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  1. @Dougle_turbo Hi, I'm getting on well with it. I did a trackday at Donington Park recently and the car felt superb, very stable on the brakes with lots of turn-in especially when trail braking. Tyre wear on the Cup2s was very good. On the road it is very planted and feels nicely linear in its response. Overall the car could do with more camber both front and rear but I can't achieve it without GT3 LCAs and I suspect it will compromise the on road performance. I'm hoping to get some longer wheel bolts for my spacers and GIRO discs on next week ready for the 'ring and Spa in Sept. How are you finding yours?
  2. Hi Guys, I’m considering changing the standard non-nav PCM unit in my R as the radio reception is tragic and I’d like build-in Nav as I don’t like having my phone on the dash whilst driving. I’ve read a few threads but still have questions around what features are lost by losing PCM. Do I lose the trip computer? Do I lose ‘get me home’ lights? Is Sport Chrono lost? Any other features lost? Cheers.
  3. 2004 Polo 1.9 SDi. 150,000 miles 60mpg Non-turbo diesel £600. Makes the Porsche feel colossal in comparison. My wife has a 2019 Mercedes E-Class for when the dogs need to travel with us.
  4. @Dougle_turbo that looks superb, will you go harnesses as well? I hope to see this car in track this season!
  5. I had a gripper diff in my 987 race car. Superb bit of kit but probably a bit extreme for road use. IMO an LSD really livens up a Cayman even the tame one in my R!
  6. I’ve not had the hesitation but I’ve not been looking for it. I suspect all have it and it’s a case of once you’ve found it you can’t ignore it?
  7. It’s a nice idea but not one that draws me in at all. I get the 911 T, the base engine is plenty powerful enough and you could spec the rear wheel steering and other options to make a cheaper GT3. The base Cayman T power to weight isn’t that impressive and the additional dynamic options don’t impress either. It certainly doesn’t tempt me away from my Cayman R.....
  8. Anglesey 18th May & Donington 1st August are tempting!
  9. Mine has done the same, I'll give this a go before it comes out of hibernation. Thanks for the post.
  10. I have super sports on my R. I don’t really get them... a PS4/4S is much better on the road and a Cup2 is better on track. Mine will I’ll be going on Cup2s come spring.
  11. I'm not sure about the squeal on the RS19s. The standard brake pads have 2x mass dampers per pad and an antivibration shim on the back. As TMD make the standard parts and they make the Pagid ones I'm hoping they have the same countermeasures....... fingers crossed.
  12. Glad to hear you got on well at Silverstone once the pads were changed. How was the Chassis with the new setup? Sounds like your DS1.11s left pad deposits on the disc giving you the judder (the frictions of the disc changes where the pad material has been transferred onto the disc and the car slows down more momentarily as this section of the disc passes through the caliper). Switching to Textar pads would have removed these deposits. I ran DS1.11s on my MeganeSport and found them brilliant albeit not very refined. I'll be sticking Pagid RS19s in the R come march along with the GT3 Cooling.
  13. Thanks for organising, it was great to see so many Porsche’s, especially Caymans! Good to chat with a few of you too.
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