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  1. @Windymiller @Beanoir glad to see you enjoyed the experience Lot of radio silence from me too, hope you guys are well! When is the next meeting
  2. Who is your shop? My best advice is speak directly with the tech and tell them what you want from the car /give him goals to shoot for and let them do their vodoo. There's a lot of dependencies that are hard to micromanage if you are not sure of how all numbers interact -- trust your tech! Make sure they also corner balance the car Every car is different but zero toe in front and total 1/16 toe in rear works for mine, with rake bias to the front to bring a bit more grip there car moves around real nice in the bends with no understeer whatsoever -- I also ha
  3. Well this was a great day seeing the SR1s in action I'm liking these Radicals... mmmh ? video_2018-11-10_18-21-38.mp4
  4. I wonder if there's spaces at brands or Bedford when you could organise a course with cones - if that's what you mean? I'm going up to Donington and they are using a tarmac space there as far as I understand
  5. Can confirm as my car is black ah! I signed up for the Donington winterseries if anyone wants to join! Via Loughborough car club - 15 December
  6. Day was really good - greasy in the morning but then completely dry by midday / after break. Crazy traffic due to Radical cup this weekend - about 100 cars total I heard. 20 max on track limit but hardly believed that Had an instructor with me for the day managed to knock 4 seconds off my best time - really happy with the car performance
  7. Right, yeah -- just my 2 cents here fro my research of the past weeks. Alloys shipped to here from the US might end up costing you over $500 in tax and shipping at a minimum, unless you go with some direct importer like Nungen and can strike some deal with (I am speaking to them to understand actual cost of the operation). Now if you are hovering to 1800-2000 gbp that's getting closer to the real FUCHSFELGE budget (euro 2330+shipping from Twinspark in the Netherlands...or you could drive there and get them installed ) https://www.twinsparkracing.com/shop/fuchs-18-inch-8-10-rsr-ano
  8. @Mavrik @Craiglm68 I take you are not going to be at Brands tomorrow?
  9. Heard back from. They do not do the proper fitment for me and they are a tad heavy / as heavy as the standard ones so for me can't justify the expense I'm verging towards Yokohama Advan TC3 (19lbs) import from Nungen directly from Japan (about 1500/set + tax)
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