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  1. Morris do a dedicated track day insurance service that runs along side your normal road insurance. They have been brilliant.
  2. The standard water temp gauge is next to useless, it's very slow to respond. I now only refer to the oil temp gauge. Car seems to get up to temp 2 mins or so before the water temp gauge.
  3. This shows where they are. The temp and pressure are taken from senders in the block with cabling routed to the dash. I think there are some install photos on my build page.
  4. I also forgot that the car has H&R anti roll bars front and rear. Oil temp + pressure gauge. Central radiator added. GT3 smile vent. GT3 master cylinder
  5. It's an MFactory LSD, brilliant piece of kit. I'll let you know what route I go down. The car currently has -3 all round and the turn in is unbelievably good. I have never had it understeer in the dry (at any speed) with this setup.
  6. Thanks guys. I was thinking that stock is probably the best idea, or certainly the bulk back to stock. Some mods are easy to change (DSC box) others not so easy. The car is a Gen 2, but the Carnewal GT will stay on as I had him modify the one that was on the car. It was great fun driving over to Belgium to have that done - his garage is awesome!
  7. So after a fantastic trip to the Nurburgring, I'm thinking about selling my car. I can't get the idea of a GT3 out of my head and so I think the time may have come. The question is should I sell as is or revert to stock? The car currently has the following mods that could be removed and sold on: Recaro pole position seats. RSS harness bar and Schroth harness IPD competition plenum and GT3 air intake boosting output to 370BHP Quick release steering wheel. DSC PASM control box. Elephant racing fully adjustable control arms front and rear. Elephant racing rear toe arms. Euro cup GT front arms. Other upgrades that would stay: Canewal GT exhaust. New LSD (well fitted 12 months ago) Short shift kit. Cayman R rear wing. Original Cayman R lightweight 19 wheels and MPS4S The car currently has £93K on the clock. Anyone got any ideas what I should do?
  8. I have used both the Eagle F1 SS and MPS4S extensively and IMHO I would say that the SS offer more feel and ultimate grip. The margin isn't much but having gone through 2 sets of SS (mainly track use but some great road trips in there too) and then switching to the MPS4S I immediately felt a difference. My setup is a little on the extreme side these days (The car was stock back in Sept 2018) and it's now running elephant control arms all round and -3. So my opinion of the 4S is based on this setup. The SS were on the car as it slowly morphed into the current setup. I'll be swapping back to the SS once the 4S are shot. Hope that helps.
  9. There are some great companies out there offering all sorts of track insurance. However if you are getting into insuring for track days just be a little bit carful with the small print. The policies that offer road cover and X track days are great value but unless something has changed on the last 12 months none of them will cover you at the ring as part of the X days. Another major point is that if you bin it on a joint policy, it will affect your road going insurance. what I like about Morris is that Spa and the Ring are covered, and it’s a stand alone policy. Sure it costs a little more, but it works for me. I should also add that as far as I’m aware no one will cover to for Armco damage at the ring. So that could get expensive quickly with a big off! All that said, the Ring is a pretty safe place to drive around, especially on a TD. Treat it as you would a B road and it’s safer than driving on the road. Traffic is all heading in the same direction, and there aren’t any cyclists, sheep etc to hit. It’s a little different if you’re starting to push, but even then it’s a place the rewards familiarity with the track, and building speed up over time. This was my third visit, so I have done around 40 laps now (inc around 9 TF laps - different leaguer of crazy when busy!) If you want a real riot, hire some of the Ring Swifts. A few of us did it last month, and it was hilarious fun. Highly recommended. Needless to say, I love the place and am absolutely hooked.
  10. 😅 Involuntary noises! You wouldn't believe how slippery the wet sections were, like ice!
  11. Thanks! It's an awesome place. Like a mini road trip and track day rolled into one. I insure the car with Morris for track days, 10 per year costs around £650 and they cover international circuits. (inc trackdays organised at the ring). You can't get (I don't think) insurance for TF laps.
  12. So I have just got back from a great Ring trip. The weather was very, very wet in the morning and dried out as the day went on. This lap was about 70% dry with the rest still very slippery! (see code brown at 6:45). Never the less I almost beat my best dry time (8:41) so pretty happy with that! Absolutely love the place!
  13. I've ended up sticking with the Sebros up front, and have just fitted a new set. They are very reasonably priced on Design 911.
  14. Sebro slotted up front (they take an epic amount of abuse before they need changing - 25 plus track days), standard discs rear. Ds 1.1 or Ds 2500 work well on track, I'd recommend 2500 for road work as the 1.1 are LOUD. RBF 600 or 660 for the fluid. Braided hoses and GT3 cooling ducts. I also removed the arch liner and opened up some of the 'closed' vents with a dremel. I have used standard discs and textar pads on track, and, assuming the fluid is fresh, it's not a bad setup. Just changed the discs, think I got my monies worth. IMG_5392.HEIC
  15. Thanks Thanks Nick, I have sent you a PM on this. 👍
  16. Hi @Beanoir, Whats happens when your subscription auto renews? Do you get another membership pack?
  17. Very nice car (although wrong gearbox for me) would love a set of ceramics.
  18. I have had 2 sets of Goodyear F1 SS on my Cayman S and they are incredible tyres. In both dry and wet conditions the grip is very good, and on the track they perform extremely well. Probably the most impressive thing about them is how long they last. My current set are being replaced (by MPS4S for comparison) this month and they have done 10,000 hard road miles + Donnington x 2, Bedford x 2, Spa, Nurburgring, Anglesey, Brands hatch, Blyton x 2, and a couple of others. By comparison the set of brand new P Zeros I had were terrible, and the car had a lot of understeer with them. Given the price I would change all 4 to the Goodyears and keep the fronts for Justin.
  19. I sold a set of heated ones last year for around £1100. Seeing as yours either don't have heat or the element has gone I'd say they are worth a little less than that. What did you pay for them?
  20. Hmm, you shouldn't need to code anything then - as the car will already be coded for heated seats.
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