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  1. It was a great but unfortunately the group idea didn’t work. I’m a member of Porsche GB, R17 & also the Cayman OC. The funny thing was that I had stickers on for both groups & ended up with a TIPEC flag planted next to me. Perhaps I ought to try them as well!!
  2. Just arrived & everyone is mixed up except 911. No one new anything about a Cayman section, still nice though.
  3. It was my first time last year & I was glad I started off early. We live in Southampton & will probably leave about 8.00 to get in without too much queuing. You won’t be able to leave until they stop coming in but I would have thought that 11:00 would be ok. Only a guess though. Cheers.
  4. I presume we will be directed to the Cayman area? There must be more than 6 joining the group or am I wrong? Anyway looking forward to it!
  5. Yes, Beaulieu is our favourite place as we live in Southampton, it’s a fantastic venue. A lot of things tend to be in the middle of the country which can be a bit far to go for a day. We did have a nice weekend in the Cotswolds & had a B&B in Chipping Norton when Porsche GB had a get together. More events in Hampshire would be nice. We are going to Downton Porsche Classic Car Show with Southern Porsche GB this Saturday 4 May. They close the High Street & have the annual Cuckoo fair which also brings people to the village.
  6. Yes we bought our tickets some time ago & would like to join up with the Cayman group if possible. I presume they will just direct you once inside. cheers,
  7. We are planning to come again, it was a fantastic event last year. Will look forward to it.
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