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  1. Can't argue with that combo - the CTR is an immensely capable car, with ability, handling and feedback that belie its price point. I can see that the S2000 wouldn't have been as convicing a foil for the R - even less torque and needing to be revved to infinity to get the best from it, but when you're pushing up towards 9,000rpm 😁 With the CTR you're getting that distinction between torque and power, mid-range grunt and high revving power - complementing each other perfectly.
  2. Getting the kids in the back has always been one of the attractions / justifications for a hot hatch as a daily. Although I guess if you have more than two it'd be a tight squeeze for family outings 🙂
  3. I agree with you completely @Andyoz - the R has been a pretty much perfect car for me. Mine has stayed relatively stock bar the GT3 master cylinder, upgraded brake pads, Cup 2 tyres and a couple of cosmetic bits and pieces. I may upgrade bits and pieces as they need replacing rather than replacing with stock items, but after 10 years I'm still not tempted to swap it for anything else. As for the Focus RS, it's the perfect daily driver. In fact my daily driver is always a hot hatch, and for the most part always a Focus RS. I've had every Focus RS from new, but I might be holding onto this one for a good while since Ford is pretty adamant that there won't be a Mk4 version - still hoping that changes though. The Mk3 RS is superb, but definitely benefits from some modifications. Mine is running Mountune M400R map, along with full exhaust and sports cat, uprated intercooler and induction kit, Quaife dif, short shifter, sports springs, uprated brake pads and braided lines, uprated engine mount, and probably a load of other bits and ieces I've forgotten about. What you end up with is around 400bhp / 420lb ft fed through a proper torque vectoring AWD system - none of that simple Haldex stuff here 😂 The result being incredible grip and traction and surprising agility, all delivered with addictive dollops of torque. Honestly, in the real world on on the public roads the RS is probably faster point to point than the R, but it's a completely different experience. For me the two complement each other perfectly. One's a high revving, low slung, light and agile mid engine sports car that's built from the ground up to be exactly that. The other is a frankly insanely quick but incredibly practical car, that's still imense fun to drive, thanks in no small part to it still having three pedals.
  4. This is weird - I posted this hours ago but it seems to have not shown up. Oh well, let's try again... Coming to this late, but saying that @eponymoose opinion isn't valid because he's not owned an R is misguided at best. Having spent half my life reviewing stuff for a living - mainly tech, but also cars - under no circumstances do you need to have owned something in order to asses it's value, quality and merit. And often, not having owned it, not having to push past that post purchase justification syndrome is what makes that assessment more valid in its objectivity. Much like myself eponymoose has been reviewing stuff for many years, in fact we know each other from both being journalists rather than car enthusiasts, so the insight he's giving is both objective and based on a significant platform of experience. Not to mention the fact that he tackled this exact question in a feature he wrote for 911 & Porsche World, where he compared my R to the modified S he was running at the time. His conclusions married up with my own, and despite being an R owner - probably the first R owner in the UK, having taken delivery of my car in March 2011 - I'm not blinded by the facts at play here. The R is a great car, made clear by the fact I bought mine new 10 years ago and still have no desire to move it on. It is, however, relatively simply replicated, or even bettered if you want to put the time and effort into an S. The only part that's probably not achievable easily - or affordably - are the aluminium doors, everything else you could retrofit. And while you're doing that, you'd probably opt for a better LSD, adjustable coil-overs, uprated exhaust, etc. As eponymoose states, the R is held high among its peers - other 987 models - but given it's low volume, it's not worth as much as you might have expected. Perhaps part of that comes down to Porsche finally letting the Cayman off its leash with the GT4, or perhaps it's just that few people fully understand how good the 987 is in all guises, including the R. Anyway, all that said, my advice would be that if you have an S and are looking for the best 987 possible, AND are planning to keep the car for the long term, it does make sense to think about what upgrades would make your S perfect for you specifically. But if you want something that gives you all the brilliant handling and performance offered by the S and just a little bit more, along with the feeling that you're driving something a little bit special in terms of exclusivity, then you're better off investing in an R, especially come resale time.
  5. Good day yesterday and great to finally meet so many people that I've been chatting to online for years! I had planned to take lots of pics, but ended up chatting for most of the day, which is a fine measure of a successful event in my book 👍 Anyway, here are a few shots that I did manage to get...
  6. Thanks - got it. Now I need to figure out why I can't renew my membership 🙄
  7. Can't seem to find where to buy the ticket, but I think that may be down to my premium membership having lapsed. However, I also can't seem to renew my membership. Going to the subscriptions page just displays the two membership options but I can't select either 🤔 Guess it serves me right for not finding the time to hang out here for months 😂
  8. Hey @Julian987 the Porsche 111 point check is, in essence, Porsche checking your car over to make sure it's compliant with their extended warranty, it's really nothing to wrte home about and I'd be far more confident in a reputable independent looking over my car at service time and telling me if anything needs attention. I don't think you'll go wrong with RPM or Autofarm as far as servicing goes, and if you do sell eventually, any Porsche enthusiast will be more than happy with seeing stamps from either in the service book, I know I would. As for the tracker, I wouldn't bother. It's basically locking the stable door after the horse has bolted, since you're essentially being told when your car has been stolen, rather than preventing it happening in any way. I had one on my 997 because it came as standard, but then cost me over £200 a year to keep it active. I got a few calls over the years from the tracker service saying that my car had moved, when I wasn't in a position to check if it had, only to find that it hadn't moved at all. It's up to you of course, and in the case of the CR, which is hard to replace, you might want your car recovered if it's stolen, but it might not be in the best state if it is recovered.
  9. It's Richard's black CR with mine here - although I think his is far more of a track weapon now, and it was pretty hardcore back then! 😳
  10. Yep it will be time - service intervals are every 20k miles or every 2-years, whichever comes first. Next year mine will go in for its 5th scheduled service, but the car has only done 13k miles 😂
  11. With all this talk of the largest Cayman R gathering ever, let's get some pics of those rare, more than one Cayman R, moments 🙂
  12. No shortage of great independants around the Surrey area. If Brooklands is on your list, you should consider GT One in Chertsey - they've been looking after my R for a few years now and the service has been exemplary. They've done my regular servicing, discs and pads, GT3 master cylinder and brake ducts, battery, replacement clutch switches, fitted my Fabspeed exhaust tips - would recommend them without a moment's hessitation.
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