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  1. I could do that but I have an aversion to spacers. If that wider track was the best way then manufacturer's would do it from the start... My search for new wheels continues 😁😁
  2. Just checked on willtheyfit.com and the answer is NO The rears will stick inwards by 36.1mm ! meaning they will touch the shocker.. back to the drawing board...
  3. 2 X 235/40/18 Michelin Sport Tyres 8J x 18 ET57 2 X 295/35/18 Michelin Sport Tyres 10.5J x 18 ET60 They are from a 911. I don't need new wheels or tyres but these look so 😎 Exper opinions welcome 😁
  4. Sorry can't help. However an 'engineers feel' by a good mechanic will be perfect. Me thinks hand tight then about half a turn, so I would say 15lbs/ft is not a million miles away...
  5. Sounds like your car is in good hands. Not had my car done... yet... Been looking at DMS who claim 255bhp. Currently though there would be better uses on the car for £400-500 ish...
  6. Good luck 😁 I would personally be a bit peeved if I paid for a chip/tune and it produced less power 🤔 Surely they would have the equipment and know how to correctly diagnose and remedy any issues! ps just read your other thread, not had it chipped yet 😔
  7. So I assume you have just had the car "chipped"? If so maybe the parameters of the new tune are being pegged by the knock sensor?
  8. Would you not get an EML come on if it was faulty?
  9. Mate, you dodged a mahoosive bullet there 😁
  10. Not literally of course. One of my winter jobs was to strip and clean the handbrake mechanism, it wasn't strictly necessary but thought it would be a good idea. I started with the NS. OMFG what a frigging hideous task, the tricky thing is getting the lower spring onto both shoes, took me 3.5 hours and I'm not being funny it was the most shitiest job to end shitty jobs. It was bloody impossible get that lower spring on.My advice do not DIY this, leave it to the professionals. ******* car
  11. Hi mate. Yes to be honest a little go-cart is quite apt. It is quite softly sprung so rides well but there is not a lot of body roll. Back seat is next to useless to be honest 😁 What kind of muppet has two 2 seater cars 🙄
  12. My daily chugger is a 2011 Honda CRZ. Brilliant little car, £20 Road tax, Cheap to run with 50+mpg. Nippy ish performance, but quite refined on a long run. Would love to do a European road trip in it.
  13. Couldn't agree more with Syer about the flat spot protector. I also have been winter storing cars, never done anything different, just drove the car in and left it stand. Seems like a poor way to spend £170. In my last job we used to store race cars for years sometimes without damaging the tyres. However it's your cash and your car so what do I know 🤔😁
  14. Hi Syer, Glad it has worked for you. It is not a 100% guaranteed fix for everybody but it works more often than not, follow the above instructions precisely (as you have obviously done) and you should relish in your nice firm pedal
  15. Good news indeed mate 😁 Glad you held your nerve with the price, proved the naysayers wrong. Good luck with your new 718...
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