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  1. Could be one or more suck lifters, could be a cyl score. Probably AOS is dead as well.
  2. 35mm is too much of a drop, the car starts to become not usable in some conditions. 15mm is just right in my opition, so this kit seems right: https://www.porscheshop.co.uk/h-r-m030-performance-lowering-spring-kit-10mm-all-2005-2012.html May give it a try this year if budget permits a new set of wheels as well.
  3. Maybe its your door open switch that's broken. Sometimes the release of the trunk from the car dont work on my car either, sometimes they do. The car does not know if the door is open or not so it does not release the trunk...but sometimes that door open switch works and the trunk opens right away.
  4. Here is my 2.7 just added some flappy paddles for a whole lot better driving experience than the automatic or those push to change buttons.
  5. Still smokes a little bit a few seconds after startup and only for a few seconds, a lot less smoke than before. I take it as this is the "normal wear" smoke of a 180.000Km engine and i'm just going to enjoy the car as it is.
  6. Porsche always did these kind of things with the level entry models, they want to make sure that they sell you the experience but not the performance with the cheaper models. If you want the performance you have to buy the 911. I'm wondering if the 2.7 would benefit from a bigger TB, intake runners and exhaust from a non restricted 911engine.
  7. whats the benefit of such an update?
  8. 3rd day without smoke after the AOS replacement, so far so good.
  9. Just got the new AOS replacement and i want to install it this week. Used the car for weekend drives and even for daily drives to work. Current status is without the AOS connected, the intake ports that were connected to the AOS are plugged and the AOS vents to atmosphere trough a hoose clamped down near the gearbox. I've been running like this since August and the smoke problem and oil consumption decreased considerably. Now i want to install the new AOS and re-evaluate the situation.
  10. Strangest engines ever...the most sensitive engines i have ever seen. Anyway, rant over...so yea...sometimes no smoke or very little, sometimes a s**t load of smoke even without the AOS connected. AOS was also spewing oil into the intake so that contributed to the oil consumption and smoking but was not the whole story. Seems like it depends on how long the car has been sitting and something else..what exactly i'm keen to find out. Will do a bore inspection and try to get a leak down tester as well before taking the car to a specialist to have the engine out and problem fixed.
  11. Some oil is still being burned and I do a bit of sprinted drive every time I drive the car, I never drive it without at least a few dozen seconds of high revs. Car burns some oil for 30 seconds flat every time is started from cold and clearly it burns oil during operation as well. Ate approx. 400g of oil in 500Km, so average of 800g for 1000Km. At 173.000km this is not that bad but I guess it could be better even with my style of driving. I'm going to try an oil detergent to clean up the inside of the engine(try to free up the maybe sticky tappets when engine is cold) and will also try an intake and combustion chamber detergent like seafoam to try to remove any deposits from the valve seats. Opinions?
  12. Now I know why my tiptronic always wants to start in second gear from a full stop and never really uses 1st. quote from above article: "The report that emerged indicated that Porsche reduced the Cayman R's emissions from the 227g/km achieved in other European markets to 221g/km by conducting the test by starting off in second gear"
  13. Second day with no smoke in the morning. Ordering AOS. Noticed some moisture in the water pump area, will check it out when I install the new AOS.
  14. As a report, car is running great without the AOS. Meaning the intake ports normally connected to the AOS are plugged and the AOS is venting to the atmosphere(under the car) trough a hose. Cleaned the plugs and driving it like this for 1k kilometers. Until now it smoked and vaped every morning or evening i'd start the car...but this morning was the first day without smoke. Oil level has not dropped but I have not done more than a couple of hundred Kms. I'll keep driving it daily and note what happens. If the oil does not drop and the smoke is less or at all, its clear that the AOS was the only faulty part. The compression/leak test results are ok as well...so maybe its just the AOS.

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