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  1. 'Shaving' the foam underside of the engine cover carpet somehow to make it thinner could be another option. Maybe buy one from a breakers to experiment...
  2. Sound symposer is fine. It's real noise. Philosophically no different to sound deadening. Just another tool to tune the real powertrain noises reaching the driver. No different, indeed, from a sport exhaust tuned for a nice noise. As you imply, all of the moderns are very carefully tuned for noise in all regards, including the GT3 models. That fake noise stuff BMW does through the audio system, though, totally agree that's not on.
  3. Those lower dash parts are the same on 997 and 987, so one could source some 997 GT3 part. Ditto the door cards, bar the main pulls. Would no doubt be expensive. Everything GT3 comes with a silly tax.
  4. Yeah, I've always found when you remove sound deadening cars just sound harsh and thrashy. Tried it on my gen 1 Croc and it just sounded like the engine was going to implode, not nice. With cars like a GT3 with reduced sound deadening, it's still tuned / managed to make sure that the worst of the bad noises are damped. No doubt it's possible to increase the right noises but I think it would take me than just ripping bits out...
  5. I don't think Mobile One is anything special these days. The Mobil One standardisation with Porsche is probably as much about marketing as anything else.
  6. Think you can go either or with the R springs. With H&R or Eibach springs, you probably want the shorter B8 damper.
  7. Just one of those things. Every other GT3 advertised as 'nefer tracked', meanwhle you see GT3s on trackdays with their plates covered up, presumably so that owners can track their cars and then sell them as never tracked! Like an awful lot about the car market, it's a load of Testicals.
  8. Not common at all, if indeed it has happened in this case. 986 3.2 is supposedly a tiny bit prone to snapped chains. But even then, rare. On the M97 onwards very rare indeed, I would say.
  9. The problem with the MOT thing is that it's very hard to tell, especially in a projector unit, without pulling the thing apart. My car passed MOT with LED dipped beams last week. Not a huge surprise. You can't see the bulbs, the beam pattern is correct, and the tester in any case can't be expected to know whether a given car came with LEDs originally. OK, on older cars it's a given. But more recent cars with projector headlights, you'd need a database to cross reference to know if it's meant to have LEDs in the first place.
  10. Was vaguely aware of those Augment wheels. Don't think they've got the design quite right. Plus, as far as I can tell they'd be getting on for £5k landed and VAT and duty paid in the UK. Group 4's Campy wheels get the design dead on and go for about £250 a wheel plus VAT I think. But sadly only available up to 16 inch, I think. I might give them a ring as there was talk a while back of 17 and 18 inch versions... Don't think they ever materialised. I'd love some 17-inch Campy wheels for my Cayman.
  11. I'd want ext cow on any of these cars, for sure. Probably the best driving Porsche I've experienced is the 996 RS. But christ, the interior! I'd want the cow even if that were it available. The R I'd definitely want the cow. It's hardly a stripped out racer and in any case the cow doesn't add any weight. Just stops the interior feeling quite so much like a middle-market hatchback.
  12. May have on my previous Gen 1 3.4... As you imply factory tyre width is an issue. 205 fronts are really too small. I'd be tempted to go with 225 fronts but leave the rears at 235. It's really front-end grip that was obviously lacking and especially for your 2.7, bigger rears probably not necessary and would dull the feel of the chassis a bit and push the balance towards understeer, which is a broader problem for these cars. I'm thinking about going for 17s again on my Gen 2 3.4 and will try 225F with 235R. Admittedly, that's for road driving, but even on tra
  13. What about 3D printing and then apply some kind of finish? Maybe matte paint or even gloss paint? Not sure what the quality of 3D printing currently is...
  14. Where are you based, Andy? Would be interested in seeing how your Philips compare to the Novsights in my car...
  15. Here is it is again with the H&R. Note that I left the Eibach springs in the rear, so only front axle is changing. You can't really see the arches gaps well in this pic, but what you can see is the rake. Look how even the clearance is under the car with the thin sliver of light. Very even front and rear. In the shot above on all Eibachs, you can see the rake / gap increasing under the car to the rear.
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