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  1. I had the same issue. OPC prices were rediculous. I managed to track down a used part for peanuts. Fitted it myself, this job is a mahoosive pain in the arse. Be careful not to strip any threads though 😁
  2. That's correct mate. It is where the 2 pipes from the compressor meet the long fixed pipes that run under the car front to back. The pipes themselves are ali on each end and rubber in the middle. The larger bore pipe is the return pipe and the thinner one is the pressure pipe - this is the usual culprit, they leak where the rubber and ali are crimped and you will see UV dye running down this pipe. Replacement is not for the faint hearted and can be expensive (see my thread) I ended up doing it for £25 + the re gas I would imagine a specialist would charge 2-3 hours labour (took me a full day) the pipe from an OPC was about £230 from memory. As I say a UV torch is your friend here...
  3. Get an ultraviolet torch and check in front of the OSR wheel under the rear undertray. Also check the condensers old and new. Any leaks should glow in the uv light. Good luck 🤞
  4. Hi Mikey, I was asking the same question myself a few years ago now. I went for the 2.7 as the engines are virtually bomb proof. You also get most of the performance (although the 3.4 is obviously faster) the sound track is almost the same, the suspension is virtually the same too. The thought of spending £15K on a 3.4S that may end up needing an rebuild costing up to £9k or so filled me with terror. This is mitigated by the fact that only a small percentage of 3.4 engines actually suffered form bore scoring. To me it was a no brainer to go for the 2.7. What spec are you looking for ?
  5. I fitted new drop links all round on my car just after I bought it. the first drop link took me a week of evenings to remove. The top bolts seize inside the upright like you wouldn't believe. no amount of hammering and heating would budge it. There are threads on other websites which show the owner has had to remove the whole upright off the car in order to remove that top bolt. Have a look on my thread which shows how I did them. the first drop link took me a week, the other 3 took me less than an hour each one 😁 good luck
  6. Your biggest problem will be the drop links top bolt where they go through the upright. Looking at the rust present, those top bolts are guaranteed to be siezed in 🤔 They are a nightmare in my opinion, ask me how I know....
  7. All points above are valid for each Individual. No right or wrong here. Personally my car is a toy and not a daily. It is for that reason I don't want to use it over winter. Anyway finished my winter jobs today with a machine polish of the front end. If I say so myself it is looking good 😁 So I taxed it and took it to fill up with v power 😊 When I can ill put some pictures up and show what I have done over the last four months...
  8. Oops 🙄 Going to rain now anyway 😢
  9. With the weather forecast for next weekend being warm 15 degrees and dry who else is thinking of taxing their car and taking it out for a first run out of 2121? Me for sure 😁 Going to be enough rain over the next couple of days to wash the salt away, what is there to loose 😎
  10. Thanks for the kind offer mate. Think I'll try the ebay one first, if that doesn't work out then I can perhaps buy yours and send it to Royal. What would you want for it 🤔
  11. My Handbrake lever looks like a dog has chewed it. I have been looking for a replacement and they are a fricking fortune. I have seen this on ebay though... eBay number 351001586421 I like the way it is inexpensive and no messing about removing handbrake lever. what have other people done with theirs ?
  12. When I had mine done my Indy said to me that the correct workshop process involved cycling the ABS pump continuously (piwis) while the brakes were being bled. However some people have had good results form DIYing (I didn't see my thread for details) although even some specialist can cock it up and leave air in the system.
  13. You have air in the system guaranteed 👍 You need someone who can cycle the abs pump electronically. aka PIWIS 😁
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