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  1. Hi Gary, This will either be a body shop or a Great Smart repair guy is Scuff Off. Search for him on facebook, Very well priced and top quality job and he comes to you!
  2. Either Microfiber wash. Or i just use normal washing liquid, Just no fabric softener.
  3. If you really are to use a squeegee though, Make sure its the type thats a T bar not a flat blade, These are way less damaging.
  4. Blow Drying or Microfiber is alot better and safer.
  5. When very I do this, its all about building up the layers, You have the colour then you have the silver, once you are happy that the chip has been filled cant see any primer or metal any more then that will be enough paint, then you use the clear coat, Build it up in the same way with layers till the level is slightly above the level of the rest of the paint when dry. Then i would go with 3000 grit to knock it down till its all flat with the rest of the paint and polish it to bring the gloss black, some cases i have had to do 2000 grit or even 1000 grit. Just take your time, takes while. As said above its silver with lots of metallic so it wont blend as well as a solid colour but it should take your eye off it and you can get some very good results if you take your time.
  6. Yes the Car Pro Reload is good, You can still put a nice coat of wax on the top if you wanted to. Yeah using it neat will just give to much foam you will waste product and it wont work effectively. There should be dilution ratios on the bottle.
  7. Yeah so the knob on the top is to adjust the concentrate. I generally run mine wide open. On the snow foam you have it should have the dilution ratios on the label, you are best to follow this for best results. If there is none then a general rule of thumb is about 1inch ish of concentrate to the rest water in a litre bottle of snow foam. This is what i work by and it hasent let me down yet. Hey maybe a noob but everyone starts somewhere! Foaming is alot of fun!
  8. Interesting, What treatment says not to be used on black wheels? For a home user i would say if you want a coating that will last quite a while then Carbon Collective make one called Platinum wheels which is really good, If you would rather a wax then Poorboys make a wheel sealant which is very easy to use and is very good, Or do both, Platinum wheels as the base with Wheel sealant on top would leave a very slick and glossy finish. In my opinion.
  9. Sounds great, Bilberry wheel cleaner is very good, Always my go to. Personally I wouldn't use it as car shampoo, I dont feel its slick enough or has the cleaning agents that lift and dissolve dirt. However as a glass cleaner it works very well and does not smear, Perfect for use on the inside of the windscreen.
  10. I only have 1L snow foam bottles 2L seems to big and heavy. With my autobrite lance i could do 2 cars comfortably and 3 at a push with 1 bottle. Had cheaper lances which seem to rinse through the product and make it hard to get round even one car and the foam isnt very thick. Also have had a proKleen lance which is good, nice thick but runny foam however you can only do one car with the bottle which for a home user is fine! so 1L bottles are fine.
  11. The Autobrite direct snow foam lances are great and they will be able to fit the correct fitting for your jetwash for you!
  12. I've done both Steam clean and jet wash engine bays. I have never had an issue using a pressure washer on an engine bay and engine so long as common sense is applied. Things like keep the jet wash moving never hold it one place as this can force water into places you don't want it. All you would be doing with the jet wash in this instance is rinsing and not actual cleaning. I use a jet wash instead of an open hose as it puts through a lot less water. Also cover things like alternators. If you have an open air filter etc make sure this is covered too. All of your cleaning will be done with your chosen cleaner and detailing brush in the same instance. Hope this helps.
  13. I’ll message you, and yes there will be a little discount for OC.
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