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  1. @Malcolm E Cay it is well priced at around £10k. But only if it doesn’t have bore score
  2. I viewed this very nice 2007 987.1 Cayman S 3.4 this afternoon. It’s in pretty good condition and has full service history and a very good spec (19” wheels, N-rated Pzero’s, lovely cocoa interior, extended leather, PASM, PCM with nav/phone, Sport Chrono, crested head rests etc). It has done very low miles in the last 2 years (2000 ish, and only 300 in the last year). It is currently on just over 75,000 miles. My concern is the ticking noise in the video clip below (that i filmed mid test drive once warm). The car also HEAVILY smoked on cold start for 30 seconds, and ever so slightly smoked when revved once warmed up. Also has oily/sooty tail pipes. The owner has only had it 6 months and apparently hasn’t required any oil top ups since it was minor serviced by an OPC just after they bought it in september (who also MOT’d it). They’re selling as his wife finds it too fast/sporty so wont drive it (i asked her in person and she gave this same reason her husband told my via messages previously). My concern is, could this be dreaded bore score.... or maybe just needs a bloody good long drive (and maybe an AOS?) The car is well specced, well priced and in good physical/cosmetic condition. I may get it mechanically inspected (PPI & borescope) by a local indie if the seller agrees. Am i wasting my time with this one? opinions please.
  3. Yup. I got a good pile of them
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