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  1. Did you ever find a solution to this problem ?
  2. You are not as anal as me 😄 The yellow dot on the tyre should be directly next to the valve 🙄
  3. Looks good mate 👍 Love your wheels, if only they did that design in 18"😁
  4. When you elongated the slots for the top mounts how did you ensure you kept the slots straight? I mean that if you made the slot slightly 'curved' wouldn't it alter the castor 🤔 What tool did you use to do the job? Car looks great by the way 👍
  5. Saw that on PH yesterday I think it was 🤔 Personally I prefer the 981 GT4. I'll reserve my judgement until I see one in red. What this car may do is peg the value of the std GT4 which is perhaps not a bad thing. Having said all that for the price I think I would personally just buy a used 911, maybe a Gt3. Decisions decisions 😁😁
  6. I agree with Aaron this thread although started with the best intentions is in danger of causing bad feelings (on both sides of the argument) I think we all know what happens on PistonHeads when threads get carried away. Stay safe every body. Would a Moderator consider closing this thread?
  7. This would be a good opportunity to remove the cross member ang get it blasted and painted. Once you have removed it you may find it is easier to work on it on a bench. What about cutting a groove in it and using a mahoosive screwdriver on it! There won't be much torque on it, just the corrosion grabbing it. Good news though iis that those bolts are not anything special. I used stainless flange head bolts from EBay.
  8. You could try these irwin bolt grips, got me out of the s**t many times. One of the best tools I ever bought..
  9. Those bolts I believe are notorious for siezing/snapping. New bolts from an OPC only I would have thought. Post a picture of the snapped bolt, that should give ideas of how best to remove it...
  10. Tickle my toes me that is what I call a garage 😁 your very lucky.. Must learn to stop swearing on this forum 🤔 they end up using daft phrases instead 🤣
  11. I taxed mine last week. I can use it for work occasionally and also I have volunteered to do the shopping 😱 that means I can take the Cayman to ASDA via the scenic route and then take some bits to the in laws who luckily live a bit further out 😁 Where there's a will there is a way. Good luck to all of you and stay safe with your family's...
  12. Check the panels in the boot that cover the rear bulbs. 👍
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