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  1. I think we both have Silverstone coming up if you want a repeat experience 😄🤢 but you’ll struggle to turn the same colour as the car this time.. unless… 🥵
  2. Cayman R for £33k? No stated mileage (which I never like), seats, wheels... but cheap. https://www.strasse.co.uk/cars.asp?car_id=497&page=1
  3. Just shows what happens when you let 911 owners loose on a Cayman forum 😳
  4. Whenever I have done trackdays I've just put in the std tow eye and all is well, no complaints. The only thing you may want to consider is whether you want to fit tow eyes front AND back since you can never know which end will be buried in the tyre wall 🤐
  5. I'll give this one a bit of a bump. The event is just three weeks away and now sold out so there must be a few going. Personally I'm staying locally the night before because 5am starts are not my thing. I'll be there in a Lava Orange 991 GTS (yes I know it's not a Cayman) so if you see me please feel free to say hi. Given the enjoyment of the recent CR and Spyder 10 year anniversary meet I'm thoroughly looking forward to this one (and a night away from my house at last... yippee 😁)
  6. Sticky Toffee Pudding, love it 🤣
  7. Extraordinary that someone buys such a lovely car then never uses it. It'll need recommissioning with a very thorough check and a few new parts I suspect (especially tyres which must be like 50p pieces 😆). Future museum piece (maybe this is where it came from?)
  8. Just to add my thanks to Peter and Nick for the organisation and it felt soooo good to be out and about in a friendly environment with a bunch of like-minded people. Thanks to all for making the event such a tonic after what has probably been (felt like) the longest winter of our lives!
  9. Just to look at the question another way. Go to rightmove with a spreadsheet open and look at houses. You’ll find many that on a spreadsheet look extremely similar and probably have some price variation. If you visited these houses you’d get a very different feel for them and hate some and love others. Sometimes it’s not possible to say where the passion for one over the other comes from but it’s there and makes a difference. Back to cars… the CR was, in my opinion, the most complete car it’s possible to buy for £40k ish (when I bought) and but for setting off my tinnitus it’d still be in my garage. Truly stunning.
  10. Struggling with where to go with a response to that and not get booted off the forum so for safety I'll just confirm I'll be at Baldock a bit before 9:30 too 🤣
  11. Cliff, I’ll do the same. I’ll be in an orange 991 GTS so might have to drive a few paces behind the CR’s 😀
  12. I sent a 997GTS to RPM Technik with the same challenge - to lower with PASM. They recommended just lowering springs (same dampers). The PASM coped perfectly well and the cars handling was improved but you have to accept the suspension becomes less supple as a result of the shorter spring travel.
  13. Now I know non CR or Spyder can attend.... I’ve booked 😀 Really looking forward to it.
  14. Got my tickets too. Yet to decide if Herts is a day trip to Beaulieu or whether to stay over.
  15. I will be attending the Silverstone Classic all weekend followed by this Silverstone track day. Cannot wait. Never driven Silverstone but was on the list of must-do circuits so have paid the high fees and thoroughly looking forward to it. You travelling on the morning or staying over locally?
  16. Not sure I have the answer to your question but the previous owner of my CR ran spacers at the front, told me I had the log bolts to go with them and I bought some Eibach ones. Tried them for maybe 50 miles and went off the idea preferring the originality without. Therefore I have a pair of Eibach spacers gathering dust. Numbers on spacers state 91207001 184088 and on the box states Pro-spacer 114,3/130/5 - 75,5 - 167,5 S90-2-07-001. I believe this makes them 7mm spacers. I understand the previous owner had the car set up to -1.2 front camber and 'less toe-in'. Hope that helps.
  17. Signed up and wishing you the best of luck. Requests: 1. Good alcantara reviver / cleaner 2. Association with a company that can economically and effectively reduce the visual impact of stone chips. 3. Invite to the opening of the premises 😁 Cheers Mick
  18. You have PM - I was waiting until the spring to sell mine but if you are looking now it’d be rude not to answer 😀 Cheers Mke
  19. Absolutely nothing to do with me but this 34,000 mile sub £40k Cayman R looks a good deal. Hope their not all heading south in value! https://www.autostoresales.co.uk/porschecaymanr Cheers Mick
  20. BMW 335D M sport touring. By far the best non-Porsche car I have driven. Fantastic all round car and 39MPG is not that's bad for something with enough torque to pull the tarmac off the road.
  21. Last track day I used half worn discs with part worn RS29 pads. Bite was good, stopping was good (squealing I could have done without). After that track day the pads were about half worn and the discs completely knackered. With the car in for service and advice to change the brakes I got the pads and discs changed for standard items and replaced the brake fluid with fresh racing (high BP) fluid. Saturday was my first track day on this set up. I was expecting poorer braking and more fade. In reality, the brakes lacked the immediate bite but fundamentally felt like they had all the stopping power required and didn't fade. So, I'm questioning whether there really is much wrong with the standard set up. On Saturday my friend joined me who races historic FF and Ferraris (I'm saying this to add background to his observations, not to sound like a knob). I let him take the car round the track for a couple of sessions. Again, his observations on the brakes was that they did the job and whilst a bit of additional immediate bite adds some confidence when pushing to racing speeds / commitment, for track day use assuming you are not trying to beat every car out there, the standard brakes were fine. This being the first time he'd driven a CR, his overall reaction was that it was criminally good and to say it was unmodified (save the MPSS tyres) it was testament to the excellent set up Porsche have given the CR. A car you truly can use as an everyday car and then take it on track and really enjoy. Despite his strong leaning towards Italian cars he was genuinely impressed and starting to ask questions about ownership costs! Just thought I'd throw this into the mix before it becomes gospel that in order to track a CR you MUST upgrade the brakes. Cheers Mick
  22. Maybe a bunch of us ought to book up a group session with these guys - based at Millbrook in Bedfordshire - I've heard good reports. http://catdrivertraining.co.uk/ Oh er... just seen a price... makes Silverstone look cheap!
  23. Next track day....? Sounds like we need some practice. Getting a dry track could be tricky for a while though
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