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  1. Hi Lennym, they bolt directly to the floor mounting holes on the floor yes. Once my car comes back from the shop I'll put them one again and show it properly. Alternatively here is a photo from @Equinox who uses them in his car since over a year now:
  2. UPDATE: Ducktail has now been painted and I should fit it this weekend (weather permitting!). I'm extremely excited as it has been an incredible journey. I'd like to say that PDI isn't just another aftermarket part. I have a huge vision for the 987 platform and I want to create a culture around it. It's a big dream of course, it will take time, effort and lots of ups and downs indeed. But whether the Cayman maybe lacks in power compered to a 911, there is room for it's own world when it comes to status and character (if this makes sense). Such an underrated car th
  3. The lowering depends on which hole you chose on the brackets, they do go about 1.5 inches lower than stock. But again these are for bucket seats and you might not find them suitable for daily driving...
  4. This car was sold 2 months ago for £22.8K.....just saying
  5. Hi, I've designed seat brackets that bolts to the floor. @Equinox is 6"3 and loves them. Only problem they are designed for aftermarket bucket seats such as Sparco etc....
  6. Hi, final front splitter Is now ready and starting manufacturing tomorrow so only few more weeks until pre-orders now! Best is to follow the Instagram page for updates and photos of the parts on the car, cheers
  7. Update: Fitting tests, so far great! The ducktail follows perfectly the tailgate shapes! Even better than my R stock wing! Next step will be painting and bolting it! Stay tuned!
  8. £499 initial price. You can see it under the part description on the online-shop 😀
  9. You can find everything on the website/online shop price wise please. ( www.pdi-design.co.uk) For updates best is subscribe to the mailing list on my website to receive the pre-order email and please feel free to follow my instagram page as I do post everything on there more than here. (need to improve at this I admit it! 😅) Cheers
  10. I'd be honoured to have my parts on people's pride and joy! For me this is would be such an accomplishment in life I can't describe! Enhancing other's and my car as well......😀
  11. Cheers, thank you. Well everything is possible but moulds/parts development is expensive so I can only look into those later on I'm afraid. If business grows then I'd be happy to also expand and touch the 981/718/997/996 platforms of course.
  12. Thanks for the kind words. My intension has always beed adding a touch of retro feeling to the car yes without looking aftermarket! Yes production starting soon now. Please feel free to follow my Insta page for updates!
  13. Sorry everyone for not posting much on here, as some of you know I tend to do most updates on Instagram. These are the first 2 samples manufactured, they both need testing before production can start but so far I'm happy. It's all happening and fingers crossed tests will go well as I've had a huge request (didn't expect this much interest!!) on all the designs. So I'm determined to deliver. Once the manufacturer sends me these I'll be installing them on my car and report on here and Insta. Hope you like what you see so far. Cheers
  14. Hi Swanny, thanks for the kind words! correct, they are only for aftermarket ones. What you say can be done but keep in mind that R&D on seats (and seating position) is an intense and extensive job! I don’t have stock bucket seats, it would require one of you guys to let you work on your car 😂 sorry anyone, I’ll be soon posting more updates of the current stage of the parts, as some of you has seen final production samples have now been produced! So excited
  15. Hi Julian, I totally understand, although others prefer the carbon look...but it’s to expensive do multiple moulds/materials and I can’t afford the investment right now. Hopefully in the future if business grows! Regarding the other items shown sadly it’s not of my interests/competence/skills I must say....but I’ve thing i want to do us expand my business and touch the 981/997 platforms in the future hopefully 😀
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