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  1. Yeh realistically, it’s only for UK road trips I might need to use rear parcel shelf… but our dogs are quite small, one can easily sit up front with the missus. and to be honest in I’ve barely taken the dogs on a long trip even in UK, so I might be something I can live with. yeh 45k is too far a stretch for, plus Imdidnt realise AC wasn’t standard, so despite the R looking the part, it might be that I go for the S, and spend some money on getting the spider wheels, and black trim instead of chrome. Just think the black trim looks awesome. I’ll be dailying it so maybe the R is the wrong car for me.
  2. Yeh I could do with a rear hatch, but to be honest for a cayman R, these sacrifices have to be made. What’s a reasonable price for a low mileage (20-40k miler) Cayman R Manual? Is £30k just way below value? Or if I wait would there be something that potentially comes up? Any manual cayman R owners - would you ever sell? And if so what would be the asking price?
  3. Ah ok, thanks. Yeh I’m looking at manual cars. Not interested in PDKs unfortunately. Or I’d jump on the blue one.
  4. Sorry is there an R selling for 30k? Where’s that? thanks for the comments. Yeh i was kinda in the mindset of avoiding gen 1 completely anyway. But the DE was quite appealing. anyway I’m not sure now, had another look at a cayman s, and not too sure if it’ll fit my needs from a rear hatch space perspective (occasional small dog for road trips). however cayman r - if one of them became available at sub 30k… I would potentially jump on it, if mileage is reasonable
  5. Lol would love to get an R, but 30k is me stretching to the max - meaning it has be perfect in every way possible. Ideally I’d want to spend 25k-27k. but if 27k plus means I get something a bit more unique in the black edition… then will be defo stretching a bit further. im going to be putting miles on whatever I buy, and will be a long term ownership for me - probably 3-5years minimum. anyway let’s see what comes up - haven’t seen many low mileage gen 2 S’s for sale in Manual so I guess I just gotta be patient
  6. Anyone on here that owns a black edition? At that budget, would kind of mileage would I be looking at?
  7. Anyone know how many manual 987.2S are in UK? Or were made globally?
  8. Yeh I defo want the 3.4 987.2 over a newer 2.7 981.
  9. Yeh Gen 1 DE is a low mileage one going for £30k. Only 24k on the clock. The Gen 2 is on 40k going for 28k. Yeh didn’t consider the bore scoring thing. Definately prefer the gen 2 from a mechanical perspective. But like the idea of something limited edition. Black edition - I think I’ll end up waiting a very long time…
  10. So I’m considering my next car at mo. Currently in a z4 coupe 3.0 which I absolutely love. But want to get something that’s a bit rarer or more powerful and better driving experience. Whats everyone’s thoughts on 987 design edition vs 987.2s? What’s more likely to hold their value long term 3 years+ assuming car is maintained immaculately? Which would you go for if the price for each was the same, and condition was in the 90th percentile, and why? Lastly does the 987 design edition still have issues with the IMS? Be great to hear people’s thoughts FYI, other cars I was considering (All manuals) M2 (OG) (but over priced at current market in my opinion) M4 F82 (OG) (hard to find manual) Z4M Coupe (highest tax bracket) Audi R8 V8 (to be honest - the running costs eliminate this from my shortlist) Budget at very most 30k but ideally want to spend 27k ish.
  11. Yeh prob not doable for long road trips. They are small, the 350zs are great… as boot is raised and the dogs actually get a nice out. The z4 coupes need a custom built platform. And seems like the Porsche didn’t consider the issue of hotdogs. might have to save up for a 911 it seems if I’m going to get into Porsche ownership
  12. yeh I can just about be ok with having one hot dog, not sure want to risk having two hotdogs... to be honest not sure the cayman is workable more I think about it. it can't be much different from the bonnet heat and if the dogs are on the roof - then I'm concerned about my drag coefficient on the track...
  13. Oh well. Thanks man, looks like it’s a bmw then
  14. Hey all, thinking of buying a 987.2. Random question, we have two small dogs, is the rear hatch space suitable to put a dog beds in? By this I specifically mean how hot/warm does the engine bay space get? Is the carpet always hot / warm once car is up and running? or is the engine hatch area floor generally warm? dogs are small so space size is should be fine.
  15. And in terms of budget, ideally looking at 20-25k, but would consider going upto 30k if it something outstanding.
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