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  1. lord knows where the evil elves of the black forest put the fan motor .....i don't
  2. sounds like [pun] you will need to get access to the fan.......it maybe a bad motor or i have had a mouse get caught in the fan cage and make one heck of a vibration
  3. have the car looked at by a shop that you know ....not that of the owner ......or a porsche dealer. An 09 and up is a better choice
  4. there is probably a graph that shows the more you stiffen up your suspension over OEM the less you drive your car on the street . I have seen it for years and many different cars the aftermarket motor mounts,sway bars,springs,bushings,lowering etc quietly go back in their box and sit gathering dust on a shelf waiting to go on ebay
  5. dude your question has been answered.........but why did you bother to ask it.......you already bought them and drank the cool aid.....good luck with them
  6. if it is an every day driver do not throw your oem mounts away .
  7. a slowly sinking brake pedal with no leaks is a sign of a bad master cylinder
  8. sounds like the headlight switch but as stated above do some checking with a voltage probe
  9. check the drain plug ....the crush washer maybe the cause
  10. go back over your work.......you may have pinched something when you put it back together ........and have a trusted shop do the work
  11. bought my 987.2 new......after 30 years of corvettes it was time to slow down
  12. would not a battery disconnect do the same thing.....it erases ECM emissions and driving habits . My pdk is a lil quirky the first 60 seconds cold.....it seems confused about 1st or second ,that and pdk does not like to be power braked
  13. it is amazing they get away with selling them .......the concept of aftermarket is supposed to be an improvement .....not a risk
  14. probably just the AOS emptying out..........how fresh is the oil.......weight......level
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