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  1. Interesting...so they did give you a lot more front end grip. have you still got the 245s?
  2. I'm also interested in the 245 front tyres he's put on. Any thoughts on that?
  3. Thats a shame, i didn't realise yours was so loud! It's a great track for pushing the limits of grip. How many DB is your car? Came across this on youtube the other day. Not a sure about the presenter, but the car sounds incredible.
  4. I had to do this on mine a few weeks ago when I fitted the short shift kit. In the end I had to do it once the shifter was off the car. I could only get it free by holding it upside down and hitting it with a rubber mallet and some penetrating oil. If I were to do it with the unit in situ again I'd tape a pulling hammer to the gear knob and use that to tap it free.
  5. Can you squeeze Bedford in on the 28th? I'm itching to get out and can't wait till March! 😆
  6. Thats a lot of wing! Whens the first track day booked in?
  7. I signed up for the premium membership a few weeks ago, when can I expect to receive my window stickers and T-shirt? Thanks
  8. Thats seriously reasonable! I'll add that to the list.
  9. What sort of cost are you looking at?
  10. I don't have an R But I took the CS to Wales for two days in early December and Yorkshire for 2 days in mid December. Love driving it.
  11. Lowering springs and PASM is no problem, I was chatting with CoG about it a few months ago.
  12. I thought the Cayman R was 20mm lower than standard?
  13. I've booked through a TDO (Circuit Days) so no bikes or crazy tourists to worry about. I've also booked tuition for the AM so all good there. Hopefully I'll be able to get 10 or so track days under the belt next year. Can't bloody wait!
  14. I've booked a trip to the Nurburgring with Circuit days in April (23rd). I've not been before, so really looking forward to it. There is group of 8 of us going, and making it a 3 day trip. Anyone on here coming?
  15. Agreed, the difference is stark. Great value for money as well.

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