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  1. Today i swapped back the summer wheels and decided to use the cheapo endoscope to see the cyl3 and 5, the ones the dealer told me they are slightly missfiring and they need the coils replaced(which i did). One of the cyls was dry with no marks but a lot of black deposits on the piston crown. Maybe that one got like that because of the failed AOS and got back dry when i replaced the AOS. The other one however you can see below, likes to call itself a zebra. This is also the cyl with the least compression, 14bar. Thinking of applying a ceramic oil treatment and enjoy the car further, opinions? Â
  2. Here is my input on these cars" Amazing value for money, proper sports car experience, sounds amazing. Does not really perform unless you keep the revs up but it feels like you're driving something fast and thats what matters. My car smoked quite a bit and ate 1.1L of oil in 1000km, i replaced the AOS and i reduced the smoking considerably, and maybe the oil consumption a bit. Two spark plugs are always oily, so oil gets in those cylinders somehow. This summer i got a check engine sign because the catalysators were getting too much oil and were loosing efficiency. replaced the AOS and did not get that error anymore. Still, there is something like either broken oil rings or oval cyls or scored walls that makes the car burn oil. I need to fix this soon and aldough i have extensive experience with cars, engines and engine rebuilds, i am not keen to do this myself or together with my mechanic buddies. Reason is: car is unique, all sorts of custom tools are needed, all sorts of procedures need to be met to have a successful rebuild. So fixing this will cost quite some bit as it can be only done at the dealer or Porsche specialist. So far the car is great but if you have a problem, its surely going to be expensive.
  3. I dont know what to say, if i keep the oil topped up the car smokes more and more often. If i keep the oil on the lower end of the measurement the car rarely smokes and when it does, it does very little.
  4. This ducktail wing is all the air brake you will ever need, more air brake you can get only by opening a parachute 😁
  5. This design must be fixed on the hatch but must also rest on the place where the factory wing seats. So a support device must replace the factory wing and the ducktail must rest on that support device. Regarding actually making the part, if you would send me the model to scale, i can 3D print it in 4-5 pieces, do an assembly trial and glue it together, then give it to a carbon fiber expert to make a mold.
  6. How would your design attach to the car? Would it be on the place of the factory lifting wing or on the hatch? If its fixed on the hatch, do you plan to design a cover to fill the space created by removing the factory lifting wing? Because your ducktail wing looks like it needs the factory wing gone, and if you open the hatch there will be a hole where the factory wing was. It does not look like your design can be fixed on the factory mounts and still be able to open the hatch. Can you please clarify?
  7. hm, could not find anything Your design looks great as well, but i think a front lip needs to be added, otherwise you may get nose lift at higher speeds. Do you plan a nose lip design as well?
  8. I was also thinking about a better tail than the factory one. I like your idea but i would like to see a smaller version as well, just double the factory size. I could help with prototyping, not sure about production though. There is a carbon fiber guy in my city, maybe i can get him to build a few of these things.
  9. yes, its a flat 6, you're supposed to do this right? 😅
  10. yea, seems like the sensitive thing to do thanks !
  11. Yea, measurements are done in the same place that i know is flat, the garage concrete slab. Normally if you let the car sit for more than a day the oil levels should be higher as more oil drains into the sump, not the other way around as i get. Every morning before i drive it to work i turn on the ignition and check the oil, it shows minimum, but later on when i get home and check the oil in the same place it reads as it has more oil. Note: absolutely no smoke at startup. Note1: if i were to add oil now so that in the mornings the readout is not at minimum, the car would sometimes smoke a little at start. I suspect that the oil measurement system is confused and is making me run with too much oil in the engine only to burn the exces oil.
  12. Ah, ok, thanks. Then its clear that when cold the measurement system is not fully capable. What a shame they did not include a dip stick..
  13. Having a smoky problem i replaced the AOS and that fixed most of the problem. Car is 180.000Km old now and only smokes for up to 30 seconds when cold...just sometimes and only a bit. I have been monitoring the oil level closely for the last months and something strange is going on that makes me think that the oil level measurement system may be faulty. If the car sits for at least a day the next time i check the oil level it will show me minimum level, i dont get the check oil sign but the measurement shows minimum oil level. I start the car without topping up with oil, drive it and park it for an hour or so, during the same day the level of measured oil is higher than when the car sat for more than 24h. It should be the other way around if anything...is there a way one can re-calibrate the measurement sensor or whatever it is?
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