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  1. The advice I was given was to go with the most mechanically sound car you can find, not to get too hung up on the spec. Also that the IMS problem was on very early models (2005-). I was looking at a Gen 2 non S originally and would not have ruled it out. If you have looked at the Gen 1 S special edition then already you are open to buying one. If you are really interested in the car then see if you can have it bore scoped, I believe mine was done when purchased by the previous owner. I'm relatively new to the Cayman scene, so can't give too much more advice, but there are some really knowledgable guys on here that would be more than happy to share some insights. The only other thing I'd say, regardless of Gen 1 or 2, just have a contingency fund, just incase of anything, I know its easier said than done, but suggest factoring that into your budget. Happy Hunting.
  2. @Mavrik this is the one.
  3. Apologies for the late response on this post but I wanted to thank everyone for the great information. Reason for the delay, I did manage to make a decision and bought and Gen 1 Cayman S which I've been spending the last few months getting to grips with. 100% have the bug now. Thanks @Woodhouse for making the purchase pain free, the car is great.
  4. Cheers @twopointnine, good to know regarding the clutch and something I'll look out for. In answer to your question, no I don't have to buy from a dealer but I'd been considering dealers for some aspect of warranty even if it is for a limited time. The larger wheels would be my preference, the firm ride doesn't worry me (it would my wife but she'll only drive it if she had to) and I think they do enhance the looks.
  5. Thanks all for the feedback, I wasn't expecting such a response, so really pleased to get all the different views and suggestions. To answer some of the questions:- I would be using the car as a daily driver, however I don't do daily miles, more very short trips or a bigger trip once or twice a month (+100 miles), so based on the mileage habit it will fall into a weekend car. Based on some of the feedback and also based on general driving preference I'd be looking to favour the manual. Tracking the car isn't a priority for me, but 'driving' the car is, probably the biggest draw to the Cayman for me are the continuous comments around it being a drivers car, I've owned a few of the other cars that have been put into this category (Civic Type-R EP3, VW Golf R, VW Golf GTI, Audi TT) so keen to experience a Cayman. I'm still stuck between the Gen 1 S or the Gen 2 base, the budget is set but it puts me between a Gen 1 S with some money aside incase of any horrors or a Gen 2, albeit some would say the 'safer' option but it would be higher mileage. One thing i'm discovering with the Gen 2 base is they are wearing only the 18' alloys in most cases, I'm very keen to get the 19' alloys, which is a given on the Gen 1 S, I could always add at a later date but an original second hand set isn't cheap and its unlikely I'll be ain a position to do it. Colour I'm not fussed about, nor the audio/nav options. Aside from testing all models, what are the things to look out for on the Gen 1 S's when looking to buy? I do want to keep my options open on these, I do feel there is just a little more risk of getting bitten. @Windymiller thanks for the link, stunning car, however over the budget, even if I begged, borrowed and stole I'd still be a good few grand short, that one is a reach too far, shame. Thanks for the meet invite also. Below are some links of a few cars I've be looking at just so you can see where I'm pitching my search. http://www.thboler.com/used-cars/9173434-porsche-cayman-24-v/ https://www.wyevalleyssangyong.co.uk/used/porsche/cayman/34-s-2dr/ross-on-wye/herefordshire/18569646/?quid=ccd59b0e-12c2-4cf3-b852-8ed398a87d65#top-image I'll keep you posted on my progress, thanks again all for your comments, really helpful.
  6. Hi, I'm new to the forum and looking to get some advise from Cayman owners. I looking to purchase my first Cayman, its been a consideration for many years but now is the right time. I've been doing my initial research into the car as this is my first Porsche purchase and I want to go into it with my eyes open and consider all options. Budget is a key factor, with a strict 17-19k limit, based on this I have been looking at a late Gen 1 (S model) or a Gen 2 (base model), both options with mileage between 70-90k. I read the horror stories of the engine issues with the Gen 1 but really not sure what to believe? Either route I take there will be a budget for maintenance etc... I'm after some honest views on the following: What's the better investment? What should be avoided? Is there a big difference between the base and S model (both Gen 1 and 2)? Is the Gen 1 auto box any good? Is higher mileage ok if the history stacks up? Any info would be gratefully received, I know aspects of this would come down to personal preference but its good to get the opinion of others ;-) Thanks.
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