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  1. As Bushman says, I'd check under the seats and establish if the cable is plugged in. The seat belt cable is the grey connector the wires go into the seat belt itself. The yellow connector is under the front edge of the seat clipped to a plastic bracket. Interestingly my passenger side didn't have a cable. I switched off the chime (for track use) with Durametric, if you get stuck with yours happy to do the same for you.
  2. Good spot, yes that was me. Had a good evening on track, the rain made it much more interesting than normal! I really have to book myself on one of those Palmersport days. I drove one of their M4s for ten mins and it was pretty epic. I'm told the day is worth every penny (especially if the company is paying!)
  3. Your not missing anything.....Gert is level Jedi when it comes these cars, and he has all the kit for any eventuality.
  4. Great work Equinox! I'm always nervous about drilling manifolds. Looking forward to a video showing off the new noise once done.
  5. Anyone at Bedford of Friday? I was offered a last minute slot so thought it would be rude not to.
  6. Thanks for the intel, staying at the Prince Llewelyn B+B. I'll take two days driving up to Anglesey, South Wales on the sat, and then up to Anglesey on the Sunday. Can't wait!
  7. I'm at a Bedford evening session on 10th May, and Anglesey on the 3rd June. Trying to get a Brands evening in at some point in May as well.
  8. I have Durametric Pro, but I live in Twickenham. You're more than welcome to use the cable if you find yourself over this way.
  9. Looking good! When are you next on track?
  10. Good work....mine were seized and had to use a recip to cut the bolt head off. 😭
  11. Thats why a sim is really helpful. I use a PS4 Logitec wheel and Playseat, I find it really helps when I go to a new track. I must have done 100 laps around the ring before I went. Although I have to say that the reality of the track vs the sim is very different. Everything at the ring feels very compact. I'd love to see what your car can do around there. When's your next track day booked for?
  12. A few of us are heading to Anglesey on the 3rd of June. Really looking forward to it, I've not been before. Should have a pretty good drive up through Wales over the weekend as well. Anyone else attending?
  13. Dates normally get released in January, and sell out super fast (48 hrs!)
  14. This was the third lap of the day, and my first clear run (no yellows). My GoPro piled in after this, but I have all the Harry's timing and data for the other laps, best was a 8.42. The car had a lot more to give, but my brain wasn't ready for it! (Sorry for the sound quality, the GoPro has now been retired!)
  15. Thats right, Circuit Days had the circuit fully booked out.
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