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  1. Interesting, mine is the same + Carnewal GT De snork BMC filter Additions since last time at Bedford: IPD plenum + map I'm hoping the IPD plenum won't send me over, if so I'll have to Heath Robinson a silencer up.
  2. I so want to do one of these European tours, I'm on holiday that week. I'm doing the NC500 + again this year, highly recommend it.
  3. Unfortunately I'm going to have to give this a miss. On holiday the week afterwards to will be manic that week.
  4. Thats a shame I'm 0.5 DB under at Bedford, what exhaust are you running?
  5. Yes track 'only'. I only ever brake very hard! 😆 I've had DS1.11 on lots of cars and never experienced the same problem, (It happened mid way through a track day). Now I've swapped pads all is well, zero fade, even on longer stints.
  6. Yes they are the performance slotted ones. I initially went with Ds1.11s all round but struggled with (assumed) pad deposits on the front. I've now switched to DS2500 up front and they have been great on road and track. Rear pads are still the DS1.11.
  7. I was tempted by the Sebro slotted rears when I upgraded all of my brakes. However in the end I decided to stick with standard rear discs (Sebro high carbon up front) and just upgrade the pads. I've done 5K in the car and 5 track days and they are holding up well.
  8. Very nice to meet you all and put some faces to names, see you all at the next one!
  9. My understanding is that the IMS horror stories are some what over inflated. What year is the car? Gen 1 or gen 2?
  10. I might be wrong, but I'm not sure the back boxes effect emissions?
  11. Just to follow this up, I ended up buying a Durametric pro and coding the thorax airbags out.
  12. As you say Nick its not all about the numbers, but I'm happy with the result non the less. I only wish I'd done a dyno run when I purchased the car. The car ran 348 before the map so on face value the (assuming I was at 320 before) the IPD plenum + throttle body, filter, de snork, and GT exhaust gained around 28BHP, with the map picking up a further 25bhp. I'm at Bedford on 1st April so will be able to compare some data from last time out (assuming its dry). That should give me a good understanding of the actual gains.
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