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  1. Indeed, but valuable informations are always good to have on a forum. Someone could be googling that and learn something new 😛
  2. I wouldn't be waiting for a car with the LSD to show up for 3 simple reasons: - They are rare, like incredible rare! - Stock LSD needs a rebuild every 30K miles (depends on driving style of course) -Simply buy a Wavetrack LSD and have it fitted. Much better than the stock one. You'll spend years waiting for a car with LSD, I was lucky to find it by pure chance! Hope this helps....
  3. I wouldn't be a car designer now if I hadn't spent my childhood "designing" cars out of Lego 😀 but that doesn't mean I have to stop playing with lego now 😅
  4. Depends: 987.1 and 987.2 have different set ups. 987.1 has 2 cats in the headers and 2 in the catback. 987.2 has all 4 cats in the headers.......so more gains to be had with just headers alone, while on the GEN1 best is change the whole exhaust.
  5. We are, but equally there are people who don't want to mod cars and like to preserve them. Look at the 911R prices, basically the same car, the same parts and same amount of metal of a GT3 Touring but for 4 times the price. It's all personal/subjective......
  6. More like a third less, R are about £37K and smiler S are £24K.....but that said if you get an S and add LCAs and coilers and a tune you spend less money and get a much quicker car than the R in my opinion! Black Edition aren't anything special when you think about it...same car...why would anyone pay a premium price over an S is beyond me....
  7. Totally Porsche unrelated, but, since the age of 3 I've been designing Lego MOCs (stands for My Own Creations), mostly heavy machinery, cranes, cars, diggers, lorries and so on. I did work on the development of the Official Lego Defender launched last year and I've taken part of world contests with best result being 3d! Here a link of my creations (well, of the latest years at least) and attached some photos of current projects! My creations are always full remote controlled, close to real suspensions, differentials, gearboxes and including pneumatic, and usually have around 3000-7000 parts! Hope you enjoy them 😀 https://bricksafe.com/pages/TheItalianBrick Cheers, Andrea
  8. Hi, any link of the car in question please? Also, by poor conditions what exactly do you refer to? Would be good for other users/who is looking for one to get an idea I think. Cheers
  9. Yes indeed, had to change name as not allowed to use the word Porsche: @Pdi_design_innovations is the current name! unfortunately having many options is costly, unless I can use the same mould for fibreglass and carbon fibre the solution is to paint them! same as above, although the carbon fibre will have a matte finish.
  10. Hi, actual carbon fibre. These fit all 987 cars, cheers
  11. Not sure you guys follow my page on Instagram so I'm posting some updates on there too. Hope you like what you see 😀 Cheers, Andrea
  12. That's a nice piece of kit!! Would love one in my garage tho
  13. That's not what I said.....with £15K (which is what he is asking) you can get a decent S with better specs and around 60K miles. The tiptronic won't attract many people unfortunately, there are few 2.7 manual with 50K miles for around £12K.
  14. At this mileage will definitely be a higher value then, but still far from £15K in my opinion!
  15. Again, no mileage informations. It's a Tiptronic as well, very base optionals...just Bose! I think a fair price is more in the region of £10-£11 sorry. You can see for that price you get a slightly newer S with way better specs. Yours looks in good conditions tho, I'll give you that!
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