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  1. Looks good, if you go down the bought grill option take a look at the Sunsport ones as you will get a discount through the club.
  2. Don't replace a single one, always do them in pairs. If you had a new single one, it'll likely upset the handling and isn't something that would 'settle' as the old one wouldn't be a stiff.
  3. Very nice, looks clean! Hope you like cleaning cars with a Black one
  4. Not to everyone though, that's the point. Some people like to cruise around and show their car, have it look a certain way etc.... who's to say it doesn't drive just fine when adjusted to a decent ride height..
  5. I did think the top picture had an unheathly amount of arch gap, then scrolled down to see it air'd out...... Air, if done well can be pretty good, but a decent set up is vasty different from that you find on cars that can scrape their backbox on the floor....
  6. You need to have a chat with Gert at Carnewal, loads of people on here have his conversions and having heard them in the flesh they are brilliant. http://www.carnewal.com/Exhaust
  7. My Neighbour is a windown cleaner, so has a ready supply of filtered water that he uses to rinse down after a quick wash on his Ford Ranger. It's amazing, like with your windows it just drys off an not a water mark in sight!
  8. I think it is always the way with any forum or car brand, the stories of doom will be passed along much quicker than anything else, and often from people that don't actually have direct experience of any of the reported issues. I just passed on my older 2008 VW Caddy which had the 1.9tdi engine in, reported to be bomb proof.... the horror stories of the newer 1.6tdi engines eating injectors is widely reported on forums and most people who are looking into them are told to buy an older car and stay away from the newer due to costs and regularity of the failures on them. It is all unfounded, there are some issues, like any car, but it has been blown up and reported on by so many people who 'just know about it'. I'm not saying this is the case for the 3.4 engine, there are some issues surrounding them, but bad news is always passed around much much quicker than the good. There are plenty of 3.4's out there with high mileage that have never had issues, well maintained and managed cars.
  9. Or perhaps that is exactly what he wanted to go with, great thing about cars is that everyone can mod to their own tastes and budgets. Often it isn't buying the best spec out there, it is seeing what you can do to a 'lesser' car to make it the best it can be and enjoy doing so.
  10. Well that depends on how long the seller has owned it for, could be that it was a stock car and they have done everything they wanted to do, have enjoyed it and it is time for their next project. In a similar way, I enjoy spending money on my cars and lightly modding/upgrading them and I often move them on having not really having had them for that long. For some people that is how they like to spend their money and not expect it all back at sale time, nor should they, it is the cost of their hobby. If ever you are not sure on a modded car, contact the seller and have some decent questions to hand, you'll soon get a feel for the seller in how they talk about it, if they are just flipping the car then you likely won't get much from them.
  11. Would probably make for a good track car where stickers could be added to promote some sort of company that already has alot of pink in the logo....
  12. Car looks lovely! Standard membership has smaller upload limits, if you take a look at the membership tab information it outlines the packages which have various upload limits. Would love to be able to have everyone unlimited, but unfortunately the running costs of everything.....
  13. I would say the first thing you need to be doing is getting out there and test some, having a feel for them and see what you think of the various gear boxes... some don't like the Tiptronic, others can live with it. PDK is probably a good middle point between the two. There is also things like the different types of seats and suspension etc... driving a few will likely answer most of your questions.
  14. I am quite keen on the ducktail spoilers, think they suit the shapes well. Maybe have a chat with PDI, they're in the club: https://www.pdi-design.co.uk/
  15. That's alovely looking problem to have! Other than wanting a new car, do you have any reasons or need to change? Why don't you look at changing up the Cayman you have, or perhaps going for a GTS,4 or an R?
  16. Could it be the owner selling has simple used a stock or Googled picture of the dash in same spec as they didn't have one to hand, or were too lazy to take one?
  17. Yeah the difference between the PS4 and PS4S is very apparent. The PS4s will suit 99% of peoples driving requirements and will cope with light track use well, it isn't a track tyre afterall so can't really be compared to any that are.
  18. It is a tough one, most dealers will offer a return on the cars should it not turn out to be what it was advertised as... With garages being generally open, I would first find out what the options are should the car not turn out to be what they advised you it was, and then find a local trusted garage to give it a full inspection on day one of receiving the car to make sure all is well. Last Lockdown I picked up my car, and they were okay with me going in to test drive.
  19. Didn't say you should, just helping with some options. Some searching on the internet will give you several choices.
  20. You can get the PS4 in 265/35/18 not 40 from what I have seen. Check out Camskill, not the nicest of web-sites, but has them listed. PS4 Rears 265/35/18: https://www.camskill.co.uk/m61b4279s66p0/Car_Tyres_-_MPV_Tyres_-_People_Carrier_Tyres_-_18_inch_Michelin_Tyres_Car_Michelin_Pilot_Sport_4_PS4_-_R18_inch_-_265_35_18_265_35R18 PS4 Fronts 235/40/18: https://www.camskill.co.uk/m61b4279s322p0/Car_Tyres_-_MPV_Tyres_-_People_Carrier_Tyres_-_18_inch_Michelin_Tyres_Car_Michelin_Pilot_Sport_4_PS4_-_R18_inch_-_235_40_18_235_40R18
  21. Can you bypass the amp using the stock headunit? You know the stock headunit is working as it should, that way you will see if the speakers still hold volumn without being powered by the amp. I'd stay well clear of any china units, go with a well-known audio manufacturer who know their stuff, rather than a company rebranding and pumping out cheap equipment.
  22. Well could be the replacement headunit cocked up the AMP so even with the stock unit back in it will still be buggered. When you say Aftermarket Andriod, was it a well known brand like Pioneer, Alpine, JVC etc etc... or an eBay china jobbie? I know some people have had results with the china units, but I also know others who have suffered from them, mainly in VAG group cars which have electrical gremlins at the best of times.
  23. Does sound like something is blown, could the Android system be wired slightly differently and caused issue for the Amp / Speakers?
  24. Welcome along Eddie! As mentioned Simply Porsche at Beaulie is the only event that we have in the calendar at the moment, but with the easing of things I'm sure we'll be looking to get something together, in the meantime enjoy the new car and ALWAYS take the B roads to get bread and milk
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