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  1. check the drain plug ....the crush washer maybe the cause
  2. go back over your work.......you may have pinched something when you put it back together ........and have a trusted shop do the work
  3. bought my 987.2 new......after 30 years of corvettes it was time to slow down
  4. would not a battery disconnect do the same thing.....it erases ECM emissions and driving habits . My pdk is a lil quirky the first 60 seconds cold.....it seems confused about 1st or second ,that and pdk does not like to be power braked
  5. it is amazing they get away with selling them .......the concept of aftermarket is supposed to be an improvement .....not a risk
  6. probably just the AOS emptying out..........how fresh is the oil.......weight......level
  7. after you are done imho dropping 20k plus [you will need a ls7 to get 500 hp and i could not imagine how much a crate motor is there] you will have a hobby. Unsellable to 99 % of the market and a huge loss . Is /has anyone in your very local area done a few of these swaps ...............otherwise it will be back to them ....often . There are other options starting with cheapest [if you plan on keeping it] used motor from dependable yard and good installer or call raby [US] for one of his monster motors . Are you using too much oil from the scoring ? myself....i would sell it...now while i can
  8. iirc studs need to be replaced with frequent use....
  9. yepper....this one is taking off
  10. source a used one from a salvage yard if yours is not practicable to repair .....a trusted yard
  11. wait until you can afford a gen2
  12. dyno before and after to guarantee you get what they advertise
  13. check the passenger seat....it may be back too far
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