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  1. Heard good thing about Spires but I can't recommend Ben at String Theory enough! Simply an amazing person to deal with, incredibly knowledgeable about Porsche and he went above and beyond!
  2. Quick update on my project car now that suspensions have been installed and new geo. Still lots of work to do till my vision will be completed (if even there is such a thing in life as "completed car" 🤪 )
  3. Since some of you might not follow my Insta page I'm adding photos from my customers and their installed PDI ducktails. Many other customers have received their copy and currently having them painted before fitting it. So far I've had many customers in America, Canada, Taiwan, UK, Germany, South Africa and many other locations around the world. Render: Special guest: BISIMOTO who contacted me wanting a ducktail for his insane 481bhp Cayman! In 2 weeks time the PDI showcase car will be completed and then I'll be able to show you my own vision/take on the amazing 987 platform! Cheers
  4. It's actually cheaper to buy LCAs than replacing tyres that wear the outer edge prematurely due to the lack of camber. It seems to me that to save few quid in parts people then end up spending more in tyres later on! The issue with spacers is that adding greater width at the rear only increase understeer. Hub-centric or not is not the point. Yes they do it for stance/look, but what I can't stand is the "claim" that their car handles better when in reality the only way to make such a claim would be to push the same car to the limit at a track before and after.....which again those who do it for aestetic only most likely only drive their cars on a sunday on B roads 🤦‍♂️
  5. And even with an allignment after istalling lowering springs the geo is still totally off. These cars run out of toe at the back, front camber remain the same while the rear gets nearly -2. Plus on top of that people put 7mm spacer front and 15 rear which basically the opposite of what they need. Love how all the above effectively create more understeer and overall reduced grip yet people have this placebo feeling that their car handles better. I wish people would understand that the only way is to use shimable LCA or top mounts at the front and adjustale toe arms at the rear at least. P.S. Whoever started this 7mm/15mm trend needs to be taken down 😆 Issue with internet is people repeat the same thing over and over without even thinking about why it's just wrong...
  6. Many sold and installed yes but I doubt people would give their oem spoiler away. They are £105 new on DeRoure or Teile....
  7. Liang Fei acts as manufacturer. It means they are the "production line" of parts. The difference is in the quality of cats and valves then the various company as Soul and TopGear ask for. Just because something looks the same doesn't mean is the same. Alsop exhaust aren't rocket science, at the end of the day if 100 companies try to do equal length manifolds for a 987 they will all look the same because there isn't much to play with. Not to mention different customer services, which you pay for....
  8. Although Centre of Gravity is great, it just doesn't make any sense (my opinion) to use them if you have stock suspension. They won't be able to use the skills on anything....pointless. Plus they aren't cheap. Near them there is A-Line, a chap who worked at the Lotus Racing team, no need to book, he does an incredible job on stock suspension for a fraction of the price! Just my 2 cents....
  9. The problem is such parts need to withstand rain, sun, heat, all sorts of atmospheric conditions and stone chips. One thing is doing a one off for myself, one thing is to put a product on the market that fails and ruins the business reputation...... Group4 doesn't make them for the 987/997 platforms, reason is simple: it's impossible to make them look good/like the old Campagnolo because modern cars have positive offset where old cars have negative offset. That design/spoke shape only works with negative offset I'm afraid....
  10. Yes they are, but they look nothing like the Campagnolo wheel 😆
  11. Which model you refer to please? Sadly numbers are so low that most likely won't justify the investment. Ducktails are selling well since they both work for gen1 and gen2
  12. It was my modern take on the Campagnolo wheel. I later found out there is a company in the States that make something similar for 997/987 but I can't find them. I know group4 in UK makes replicas for older 911....maybe they can point in the right direction?! Not sure yet, that part being injection moulded would cost £££££££ to make so it's something to carefully consider...
  13. Andy I believe we spoke on Ebay regarding my listing (which you can find on here as well). A "good" MOT station will always sort that out 😅
  14. Hi Alex, thank you for the kind words. Yes you definitely need to get a PDI ducktail 😛 So far the first batch has sold out, with more parts to come in January. There is definitely interest from 981/997/996 owners and it's something I could consider in the future if business grows. Currently focusing on the development of 987 parts all being tested on my car.
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