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  1. After much deliberation, I decided to take the leap and order a new build 718 Cayman GTS PDK for January 2019 delivery. Spec locked down on November 7th 2018,Guards Red with Gloss Black detailing, PCCB, 20mm lower Sport PASM. Current Graphite Blue 718 CS PDK now over 18k miles. This time next year it'll be closer to 30k miles and warranty due to expire. I would be taking a bit hit on depreciation. There is also the Brexit factor to consider. My driving is 90% touring with occasional track days. The GT4 is too hard-core track orientated for my purposes. I'm counting the days....... Brian
  2. My 718 CS PDK has all the GTS sporty bits minus the body kit and +15bhp.
  3. If I still have my 718 CS when the warranty expires, I'll fit a set of Michelin Cup 2's in place of the PS4S N0's. I need to go up a section width on the front sizes to 245, so that's why I'm not fitting Cup 2's as yet. Like you, I also cannot justify another set of wheels and tyres for my 718. My 718 is not a daily driver. It's used mainly for touring and occasional track days in the summer months. In winter it is in the garage resting, so permanent Cup 2's are a realistic option for me to consider. Brian
  4. Just to conclude, my impressions of the 20" Michelin PS4S N0 following 4 track days on my 718 CS PDK are as follows; 1. The best wet weather tyre I have ever experienced. The grip on a streaming wet Knockhill was simply outstanding. 2. On hot dry track conditions the PS4S N0 is only good for 2 hot laps. On the 3rd fast lap they overheat and get all slidey. 3. Michelin publicity states the PS4S tyre is for 80% road, 20% track. I say 95% road, 5% track. 4. For road use only the Michelin PS4S N0 is ideal. For track use in the wet, also ideal. Track use in the dry, only average. 5. If you enjoy a few track days, buy a set of Michelin Cup 2's. Brian
  5. So far this year my 718 CS has done 4 track days, and now with 15k miles up is going great. I can't fault it really. Fuel mpg is averaging 28.8 overall including track day consumption of 10.0 mpg which very much as I expected. I knew from the start that a 350bhp 2.5 turbo engine would not be strong on fuel economy. I use Shell V-Power as my default fuel, and dial in Sport mode all the time as it opens up all the oil gallery valves and keeps the oil temperature down. Sport mode also deactivates the annoying Stop/Start. In four weeks I am off to Germany for a 14 day car tour. No track days are involved, just touring. As you'd expect, I've booked a Porsche factory tour and museum visit, which should be very interesting bearing in mind the current developments on emission controls and the forthcoming 982/718 GT4. I'll be asking plenty of questions at the factory.......... Whether or not I receive any meaningful answers remains to be seen. I can at least ask. My tour starts from the Highlands to the Newcastle-Amsterdam ferry, then first stop is with friends near Frankfurt. Next is the Stuttgart area and the factory tour, then onward to Baiersbronn where a classic motor rally is taking place. I then head south to Freiburg in the Black Forest where I have a few interesting excursions planned. The Mosel wine valley is next on my schedule where the annual wine festival will be in full swing. Then it's back to the Netherlands for a final overnight stop at Nijmegen before boarding the ferry for Newcastle and home. It's an ambitious and packed schedule I've set myself, particularly on my own, but one which I am looking forward to with both excitement and a touch of trepidation. I'll report back on my experiences in due course. Brian
  6. Hi Maxheadroom, The North Coast 500 is a fabulous drive in your Cayman. I've done the route 3 times and know it well. You asked about petrol stations, so here are a few tips on some other aspects as well. 1. Do the route anti-clockwise. That is from Inverness north on the A9 to John 'o Groats and Thurso. The reason for that, is you are leaving the best until last. A coffee stop at Poppy's on the high street at Golspie is an ideal half-way halt. 2. Take 3 overnight stops at least. Suggestions are, first night Forss House Hotel, Thurso. second night, Bettyhill Hotel, or Inverlodge Hotel, Lochinver. third night, Poolewe, Aultbea or Gairloch hotels. For a special treat if you budget allows, a fourth night at The Torridon, Annat. 3. Regarding fuel stops, only a few petrol stations have super unleaded fuel. Fill up at Tesco retail park, or Shell station Raigmore, Inverness before you start. Next fuel top- up Wick or Thurso. That'll take you to Ullapool where Gleaner super unleaded is available at the pump furthest away from the road. I always carry a 10 litre can of petrol with me on the NC500 just in case of emergencies. 4. Many POI's on the route. Duncansby Head east of John '0 Groats is spectacular. Particularly the walk across the hill to the Duncansby Stacks. Further west, the beach near Sangobeg and a visit to Smoo Cave are well worth a stop. Knockan Crag geology on the A 835 also well worth a stop. More information in The North Coast 500 Guide Book by Charles Tait. 5. Finally, do not attempt this route in the summer high season. It is mobbed with camper vans. Best time to enjoy this route is March/April (avoiding Easter), or late September early October avoiding the midges. Enjoy! Brian
  7. John, You can switch off the Stop/Start directly on the 718 using a button on the console. I use Sport mode all of the time so it's almost like an selection automatic for me. Having experience the laborious process of accessing the 718's engine bay to replace the air filter element recently, a dipstick may not be a practical solution.....unfortunately. One other thing I love on my 718 CS, Sport Chrono allows the driver to select a Sport PSM mode by depressing the console switch for two seconds. A message on the display panel confirms PSM is in Sport Mode. When selected, this significantly backs off the electronic intervention of PSM, and is much appreciated on track days. It still allows slidey "playfulness" when exiting slow corners, but retains the safety net at the extreme end of the dynamic range. It's very effective in my experince. I can also switch PSM "off" altogether by holding the console switch down for more than two seconds. Alas, as in all previous Caymans, the PSM is never truly "off". Brian
  8. After 15 months and 10k miles in my sporty spec 718 CS PDK. Good: Much faster, and with a more accessible power delivery than my previous Cayman R Manual. Looks. Particularly the side profile. Exemplary handling. More grip, wider track, -20mm PASM, quicker steering, better brakes, wide 8.5" & 10.5" 20" alloys. Porsche Sport Exhaust. (it has a better exhaust note.) Just as playful on the track as my Cayman R. Latest evolution of PDK and Sport Chrono is the best of both worlds. Shorter gearing too. In-car technology at a new higher level. Michelin PS4S N0 tyres. Bad: Electric handbrake. Stop/start function. (I use Sport mode all the time which disables it) Motorway cruising speed exhaust drone at certain speeds.(I live in the Scottish Highlands where no motorways exist, so not a major issue for me.) Brian
  9. John, Yes, the Anglesey track day is the PCGB event on May 19th. I missed the cut for that event, so I'll be spectating instead. The paddock banter is good so worth going along to. Brian
  10. I've confirmed places at PCGB Blyton Park, Knockhill, & Donnington, for 2018 with my 718 CS. I'll also be at the Anglesey event in May, and all being well, Oulton Park in October. A busy year for my 718 CS and a long haul from the Highlands of Scotland. Brian
  11. Following on from the fitting of Michelin PS4S N0 tyres last December, I had my local Michelin retailer tweak the wheel alignment geo settings to my preferences on the Hunter 4 wheel laser rig. I have gone for an extreme negative camber set up, maximising the front top mount slots, and also the rear camber eccentrics. I cannot get any more negative camber on either axle while retaining the necessary toe adjustment. From past experience, I think these settings will work very well with the PS4S N0 on my spec 718CS suspension and wheel set up. The print out of the geo settings is attached for interest. Brian
  12. John, Your comments on the track performance of the P-Zero N1 is the same as my experiences of this tyre. On my 718CS, they started to go all slidey after only 3 hot laps. The P-Zero N1's were very stretched on my wide 20" alloys. It felt as if the 718 CS chassis was working the tyre too hard. We shall see how the PS4S N0 compares after Knockhill on 28th March. I'm getting the geo set and adjust done today in readiness for the coming season. Brian
  13. Regarding the tyres on my 718 CS, the direct comparison will be between the PS4S N0, and the P-Zero N1. I did two dry Knockhill track days last year in my 718 CS with the P-Zero N1, so it'll be a useful back-to-back comparison. I'm expecting the PS4S N0 tyres to offer dry grip levels similar to the Cup 2's I had fitted on my Cayman R. The 718 CS is much faster, so the tyres will be working hard. Whether they are as durable and consistent over consecutive hot laps remains to be seen. Michelin's tyre technology development using dual compound polymers on the PS4S N0 should be a further step forward in both dry and wet conditions. We'll see how it pans out. Brian
  14. For those interested, next week I shall be track testing the PS4S N0 as fitted on my 718 CS at Knockhill circuit Fife. I have long experience of this circuit in all my previous Porsche Caymans, on a variety of performance road and track tyres. I'll be interested to see how the PS4S N0 compares. I'll post my comments in due course. Brian
  15. John, There is a significant difference in sidewall profile between non-N rated Michelin PS4S and the N0 version for the 20" 718 Cayman and Boxsters. The N0 version of the PS4S was the subject of extensive testing by Porsche and Michelin specifically on the 718, which delayed the launch of the tyre for almost 12 months. The PS4S N0 tyre looks "chunkier" and wider on the rim than the non-N rated version, even allowing for the fact that the front and rear tyre sections are the same, 235 and 265, and the fact that my 718 has the wider 8.5" and 10.5" alloys. The PS4S N0 is also a dual compound construction like the Michelin PS Cup 2. The wet grip "B" rating of the PS4S N0 tyre is a necessary compromise by Michelin for reasons of tread wear and dry road grip. The PS4S N0 is a premium high performance road tyre designed for occasional track day use, eg. 80% road, 20% track, compared to the Michelin PS Cup 2, 20% road, 80% track. The Cup 2 has a "C" rating for wet grip so the PS4S offers an incremental improvement in that regard. I shall be commenting on my impressions of the PS4S N0 as fitted to my 718 CS, following a track session at Knockhill circuit at the end of March. Brian
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