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  1. Hi, It seems in the "my profile section" there isn't a way to actually change my name or to even delete my account at all (very weird!) Not that I want to, but I can't find any way of making changes if I wanted. Can someone help/show what's possible and how please?
  2. Don't understand what's complicated about it..... just look up your wheels specs, then go to willtheyfit.com and input parameters, click and get your answers Here links: https://www.willtheyfit.com/ https://www.wheel-size.com/size/porsche/cayman/
  3. Sometimes they do sell for £4K or over yes, but it's rare tho. Anyway.....we love our Recaro/Sparco don't we?!
  4. Seats are worth roughly £3.5K and I'm sure he lost more than that in trading in the car for cash. Plus he had to buy a set of base seats.....not sure he made any money actually.....
  5. This is the email: jj33low@hotmail.com Let me find his name on Facebook but if not just send him an email really.
  6. Actually there is a guy in america who 3D prints them for £190....everyone buys them from him lol
  7. This car was for sale privately just few days ago at a lower price of course. You want a clean car where this one has few mods like a lightweight flywheel and an aftermarket exhaust. Also consider it has ceramic brakes tho...something to keep in mind as future expense. P.S. I may have what you looking for.....get in touch!
  8. because all tuners fool the same way (actually %). A GEN1 with all the mods hardly reaches 340bhp, where one with just an aftermarket filter and a half decent catback apparently makes 360bhp......oh well....
  9. So basically without headers and no IPD you got 312 at the wheels! LOL That means at the crank your gen1 was producing roughly 350/60 which it's simply impossible....it's beyond me how people believe some numbers and get fooled by tuners....sorry.
  10. The 245 is the base 2.7 Gen1. The graph here it's about a GEN2 Cayman S.....you just got confused LOL.
  11. Mine's not far off at all in terms of numbers so I know what you are talking about really. But gaining 53BHP with a map, headers and IPD just isn't real. And sorry but it's all down to the corrections on those numbers really. NOW, that said, your car looks awesome and indeed must be freaking quick! If you go to Caffeine&Machine again let me know as I live around the corner! For the track I still need to wait unfortunately mate...
  12. 373BHP that's just impossible. Dyno Dynamics they are normally very accurate therefore this can't be true. If it was on a DynoJet I would believe it.....sorry Dougle!
  13. You are confusing the Gen1 with the Gen2. 95% of the Gen1 for sale are Manual indeed, 95% of the Gen2 for sale are PDK....facts.
  14. If you search they are all PDK. Plus regardless of what 's on the market the Gen.2 is when PDK was introduced so people loved it. Manuals are just rarer cars and they all well above 27/28K mark......with just a couple of them under-priced. PDK is good indeed...not my choice tho! Enjoy the car, it's a beast!!
  15. If anything MANUAL cars holds the value way better than PDK. Only few manuals were made on the Gen.2 Plenty of PDK out there hence why prices are lower....
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