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  1. Yes you are right, I should probably be a bit more proactive on that one Although since that photo was taken I've cleaned up the connection, and put some rust protection on it, but at some point it will need to be replaced. Interestingly, the identical connector on the pipe on the opposite (passenger) side started leaking not long after I bought the car, about 3 years ago, so I got it replaced but didn't have time to do the rest, so thought I'd wait till the others started causing a problem and get them all done at the same time. None have leaked so far, not sure if that's just luck or if the passenger side hose has more of a tendency to fail.
  2. Just to close this one off - in the end I had to replace both the vent line as above, and the adjoining pipe which runs horizontally across the front of the car behind the bumper to the opposite wheel arch, making the connection to the other radiator. This was due to the plastic connector having snapped off the horizontal pipe and now being stuck in the end of the vent line (this was the cause of the leak). Parts were pretty cheap - about £50 delivered for both from my local OPC with PCGB discount. Its just a case of carefully unclipping and removing the horizontal pipe through the wheel arch and feeding the new one back through - top tip from my mechanic, attach a piece of long cable or wire to the end of the old pipe as you are removing it, which you can then use as a breadcrumb trail to feed the new one through behind the bumper, as it is very cramped in there with all the other coolant pipes and so on. Fitting the other vent line is a simple swap, only requires the lower front portion of the wheel arch trim to be removed to access the connection to the radiator.
  3. I used to get very hung up on even the smallest perceptible 'strange' noise on cars I've owned. And most of the time no one else could hear it but me. But when you think about how many different moving parts there are in a modern combustion engine, arguably it would be weirder if they all did sound exactly the same.
  4. Hi all, just as I finally fixed one issue, another arises! 🙄 I moved the direction of the passenger side dash air vent and was greeted with a 'clunk' as the plastic 'fang' piece and metal spring which hold and move the vertical vanes fell out. So now the vent can move horizontally but not vertically. Never had this happen before but a bit of a search suggests its a fairly common issue that has been occurring since the first 987's were put into production. There seem to be a number of possible solutions suggested, from manoeuvring the piece back into position using a lot of intricate dexterity and patience, through to removing the vents either partially or completely from the dash. https://www.renntech.org/topic/6333-broken-ac-vent/ https://www.porscheclubgb.com/forum/tm.aspx?m=998283 Just wondered if anyone has ever had this issue and may have some good advice on which method to use? Many thanks in advance.
  5. Have a look here for more info on the de-snork mod:
  6. +1 for the Carnewal GT, particularly if enhanced soundtrack is your primary objective. The route to his workshop in Belgium is relatively straight forward, and combined with a weekend in Ghent or Bruges it is a great experience If you can't make it then as mentioned above you can have the exhaust shipped to the UK and yours sent back once swapped over, but I'd recommend getting Gert to do it if possible, as he has the tools, parts and experience to sort any issues with no fuss (like the inevitable rusted on bolts/clamps).
  7. Thanks,my photos above are for the holes in the sill that runs along the side of the car, but I know the door adjustment holes you mean - from recollection I think they may be oblong shaped rather than round but I could be wrong!
  8. Can't comment on the X-Pipe specifically, but I had the OEM sport tailpipes fitted by Gert when he installed the Carnewal GT Exhaust, and the blurb states that the "TT" design results in a better flow and slightly more sound due to the enlarged diameter. http://www.carnewal.com/products/987/p87012/Tail-Pipe-Sport
  9. This may be of help to someone - one other job I got round too recently was replacing one of the grommets which had come out of its hole in the sill (I presume these holes are as a result of the manufacturing process?). The grommet had kind of disintegrated over time. So I measured up and bought some 20mm closed grommets from screwfix https://www.screwfix.com/p/schneider-electric-closed-grommet-20mm-100-pack/18603 And they fitted perfectly. The other sill grommets are still in place but some are looking a little worse for wear - mind you I have 99 left so shouldn't have to worry!
  10. Hi all, I discovered a coolant leak coming from the O/S front wheel arch recently, instantly thought it must be one of the infamous coolant hoses finally giving up the ghost (I've replaced one on the N/S previously, but not all of them yet) but on closer inspection it turns out to be leaking at a connection of what I believe to be the radiator coolant vent line. Not sure why its suddenly started to leak but seems to be very loose fitting on the metal pipe it joins to - feels like a seal / O ring has given up the ghost maybe. So I've got a new vent line from my local OPC (at a not too bad cost of £26 delivered inc PCGB discount) but wondered if anyone had ever had to replace this before and / or had any tips before I get stuck into it this weekend. Cheers Ben
  11. If you have the bumpers resprayed in situ its a lot cheaper but with the front in particular you'll not get such a great finish unless it's removed and stripped of parts. The rear is not such an issue. So I think it cost me in the region of £300 for the rear and just shy of £500 for the front IIRC. Depends also on the condition of the bumpers of course, my front had quite a few stone chips to sort but it pretty much looks like new now. I'm sure there will be places who would have quoted me cheaper but I've had issues in the past with poor quality bumper resprays that have caused more hassle than its worth.
  12. Just thought I would put a shout out / recommendation for Abbey Sprays bodyshop in Romsey, Hampshire. On a recommendation from my neighbour, who has restored a number of classic cars, I used them to respray both the front and rear bumpers on my 987 - the front in particular had a number of 'battle scars' after 14 years, nothing too serious but plenty of stone chips, a few parking scuffs and so on. I'm nervous of having bodywork done that requires removal/refitting of bumpers, trim etc as I've had a few bad experiences in the past with poor quality control, but I have to say that Abbey Sprays did a very good job indeed, which was on time and as per the quote. And mine was the second 987 they had seen recently, the previous one I think for a bonnet respray and trim colour change. They are a friendly, small-ish family run firm with a lot of experience so would recommend giving them a shout if you need any bodywork completed in the south hants area. https://carbodyrepairsromsey.com/
  13. Have a look at this thread for more info, they can be picked up on ebay etc
  14. I think as time moves on the preconceived issues with the gen 1 S 3.4 engine are going to be much less of a problem as knowledge and understanding increases and those cars that are at impacted upon are rectified. When I was looking for my first Cayman back in 2017 I have to say the stories of possible engine failure did play significantly on my mind, and played a part in my decision to go for a 2.7, but I would say that if I was in the market for a gen 1 S today, or any Porsche with that era/type engine, I would be much less worried about it.
  15. Condition and service history has always been much more important than mileage, to me anyway. Could be a decent buy if the price is right.
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