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  1. Due to a change in plans for the day, I now can't make it to the Bicester event, but will be attending the Piston Heads Sunday Service at Thruxton instead!
  2. Agree with Craig - I also think that if you're unlucky the bills can stack up quite quickly which may encourage some people to move a car on - or changes in lifestyle, as its only a 2 seater. I've had mine for a year and a half and it still feels new to me, and have every intention to keep it for quite some time yet!
  3. I've always felt that the throttle response in the Cayman had some built in latency so am willing to give the SprintBooster a go - not expecting any kind of power gains but just a more immediate response to pressure on the loud peddle. More the kind of response you would get from a mechanical throttle control rather than drive by wire.
  4. Would be interested to know where you sourced your Sprint Booster from Syer, and what overall impact it has on the driving experience. Its definitely something on my Christmas wish list!
  5. They're yellow - zinc yellow to be exact!
  6. Also the car is booked in to have the caliper paintwork sorted next week, and Regal have told me they will pick up the cost, so I'm happy with that! I can't fault the work they did on the suspension of the car, they obviously know what they're doing!
  7. Hi Syer Sorry for the delayed response - work and other things got in the way! And the rubbish weather which has limited the amount of times I've been out in the car recently. Happily though I had the chance to take the Cayman out on Sunday morning for a run in the New Forest. And my initial impressions have been confirmed - I love the way it handles now. Not that it handled badly before - but everything just feels improved - much flatter around corners, more feedback, more planted, and therefore inspires much greater confidence. And the car also looks so much better now IMO - not too low, which I was a little concerned about - just right. And no problems with speed bumps or pot holes. The only other thing I would have liked to have done is to upgrade to adjustable dampers, but that would have been a step too far for the wallet right now. And the current setup seems pretty decent to me. So one for the future perhaps. So overall, yes, I would definitely recommend the H&R springs and spacers combo. But just be prepared to pay a fair whack for fitting, particularly if, as mine, the suspension hasn't been fettled with for quite a while!
  8. Slightly ropy pic of the car in the rain, will try and get some better before and after pics over the weekend
  9. So I picked the car up from Regal Autosport in Southampton in the dark and rain yesterday so not had much chance to experience the new setup but here are a few initial thoughts: - the stance of the car is massively improved. I totally agree with those that say it should have come out of the factory looking like this. A huge visual improvement which on its own makes the springs/spacers worth it IMO. - the car straight away feels more 'planted' - but I need to take it on a proper run to test out the handling properly - the ride is maybe a little firmer before, but not to any great detriment - I haven't scraped over any speed bumps (yet!) On the slightly less positive side.... - it cost me a lot more than I initially thought to get fitted (actually nearly double) which was primarily due to the number of knackered/rusted/seized parts that needed removing/replacing (control arms, top mounts/bearings etc). Took over 8 hours in labour. - my newly refurbed calipers came back from the garage in a 'sub optimal' state, to put it mildly! Whoever had removed them did not seem to have taken any care whatsoever to prevent damage to the paintwork. I was very disappointed by this, particularly as Regal work on some very top end cars (Lambos, McLarens etc). But to be fair I have sent them pictures and they have indicated they will sort it. Will update on this when I hear back from them. More to follow....!
  10. Springs and spacers being fitted on Tuesday chaps, along with a full geo setup, will update when complete!
  11. Mileage never really bothers me with cars like these, rather how it feels when driven and how it's been looked after over the years. I hope you get another 100k under the belt!
  12. Yes, thanks Steve for the comprehensive info! 👍
  13. Agreed, I'd be interested to know what equipment was used, its really good quality!
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