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  1. Hi Everyone - hope all is good with you and you're all keeping safe and well. As you'd expect, we joined the UK wide stay at home instruction on the evening of 23rd March. I'm still here working - the diary was full so there's many reschedules and pendings, waiting for the news when we can get back to training activities. Hope you are keeping positive, safe and healthy. KR Jo
  2. You've got the option of a 1-2-1 any day of the week, all year long Chateauneuf, but the group days run Mar-Oct. Currently all dates are full into August, bar the 7th March which has 1 place and 11th April which has 3. I can look for a midweek option for a new group - just let me know the timeframe that works best for you. KR Jo
  3. Hi Derek Yes Easter Saturday is the intro group format - the Performance Driver 'Track' Day. It's a full day with driving sessions across the day as you work through the exercises. You're working in a group of 3 sharing your instructor - 1 drives while the other 2 wait their turn. Cost is £450 including VAT pp. It is how you'd catch up with the likes of Craiglm68 and Beanoir. KR Jo
  4. Ideally you should have taken the Performance Driver 'Track' Day first, as it is an introductory day. Terminology and core technique will have been put in place to allow advancement on the Cornering Masterclass. Otherwise you're playing catch up and won't get the most from the day. Friday 25th or Saturday 26th September are the next options, with 3 dates in October x 3rd, 10th & 17th. There are also 3 spaces on a group taking place on Easter Saturday 11th April if this of interest for the intro day and you're happy to join a friendly group of GTR's & 370's? KR Jo
  5. I know, I'm sorry I can't offer any weekends or Fridays at this point. Ref. CM - there's 2 left on Saturday 13th June - shout if these are any good. KR Jo
  6. The challenge I have since we PM'd Craiglm68, is that PCGB have taken 14 of the club dates - basically all filled through to August. Am struggling to find new dates other than mid week options. If you're all happy with this I can offer dates to you through this week? I did PM Beanoir over the weekend I think on the subject, but haven't heard back as yet. Thoughts? KR Jo
  7. More than happy to offer a date Woodhouse for you and other members. I'll post up this week when I've looked at the diary. KR Jo
  8. Happy New Year All and trust you did have a very happy festive time too 🙂 Woodhouse asking about another group training day for 2020 yesterday has drawn my attention to the festive greetings post here. We'd love to welcome more members to know the why to the how through our dynamic driver training at Millbrook. The Cornering Masterclass could also be offered for those that enjoyed the Performance Driver 'Track' Day in 2019. If you'd like me to post up and offer a date, just let me know and how i can help. Kind regards Jo
  9. Thank you for your kind words and thank you for making yesterday such an enjoyable one for Colin, Paul and I. Here are the pics that are on our website in the gallery area and on Facebook @catdrivertraining Also the link to see your name in lights Craig 😀 Congrats for setting the fastest time in the end of day Gymkhana. Mike was our Driver of the Day - well done to you too 😀 You should each have received your certificate and an email from Trustpilot for the review request. Windymiller and Craiglm68 you may need to write one 'organically' if you are so minded, as the system says you have unsubscribed from it. Thanks again and enjoy the rest of your weekend. KR Jo
  10. Hi All - sorry was out on circuit all day yesterday. Yes if someone is available and interested then all good. Just need to know by close of play today for security etc. I will put on the CAT Facebook page too .... we had a situation this time last week and someone took the place within a few hours. We might get lucky again. KR Jo
  11. You can def take shots outside of the gates ... and we also have dispensation to take photographs within our base area only ... so we can get a group shot there too. Let me the details on the new car for Security - drop me an email or PM 👍
  12. Well probably best to tell them ... but you are entering another world for sure 🤐🤣
  13. Really sorry but no photography or filming of any sort. Only way is if a Minder is in attendance and this comes with a hefty charge as a standard. We can take pics at our base though which we can take on our camera/phones and share with you. KR Jo
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