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  1. thanks for all your input, it is booked in monday for clutch, replace exhaust manifolds (pre cat delete), plugs oil and filter. then booked a weekend away in Norfolk so a good few hundred miles run then go from there again thank you all for your input Tristan
  2. it has just over 100,000 on the clock , ill ask the garage to find it lol, thanks for your input
  3. Thanks for your comments guys, yes im aware cars cost money (i also own a range rover) i also have a vac hose off that may not be helping (see other thread) up until the clutch i was driving it regularly and it smokes like hell from start for about 2 mins then it clears there is nothing when driving, and thats it clear for the day unless its left a few hours then you get a tiny bit of smoke for about 30sec however as i stated before ive only run it standing since the AOS replacement due to the clutch needing attention. are we thinking i should just get clutch done and carry on diagnosis ?? thanks again for your time
  4. still not found where this goes, could this be causing some of the smoke on start ? ive replaced the AOS the pipe seems to come off of the Y piece between the two solenoids any help ?
  5. i spoke to Ollie there today and had a quote through for a rebuild best part of £9k as they only replace all liners problem is I only paid £10K for the car..... I have spoken to they guys at ams Porsche in kimpton and they came back with a very competitive price at £3.5K plus liners that are needed etc has anyone used these guys ?
  6. Can anyone recommend someone to rebuild my engine, 3.4s 2006 so yes it smokes on startup i have replaced the air oil separator last week but have not been able to drive it just start it and warm it due to a clutch starting to fail/ judder but still smokes on start, does it need a good clear out or would the fix be instant ? my situation is that the clutch has started to slip and im looking to have that replaced but thought maybe its time for a re build ....OR do i get the clutch done for now £300-£500 as i have the parts and wait until winter and have the rebuild done ? Back to the engine, i have had quotes from £3.5k to £9k and all quite varied on what is replaced, i live in Hertfordshire / Buckingham borders i have also got new manifolds to put on and looking for a cat back system to add to this (any recommendations sub £800) thanks all
  7. Im Replacing my shift cables today so will have a look but that sounds like a good possibility
  8. hi guys and gals ok i removed the engine cover for the first time on the cayman (2006 3.4s) and im met with a lose vac hose, ive had a quick look cant see where it goes please see pics
  9. sounds good to me should be there cheers guys
  10. Hi all im Tristan (TRIT) Also a new owner just in Bucks in Ivinghoe any locals want a drive out / meet and coffee some time ??
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