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  1. Taking a look this weekend. online valuation has it at £9k...
  2. Just thought with the current market for used car sales it was a bit high. I will take a look at the car this weekend. Do auto dim mirrors come standard on this model? Anything else I should be on the look out for? Will ask for a fresh MOT. Thanks
  3. Thanks, I did check the MOT history and it seemed ok. Clutch replaced at 70000 miles so that’s good. Interesting to hear about the Xenon, will take a look on the forums about the night angel LED
  4. Hi Guys, Looking to purchase my first Porsche. Have found a car local to me that I like but think it's a little overvalued and wanted some opinions. Link is below. I really want the Xenon lights so my options for cars are limited. I was thinking this should be around the £10-10.5K mark. The owner has had the car for about 10 years which is good, it is a three owner car. He states that the control arms were changed by Porsche in peas pottage about 4 years or so ago. Recent work included all new AC system, new computer, ignition barrel, window mechanism (driver), steering fluid change, service, new tyres (~1000 miles done since) but no mention of the clutch but I have asked. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201909031806000 Would value your expert opinions! Thanks
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