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  1. On my car I could spot the rusty jacking points with the underbody panels still fitted. The hardest bit to treat and paint is inside the jacking point. I bent an old paintbrush by 90° and used that. As the OP has done it is a great idea to remove all the under body panels for cleaning and checking the floor of the car.
  2. I found the same thing last winter when I was doing some fettling. I cleaned them out and used Por15 followed by two coats of red smoothrite. I check them regularly and will give another top coat each wintet when it is off the road...
  3. In my opinion I think the price is bang on, maybe a touch low. Good spec, condition, history etc. The colour and wheels will be pegging the interest possibly. Unless you need the money hold out, the right buyer will come along. Good luck 🤞
  4. Hi from me. I also have a 987.1 2.7. I bought it because it is a brilliant drivers car and a lot more refined than my S2000 ever was. Feels more solid and indeed does need to be driven by the scruff of it's neck so to speak.
  5. I have contacted Rennline and for street use there is a need to change them every two years!! Think I'll put them on hold for the time being....
  6. Yes congratulations mate, a great feeling indeed. Enjoy...
  7. Thanks for the replies. Didn't want to get the plastic covers that are available, think they look just as bad TBH. Wasn't aware of the need to regularly replace the studs, must look into that. All opinions welcome.
  8. In my opinion the Cayman feels a heavier car (it is about 150kg heavier) the S2 is more chuckable as it is lighter on it's feet so to speak. The Cayman is way more planted. Just my opinion of course.
  9. Like many (I'm sure) I hate the OEM wheel bolts, great big bloody things. I am considering some Renntech wheel studs/nuts. Has anyone done the same or got any advice or feedback?
  10. I have had my 2.7 since October last year. I didn't really want the extra cost and perhaps worry of a 3.4S. It is no faster than my S2000 was but is much more refined which was my goal really. I have not long got back from my yearly Ring trip and it was epic, added bonus of arriving still relatively fresh. Needless to say it has much more grip than the S2000 had, even though my one was properly sorted, albeit standard. Good luck with yours...
  11. Hi mate, welcome. I think I recognise your user name from S2KI. Not been on here long myself. I'm sure you will love it, totally different kettle of fish from the S2000, not as chuckable but much more refined which was what I wanted.
  12. I already have the adaptor/transformer thing just need the live feed. I did have a look at the fuse box but couldn't decide how to take a feed from it. Straight to Halfords in the morning I think, cheers for your help..
  13. Good shout thanks. Didn't know they even existed 😁
  14. Hi everyone. I am looking to hardwire in my portable satnav. The unit will sit on the dash just to the right of the instrument cluster. I would like to locate an live feed (when ignition is on only) somewhere around the light switch or ignition switch area. I don't want to dismantle the dash or anything I'm just hoping there is a live feed around that area that is easy to find. Any suggestions?
  15. Very well driven lap for what is only your third ever lap. Getting below 9:00 mins on your first visit is well done indeed, just goes to show the potential in these cars. My car is a vanilla 2.7 but my aim this May is a sub 9:00 lap. Should be doable but timing laps there can be dangerous. Again well done..
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