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  1. Sure, point out that its unlikely and be sceptical. But don't be surprised if people find that rude. If all dynos are wrong, how do you know that a Gen 1 can make 340bhp?
  2. You're obviously entitled to your own opinion, but to suggest that others are 'being fooled' is a little rude to be honest. We all know multipliers are in play here so there is some room for error but no one is fooling anyone, just reporting back the best data they can. If Craig has had the car dynoed twice on different dynos with a similar outcome, why is he being foolish?
  3. P.s I certainly didn't fake the graph. DMS automotive are very well thought of, and very experienced in tuning Porsches.
  4. You're welcome to come a experience it on track, it's seriously quick. In a straight line the car is faster than a PDK 981 S in sport chrono, and it leaves other 987s for dead. Next outing is Brands Hatch on the 14th (evening session), it's a riot!
  5. Hi Sam, Just wondered how you were getting on with the geo setup on the car?
  6. It's good, I have I on green the whole time!
  7. Thanks for the sub! I have really problems with both of my gopros. I think they are totally overated. The reason the videos are broken up is usually the amount of memory the recording has used. GoPro automatically saves and starts a new video every 4gb used. With my frame rate and quality settings I usually get 10 mins. I then have to stitch the footage together as it always seems to split my fastest lap! I also find the the newer Gopros struggle to adapt the EV correctly for in car footage. In the pro settings I have adjusted EV to - 1.5 which eliminates the white out through the windscreen. My old gopro 3 was way better than the new one, unfortunately the microphone has picked up a buzz. So annoying!
  8. Hi guys, I'm doing so many track days at the moment I thought I'd make some YouTube videos. My aim is to catch a bit of the action and atmosphere from the day, along with some of the random stuff that goes on. I'd welcome any of your thoughts and if I'm not too boring the odd subscription! Cheers guys and girls.
  9. Thanks! What does your beast lap around there in? Must be pretty quick! I've not driven Oulton Park before, that's a long old way from you isn't it? I'm at Donington on Monday (national), I haven't driven the Croc there yet. Really looking forward to it as it's a great track.
  10. I can't find the edit post button, but this is the correct link:
  11. I've looked and clicked but can't find an edit post button. can someone show me where is?
  12. Managed to get over to Brands Hatch on Monday for their evening session, such a fun little track. Bit of traffic in this one, but you get the idea. I still try and keep a healthy respect for Paddock hill bend after rolling a into the gravel there last year. https://www.youtube.com/edit?video_id=lV2ncK_gas8&video_referrer=watch
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