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  1. I'll play around with this too..... I'm pretty good at breaking things so you'll know soon when it all falls over
  2. Gents, this isn't the place and we are not PH... everyone keep it in check and don't bring anything from anywhere else onto other peoples threads.
  3. Having had the Michelin PS and recently the PS4's fitted to my car.... although not a Cayman.... I cannot recommend them enough, the level of grip and general all round performance is fantastic, and well worth the money. I don't think I would put anything else on my car now.
  4. Lego is a HUGE part of my hosehold and my kids (5 and 3) love building and creating new things from it. I will never get bored of the brick!
  5. I spent a good part of the 90's sticking Infinity speakers into every car could! I always sub mounted them though, nice clean install, is there room under the cover to sub-mount then cover with the correct cloth?
  6. Sadly there are people all over the country that seem to think they are special and won't be affected by all of this, what is a few weeks out of your lives to save yourself and many others by just staying indoors....
  7. Just like the idiot who drove 250 miles into London to buy bread with his kids in the car. He was caught doing 110 on the motorway and fined for it. If you want to get back out in the cars, stay out of them for now.
  8. I'm not sure which world you have been living un up to this point, but I assure you that the services are strained more than they have ever been at this time, and to think otherwise is extremely selfish and narrow minded..
  9. Just remember guys, going out for just a drive isn't advisable with the guidence that has been put out. If you have an accident then all you are going to be doing is taking the much needed resource from the NHS and other services, then likely to be slapped with a fine from the Police as well.
  10. Is that a restriction at your end?
  11. Here we are, after testing of the poducts they have now gone live on the web-site with an introductory offer across the range: https://www.thepistonworks.com/collections/polished-pigs-detailing-experts
  12. Andy

    Lowered 1 inch

    Looks great, bet you have some fun driving it around in those conditions!
  13. @jaketame Don't forget that you can get your club discount with @The Piston Works detailing emporium, should you need any advice or suppies when it comes to cleaning / detailing your CS. You can also get specific wash solution for Microfibre towels, Mitts etc now which ensures they stay in good condition. Check them out or give them a call and chat to Nick: ThePistonWorks
  14. Hi Guys, we'll take a look and make sure all things are running smoothly in the background. @Beanoir
  15. Would that not just mean you could fit them with a spacer?
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