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  1. Well the Zunsports are fitted - compared to fitting the SSK, this was like a walk in the park! Took about 20 minutes in total - not including the time taken to remove the detritus that had built up in the far reaches of the intake within the bumper. I found the perfect tool for the job - one of those telescopic back scratcher things! Agree with the comments above, definitely need to keep an eye on the build up of crap in that area. Fitting is remarkably easy - clip in the outer side first, then the corresponding clip on the inner side, and use a small screwdriver to just lightly push the inner clip into position behind the plastic trim. Small screw goes in with no problem, to the plastic trim just below the fog light. All done. I think they look great, but can see why some people might not be so hot on them, as they do tend to sit a bit proud at the bottom - this isn't a problem IMO for a dark coloured car, but for others it might mean you can see some of the coloured bumper between the bottom edge of the grill and the black plastic intake. I think some people have resolved this with some black cable ties attached to the plastic fins, to pull the grill in a bit tighter. But with a black or dark grey car you don't notice it. Good quality too, and I believe Zunsport make OEM grills for Jag, Peugeot, Citroen and firms like Overfinch, so hopefully will last a little while. Some before and after pics (excuse the quality):
  2. That looks good, unfortunately I think they've now sold out (of online tickets anyway!) :(
  3. i was thinking of popping along to this, since it's only down the road from me - never been before!
  4. When I bought my Cayman the condition of the bolts really let it down, and as a temporary measure I bought some plastic caps, expecting them to still look a bit rubbish and eventually all fall off. A year later and all of them are still on the car, and I actually quite like the look of them now! I didn't buy from this actual seller but I think these are the ones I have - they're more of a matt grey than black: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/19mm-BLACK-ALLOY-WHEEL-NUT-BOLT-COVERS-CAPS-UNIVERSAL-SET-FOR-ANY-CAR/254178834325?hash=item3b2e3d3795:g:SlsAAOSw9w9cmvWs
  5. Whilst dismantled I found that part of the cigarette lighter holder (underneath) was broken, which I wish I'd know before hand as I don't really relish taking it all apart again to replace it - so yes definitely recommend getting everything done at the same time, as far as possible of course! Loving the short shift though, really has transformed the car IMO, and no issues (for me anyway) with 1st gear being too stiff either. Next mod for this weekend is to fit my new Zunsport grills :)
  6. So, finally fitted the OEM SSK yesterday, and thought I'd share a few observations/tips! Purchased it from OPC Portsmouth for £250 (with PCGB discount), the cheapest I could find. There are lots of guides/videos on how to install the SSK but a good place to start as others have mentioned is here: https://www.planet-9.com/987-cayman-and-boxster-service-and-tech/59444-porsche-short-shift-kit-diy-guide.html Although there is another guide which I also used which isn't as picture rich, but is much easier in some areas as it shows you how to remove the gear knob and gaiter as a single piece and how to disconnect a single wiring connector to remove the centre console rather than all the individual connectors. I'l try and find the link to it and post on here later. I would recommend using proper trim remove tools as I really struggled trying to remove some bits of the trim without them (such as the gaiter). The gear knob itself, which can be removed by unlocking the collar under the gaiter and pulling upwards, was a real PITA, but finally shifted when I stood up in the car (as best I could) and pulled directly upwards with as much force as possible. Easier in a Boxster I imagine! The rest of the dismantling was pretty straightforward. I marked the position of the gear link cables in neutral before I removed them, which I don't think is necessarily required if you have the OEM kit, but came in useful when I tested the new SSK in situ and they popped out! I don't know if it was just me but I found reconnecting the cables a real pain, as one wouldn't fit properly, and it took a lot of fiddling and effort before it finally went in correctly. Can't say I'm massively impressed with the mechanism, doesn't look all that robust! Anyhow, after that reassembly was no problem, other than ensuring that you push the gear knob fully down when reinstalling (I couldn't initially work out why it wasn't locking in place). All in it took me a full afternoon of labour, but I am fairly risk averse so was taking things pretty easy, and I don't count myself as particularly mechanically minded, so others may find they get through it a lot quicker. I also gave all the parts a good clean whilst removed. The end result was well worth it though! The shift is massively improved IMO. The throw feels stiffer all round (in a good way), and I would say is 30% shorter than stock, and much more positive and engaging. Very happy!
  7. Funnily enough I finally got round to installing my OEM SSK yesterday. Fitting was a bit of PITA for me (I don't count myself as particularly handy with the spanners) but the end result was well worth it. I sourced mine from Porsche Portsmouth, and with the PCGB discount it was £250ish delivered, which I thought was a pretty decent price!
  8. Alas I am otherwise engaged on Sunday, but will definitely try and make the next meet up!
  9. I'd be up for a southern area meet too 👍 Beaulieu was a great day out but would be good to meet up with more fellow Cayman owners!
  10. Just to close this one off - it was indeed the fuel pump - according to Brookspeed the 987.1 has the low pressure pump, and mine seemed to have failed for some reason. New pump fitted and the car is back on the road again, seemingly performing better than ever. Thanks for everyone's advice, and to Brookspeed who pulled out the stops to have me back on the road in time for Beaulieu yesterday. 👍
  11. I bought the OEM 981 tips from Carnewal for my 987 - they are a bit expensive but the quality is excellent and they sound great when partnered with the GT exhaust. As Gert explained, some of the cheaper versions can restrict air flow, and you may have issues with fitment.
  12. Likewise Craig, was good to meet you and a few other members today! Always amazes how many 911s are out there in the world, the caymans seem to be rather rare in compassion!
  13. New fuel pump fitted and car finally back on the road 👍 (and many thanks to Brookspeed for sorting it out for me, they will be at Beaulieu tomorrow too). Will be heading down first thing, would be good to meet up if there is a spot for the club.
  14. I'm waiting on a new fuel pump to be delivered to and fitted by Brookspeed - they have been really helpful in trying to get my Cayman back on the road for Sunday - fingers crossed
  15. Add me to the list! Presuming my cayman is back on the road by then...! 😕
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