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  1. Helloooo everybody, long time no see, life has been so busy that I haven't had time for online life, also haven't had time to drive my Cayman R since July, It's sitting in the garage under a cover on a C-Tek, wasted really. So just to put the cat amongst the pigeons as they say, if anybody is in the market for a 1 of 1 in the world, Viper Green Cayman R, 20k miles full Porsche service history, last one being a major at Porsche Tonbridge less than a thousand miles ago, including Drive belt and tensioner and spark plugs, and brand new MPS4S tires fitted recently. It's got all the right bits, Manual - Check Buckets - Check Spyder Wheels - Check PSE- Check Sports Chrono - Check Short Shift - Check Air con - Check Oh and the brakes have been upgraded to Giro two piece discs and Ferrodo pads. (originals included in case you wanted to put a warranty on it) Oh and did I mention it's the only one in Viper Green from the 1421 Cayman R's that were produced, so proper Unicorn poo! Serious discussions only, its very nice, ask anyone who has seen it, no test drives unless I'm driving, but to be fair if you don't know what a R is like to drive you probably won't be entertaining this one. Oh the price, £60,000 no offers considered so don't waste either of our time asking. Lots of photos on IG https://www.instagram.com/vipercaymanr/?hl=en DM me if you want a chat. Thanks Peter
  2. That's great Nick, i really wasn't expecting you to give the T-shirt profits to the charities. Just pay them in on the web pages donate now button.
  3. Hi Everybody, Just a quick update to say that we raised £286.00 for the charities which Ciro at the Sharnbrook kindly bumped up to £300.00. Therefore I have this evening donated £150.00 to McMillian Cancer Support and £150.00 to The Dogs Trust. Thank you all for attending and supporting the event and for your generous donations to two good causes.
  4. No but you don't have a roof either to be fair, and Red Spyder.......need we say more😍😍😍😍😍
  5. Well the day has arrived and passed and what an attendance we had! I would just like to say a massive thank you to everybody that turned out and supported the event, an event is only ever as good as the people attending and the people today were a lovely friendly bunch and really made it a day to remember. In the end we had 40 Cayman R's and 5 987 Spyder's in attendance and a whole bunch of other lovely pork to boot. Thanks again everyone, once the totals have been counted for the charities i will post the amounts raised for the two good causes. lovely to meet so many like minded enthusiasts and i look forward to seeing lots of you again. thanks Peter (Budflicker)
  6. Looking to bring cayman r  on Sunday how do I buy a ticket please call me on 07919596784


  7. I'm awaiting a few more replies but have confirmed 38 Cayman R'S and 4 987 Spyders, plus a load of other Pork.
  8. I will be leaving Kent from the Gravesend Cobham services on the A2 London bound at 8am if anybody this side wants to drive up with us? Quite happy to meet with the Baldock services gang but could we meet at 9.30 so we can arrive at the venue a little early so that i am there in time to organise parking of cars etc?
  9. Hi everyone, apologies for my absence, spinning lots of plates in life at present. Below is the list of confirmed, I will be messaging others in a minute and will update the booked list further later tonight. Last day to buy tickets/lunch is Saturday afternoon- there will be no admittance on the day if you don't have a pre-booked ticket. 1. Budflicker - Viper Green - BOOKED 2. Pandalf - Carrara White - BOOKED 3. Frayz - Peridot Green - BOOKED 4. S3 AKR - Carrara White - BOOKED 5. Jlittlejohn - Carrara White - UNABLE TO ATTEND 6. Y3 OWA - Carrara white - BOOKED 7. Stu T - Carrara white - BOOKED 8. SJE - Aqua Blue - 9. Cliff R - Peridot Green - BOOKED 10. Swanny71 - Silver - BOOKED 11. 911Jon - Silver- Unable to attend 12. Mogsmex - Carrara White - BOOKED 13. Jon704 - Carrara White - BOOKED 14. Ian Jones -Peridot Green - BOOKED 15. Pete the Glass - Black. 16. RSX Boy -Meteor Grey 17. CaymanR - Meteor grey. 18. Julian987 - Black - Unable to attend 19. Andy Fagan - Carrara White - Unable to attend. 20. Immunda - Peridot green - BOOKED 21. Simon Jolly -Guards Red 22. b4llyd - Peridot Green - BOOKED 23. Felixgogo - Silver - BOOKED 24. Paul Davis - Peridot Green- UNABLE TO ATTEND 25. Martin- Aqua Blue- BOOKED 26. Grant 964 - Carrara White - BOOKED 27. Gary Stanford - Peridot Green - BOOKED 28. Draven -Guards Red - BOOKED 29. K400RDY -Meteor Grey 30. Cl0v3rl3af - Carrara White - BOOKED 31. Raj Mistry -Guards Red 32. N24WAX - Black 33. Tiffany Barker - Carrara White - BOOKED 34. ScouseR - Carrara White 35. PeterB24 - Black 36. Paul Stevens - Black 37. ClioTrophey55 - Peridot Green - BOOKED 38. Gregarious - Peridot Green -BOOKED 39. Andrew Oakley -Carrara White - BOOKED 40. 4Lime -Black- Unable to attend 41. Matt UK - Peridot Green -BOOKED 42. Stumpjumper - Black- Unable to attend 43. Eastwood1875 -Black. 44. Alexjc4 - Peridot green. 45. Deltamikealpha - Guards Red - BOOKED 46. N8jgo - Speed Yelow 47. AndyOz - Carrara White-Unable to attend 48. A1 9URJ - Carrara White - BOOKED 49. GBEE - Carrara White-BOOKED 50. Phone - Peridot - BOOKED 51. crxvtec - Peridot - BOOKED 52. Sean C - Carrara White - BOOKED 53. tkjchandler - Platinum Silver - BOOKED 54. SlowSpeed - Basalt Black - BOOKED 55. OxfordPorsche - Basalt Black - BOOKED 56. Nigel Watkins. - Carrara White - BOOKED 57. V800MJH - Unknown - BOOKED 58. CooperR. - Carrara White - BOOKED 59. Meteor_CR - Grey - BOOKED 60. Peaktraveler - Black - BOOKED 61. IanB_76 - Grey - BOOKED 987 Spyder's 1. Porsche GT4 - Carrara White 2. Stuart Mclaren - Carrara White 3. Spyderman - Guards Red 4. Brad Page - Carrara White - BOOKED 5. David Noble 987.2 SPyder in white- BOOKED 7. Tom Write 987.2 Spyder in white- BOOKED 8. FISH - WHITE 987.2 Spyder- BOOKED
  10. Hello all, I am ever so sorry for my absence of late. My mum was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer recently and has been very unwell of late so much of my time has been spent assisting in her care and looking after my dad and sister. Sadly mum passed away last Wednesday peacefully with her family. Sorry I haven't replied to messages. Veggie option is the pizza or I suppose you could have an empty burger bun if you wanted the cheaper ticket. All cars welcome, just a different area to park than the R's and Spyders so please all feel free to book, you do need to book though so the venue can organise the correct amount of food and track and trace. Tell your friends and share the link, let's all bust out of lockdown and have a great day. I look forward to seeing you all on the day. I'm travelling up from Kent if anyone fancies a drive up together. Thanks again for your patience. Peter
  11. CAYMAN R & 987 SPYDER Exclusive Petrolheadonism Meet We are excited to inform you that we are still looking to welcome you on Sunday 9th May 2021 for your event as we will be allowed to reopen as a Pub / Restaurant for outdoors service only - therefore the only downside is you cannot stay in the hotel the previous night (unless the current hospitality challenge against the Government was to be successful and change their planned dates for reopening.) Our Food & Refreshments service will be as per your booked tickets on the day in keeping with our outdoor events approach deployed throughout 2020 and further facilities are available inside the hotel building such as Bar Service and Restrooms within the Covid Guidelines in force at that time. We will communicate any updates/further guidelines within the final week before the event. We look forward to welcoming you - Event officially opens at 11am and I'll be personally on hand with my own GT4 Wannabe Promo Car that I've recently acquired and tinkered with to enjoy the day with you all! Don't forget to check us out on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/Petrolheadonism/videos - my Cayman is on there too.... Regards Ciro Ciampi GM @TheSharnbrook Founder Petrolheadonism.Club Ok everyone, it is a go on the meet..... We have lots of cars listed above but not everyone has booked their tickets yet, I understand peoples reservations with Covid and lockdowns, but now we know it is going ahead lets make it a day to remember.
  12. Hi Nick, That is correct, the Cayman S sport was a gen 1 run out special model year 2008-2009 and was available in the RS Orange and Viper Green as a standard colour in homage to the 997 GT3RS mk1 colour palette. They were also available in Red, White, Black, Silver and yellow. The original list price was £41850 so this example mentioned seems well overpriced in my eyes, particularly with the ghastly rear cover that i feel looks out of place and takes away the collectability of an original car. It's a rare car alright, only 700 were produced worldwide so less than half the amount than the 2011 Cayman R that had 1421 units built. Viper Green on the gen 2 Cayman 987 was PTS only and as mentioned previously mine is the only Cayman R in PTS Viper Green. It was originally ordered by a Count from the Czech Republic who resided in Scotland and ordered the PTS to match his 997 GT3RS in the same colour. (i have the purchase receipts and paperwork from the OPC) Viper remained a PTS colour until the 991.1 generation of cars and there are a few 991.1 GT3RS's in Viper around, after that the next RS was launched in Lizard and Viper was taken off the list. It has now been replaced by the very similar Python Green which is currently a standard palette colour. My friend is awaiting collection of his 992 Carrera in Python Green so i will be able to get some side by side photo's as a comparison of just how close the colours are.
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