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  1. If I had £65K floating around I would definitely have one of these 😁
  2. I Nice grey CS at the NEC today. Anyone on here?
  3. Maybe that is for the best, Plenty of choice out there. Having said that a driveshaft oil seal in theory would be a routine job You could always contact Quorn Sports and Classics https://quornclassics.com/ they did my IMS/RMS and did a good job and are highly regarded ask them what they think, send them the pictures you have and ask how much to replace both side driveshaft oil seals and use that as a bargaining tool. They are not far from you
  4. Oil filter is on the NS, your leak is OS. I can't imagine that any decent mechanic with the car on a ramp couldn't diagnose the leak quickly 🤔
  5. Sump plug !! wasn't expecting that at all. Is it possible a leaking sump plug could blow oil upwards ? Also if it was the sump plug then wouldn't both sides be covered in oil ? Willing to be convinced though....
  6. Think it's probably too high up to be a RMS. Still think the drive shafts seal is a possibility. But also consider it could be coming from higher up on the engine from a hose or gasket of some kind. You could use it as a negotiating tool. Even if it is a RMS, with a clutch job you are looking at a grand ish. As I say you might find it is an easy diy fix 🤔
  7. Just had another look at the picture and it could still be a RMS/IMS seal. Any chance of a better picture possibly from further away?
  8. Doesn't look like a normal RMS/IMS oil seal leak to me seems to be on the side, maybe drive shafts oil seal leak 🤔 Does the leak smell like gearbox oil?
  9. Here are the pictures I took of mine earlier, are they the same as yours or different ? Hope this helps...
  10. OK I think I can see what you mean but better pictures in the thread rather than a link would help. Be good to see both pictures side by side..
  11. Hard to spot what you mean to be honest 🤔 Just nipped out to the garage and took a couple of pictures but they are too big to upload 😖
  12. I could do that but I have an aversion to spacers. If that wider track was the best way then manufacturer's would do it from the start... My search for new wheels continues 😁😁
  13. Just checked on willtheyfit.com and the answer is NO The rears will stick inwards by 36.1mm ! meaning they will touch the shocker.. back to the drawing board...
  14. 2 X 235/40/18 Michelin Sport Tyres 8J x 18 ET57 2 X 295/35/18 Michelin Sport Tyres 10.5J x 18 ET60 They are from a 911. I don't need new wheels or tyres but these look so 😎 Exper opinions welcome 😁
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