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  1. I sold a set of heated ones last year for around £1100. Seeing as yours either don't have heat or the element has gone I'd say they are worth a little less than that. What did you pay for them?
  2. Hmm, you shouldn't need to code anything then - as the car will already be coded for heated seats.
  3. Does your car have the heated seat button?
  4. Echo all of the above Andreas, if I didn't already have an R rear wing I'd be handing you a deposit now! It suits the 987s looks perfectly! Very interested in the other parts. Even after opening up the vents in the existing scoops and running the brake ducts I still struggle with brake cooling on hot days. Can I also suggest that as an initial offering you do some GT4 side intake vents than don't need bonding to the car? The main reason I suggest this is to get up and running producing a relatively cheap, well designed but widely popular part should get the business up and running reasonably quickly. That should get some money through the door funding you to produce the more niche parts (just a thought). I'd also really like some, and don't want to wait months for the ones on Design 911s website - would much rather pay the money to you! I'm also sure you have already thought of this, but it might be worth chatting to @Beanoir - Pistonworks may be able to help you gain some brand visibility. 👍
  5. Great stuff, looks like a 53 might be doable then - thats rapid! I always take Paddock in 4th - in 3rd I find the throttle response too aggresive and it unsettles the car. But I'm still wary of that corner since 'the incident'. Got Bedford tomorrow, unfortunately it's going to be wet. Was looking forward to seeing what the times would be like in the dry.
  6. Glad you had a good day, it was great being back in the seat. I was going to Whatsapp you to see how you got on. How was the car with all the changes?
  7. Got the first paid track day of the season under the belt yesterday. I did an evening session at Brands. Great weather and well organised, although unsurprisingly very busy. Only got 1 flying lap in but it was good for a low 56s on the Indy circuit. There was more time to find but kept hitting traffic. With all the changes the car feels awesome.
  8. Yes, I tried to purchase an OPC car before I bought my current one. I went in very hard on the price, it was up for £32k and I said I'd give them £28k. I think they were a little shocked, while in the showroom they then came back at £30k. I politely told them it was £28k or no deal, they wouldn't budge any further. I finished my coffee and said, okay no problem, my offer still stands give me a call if you want to do a deal and walked out. I had been in the car 30 mins when the phone rang £29K. I still said no, £28k with 2 years OPC warranty. They came back a week later ands said £28k but only one year warranty. I still said no, two years warranty. 4 months later the car was still on their forecourt at £28k! 🤣
  9. Hi mate, I'm booked in for an evening session on 2nd at Brands, Bedford day on the 6th, Snetterton on the 17th. Also have the Ring and Spa booked with CD for later in the year.
  10. Lets see some pictures Ed! Sounds like a great spec car, and it must sound awesome with those headers! Very surprised that the IPD plenum didn't delivery any gains for you. When I added my IPD and 82mm TB the car felt immediately stronger, then I had it remapped at DMS in Southampton (rolling road remap) and the car is now running 370+ BHP and can outdrag a 981 S with PDK and sports chrono. Perhaps there was an air leak on one of the seals on the inlet?
  11. They look great! Someone had drawn my attention to some negative posts about these on Boxa.net. The poster was unhappy because the pad on the inside of the caliper wasn't making 100 percent contact with the disk (see picture) and therefore braking efficiency was actually reduced. Have you noticed the same?
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