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  1. As promised I got some more pics of the cover.
  2. Shots fired!!! 🤣🤣🤣
  3. I think 100% possible Cliff. Hopefully once we get a date and some flyers. This will hopefully snowball pretty well. I know of at least one other in the UK which isn’t there and it’s yellow 😍
  4. Music doesnt stream via bluetooth on PCM3, only the phone connects for calls etc. You need the OEM ipod adapter which has an apple 30 pin connector on it. You can either get a genuine apple 30pin/lightning adapter to attach to it or get a Bovee100/Tune2Air modle. These plug into the OEM Porsche 30 pin socket and will pair with your phone on vehicle entry. The Bovee will allow you to steam music, however there is currently a glitch on the iphone 11/11pro whereby the music stutters if the phone is connected to both the PCM and Bovee via bluetooth at the same time, to fix this, tell th
  5. Shotgun the tight arse tshirt. 🤣🤣 Hope it’s pink and XXXS 😘😘 Great job Pete, sounds superb. It’s a once in a decade gathering so I can’t see the ticket price being an issue. I assume we will buy a ticket online pre meet? A pay on the gate although convenient doesn’t give the hotel confirmed numbers for food/drink etc.
  6. Sounds perfect Pete. Rather something casual like a pizza or bbq than a sit down job. But happy to go with a majority. Sounds ideal especially having rooms for those traveling from afar. 👍🏼
  7. I didnt suggest it was a bad thing did i, You suggested some guys just dont get a lucky break.
  8. Yeah but it was for the male squad
  9. Must be such a s**t job driving the Ring all day in a prototype GT3.
  10. Done 🙂 https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&t=1888424&d=14857.03180#seperator
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