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  1. Yeah the difference between the PS4 and PS4S is very apparent. The PS4s will suit 99% of peoples driving requirements and will cope with light track use well, it isn't a track tyre afterall so can't really be compared to any that are.
  2. It is a tough one, most dealers will offer a return on the cars should it not turn out to be what it was advertised as... With garages being generally open, I would first find out what the options are should the car not turn out to be what they advised you it was, and then find a local trusted garage to give it a full inspection on day one of receiving the car to make sure all is well. Last Lockdown I picked up my car, and they were okay with me going in to test drive.
  3. Didn't say you should, just helping with some options. Some searching on the internet will give you several choices.
  4. You can get the PS4 in 265/35/18 not 40 from what I have seen. Check out Camskill, not the nicest of web-sites, but has them listed. PS4 Rears 265/35/18: https://www.camskill.co.uk/m61b4279s66p0/Car_Tyres_-_MPV_Tyres_-_People_Carrier_Tyres_-_18_inch_Michelin_Tyres_Car_Michelin_Pilot_Sport_4_PS4_-_R18_inch_-_265_35_18_265_35R18 PS4 Fronts 235/40/18: https://www.camskill.co.uk/m61b4279s322p0/Car_Tyres_-_MPV_Tyres_-_People_Carrier_Tyres_-_18_inch_Michelin_Tyres_Car_Michelin_Pilot_Sport_4_PS4_-_R18_inch_-_235_40_18_235_40R18
  5. Can you bypass the amp using the stock headunit? You know the stock headunit is working as it should, that way you will see if the speakers still hold volumn without being powered by the amp. I'd stay well clear of any china units, go with a well-known audio manufacturer who know their stuff, rather than a company rebranding and pumping out cheap equipment.
  6. Well could be the replacement headunit cocked up the AMP so even with the stock unit back in it will still be buggered. When you say Aftermarket Andriod, was it a well known brand like Pioneer, Alpine, JVC etc etc... or an eBay china jobbie? I know some people have had results with the china units, but I also know others who have suffered from them, mainly in VAG group cars which have electrical gremlins at the best of times.
  7. Does sound like something is blown, could the Android system be wired slightly differently and caused issue for the Amp / Speakers?
  8. Welcome along Eddie! As mentioned Simply Porsche at Beaulie is the only event that we have in the calendar at the moment, but with the easing of things I'm sure we'll be looking to get something together, in the meantime enjoy the new car and ALWAYS take the B roads to get bread and milk
  9. Wouldn't worry too much about them being N rated, buy the best you can afford and take people advice from experience on the same car if possible. I've changed my daily to PS4s and I wouldn't changed to anything else now. This is worth a read if your unsure about being N rated.
  10. I have PS4s on my daily, not a Cayman. I've been very impressed with them overall, dry grip is excellent and they have only let go when actually trying to find the end of grip on a wet / cold day. Now I have had them I don't think I would put anything else on my car.
  11. This is something my car is crying out for at the moment, but for me I think it's a job for the Spring.
  12. It is and likely my car wouldn't pass, but it doesn't take long to swap them out if needs be...
  13. Based in Braintree, Essex. Not fitting them to a Cayman though (Ford Focus), but if local welcome to see how they perform when they're fitted.
  14. I bought mine from Powerbulbs which @Beanoir™ has used int he past as well, decent customer service and delivery. https://www.powerbulbs.com/product/x-tremeultinon-gen2-led-headlight-bulbs-h7-twin
  15. Interesting I've just picked up some Philips X-tremeUltinon gen2 which seem to be fairly good on the review front.
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