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  1. @Windymiller thanks for link to the vid, very informative. I'd love to see a comparison against the equivalent Michelin. @Dougle_turbo glad to hear the Supersports performed well and bodes well for the SS R. I'm keeping an eye out for SS R's becoming available for in Spyder 19 sizes. Where did you get the SS from?
  2. How did the trackday go? How do 718s perform on track?
  3. Ciao, So, track tyres, what are we all using? I've been running on Michelin PilotSport Cup 2s for the last 5 years as there really hasn't been anything that can do both road and track quite so well. Now however Dunlop have released their SportMaxx Race which come standard on some Porsche GT products (Dunlops or Cup2) and Goodyear with their Eagle Supersport R & RS. Are these really a viable options to my beloved Cup2s? Feel free to share your experiences. Sam
  4. This! I recently drove a well sorted S1 that I used to own and I wouldn't swap my R for it.
  5. R's are underbraked for track work. I run Girodiscs, pagid front pads and GT3 cooling ducts. Since doing this I've had no problems. GT3 Master cylinder is tempted to improve the pedal response...... maybe in the spring. @Prestonese I wanted a PCCB car but none were available when I bought mine I've done a few trackdays in GT3s & GT4s with PCCB and they are immense. I've also done a fair amount of work on Aston Martins with Carbon brakes, they are immense on track.
  6. So to scratch an itch I've booked to test drive a 718 Cayman GTS and an M2 Competition. From my many google searches it appears all Porsche have some form of TC intervention even when everything is 'Off' apart from GT products with the separate ESP & TC buttons .
  7. Thanks @Windymiller that’s a good read. Do you remember if the PSM would fully disengage? @Dougle_turboI’m running Giro discs, Pagid pads and GT3 cooling which works great on track but are fairly noisy on the road and void any Porsche extended warranty. @Aaron I don’t mind a turbo motor in a Porsche albeit a Cayenne. I’m yet to try their force induced sports cars.
  8. Hi, Has anyone gone from a Cayman R to a 718 Cayman GTS? Or have experience of both? I love my R, the chassis and engine are marvelous and I like the rarity but it does have some drawbacks. Mainly I can't fully disengage the PSM to enjoy the LSD, brakes are crap on track and the only phone connectivity is a 3mm jack. The GTS seemingly has an equally good Chassis (bar the steering) and far better infotainment. The engine performance is mighty impressive albeit the noise but I'm unsure on the following; Are the Brakes any better on track? Can PSM be fully disengaged? Is a GTS rewarding to own? Far more capable as a daily driver. I'd be looking at an Approved Used GTS rather than built to order. Cheers Sam
  9. I tried PF two piece discs on a Cayman race car and they were no better than standard. I now have Giro 2 piece 340mm discs upfront. I've just come back from a European tour including nurburgring, Stelvio Pass, Autobahns and a trackday at Spa. They were faultless. I'd thoroughly recommend them.
  10. @Dougle_turbo Hi, I'm getting on well with it. I did a trackday at Donington Park recently and the car felt superb, very stable on the brakes with lots of turn-in especially when trail braking. Tyre wear on the Cup2s was very good. On the road it is very planted and feels nicely linear in its response. Overall the car could do with more camber both front and rear but I can't achieve it without GT3 LCAs and I suspect it will compromise the on road performance. I'm hoping to get some longer wheel bolts for my spacers and GIRO discs on next week ready for the 'ring and Spa in Sept. How are you finding yours?
  11. Hi Guys, I’m considering changing the standard non-nav PCM unit in my R as the radio reception is tragic and I’d like build-in Nav as I don’t like having my phone on the dash whilst driving. I’ve read a few threads but still have questions around what features are lost by losing PCM. Do I lose the trip computer? Do I lose ‘get me home’ lights? Is Sport Chrono lost? Any other features lost? Cheers.
  12. 2004 Polo 1.9 SDi. 150,000 miles 60mpg Non-turbo diesel £600. Makes the Porsche feel colossal in comparison. My wife has a 2019 Mercedes E-Class for when the dogs need to travel with us.
  13. @Dougle_turbo that looks superb, will you go harnesses as well? I hope to see this car in track this season!
  14. I had a gripper diff in my 987 race car. Superb bit of kit but probably a bit extreme for road use. IMO an LSD really livens up a Cayman even the tame one in my R!
  15. I’ve not had the hesitation but I’ve not been looking for it. I suspect all have it and it’s a case of once you’ve found it you can’t ignore it?
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