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  1. I am a large ordered a large and fits as a large. So I suspect a medium will do you well.
  2. It is a doddle to retrofit cruise on a 987, I did it on my Boxster years ago. Took less than 20 minutes. I ended up getting the OPC to code it in though. Total job cost around £350.
  3. Arrived this morning. Very impressed with the packaging and the quality feel of the shirt. A bargain for the money spent.
  4. I have the email. Eagerly waiting for my shirt to arrive.
  5. My order is correct, Thank you
  6. Ordered a Large 718 shirt as per the pre order list. Looking forward to it arriving.👍
  7. and if it does then it is only worth half that. Depends on how much you want it. Are you are willing to spend a couple of hundred or so to find out? or is it 200 than can go towards something else?
  8. Suppose it boils down to how much they are asking. There may be a chance that with such little usage the "tappets" have run a bit dry of oil and possibly have become sticky with no oil in them, Might need a good engine flush and new oil (Maybe) But I would get it checked over first and if the seller isn't willing for you to do that then walk away. Plenty more fish in the sea.
  9. I used your link, so please verify ?
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