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  1. Sound like you had a great day @Windymiller. Sorry I couldn't make it over - I had to change the rear brakes in the morning and then decided to change he front anti vibration dampers and one of the damn things got stuck. I'm at Donington on Monday, hopefully this nice weather lasts until then! What times were you getting at Bedford?
  2. I have some stuff in the diary, but if I can clear it I'll join you. I have booked Donny national for Monday. I'm itching to get out on track!
  3. People like to share bad news, or give warnings - even when they have no direct evidence. People are thick.
  4. Nice work! A few of us are thinking about this too.
  5. I got mine from Mytyres.co.uk and fitted locally.
  6. Hi Sam, For the last couple of years I've been doing 15-20 track days per year, and as you can imagine I've got through my fair share of rubber. With Cayman (I've had the Cayman for 14 months) I decided I couldn't be bothered with the hassle of a 2nd/3rd set of wheels (as I did with my previous track car), and because my car gets used on the road (NC500, Wales touring etc) and at all times of the year (summer & winter), I decided to go with a tyre that was capable of shedding some water. I thought my only real choice was the MPS4S and duly ordered some, but unfortunately Michelin had run out in Europe along with Cup 2s! I therefore looked around at some alternatives and found the newly released Goodyear Eagle F1 Supersport and decided to give it a try (at this point there weren't any reviews out but I really needed some tyres). To cut a long story short they have been excellent and lasted very well considering the abuse they received. The first set only failed because I hadn't put any adjustable arms on the front of the car and wore the shoulders out. Now the car has some proper camber the car so SS give fantastic grip in all weather, they even perform well on wet trackdays. Next year I will no doubt be very tempted by the SS R, but the appeal of the SS for me is it's performance Vs the price, which was at least £100 cheaper than the MPS4S for 4 tyres, and the Cup 2s were around £250-£300 more last time I checked. p.s My car is running the Spyder wheels (19')
  7. Hi guys, We were at Bedford last Monday in the wet - great fun! Please check out my mates youtube video of the day, plenty of slides and spins!
  8. Thats a good find and a great price. Happy to give you a hand fitting it/clearing airbag faults if required.
  9. I would like ot be able to comment but, fitting both would take me over the track noise limits at most UK tracks. I have Gerts GT exhaust, which I drove over to Belgium for hgim to fit. Top bloke and well worth the trip.
  10. If you're heading toward Twickenham, I have Durametric Pro and happy to scan the car.
  11. Got you, I feel you on the noisy pad thing. When people stare at me because of the brake squeal, I just mouth 'because race car' at them.
  12. Hi Sam, I don't have any experience of a GTS, but the brakes can certainly be improved with not much effort. I'm still working on a proper PSM kill switch (I will not defeat me!). No clever suggestions on the infotainment front.
  13. Both! 😆 P.s It came with the stripes, I didn't add them!
  14. Just to change it up a bit, I daily one of these:
  15. Did you get the warning when you first started up? Or was it after you had been driving for a while?
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