. I'm pretty sure the non-S Cayman had the upgraded IMS, and the dreaded, over hyped bore score issue that supposedly plagued the 3.4 lump (but in reality, affected only a few %), seems be be all but non existent in the 2.7. Test drive a LOT of cars, get the feel of them, learn what a good one feels sounds and drives like etc....great way to spend time, and allows you to make a better informed choice too when purchasing what is a great car. Good luck!
  2. A South based event sounds good (I'm in Dorset so most likely would be more of a "North ish based event!). Brands is doable, or open to locations circa the West/South West end of the M25
  3. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition, good to see you're back online Nick. We assumed you went to ground/were a no show at Beaulieu in case we referred to your current family wagon 4wd steed as the "COC Lunch Truck"
  4. Had to bail early , but ended up being given by a sympathetic Marshall the spot we had last time year .....we should definitely reserve it for next year and name it the COCC....COC Corner! Was good to chat with those members I met today, some parked up together (4 in the end) , some further afield. The Corner was great with quite a few passers by stopping to check out the cars. Seemed to go smoothly this year with 2 entry points in use, very little waiting around before entering the grounds. I started at Rownhams and convoyed in with a 911 group, so a good start to the day.
  5. Hi all, on WiFi now. We have the same spot as last year I’m the ruins on the left as you drive in one of the entry points if anyone is around .no real mobile coverage here unfortunately
  6. Cool, I can see the slot we parked in last year. What car are you in? ALL: we have a spot! Where we were last year! In the ruins at the entrance I just drive in via. I am parked up.
  7. I did email the event organisers yesterday afternoon asking about if a spot was reserved for us....they replied at 5pm saying that (according to the lady on email at least), no spot had been reserved for us.......strange? Regardless, I'm heading to Rownhams for 730am, TIPEC amongst others muster there beforehand, then will see what happens when I arrive at the grounds.
  8. Anyone meeting at Rownhams, Ringwood or similar before hand? Two entrances are open for cars to come into apparently , as opposed to the one used for last year.
  9. Are we meeting anywhere beforehand? Rownhams services is always popular. And unfortunately I can only hang around until 11am now , still ok to park up for the 1st couple of hours?
  10. Hi Scott, I've the same set up on my 57 reg CS (have to get the breathing right 1st!), and went with a remap from DMS near Southampton (I'd steer clear of any of those instant "pop in a chip and hey presto" type deals...plenty of reputable mapper out there). Mine has been on the dyna at both DMS and Regal Motorsport, both came back almost identical re 310-313 hp at the wheels (the multiplier for "at the flywheel" sits b/w 1.12 and 1.15 I believe).
  11. Hi MIM, trust you're enjoying the forum and the always helpful input from members as above. I was reading away, and I must be honest, I thought to myself "If an MX-5 ticks your box, would a 987 Boxster be a suitable compromise (and still a lot of fun)"? As mentioned above, the proof is in the pudding, so go out and test drive a heap of different cars.
  12. By some miracle, my gen 1 CS romped around around Silverstone late last year, and by an act of providence, did not explode/I did not die. Miracles it appears can happen. Silverstone is a long, wide track, thus not as many places to load up on "G's" compared to some smaller, twistier tracks that we know and love. The mod seems to be popular with those who are regularly into the higher speed twisty stuff.
  13. I'm waiting for Nick to pipe up with a loving diatribe on his current tractor/truck/soft roader....
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