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  1. Just wondering if you could pick any five Porsche’s, which would they be and in order of preference please? Money no object, but excluding aftermarket Porsche’s (I.e. No Rufs / Singers) My work in progress list below: 1. Carrera GT (wonder how many would pick this) 2. 964 Turbo 3. 911 R (991) 4. Cayman GT4 (981) 5. 918 Spyder
  2. Thanks Andrea. yeh I’m kinda looking for best of both worlds... I have a feeling the cayman would be a lot more enjoyable to live with day to day, be more reliable, and easier on the pocket slightly. I e also never owned anything mid engined before and love the front light clusters (like a baby carrera GT). but the opposing side for me is, and what a lot of Z4M owners say, is the M has way more character even if it might not be the perfect driving machine. i think financially, it’s a slightly easier entry point to the z4m but may cost more in long run, versus slightly more to buy a 987.2 with cheaper running cost (fuel/tax) and probably better reliability engine wise. its a tough one... but would be nice to own something totally different too...
  3. Hey all, Just curious to see anyone on here who has previously owned a Z4M Coupe and also a Cayman S, or vice versa? Which did you prefer? Do wish you could go back to the other car? Why did you change in the first place? Whats more fun as a daily driver? Whats more fun to tour europe in? And which cost you more in terms servicing, reliability, and fuel etc? Currently own a Z4 3.0 Coupe, looking to go for a Cayman S or Z4M Coupe next. Torn between the two.
  4. Cool, yeh good to know the gen 2’s are in lower tax bracket. It’s a good 300 a year that I could spend on tyres / v power fuel Instead of giving it to Bojo and Sunak :)
  5. thanks guys. @dougle_turbo yeh with the lower tax bracket - I filtered on auto trader by tax, and there were a good few post 2009 caymans 987.2's (with 3.4 engine) with the lower tax bracket. I also checked on Parkers price guide - there seems to a selection of cayman s' from (1 Feb 2009 - 31 Jul 2011) in the lower bracket (£330 per year) and same with the cayman r and the design edition. https://www.parkers.co.uk/porsche/cayman/coupe-2005/car-tax/ Is this correct?
  6. Sorry to hi-jack the thread - but I'm also looking at a 987.2 S as my next ride (after deliberating whether to go with a Z4M Coupe or Cayman S. I have a couple of questions with the 987.2 - Can I change the steering wheel with relative ease myself from the triangular air bagged porsche steering wheel - to the circular Porsche steering wheel (obviously I'll make sure both the steering wheels have either controls or don't have controls) - High mileage engines - do they have a long life? i.e. I'll most likely only have a budget that affords me something above 70k-80k miles - and will be planning on keeping cayman long term, even if I get another ride in due course... whats the highest mileage 987.2 out there? - For UK cars, is there any difference between the two different tax brackets the 987.2 3.4 falls in?
  7. Hey all So some of you guys might have come across my European Driving Tour survey I posted back in July. Anyway I've finally put together an itinerary for the tour on my website. The plan is to have a diverse mixture of cars, and I'll be pushing it across as many cool car forums as poss. So please share if you think anyone might be interested. https://www.theblackrunrally.com/europe/ If anyone has any questions - feel free to hit me up on here or email me on blackrunrally@gmail.com Unfortunately I'm not a Cayman owner - but think they are awesome! Anyway hope I can get to see at least a couple of Caymans and if anyone has a GT4 - you have to come on this rally! Thanks guys
  8. Oops sorry for delayed response - must turn on my notifications! Unfortunately I had to cancel - the dates didn't work for most as I originally planned it as a Friday, Saturday and Sunday run. Anyway this was only meant as a warm up run to better understand what people wanted from the driving tour - as the main run is for Europe next year in June. I've just updated my website - www.theblackrunrally.com - with European tour itinerary. Let me know what you think if you have a spare min
  9. No worries - sure, I think the next tour would prob in Europe around March / April next year. Will update you a couple months before I have details confirmed. And congrats on the big 50! Have fun
  10. Hey Craig - so I've decided to postpone the dates til mid-late october either the 19th or 26th October - if this is still of interest to you guys. I've had a few people who are keen, but couldn't make the dates work. The only concern is weather might not be ideal driving weather - let me know if those dates are of interest - and you and your mate would be up for it. Currently I have one possible Alfa 4C, two Z4s, my own Z4 coupe, and maybe an M3. Hoping to have people confirm before September 9th. I'll only hold the drive if I have at least 4-5 cars in total, and would only be taking payment, once I have final numbers. Anyway let me know
  11. Good to know, will keep it mind thanks man yeh hotel wise I’m looking for minimum 4 star - reason why going with Aberystwyth. Not a hotel snob or anything, but I do like my creature comforts!
  12. So basically starting in/around Oulton Park in Cheshire, driving through Corwen, doing, the Evo Triangle, going up to Caernarfon, then Conwy, then down to Aberystwyth through Snowdonia. Then next day heading down to via to Brecon Beacons and a few routes down that end near Llandovery, and exploring around there. I've got the exact routes all planned out, but all depends if I get the numbers at mo. Obviously there'll be breaks in between, roughly 200 miles each day, with final day heading back to North West.
  13. Hey all So some of you guys might have come across my European Driving Tour survey last month - basically I've been wanting to set up a driving tour that doesn't cost the earth. Anyway those you haven't come across it, I was planning on doing a trial run this year in Europe but as I've left it a little late in the year for Europe, I thought best to setup something smaller and much closer to home, that being Wales. Anyway if I can get the numbers together, 7 cars max (due to hotel availability) then let me know if you guys be interested in a 3 day tour of Wales (starting 14th Friday, ending 16th Sunday) (2 nights stay at two locations). I'll be taking care of the routes, which I'll print out and provide a digital route with GPS co-ord to hit, and also taking care of booking the hotels. If anyone is interested, then take a look at the website I've just set up - there's more details on exactly what the tour entails. www.theblackrunrally.com I've also ensured the routes hit upon interesting views / destinations that can be visited (Castles etc, and one or two activities). Obviously it would be upto each person whether they want to spend any time at those destinations. I'm running this tour at cost only (I might make the odd tenner from each car, if that!) - the main reason I want to hold a tour this year is to check out the viability of this long term, as well as discover where I can improve and iron out any niggles in time for a proper European tour next year (I want to ideally get a mixture of different cars). Thanks guys
  14. Sounds good! Dam 996's with their egg lights! But no, all interesting fast cars are welcome Yeh you can sending the booking request via the website Cheers
  15. So I’ve just launched my website guys - this first tour is just 2 night/3day run in wales starting in the northwest. www.theblackrunrally.com if you guys or anyone else think might be interested, then let them know. Ive decided not to rush a European tour, and actually set it up properly. I’ll prob be doing a solo Europe tour in new year, for anyone interested as a research trip, if anyone wants to tag along
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