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  1. The cars look good with the exception of the first car imho the black headlight trim went overboard. Bottom line is you will have to decide but a wrap is fixable . fyi....the term is called here....putting lipstick on a pig lol. Putting a BIG wing that came from a shopping cart starts an inner city poser look
  2. good grief....when i was young we used to put balloons or baseball cards in the spokes of our bicycles ...thinking it was a cool noise....didn't make the bike any faster......
  3. if the car is going to spend MOST of its time on a track yes on the semi solid mounts .....if most of its time is street just put new oem mounts in.
  4. that is some nice work there ,it looks brand new ........well better than brand new...designers edition
  5. yepper.....he might pick up a little at very high rpm if he adds a better intake and tune to work with that bigger exhaust but he will surely lose low end torque with it alone. Porsche is/has not been known for over powering torque at any rpm. Their racing history has always been rev da snot outta every gear and hope u get to the turn first
  6. PUT THE DREMEL ON THE GROUND AND STEP AWAY FROM YOUR VEHICLE WITH YOUR HANDS OVER YOUR HEAD............snap out of it [pun] .....leave it alone
  7. just leave them alone until they leak or some repair work makes it necessary to remove them....in other words ...yawn and open another beer [beers]
  8. i just checked my frunk for the hell of it.........................looks like a forest ground floor with leaves,dirt and who knows what.....i shut the lid.....yawn
  9. this about covers it........i would just add the 2.9 is a poster child for the adage ......porsche over priced and under powered
  10. give jake raby 50 grand deposit then in 6 months pay the even larger balance .....done.
  11. better leave the princess mobile home
  12. PTS maybe......but yeah that is bad however i have seen much worse . Have you ever seen a person buy a yellow car.....and i mean a person the REALLY likes a yellow car ,what they cant get from the factory they unbolt a paint yellow
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