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  1. Totally agree with this. I tested a number of caymans which on paper should have been identical but it was remarkable how different some of them felt, as if something was just not right. And when you find the right one you will know, it'll just click!
  2. Yep they definitely are on the list! I'm enjoying the novelty of just having working sidelights at the moment!
  3. Could it be a battery issue? Although not exactly the same, these 2 posts suggest disconnecting or replacing the battery to resolve mysterious electrical gremlins! https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=48&t=1169396 https://www.porscheclubgb.com/forum/tm.aspx?m=688966
  4. A quick update - so it was indeed both bulbs that had blown - what had thrown me slightly was the manual stating that a warning light would appear on the dash if the side lights were out, which there was not, and I know this function is working as a message appeared when a tail light bulb was blown previously. Also the manual states the replacement bulbs are w5w, when they are in fact H6, which seems to be strangely expensive bulb for its size at over a fiver each at ECP! To my embarrassment, I also discovered how hot the fog light bulbs can get in a very short period of time - as I was testing the lights before refitting, in only a few seconds they were beginning to melt into their plastic cowls! Luckily no damage done but a lesson learnt!!😃
  5. Thanks all. Yes the front side lights (which I'm presuming are in the fogs?) definitely don't illuminate in the sidelight position. Maybe the bulbs have gone. Just wanted to check before i started poking! Cheers
  6. Hi all Apologies as this may be a stupid question, but I'm relatively new to Cayman ownership and I still can't figure out the side light settings (or lack there of?) on my base 987.1. I have halogen headlights and presumed that when I turned the headlight switch to the sidelight setting, front and rear sidelights would come on. However it seems that only the rear number plate light is illuminated. The manual kind of indicates that this is correct, but what then is the point of this setting? It looks like there are 2 bulbs in the front fog - should one of those be the side light? Or is one bulb for the front fog light and the other for the parking light when in Home mode? As I say, sorry if i'm just being a bit stupid! Any advice gratefully received. Cheers Ben
  7. Looking good! It was a very impressive display in the hangar. Some really nice restored cars too, like the 924 in the porsche classic life garage (I think that was what it was called!). Will definitely return to Bicester Heritage one day.
  8. Yes I know what you mean! Was quite a sight seeing so many porsches in one place. Lots of 911s but didn't see so many 987 caymans, or maybe they were hiding somewhere!!
  9. Yep less than a fiver and a coupe of hours of labour! Seems to have fixed it as we've had some rubbish weather over the last few days but no new wet carpets. 👍 I was trying to work out how so much water could collect in the bottom of the door to cause this issue. I noticed that water only drains away when the door is opened so maybe if you don't open the passenger door so often it could lead to a build up of water? To the extent that it breaches the seal if left too long? Dunno!

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