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  1. Dont forget to head on over and check out the just launched site: www.thepistonworks.com CaymanOC discounts as noted above in this thread, take a look, give us a call, or drop in for a chat. Discount code for members is CAYMANOC19
  2. Nope.... i'm with you..... i'll get a coffee and come back to it.
  3. We'll have a look at this for you, are you looking to have one posted to Singapore? @Beanoir
  4. Always worth listing on the normal places with a spec list, you never know who is reading..... But, there will always be the people who see a highly modified car and automatically think it must have been tracked and thrashed, which is why the engine 'needed' to be rebuilt..... the sale of a modified car has quite a small window audience, so is generally a slow burner.
  5. Okay, here's what I think you should do..... When you are next home, buy a maniquine and dress it's arm and a leg, then have them sticking out of the front bumper.....
  6. Fantastic work @Bushman look forward to seeing the club there!
  7. If you can email it let me know and I'll have you up as the banner. You can kick us off again, I think we'll be looking to change our banner on a month basis and in tune with the seasons rather than each week.
  8. Top work @Beanoir allot of work has gone into putting these together, long nights and longer e-mails to get them right. Looking forward to hearing the feedback when they start to go out! Always nice to have something to look forward to through the post that isn't a bill.
  9. Glad it all went well, and the vennue was a hit. Couldn't make it along with a weekend of painting and small children to hurd. I'm currently looking into some other interesting venues for us to meet.
  10. That's great! Would love to see a few more pics if you had some? I see you also left some space for a CaymanOC club sticker or two on the car!
  11. No his was Black, which as we know is the colour that makes drivers think they are the fastest, when they've barely got out of first gear by the time others have already crossed the finish line..... I think you'll find that the Silver MX5's were by far the fastest.
  12. Happy Birthday to us!!
  13. Lets see what you have... post away Remember, you don't have to show the whole car, if there are any interesting parts inside or out you like to focus on, lets see those too. A reminder below on the rules Each week we will start a new thread for you to post pictures of your PORSCHE Cayman... not the animal variety… If you decide to change your submission, then please edit the original post – duplicate submissions will be removed. We may suggest a different theme or model for instance, but each picture will have a nod towards the car. The members who's photo gains the most likes will be that week’s winner, if there is a tie break situation then staff will arm-wrestle over the one they prefer.. or consult the resident professional photographer.  Bribes are accepted in the form of pork sandwiches.
  14. 1. Beanoir (Nick) 2. Windymiller (Jason) 3. Trickle  4. Bushman 5. Andy
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