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  1. Just to change it up a bit, I daily one of these:
  2. Did you get the warning when you first started up? Or was it after you had been driving for a while?
  3. What did the garage say was wrong with them?
  4. I'm glad I wasn't imagining it, it must feel even better with a cage.
  5. I was sometimes getting a small vibration/noise caused by the IPD plenum fractionally touching part of the engine §when off the throttle. My fix is a 2mm slather of wood between the two, no more vibration!
  6. Have you got a link to the mounts used? I've been thinking about beefing/refreshening mine. They must be past their best.
  7. I was surprised as well, it hadn't even occurred to me that it would make any difference but I could definitely feel it straight away. I don't understand the concern of not having a roll hoop and running harnesses. If the roof collapses in on you I think you're toast, regardless of being in a harness or a seatbelt. I don't see how it the type of seat belt would make any difference. The biggest danger about rolling a car is coming out of the seat belt and going out of the window, something a harness will prevent.
  8. Frayz, one mod you not have thought about is an RSS harness bar. Obviously I fitted mine so I could run a harness, but it has another great benefit that didn't even cross my mind until I drove the car, and that's the added rigidity. I could feel a difference in the car right away.
  9. One of the guys I trackday with has a really good channel on Youtube, especially if you like fabrication stuff. He's like a Russian Macgyver, and can really pedal. We often do joint videos, they are quite fun to put together!
  10. Once you've seen one ring lap, you've pretty much seen them all. But chasing this GT4 was great fun, shame there was so much traffic and no one wanted to get out of the way. Still sub 9 though. 😎
  11. Now that's a nice picture! Bravo sir!
  12. Agree with the above Meyle, were just fine on mine, unless you want to dial in some more camber at the front then you'll need adjustable items.
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