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  1. If a deal is done I have been eyeing up some of their 200cell sports manifolds for months ? so would be on board
  2. Yep I will be there. Think I joined the Facebook event and not on here!! Haha
  3. Unfortunately at the moment I only have 2 sets of lights and both are Halogen. Always keep an eye out for an unloved set to snap up on eBay that are Xenon so will let you know if I get a set come in.
  4. Bought mine for £25 so at that price id say its a bargain!! Never tracked mine without them on so can't give a comparison however
  5. Not to resurrect a thread from the dead but I have just spoken and ordered the smile vent from Porsche and it came to £22.22 plus VAT so a lot cheaper than buying on ebay! Only issue is it takes longer to come because its ordered through their Motorsport division as its from a GT car.
  6. I Run 11j rear wheels with 20mm spacers and 8.5j front wheels with 8mm spacers. But it completely depends on your wheels offsets, trye sizes and 'look' you want to go for.
  7. I think I will likely head straight there if thats ok. I Will print off the club stand sign to get through to the stand location.
  8. Sweet!!! should have the car in full LeMans race livery too. LOL!
  9. is there still space on the club stand for this??? Bit late to the party but only just confirmed I'm free for the day!
  10. You could just Vac Metalized the plastic handles. Leaves a metal finish to plastic parts so much so you would never be able to tell the difference in feel, cold to the touch etc... Sorry if i'm preaching to the choir but essentially they evaporate metal in a vacuum chamber which then 'clings' to a desired substrate leaving a uniform coating of metal round each part. Not a cheap process though, however needs must and all that.
  11. Make sure the overall outer dimensions of the HU fit within the opening on the fascia. A lot of Chinese HU's are too big to fit in and require the fascia to be cut and opened up to allow them to fit. Also as Mavrik mentioned make sure you only have single speakers in the door and not the sound plus package which gives you an amp in the boot that drives bass speaker in the doors. Not to be confused with a Bose system as they are not the same. A few weeks ago I did the swap for a Pioneer 290bt unit and I have the Sound plus package so had to rewire the harness that I ordered to fit. My amp in the frunk was dead anyway so I'm currently running it without the bass speakers unit I get an aftermarket amp and splice it into the wiring harness in the frunk.
  12. Had mine go in the pouring rain!!! My only suggestion to anyone doing it is masking tape is your friend. Mark up the current position of the mounting locations and it will save you loads of time having to mess about. As mentioned though def not something I would do again in a hurry
  13. No these are not the dynamic 'Audi' style indicators. Unfortunately I could only find those for LHD cars so they would throw a code on the dash because the rear fog light is on the wrong side and would fail and MOT due to this i believe. That is something too loo out for when buying rear lights for these as not all sellers specify this in the ad so its worth checking first. Havent got the exact link as there are a few sellers on ebay. Design911 do sell them for about £450 i believe but they are cheaper in ebay but obviously more risky with quality and if they are for LHD or RHD.
  14. So finally got round to buying a set of LED rear lights. Been wanting a set since I purchased the car and these came up for a great price second hand so had to pull the trigger. SUPER!!! easy to fit. Its just 3 screws on each light behind the panel in the boot that you take off to change a bulb, then they just slide out.
  15. Best advice is: Is the car for you to enjoy or are you just borrowing it for the next owner? Your answer to that question should give you an idea on what you want to do with the above modifications. I'm bias however as mine is very much 'heavily modified' with no thoughts about resale value because its been done for me, IF i ever come to sell it (unlikely) I can approach that 'hit' in value knowing full well I have enjoyed every moment driving and changing it into exactly what I wanted.

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