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  1. bump... still can't figure out why this has just happened.
  2. Hi all, Out of the blue the rear sensor on my 981 boot is not working for some reason. Always found it very useful without having to get the keys out to open the boot. Does anyone know how to get this working again or is there an issue somewhere? Cheers
  3. Hi all, I'm one step closer to being an owner of a 981 2.7ltr Cayman. Before finalising the purchase, what should I really be looking out for in terms of the servicing and general maintenance of the car? I'm purchasing from a non-Porsche dealer too. It's a 2016 car with just under 9,000 miles. It has a full Porsche service history so I've asked them to send me the document via e-mail, I've asked whether the tyres have been changed and salesman said it probably hasn't been changed since new and reckons they're still within the legal thread limit (I'll check on the day of collection though). Thanks
  4. Update: looks like the car is provisionally sold as the site says reserved. Unfortunately i’m not the one that reserved it. My hunt continues!
  5. Furthermore I received pictures of the interior and looks like these are standard seats instead of sport seats? Suits me fine because the sports seats were abit uncomfy for me as I have wide shoulders so they kept digging into me....
  6. Hi all, Here's the car in question: http://www.stratstone.com/search/vehicledetails/used-car-porsche-cayman--automatic-petrol-white-coupe-BR14HAL/ The options that were a must is to have 20" alloys and Sport design steering wheel which this car has. The nice to haves were twin exhaust pipe, Porsche crescent on headrest, Sports Chrono but for the price of this car, I thought it's a bargain so didn't mind none of the nice to haves were on there. Spoke to the sales rep on the phone and he said the next service is due 2020. There's only been one service and that was at a Bentley service centre. Unsure if it has Navigation, PASM and Air con. I assume it has Air Con... nearly all modern cars have Air Con these days??? I can check on these things tomorrow though.
  7. Hi all, I might pull the trigger on purchasing a 981 Cayman from a dealer soon but the website I saw it on does not give any information about the car. I'd like to find out some answers first but not exactly sure what are the things I should look out for when purchased a used Cayman. Any helpers here? I got the usual service history, tyre thread covered. But is there anything specific I need to ask? It's a 2014 model that's done very little mileage. Thanks!
  8. Great! Thanks very much DJMC :)
  9. Thanks @Malcolm E Cay for the info! How much you reckon the service will cost? Obviously I guess this depends on what needs replacing on the car... seeing you have a 718, don't think yours is due for servicing yet
  10. Hi all, I'm in the market to purchase a 981 Cayman and whilst I've seen some nice ones with low mileage, perfect alloys and car colour combination, the normal multi-function steering wheel looks ugly imo. I'd love to get one with the sports style steering wheel with the flappy pedals but I was thinking the other day, if it's possible to retrofit a Macan/Cayenne steering wheel to a 981 Cayman. So off I went to consult Google and it appears that some people in the US have tried this with success but the multi-function buttons don't all work. Then I searched deeper and apparently you can buy an adaptor that make the multi-function buttons work 100%. I prefer a steering wheel with flappy pedals with multi-function buttons all working as it's so convenient when I want to answer a call or change the music track. I also found this Macan direct replacement steering wheel but unsure if this will retrofit onto a 981: https://www.design911.co.uk/fu/pt67_67_466_-cma81-cmo2294/Porsche/Macan/Steering-Wheels-With-Air-Bag/ Just wondering has anyone took this upon themselves as a project? Thanks
  11. Hi all, So I took a test drive on a 981 Cayman 2.7 at a independent dealership. Car was nice and all but I wasn't sure how the servicing works with Caymans so asked the sales rep. the question on how often would I need to get a Cayman serviced or is it like any other non-sport car where there are service intervals. He told me a Cayman would need to be serviced every 2 years and it'll cost about £600 regardless of mileage. I took this as a pinch of salt especially on the price so thought I'd ask actual 981 Cayman owners here on their experiences with servicing their pride and joy if this is what you guys follow and pay? Thanks!
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