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  1. Thats a spot of luck - my suspension needs a bit of an overhaul so hopefully it can fund some of that!
  2. Odd as it sounds, it's hard to say as they were part of a parts swap bundle. They probably owe me about £900 I guess.
  3. I hope this is ok to post here and falls within rules/site etiquete. Basically, I'm considering selling my set of sports seats. Having run them for a month or so, the added support didn't seem to justify the slight loss in comfort if that makes sense. The standard seats are so good that for me they seem like a better balance when on a long run. Having looked on eBay and the classifieds here, prices seem to vary wildly. Am I missing something or does it simply boil down to 'you'll get what someones prepared to pay on the day'? Thanks in advance! Jon
  4. I don’t mind admitting that wheel offsets make me go boss eyed... My question is, would the following offsets work on my Cayman: Fronts: 9 inches wide et 53 Rears: 10 inches et 40 Thanks!
  5. Evening all, Anyone know where I can get the inserts/thumb grips for a 987 997 sport steering wheel (the one with the round airbag)? Thanks! Jon
  6. The AA popped out to have a look. For some reason, the door lock won’t manually work. Long story short, I’ll be popping back to my garage tomorrow to see what’s going on. Fun times.
  7. Evening all, So this evening my alarm decided to sound (I assume it was the alarm - the horn sounded and wouldn't stop). Full disclosure, I had the battery biconnected earlier today in order to change my steering wheel. I disconnected the negative then positive terminals with the key out of the ignition, the left it for 40 minutes before removing the airbag. As it turned out, I didn't have the right bit to remove the wheel itself, so I replaced it, and reconnected positive then negative. It was at least an hour and half before the alarm sounded. Does anyone have any idea what might be the issue? I've called the AA out to do a drain test, but I thought I;d do a little googling while I wait for them. Thanks
  8. Thanks Jason, Happy to share - I paid £175 for the paint, but bear in mind the base console was from an R so didn’t have the rubberised finish which I imagine is a total pain to remove.
  9. Soooo, I’m picking the car up tomorrow but the dealer has sent a photo to me of the console. I thought I’d give silver a go (the Rs had colour coded consoles so why not eh? It’s factory, ish...) I quite like it, but will reserve judgement until I see it in person. Chances are I’ll grt the old one wrapped in leather (it’s only money 😬).
  10. So, on my third day of driving the car, the gear linkage decided to throw a fit. Good news is, it’s covered under warranty, so whilst annoying, it’s not costing me money. In order to replace it, the garage are having to remove the centre console. Mine looks slightly knackered (the rubber/plastic looks patchy) so I’m having it stripped and sprayed. My car is artic silver, so I figured I’d match that to brighten up the interior a little. I’m having a last minute ‘would piano black look better’ moment. What do people think?
  11. So it was my third day out in the car today (I went on holiday the day after I picked it up). Lost first gear and occasionally reverse... I’m booked in tomorrow to have it looked at, and luckily the warranty will cover it. But grrrr.
  12. I’ll get looking in to sprint booster. Thanks chaps
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