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  1. This is the front 12mm spacer 45mm studs, I have 5mm spacers on the rear, wont let me upload a picture but you get the idea. hope this helps.
  2. I got the 45mm kit when Design 911 were selling them, another option may be this in 45mm; https://www.stuttgart-classica.co.uk/water-cooledparts/titanium-studs To be honest 45mm is too long even with 15mm spacers there is still a fair bit of stud showing beyond the bolt, assume you have fatter spacers. They do make it much easier to get the wheels off and one.
  3. Had mine setup at Fearnsport Silverstone, maxed the front camber setting without charging or modifying the top mounts (which I appreciated is limited). Got the same rear camber as you and added some rear toe. Certainly makes the turn in sharper, as you say by getting rid of the Porsche engineered understeer. Just need to decide if I upgrade more parts to make it more track focused..
  4. Subscribed as well, +1 on the AOS change.
  5. Yes I know exactly what they mean, noticed it when i tried to take the pads out and there is a ridge of unworn pad material on the inside of the inside pad. Not sure if the Porsche discs will be better so will check when i need to replace them. I don't think braking was reduced though, would overall say better, but I did fit the pads at the same time. Probably more cosmetic, but i did not like the multi fit/holed disks always looked a bit odd although in reality I expect no impact on performance.
  6. I use this kit from Freaky Parks done 12 track days with CL5+ pads and a marked improvement over standard, kit comes with larger disks.
  7. Had a similar issue turned out to be the VVT solenoid - got various OBD error codes relating to misfire and 'value lift control' 1361, 1363, 137, 1359 replaced both solenoids circa £100 each did both banks, easy to get to once wheel off and dirt shield removed.
  8. I had this - seems the shield rusts around the nuts that hold it on so it 'flutters' - as you say, against the silencer. I just took all the nuts off and used some large round washers to secure the shields sorted the problem.
  9. Bit of an odd one, I am getting the 'Check Side Direction Indicator' warning on the dash with the associated fast flashing of the green turn direction indicator, which is usually a blown bulb. However all 3 indicators on the left side are working fine and flashing at normal speed. Other side is fine as are the hazard warning lights. Any ideas what could be triggering the warning even though all bulbs etc are fine and indicating normally? Bulb on the way out causing car to think its blow, flasher unit??
  10. I went for this kit from Feaky Parks; https://freakyparts.co.uk/collections/porsche-boxster-987-brakes/products/porsche-boxster-987-front-big-disc-upgrade Bigger disks and a spacer for the caliper together with some longer bolts. But same pads size (Carbon Loraine CL5+), I am running braided lines and ATE 200 fluid which works as a good setup for me. I appreciate you can go more hardcore, but its a fairly cheap extra braking upgrade. I do a few track days and brakes hold up well.
  11. I have the kit from Freaky Parts; https://freakyparts.co.uk/collections/porsche-boxster-987-brakes With Carbone Lorraine CL5+ pads, good all round setup with braided lines and ATE 200 fluid. Gives better bite on track and still ok from cold/for road use. I appreciate you can go more extreme, but a good balance.
  12. On the Suspension geo could you let me know what settings you went for? Taking my track focued Cayman in for a setup soon and a baseline would be useful, camber toe etc. Cheers
  13. Planning on changing my front discs does anyone know the size of the torx bolt holding these on (if it is a torx)? Thanks
  14. Great thread I am doing some similar mods to a 2006 Cayman S I purchased a few weeks ago. With the steering wheel when you fitted that did you code out the airbag lights or fit/solder in resisters to the two airbag connectors? Paul
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