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  1. I'm up for coming along again; this year was great - excellent turn out, and wonderful weather; let's hope for the same next year 🙂
  2. It makes a noticeable difference wherever you're driving. It essentially eradicates that horrible mushy travel at the top of the pedal, giving the brakes a far more direct feel. The improvement on track is probably the most noticeable, though. since you're braking that much harder - it makes it easier to roll your foot to heel and toe, too. It's one of those things that should have been done at the factory - although if you're running PCCBs they come with a larger - though still smaller than the GT3 version - master cylinder anyway.
  3. I specced mine with no AC and hasn't bothered me one bit, even on track this summer - for me the R was all about being a lightweight and focused driver's car; no sat-nav or Bose in mine, either ? Given that this year has probably seen more hot days than the last ten years combined, I just can't see a point where I'm likely to miss it. I think I turned the AC on in my 911 a hand full of times in the three years I had it. Each to their own, of course ?
  4. Pretty sure the SW circuit is longer than 1.8miles - it's the same configuration as the GT circuit bar a couple of extra hairpins and short straights, and I think the GT is 3.8miles IIRC. But if it is the SW, that's a decent setup - it's what evo uses for its track evenings. As you say, Bedford is a great shout for anyone doing a first track day, too - loads of run off, and only a couple of places where it can go horribly wrong. That said, I wouldn't have thought the fast right hander onto the pit straight would be one of those places and I saw someone roll an M3 there ? Thought that might be half-term - not sure what we're doing yet, so will have to check with my better half first ?
  5. There have been lots of GT4s and GT3s at various Bedford track days I've been on, and none of them had an issue with noise - you can always turn the sports exhaust off if you think you're going to be close. Obviously that doesn't help anyone with a Carnwal, though ? The October date could be good, just need to make sure I'm free as I think that might be half-term week. BTW - which circuit configuration are we talking about for this? I assume it's not the full GT, is it the SW? Sorry if that's already been confirmed, may have missed it.
  6. I've always insured my Porsches through Porsche Insurance, although that doesn't officially exist anymore - it's just Aviva through Marsh brokers now. Reason was that they guaranteed genuine Porsche parts for any repairs, threw in a couple of track days a year for free and were generally as competitive as anyone else. Not sure if point one is still true, so may look around next year. I hear good things about Competition Car Insurance, in terms of bundled track day cover, but I guess that's only a consideration if you track your car.
  7. You and me both; I love bunnies ?? The Sport Design wheel is a huge improvement on the standard wheel I had on my 997 C2S, especially with the Alcantara finish - well worth the upgrade. Yep, Bedford is long, but the GT configuration is the best - there are a couple of extra hairpins that are really good fun; although I've driven in far worse conditions on the full GT ?
  8. Hardly the best track day experience on Friday, but it was certainly eventful. After being stuck on the motorway for three and a half hours getting there, we were treated to a torrential thunderstorm, which, when combined with a track that had been baking in the heatwave for the past month, made for very greasy conditions, especially when you're running Cup 2 tyres! So I got there completely exhausted, having spent so long stuck in traffic in the car that the last thing I really wanted to do was drive, especially given the sketchy conditions. As if that wasn't enough, when I did venture out between rain showers, I also had to contend with local wildlife! Heading down the back straight on my first lap out I experienced a literal 'bunny in headlights' moment, as a rabbit ran out into the middle of the track! Luckily I managed to scrub enough speed, and the rabbit was smart enough to run back to safety or it wouldn't have ended well for either of us - arguably worse for him of course. Video below - the attempted bunny suicide is around 2:10 if you don't want to waste too much of your time watching my tired, poor driving performance
  9. Fair enough - but you've obviously got a lot more power and a front engine setup with the M cars, so you'll be making use of the diff far more. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against diffs, I have one on mine, but in most cases I can't see the lack of one being a problem on a 2.7 Cayman, unless you're intentionally trying to break traction, which is appears you are, so I'll stop interfering and let you track one down now ?
  10. I guess the real question is whether you ever find yourself feeling as if you're spinning the inside wheel up through the bends.
  11. Now just factor in the cost of a GT3 master cylinder and you're good to go ? I have them on my car, can't honestly say how much difference they make, since I've never really experienced brake fade on track, but considering the price, why wouldn't you? And anything that keeps the brakes a bit cooler when you're pushing hard is a good thing, right?
  12. They look great - bet the centre stripe would look good, too ? I think the centre stripe will be a marmite thing, but I love it on mine.
  13. Ouch! But better to have done it now than after you've had the work done I guess. I've gone for Fabspeed chrome black tips, which both look great, while also creating much better exhaust flow, since they have separate pipes from each back box to each tip - the standard Porsche tips work on a T design, so the exhaust gasses from each box are literally hitting each other before being forced out of the tips. Not sure about the cost of fitting at this stage, it'll depend on whether anything is seized when we get it up on the lift ?
  14. Excellent - Robbie will look after you, he's kept my cars looking good for years and always does great work. Just ordered some new exhaust tips for the R, so I'll be back there for him to fit them next week, probably ?
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