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  1. I've ended up sticking with the Sebros up front, and have just fitted a new set. They are very reasonably priced on Design 911.
  2. Sebro slotted up front (they take an epic amount of abuse before they need changing - 25 plus track days), standard discs rear. Ds 1.1 or Ds 2500 work well on track, I'd recommend 2500 for road work as the 1.1 are LOUD. RBF 600 or 660 for the fluid. Braided hoses and GT3 cooling ducts. I also removed the arch liner and opened up some of the 'closed' vents with a dremel. I have used standard discs and textar pads on track, and, assuming the fluid is fresh, it's not a bad setup. Just changed the discs, think I got my monies worth. IMG_5392.HEIC
  3. Hi Doug


    Apologies for the interruption, James (jcm987) has suggested you may be able to help me but I can’t seem to PM you 😕 .


    I’m just about to start a race car build based on a 2.0 718 and I’m investigating cooling options. I understand that you have added a centre rad to your car and was wondering how it all went together and if you were able to quantify the improvement?


    Thanks in advance!


    Steve H

    1. Dougle_turbo


      Hi Steve,


      No problem.


      I would say the third rad is a no brainer, if on the 718 the system is similar to the 987 it's a very simple modification, and goes together very easily. The most difficult bit is bleeding the cooling system afterwards and cutting the bumper for the vent. Unfortunately I haven't been on track on any really hot days since fitting so it's hard to quantify, but any form of extra cooling will be beneficial for a car that will always be driven hard.


      Look forward to seeing your car - I think the 718 would be a great base for a race car especially with the tuning options on the 2.0 turbo!

  4. Thanks Thanks Nick, I have sent you a PM on this. 👍
  5. Hi @Beanoir, Whats happens when your subscription auto renews? Do you get another membership pack?
  6. Very nice car (although wrong gearbox for me) would love a set of ceramics.
  7. I have had 2 sets of Goodyear F1 SS on my Cayman S and they are incredible tyres. In both dry and wet conditions the grip is very good, and on the track they perform extremely well. Probably the most impressive thing about them is how long they last. My current set are being replaced (by MPS4S for comparison) this month and they have done 10,000 hard road miles + Donnington x 2, Bedford x 2, Spa, Nurburgring, Anglesey, Brands hatch, Blyton x 2, and a couple of others. By comparison the set of brand new P Zeros I had were terrible, and the car had a lot of understeer with them.
  8. I sold a set of heated ones last year for around £1100. Seeing as yours either don't have heat or the element has gone I'd say they are worth a little less than that. What did you pay for them?
  9. Hmm, you shouldn't need to code anything then - as the car will already be coded for heated seats.
  10. Does your car have the heated seat button?
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