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  1. over the years i have had macans from the dealer as loaners..........sport mode was the ONLY way to safely pull out onto the road ,i did burn through 20 dollars of fuel in 2 days though lol
  2. iirc those studs need to be replaced every few years ....maintenance wise
  3. take it for a local ride to a garage with a lift
  4. after 30 + days of lock down my mind has not gone to that area...................yet
  5. probably me ....but i think the non-dremel modded cars are more sought after than the dremel modded cars ....and this is sarcasm /humor....well to a point anyway
  6. I have more confidence with a dealer serviced car than the tinkerbell maintained ones lol
  7. if you have the tools and know what you are doing....do........if you don't....don't......or it will be the most expensive oil change in your life
  8. i left my stock .......VERY little to gain vs money spent .....and sound like a ricer going no where .......just enjoy the myth and down play the over-priced/under-powered quote from ferry po
  9. my service soon/now comes on once a year and i change it then. A quart used in 8 k is not too bad . I raced corvettes for 30 years but it was time to slow down so i got my po new in 09 .....sure got my wish on the slow part ....i ssssoooo miss the torque
  10. How many miles have you put on this car total ? How much oil did you need to add to bring it up to full ? You know you are over due for an oil change ?
  11. before ? after ? your car ? I ask because they promise wild torque gains but the reality is they deliver very little ,sometimes you gain at the very high rpm range but suffer at the mid-range were 90 % of your driving is done ........butt dynos lie
  12. very different chart from what i am used to......what were the before and after torque numbers ?
  13. if is typical bosch ....2 flat-head screws and regulator /bushes tilt out
  14. lord knows where the evil elves of the black forest put the fan motor .....i don't
  15. sounds like [pun] you will need to get access to the fan.......it maybe a bad motor or i have had a mouse get caught in the fan cage and make one heck of a vibration
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