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  1. Who has told you it's a DFI engine? It wouldn't be impossible but highly unlikely that a Gen1 had a DFi engine even as a replacement it's not a straightforward swap. Have you got much history with the car?
  2. I agree with Phil, get yourself a decent 3.4, have it checked out and look after it. It's on another level compared to the Zed! I've only seen two Porsches with scored bores and they were both tiptronic 3.6 cars. Never seen it on a Cayman myself yet, so it's still a very rare occurrence.
  3. You're much better off with the MP Supersport over the PS4. The PS4 is not a high-performance tyre. The PS4S is the successor to the MPSS
  4. I’m afraid you’ve bought the wrong radio for your country! Personally, given the CDR30 can be so temperamental anyway an aftermarket option would be my solution
  5. The Kappa have a bigger magnet than the ref series but they might just squeeze in by a nats cock with the window wound down. If not then a 5mm spacer will probably see you right.
  6. If you've got a 3.4 with a 6 speed box then 2.8 litres is about right. The 5 speed box takes less. I've never known more than 3 litres though. Bearing in mind you'll likely have to buy 3 litres anyway, is to top it up - 6 speed is all standard sockets, 5 speed uses a spline drive and a hex socket. - Jack car up on all corners, if you have access to a lift then it's far easier. The car must be level. - Allow oil to cool, you should check the level first. Open the filler plug, if it's a 6-speed then stick your finger in, if you can feel the oil level then it's about right. The 5-speed requires a special dipstick, or bent paper clip. Level should be about 10mm from the bottom of the filler hole. - Put filler plug back on, warm engine and gearbox up, let it run for 20 minutes. Now remove drain plug, all oil to fully drain, make a cuppa, check the drain plug for metal shards and bits. Clean them up. Torque drain plug to 18ft/lbs - Using a pump, fill oil to the levels described above. Torque filler plug to 18ft/lbs.
  7. Surely the radio should switch off with the ignition?? ? The general aftermarket radio installation advice for these cars is to run your live under the dash to the fuse box and pick up a suitable feed there (switched and permanent)
  8. Do you mean the brake caliper bolts? They are 63ft/lbs. I normally always use new bolts for these too. The pad retaining bolts are something like 7.5ft/lbs Not sure what you mean by angle though?
  9. Latest stuff on the Taycan.. http://www.theweek.co.uk/electric-cars/93814/porsche-taycan-2019-news
  10. I'm pretty sure that offer is no longer on..
  11. Go slowly on the jacks and watch the balance of the car and where the other wheels are. Im still confused how you can’t get the jack high enough to remove the back left axle stand though...
  12. Was reading about a new 718 model that is hinted to be making a debut for the 2019 model year, could be interesting. "New documents submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveal clues about what Porsche has in the pipeline for the 2019 model year. Specifically, we could soon see a Porsche 718 Cayman T. News on the potential new variant comes from a Thursday AutoGuide report, which published VIN decoder documents submitted by Porsche to the NHTSA. The documents outline the potential for a 718 Cayman T. The "T" badge stands for "Touring" and dates back to the 1968 Porsche 911 T, which the brand revived for the 2018 model year 911 Carrera T. It also represents a more purist take on the driving experience and focuses on driving pleasure. The 718 Cayman T could fill the gap between the base model and the pricier Cayman S while offering a similar ethos to the Carrera T. The document does say the Cayman T will pack a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, though output is listed as "TBD." Included in the documents is also confirmation of a 911 Speedster model. Expect the 911 Speedster to serve as a going-away party for the current 991-generation 911."
  13. Great photo, not often you see that!!
  14. I love the Fuchs wheels, and the RS splits. The Fuchs are more 'classic' and were introduced onto the 911 in the late 1960's, the RS splits were a much later design. Both look cool on a retro style'd Cayman
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