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  1. Yes the car gauge moved a needle's diameter, so I immediately removed the grills. I didn't move again. I have been looking a solutions for this for a while. What I really need is an oil temp gauge - unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an easy fix as there is no way of briging the temp up easily - even with OBD tools. My plan is to install sandwich plate somewhere in the system and run a oil temp gauge.
  2. I live in Twickenham and did the whole trip in one day. Totally worth it.
  3. The only time I've seen temps rise was at Snetterton and Donny and they were very hot days. I think track driving puts a little more cooling strain n the engine even when compared to the most enthusiastic road driving. As soon as the needle moved a tiny bit, it was enough for me to take them off as its just not worth the risk.
  4. If you use the flexible metal material the OP has identified you can pass then through the gap and still get a perfect fit. Snip a couple of cable ties and they are back out again. I had them on on the Autobahn and they stayed put even at over 170mph.
  5. I followed the same instructions and they came out really well. No need for painting, just the rubber edging strip. The only thing I found is that on hot days I have to remove them when on track as they do restrict the air flow into the radiators.
  6. I'd agree with a couple of others and say it's probably the wheels. They don't look OEM. Other than that, lovely car.
  7. More pictures of all the trim in white please. I have been wanting to do this for ages. The rear trim in white looks ace.
  8. Sounds like a good (and expensive) plan. I keep getting close to pulling the trigger on a Wavtrac diff, but then end up spending the money on suspension bits or tyres or a track day or two. Hopefully I'll get around to it over the winter. Car looks fantastic BTW.
  9. I disagree, that's a big impact. Airbourne in a gravel trap and the front right digs in hard, definitely not a run of the mill track spin. If he's hit the bump stop on the suspension travel then yes, that is an area in which you might cause damage. It's not that I'm disagreeing the strut area is a known weak link, but I would expect some major damage from that sort of off.
  10. Seems an absolute bargain to me. We may head over to the ring on Monday as well. Did you need the DMF replaced as well?? 😬
  11. I was being a bit flippant, my point is more 'if you forget to buy the bolts, don't panic' The old ones will be fine until the replacements arrive.
  12. Single use my arse. Bit of loctite and you'll be fine.
  13. I've just booked this with a couple of buddies. It's a great price at £299 (limited spaces at that price) and being a Sunday it shouldn't hit the holiday allowance too hard. https://www.javelintrackdays.co.uk/trackdays/October/Spa_Francorchamps_13th_October
  14. I meant that the labour is probably a bit less than you think because of the consumables etc.
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